Monday, September 1, 2008


No time for goodbye he said

As he faded away
Don't put your life in someone's hands
Their bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you
Then he said

If you want to get out alive
Run for your life
If you want to get out alive
Run for your life

If I stay it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go I can only hope
That I make it to the other side
If you want to get out alive
Run for your life
If you want to get out alive
Hold on for

If I stay, it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go I can only hope
That I make it to the other side
If I stay, it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go, if I go

Burning on the inside
Burning on the inside
Burning on the inside

Political analyst, Khoo Kay Peng writing in Malaysiakini said:

Barisan Nasional, which has ruled the country for more than five decades, has long promoted a brand of politics described by many as “communal politics’.

It was also responsible for introducing the New Economic Policy, an affirmative that favours the Malays.

Although, the coalition consists of several parties representing the main races, it is largely controlled by the Malay-led Umno, while the Chinese-based MCA and Indian MIC play only small roles.

“Racial politics has helped to embed racism in our subconscious mind,” said Khoo, who believes awareness of racism more than racism per se is increasing.

“One hand cannot clap. Umno may have created communal politics in this country but its partners in the Barisan coalition have helped to perpetuate it by endorsing the kind of politics Umno is practicing. So they too will have to shoulder the blame,” Khoo added.

While the Umno-led Barisan sets policies for the nation as a whole, member parties have to toe the party line and speak only for their own respective communities rather than for the nation, or Malaysians, as a whole.


Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam , President of Transparency International, added:

“This has been the major source of racial disharmony so to speak. This feeling of alienation and marginalisation appears to permeate among all racial and religious groups, particularly since the 1980's. This is a dangerous trend that has to be arrested.

“Umno, MCA and MIC are seen as being more concerned with their own separate racial interests and political progress and survival than the welfare of the masses, regardless of race,” Navaratnam added.


Sometime last year, as a guest at the General Assembly of PPP, part of the coalition of BN, the Chief Minister of Malacca Ali Rustam told PPP point blank they could leave BN as they were an insignificant party.

Political Editor of Malaysia Insider, Wan Hamidi Hamid asked:

"Can Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s alleged racist remarks against the Chinese community in Malaysia be the trigger for the MCA, Gerakan and other Barisan Nasional component parties to leave the coalition?"

Or will they continue to grin and bear it, as they have always done for many years, despite the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief calling the Chinese “squatters” and “as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races” at a ceramah during the Permatang Pauh by-election recently?

MCA and Gerakan leaders have made tough calls for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take stern action against Ahmad for his alleged racist remarks.

But the best answer they got from Abdullah was: “I will tell him (Ahmad) not to do it again. You know in a campaign all sorts of things can come up. I don’t think he meant it. I’ll make sure to tell him not to use it again.”


"If I go I can only hope
That I make it to the other side
If I stay, it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go, if I go"




Nostradamus said...

The Courage to Build a New Malaysia.
(Keberanian Membina sebuah Malaysia Baru.)

(Versi Bahasa Melayu dibawah)

The year is 2008. This is the year most Malaysians finally woke up from a deep slumber. Most Malaysians were just too busy earning their living and building up their lives to take notice that times have changed and the idealism spouted by our founding Fathers have still not been accomplished for this country even today.

It was not so long ago in 1957 and then for our fellow East Malaysians in 1963 when the ideals and dreams preached by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (Bapa Kemerdekaan and Bapa Malaysia) for Malaysia were first announced and was greeted with joy in the hearts and minds of all Malaysians. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman had a dream and ideals, just like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others including the prophets over the history of mankind.

Many a times such dreams were hijacked and led astray under the guise of nationalistic, racist and religious idealism by so called politicians and self declared and appointed righteous and religious persons (Little Napoleons). Individuals who have risen to continue some of such idealisms are gagged, isolated, bankcrupted, blasphemied, rehabilitated or worst jailed, for it is deemed not in consonance with the dreams and idealism of the elected parties agendas.

cont'd at

lanaibeach said...

The days counting away
The fall of BN is near
People wait hoping it is true
On Malaysia Day a new chapter
Begin in our lives

The low key festivals
On Merdeka Day gone
People are worried
About the economic depressions
Looming ahead

Arresting decline
BN sleeps on it
Issuing rhetoric statements
It doesn’t help people on the streets

The days counting away
The shadows forming secretly
Will it happen on September 16?
The conscious of MPs decide the game

Anonymous said...

Both MCA and Gerakan are not doing what they are suppose to do! I suggest they leave the BN if they cannot stand up to those bullying

Unknown said...

Finally I reached your blog. I seen it at the blogroll of many blogsite. Well, just drop by to read your interesting write up. Will be back again.. have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bernard,

I fear those MCA and MIC and the rest have been enslaved for too long that they do not know what it is to be free from the domination of the UMNO again. They have been so conditioned to be running dogs, that they feel safest to remain running dongs. Nothing else can explain why they so willingly remain so subservient even though they have been treated like dung!

sing, penang

zorro said...

Kbguy: thanks....door is always open to all.

Anonymous said...

"We can bring a donkey to a waterhole but, we cannot for it to drink"
I don't care much for MCA, have discarded them long ago. They have betrayed the Chinese community, this is their chance to make amends. Their days are numbered. If they wish to continue to be a political 'beggar' party, they can only bring shame to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the 80s MCA, Gerakan and MIC are nothing but an embarassment to their respective communities. It's clear UMNO is a BIG bully, bullying minorities into submission. So many cases of bullying from the rejection of the joint memorandum to the PM down to the racist teacher in Banting, they all point to a systematic marginalising of the non Malays. Enough is enough. The minority parties should get out of BN, become Independent parties or just join Pakatan. That will at least save some of your dignity.


Anonymous said...

I have supported the opposition since I was a teenager, not enough to vote but enough to know that we were being bullied. I couldn't wait for my time to vote but alas, most could not see what was happening until now. It had to take 51 years for so many to see what was happening but it is never too late. So, support Pakatan Rakyat for a change for the better.

Anonymous said...

party elections are coming and the top few need to put on a show to garner support. believe me, it will be business as usual after that. there's too much to lose; position, contracts and the gravy that comes with it.
the members, like you zorro, must take the initiative. tear the membership and leave in droves. thats the only way to ensure the demise of such parties, which by their alliance, are equally guilty of promoting racism.

Bob PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Pakatan Rakyat should refuse MCA & Gerakan as members of a coalition. UMNO would be standing alone, perhaps with MIC (lol). It is not politically sustainable for growth of a strong 2 party system.

UMNO/MCA/MIC should be rebranding themselves as a coalition of cultural organization of the polity. An interracial tolerance group gone astray since Tunku, well maybe a while later..

Anonymous said...

The racist remarks from Ahmad Ismail should act as a catalyst for decent MPs in BN component parties to jump side. The opportunity is now staring at your doors, take this chance and be remembered or, forever be doomed.
"Opportunity, does not knock twice"

Anonymous said...

Loooove the pic, dbl-o sir.... kekeke

time for MCA, Gerakan to stop NATO (No Action Talk Only) & show some real balls....

Honestly…. Ahmad’s remarks were indeed racist… but as far as racist remarks are concerned… they were f#@ken weak lah!! my pre-teen niece shouts better insults…

I dun mind anyone calling me an immigrant… well it’s not 100% accurate…. descedent of immigrant would be more precise….but nevermind… i dun mind… as long as the bugger dun mind me digging where his bloodline originates…..

full post on more on

Sklau said...

In a way, Ahmad Ismail had also indirectly told Tsu Koon and OKT to scamper back to their homeland in China since they too are pendatang. Rubbing shit in, Anal Musa practically slap these two in the face when he arse them to refrain from ever bringing up the subject again.

As for Sleepy, that lick-on-the-wrist reprehension is just to garner another vote for the coming UMNO election.

No surprise to see Ong Tee Keat coming in rather late in joining the condemnation against Ahmad. Maybe he thought it is better late than never.

So what does all this mean? Still lip-service under UMNO's pelvis, or will they finally wake up to join Pakatan after the racial remark that will most probably get the racist a promotion?

Elvis is still in the building, and we are waiting for an encore. Will he sing 'It's Now Or Never' or will we bang balls again with 'I'm Nothing But A HoundDog?'

Unknown said...

I just read that the Special Branch are probing defections in Sarawak (Malaysiakini). Do they have the authority to stop anyone who want to defect? These guys have nothing better to do? What's happened to the missing children and Nurin's murder(s)??? This is too much la!

Anonymous said...

The reason MCA,MIC and Gerakan are not prepared to leave BN is because these leaders themselves are also incompetent.They cannot survive without UMNO and they have been used to be fed by UMNO and they will die once out of government.These people are not able to get a job to feed themselves.

Malaccan view said...

To the world:
In Malaysia,even you are born,raised and died here,you still dont recognised as MALAYSIAN unless you are Bumiputra.Chines,Indian an other non-bumiputra are under the category of 2nd class citizen,we dont have same rights as bumiputra whom are same as us,born,raised and died here.We,non-bumiputra had to fight for our survival eventhough we are the one PAID the most taxes,they dont bother ro paid income tax as they consider MALAYSIA as their granfather land.

i like chopin said...

MCA and Gerakan to leave BN and join Pakatan?NO,I don't think it will happen.Even if the sleepyhead rape their mothers,wives and daughters,these ball-less and shameless idiots will hold on tight to what little there is left.I 'look down' on them that they don't have the gumption to show the middle finger to Umno.

Anonymous said...

Its must be their plain stupidity if MCA & Gerakan still don't get it...

Seditious act is not for Ahmad cos Ahmad is an Umno guy.

ALL umno member has life-warranty immunity against seditions.

Seditious Act is only for chinese, indians & dll.

If gerakan & mca still got any pride left, should just walk away but... knowing that these bunch of scumbags will not hesitate to sell their mother & daughter just to cling on to their master for crumbs.


Anonymous said...


door is open to u , unless u have different views.. then zorro will start calling u names like cyber trooper, scum, running dogs etc.


Old Fart said...

Our government is supposed to be led by our best brains. Yet let us see what these best brains decided over Permatang Pauh:

1. When Wan Azizah resigned, the advise given to UMNO by its own, Hussam Musa I think, to give a walk-over was not taken up. He did say, and so did I in comments, that if they lose big it could mean a number of things. All negative. If they did not contest, none of these consequences will apply and status quo can continue.

But it must be idiots running the show. They contested.

2. The strategies they adopted. Presumably UMNO and BN strategists would have come out with their best brainers. They went to town singing "so-do-me". And they did get done in.

3. Their strategist brought in One arse Saiful and they had him swearing all over the place. Obviously that did not go down well with the Malays themselves.

4. They brought in our newest Datuk Lee Chong Wei and made it look like they were chinese friendly. But they forgot to tell one of their own. That guy tells his Malay audience that the Chinese are migrants.

5. They say one thing to the Chinese and they contradict themselves by saying another to the Malays and vice-versa.

6. They reduce the price of petrol for no conceivable reason, by a mere 15sen and we are suppsoed to rejoice.

7. They get ACA to arrest 2 PKR Assembly men from Perak, and more and more it is begining to look like a set up.

8. They get Saiful to report so-do-me and rush to arrest Anwar and charge him. Then they ask for DNA when they already have Anwar's DNA from before. So if they got new one from So-do-mite Saiful, there should be enough to charge Anwar already. But why ask for new one for?

So you can see, basically instead of smart brains and Oxfordians running this country we actually got lunatics running it. If this is not evidence enough I don't know what else can be.

Anonymous said...

hey, aab has got chinese DNA lah, isn't he a pendatang/squatter too !? @#$%^&* ahmad @#$%^&*ismail
tell him straight on his half cina
face lah if you ada kemaluan !!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is a squatter in Malaysia. The Orang Asli should tell everyone to go back to Indonesia, CHina, India, Bangladesh, Yemen, Pakistan.........

ColorsMalaysian said...


The ball-less (MCA, GERAKAN AND MIC)guys are leaving the "B"alik "N"eraka at last ?!

Stink !
Shit !
Nonsense !

Hey !
You "goons the useless thing",don't play play lor.......
Not effective anymore,if just talk "C*@K" only.

It's time to show your thousands pairs of "shrank" ball ! At least you "goons the useless thing" will die with some dignity.

Remember !
Don't fail us any further.
Do it !

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

zorro said...

Sham, why dont you let KBGuy judge for himself if he should visit this vile blog.

Sham, unless you own a blog, you would not be able to sniff out a cyber trooper....the poor attempt to be understood gives them away.

Sham, everyone is welcome to come in or to leave. I do not promote my blog by pasting my URL in other blogs. If I am blogrolled I thank the author. Those on my roll are personal friends; some prefer to remain anonymous and I respect that. I have been urged to not allow anonymous posting. I still allow. I do reject some comments when it is not related to the subject post.

The MCA, MIC I have labelled as running dogs, their whiff gives them away.

Scum? I have used vomit, maggots, worms. Oh yes, I called lawyer Shafee Abdullah a shitbag, remember? (Aug 18 posting) when he called RPK a pariah.

Anonymous said...

There are Malays who hate Malays
There are Malays who love Malays
There are Malays who love Chinese
There are Malays who hate Chinese
There are Malays who hate Indians
There are Malays who love Indians

There are Indians who hate Malays
There are Indians who love Malays
There are Indians who love Chinese
There are Indians who hate Chinese
There are Indians who hate Indians
There are Indians who love Indians

There are Chinese who hate Malays
There are Chinese who love Malays
There are Chinese who love Chinese
There are Chinese who hate Chinese
There are Chinese who hate Indians
There are Chinese who love Indians

Its never been about Malays vs Chinese vs Indians..
Its lovers vs. haters
And we lovers ain't going down without a fight...

Keep fighting Zorro.

Anonymous said...

An apolitical friend suggested that MCA, MIC and GERAKAN together with the East Malaysian parties should just switch camps and join PAKATAN RAKYAT to ensure the demise of UMNO controlled BN.

It sounds good but then I think taking ALL the riffraff, no-good and corrupted politicians enblock would ultimately corrupt and destroy the pakatan as well.

PAKATAN RAKYAT should welcome only sincere and 'reformed' politicians of calibre to form the government.

Known running dogs, tainted racists and religious fanatics should be left out. They would only continue to corrupt the system.

DSAI should not rest on his laurels but go about in earnest to form the PAKATAN RAKYAT government asap.