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flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

Great article & photos in this posting.

It was a great & historic night indeed....

We saw with our own eyes & heard the GREAT speeches, the "SUPPORT, the "JUBILATION" by "ALL" the "TRUE" 20,000 plus "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" & DSAI's announcement...of a new "Dawn for Malaysia & Malaysians".

A beautiful night to witness the "Historic" moment...our "Malaysia Day" celebration..."916"

Malaysia for Malaysian where Justice, Freedom, Transparency, Accountability & Equality will be restored to this great nation and its rayaat.

Yes, my friends we are almost there, so please be patient & pray for the smooth transition to our new PR government, to enable the abolishment of ISA together with the release of YM RPK, Teresa, the Hindraf 5 & all the other ISA detainees.Insha'Allah.

We shall overcome...

Busy Bee said...

I am simply impressed. No words necessary. A better Malaysia today.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! The crowd, the spirit , the confidence is fantastic ! But NST reported the crowd numbered 12k only...ha ha ...well its the desire for CHANGE that counts !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is not rhetoric. It is reality. And truth hurts the vanquished.

We are fast approaching the DEFINING MOMENT OF TRUTH - where it is not far-fetched to state that Malaysians are now prepared to converge by the millions nationwide in support of CHANGING FOR A BETTER AND FAIRER FUTURE.

DSAI and coalition partner-leaders hold that whistle to start that historic arrival at the gates of freedom.

God bless Malaysia always.

Anonymous said...

I am a minority and last nite, for the first time in my life, I felt my presence meant something.

No, i stand corrected. I did make a difference on March 8 as well!!!

It truly was beautiful last nite. Now, i can't wait for his words to materialise.

Unknown said...

Wow! It must have been a heart tugging moment seeing Malaysians not Malays or Chinese or Indians, together celebrating as brothers and sisters.
If I were there I think I would have been overwhelmed by emotions.

Happy Malaysia Day.

Anonymous said...

YEEEE HAAAAAA !!! Syabas everyone !

lanaibeach said...

Oh Malaysia Day!
This September 16, 2008
The birth of Malaysia
It is so quiet
Why no celebration?

There is no public holiday
For such an important date
The formation of Malaysia
Integration complete

The quiet movement
Marshalling for recognition
On Malaysia Day
A new light will be shining

There is enough talking
Now action must proceed
On this date
It must be fair to all communities
In pursuit of progress and peace
Living harmoniously enjoying each other company

Oh Malaysia Day!
Let us hear your sweet songs
Lingering in our minds
For it will be a start of something new
This time around

Anonymous said...

Was it 25,000 or 16,000 as reported by the SUN?

Good to see such a huge turnout despite the heavy downpour earlier that day.

And really glad to not hear about any planted agent provocateurs this time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

I hope this comment can find a sympathetic ear with you and that you may consider broaching the seriousness of situation at hand, more so should there be a new government.

As we jubilate over the euphoria for a change for a possible new dawn in Malaysia, please keep in mind of the great storm brewing the world over. I can't even imagine the impact it will cause us but hopefully with the possible change in government, we may have serious work to do to ensure we, Malaysians, can weather the great financial tsunami currently impacting on the American.

I can't even imagine the fury of the suspicious nature of hurricane IKE and its destruction along its path. Likewise, the impact of the financial tsunami we should also try to prepare for.

We got serious work to do to ensure the rakyat can weather these worldwide storm in the coming months and years. Some speculate the impact of the current financial meltdown in the U.S will be felt for a decade, eclipsing the 1930s Great Depression.

One good site is found at www dot rense dot com, a site that is similarly like MT that is under siege by the top western power.

Thank you for your understanding and a good day to you


Anonymous said...


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Remember the story of Moses
Who went up to Egypt's pharoah
To request for "Let my people go!"
So that no moss with sorrows flow

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160908
Tue. 16th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Ini yang buat Be End kecut kereput ni. Tapi Dato' Seri !!!umumlah. Tak tahan lagi

Peverill said...

Great site mate. From us in Sabah, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY

Vincent said...

I see MALAYSIANS. Yay.....

Anonymous said...

All races together in one place rejoicing the ultimate point of democracy. My heart goes to all who attended the gathering..

God Bless you all..

Pray for RPK and Teresa to be release soon.. Waheguru..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

The best part was when Negaraku was played at the end. I was so proud to stand side by side with my fellow bangsa Malaysia singing our national anthem.

The rakyat's time has arrived. It is time for a new Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

If this is not a well wisher crowd for a new PM, then it must be for a national HERO!

Way to go PR, Way to go Rakyat Power !

NEIL said...

FANTASTIC,even though PR is in the process of forming the gov't,the sight of all these faithful supporters is enough to say 'we have the numbers'.916 will always be on our mind no matter what day we form the gov't.

Anonymous said...


Redhuan D. Oon said...

Quite an eerie silence. Reminisense...

FleetingMoments said...

great photos!

Anonymous said...

They say a picture paints a thousand words. The above pictures then say it all;


In times of global economic uncertainties, those who are bestowed with the authority/responsibilities to protect our people should do more in this direction rather than spending their energy/time in putting the innocents under an outdated unjustice law.


Anonymous said...

It's really fantastic to see your photos of Malaysians of all colours come together like that. Makes me tingle all over. I can't wait when everyday in Malaysia can be like this - Malaysians United.
God speed, Anwar!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful scenes! These pictures really touched my heart... as a Malaysian living down south in Johor, I couldn't be there last night to experience firsthand the excitement and the high-spiritedness of it all, but my hopes are with each and everyone of you who aspire for a better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

We fell on our knees, raised our hands op high and were thankful to God for the coming of a new dawn!

Thank God all mighty, finaly, we may be free at last!

Anonymous said...

Malaysian UNITE for the future of our children. Do not let the stupid present Gov. ruin our beautiful country. YEAH! PKR

Anonymous said...

Today is the day. We will see if PR has been honest and true to their word or if they have taken us for a ride.

Anonymous said...

These pictures show what Malaysia should have been, should be and must & will be.

krishna said...

What is so difficult to give a test to PKR Government? 50 years Barisan Was ruling the Govt. and the Rakyat are not happy with the maladministration, corruption and judicial wreck seen so glaringly.
Spain changes Governement every year and they are fine as ever.
The Malaysians are being hood-winked by fear of one minor incident the so-called May 13.
The Rakyat are now more matured as they can live-live side-side in harmony and playing racial games with them won't work anymore.That is the very reason why there are uprising for change all over the Country. The March 8 2008 Election
cleary endorses that the Rakyat want a change of Government. Five states in the History of our Country can easily be taken by the PKR. The more BN stifles the PKR by various means, it is going to be a clean sweep to power by the PKR in the coming election.
PKR should upkeep their on going good work in the PKR 5 controlled states.
God Bless PKR,

Eddie said...

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Awesome when rakyats unite as one

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To be able to see all the different faces of the rakyat who came out to support Anwar makes my heart swell with pride. This is the time where the true one Malaysian finally take shape. This will go down in history as the momentous event that shape our country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Zor for the nice photos and keeping us in touch with the latest political developments in the country.
It is most encouraging and refreshing to see such a large crowd with a good racial mix...and importantly, many in the crowd were young faces , it augurs well for the future of Malaysia.
Let us all keep the express train of HOPE moving, until it reaches its destination.

Malim Deman said...

Great event! Thks for the pics.

Unknown said...

i was there and felt proud myself.
i arrived earlier and thought nobody came.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

The picture depict that Anwar is a total liar. Pity his followers, well when In 1998, I was with Phileo Allied Group (owned by Tong Kooi Ong-Anwar's proxy) a Chinese Feng Shui master approached me, knowing that I am a staunch supporter of Anwar.

The Master informed me that Anwar will never be Prime Minister of Malaysia, I scoffed at his prediction then, since in 1998, Anwar was then DPM and a powerful UMNO leader.

We in Phileo was so confident that, Anwar will be the PM. True in Sep 2,1999, Anwar was fired by TDM. What a shock for us in Phileo.

So, Mr Zorro, since you are a retiree and got nothing better to do, dream on.

Anonymous said...

indeed it was a great nite.... i managed to get up behind the big screen & the view & atmosphere was breathtaking.

this is the New Malaysia...

!916! !916! !916!


dano said...

yay! people power!

Donplaypuks® said...

A Pakistani friend of mine wrote to me recently that 'The Revolution Will Happen After It Has Come!'

The presence of 20,000 at KJ Stadium last night is proof of that in the M'sian context.


zorro said...

Hashim.....at least dreaming is still a faculty not taken away from the sane. At 68, to be able to dream is an energising experience. You should try this instead of relying on soothsayers and nay-sayers. Being able to have a dream says that you are not brain-dead. Peace to you brother.

Unknown said...

Great to see the people of Malaysia stand up for our right and freedom. We need change!

Thanks Zorro for the pictures.

Anonymous said...


dare you dream? no? and "i am a staunch supporter..." , now no more becuase Anwar is no longer in the establishment?
get it right, hashim. we are supporting his agenda. that goes beyond him. he is fresh air to us unlike stale and corrupt wind from BN. Hashim, Guess your heart now is Badawi or anyone that sits on the throne. I am so glad that you are no longer a supporter of Anwar. lalangs are best terminated with pesticides.

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT x999 all mamak stalls ok !

GobloKing said...

Your phtos has warmed the very cold cynical parts of my heart

Thank you to the authorities for allowing this event to happen

Having said that, in a REAL democracy, a notification to the police is needed to help manage the crowd

BUT in our type of democracy permission must be seeked to hold any event with >4 people


Anonymous said...

hashim harris,

anwar was removed on sept 2, 1998.

Chris said...

To all Malaysians,
I'm a Singaporean and I've been closely following the developements of your soon to be government led by DSAI and I'm happy for all Malaysians as a new era has descended upon you.I believe that DSAI and his team will lead you to a better and greater Malaysia.

I'm appalled and shocked to witness the travesty and injustice your current UMNO regime practices,and the corruption among your UMNO leaders is clear for all to see.I thought Indian politicians were the most corrupted bunch,but UMNO has certainly overtaken them.Under he rule of Mahathir,Singaporeans has always been the bad one,thanks to Mahathir constant ranting.But with DSAI soon to take over ,I'm sure we can bury all hatchet and work hand in hand.

I'm really happy for you guys and I hope to see PKR in power soon as I believe he will be the man to take you to greater heights.

Good luck my Malaysian friends

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dear Bernard
Great pictures, it speaks a thousands words.
It is time for Malaysians to move forward and time for PKR to make good of their promises.
Time to flush away the current govt. Let hope and pray for the best, for all our sake and our children's future.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. A picture speaks a thousand words!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yes Zorro, well articulated and kind words for sceptics who prefer to sit and be run over. No man can stay politically still and not choose to be a part of democratic process. Why then be a citizen and remain silent in a time of taking action collectively to ensure our future is not ruined by unjust individuals. It is not about race or religion or a certain party nor leader. Its about loving what is just and right. May justice prevail and God bless Malaysia day. The country belongs to all its citizens, may we be entering a new era of true muhibah.

Anonymous said...

My heart cries for a Beautiful MALAYSIA - WE ARE MALAYSIANS - from the bottom of my heart I salute all of you folks. You made it! govt. servant of the day.Change .... we ... NEED!

Anonymous said...

We should celebrate this hitoric day 916."THE TRUE M'SIA DAY"

M'SIA formed in 16th sept 1963 with S'WAK,SABAH,MALAYA & S'PURA(seceded 1965)=just 45yrs,but unfortunately this date we S'wak & S'bah just celebrate it as TYT(Gavernor) birthday.

"We Sarawakian & Sabahan feel cheated"

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro...your pictures are giving me goosebumps!!!

And some clueless nut was saying he still has the support of the people!? One look at the turnout last nite and it's evident that Malaysians (yes Malaysians and not malays, chinese, indians or lain-lain) want a change.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I just kept crying for 2 minutes just looking at this photo.Cry of joy and very touching.I missed my Indian, Punjabi, Chinese friends.
May Allah bless us all.

Its sad when I walk across national schools, students gang with their own race. My generation did not see this during our time. So its time, my generation convinced and encourage our children to break that 'race ' wall once and ofr all !!!


Anonymous said...

Still PM in waiting?
SEPT 16 - No matter how you cut it, today was a bad day for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Watch this date, Sept 16, he has been telling Malaysians. I will take power by Sept 16, he kept repeating.
Now, he says his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance is ready to take power, and that it has the support of more than the required 31 Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs for it to form the federal government.
But he will not do it yet. He has a list of names which he will show only to the prime minister so that a smooth handover of power can be negotiated.
One should always call a spade a spade. In this case, Anwar's claim is a game of charades which is being inflicted on this country.
If he has the support there is no reason to believe he would not show the list of names to all Malaysians.
For all those Malaysians who felt their intelligence insulted by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar when he said Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng had been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for her own protection, here is another one courtesy of Anwar.
But more than an insult, what Anwar attempted today is an insult to all right thinking Malaysians who yearn for reform, and who have placed their hopes in Anwar and his PR alliance of parties.
Today represents a hammer-blow to the credibility of Anwar and his allies.
Malaysians who voted for PR parties in the March elections wanted change. Many were fed up with what they perceived to be the widespread corruption and arrogance of the BN government.
The strong message sent to the BN government also revived the flagging relevance of Anwar.
Anwar, ever the ambitious politician, smelled blood and instinctively went for the kill.
But his failure to deliver has inflicted a serious wound on the opposition parties. It is a question of credibility.
No one demanded that the PR alliance form the federal government by Sept 16.
Anwar made the pledge.
To be fair, the DAP and PAS tried to distance themselves from the pledge, but was eventually persuaded in the name of unity to endorse the idea.
This is not to say Anwar will never become the prime minister of a PR federal government.
It did not happen today. Politics is such that it can happen on another date.
Questions must now be asked, though, about what Anwar is putting the country through, although the BN parties are also to be blamed for the political uncertainty Malaysia is experiencing.
But the PR parties and Anwar are supposed to be better. They were supposed to be different from BN. Better even.
As September drew nearer, the question on everyone's lips was will it happen?
After today, the question may be when will all these games end?

zorro said...

MFChristopher: IT IS NOT A CHARADE. I just came from the afternoon Press Conference. Anwar has exceeded the number of MPs required. He has informed the PM and INSISTS on a SMOOTH TRANSITION. You will appreciate that this will be the toughest part....giving up power. You can expect the UMNO warlords rattling their sabres....you can expect them sabotaging the govt. machinery. DSAI wants a valid and credible transition. I am surprised by your tone. 916 is a target but it has not been written in stone....it is a target to shoot at....give and take a week or two after 916. Keep the faith with us, please. i am trying to make this comment short and simple and from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

Firstly, please note that the article that I pasted was actually taken from a commentary in Malaysian Insider and thought that it would be good to share with everyone. You know that I am fully behind RPK, you bloggers and definitely Datuk Seri but couldn't hide my slight disappointment as the intended date of 916 was not chosen by me or you but by the MAN himself. We needed an explosive PC today in order to shut the gaps of the BN/ UMNO goons who kept on repeating that today would pass by like any ordinary day.

I believe what you have written but we, the rakyat, need the overthrow to be real soon, please, for the sake of our next generation and most importantly for Pete, Teresa and all those that are detained under ISA. I will continue to weep for them and for our country until there is a change in the government.

Lastly, my apologies if I had offended anyone but just wanted to ensure that there is no further erosion on Datuk Seri's part.

We need the CHANGE now, especially after waiting for the past 6 months.


Anonymous said...

Chris wrote:

To all Malaysians, I'm a Singaporean and I've been closely following the developements of your soon to be government led by DSAI and I'm happy for all Malaysians as a new era has descended upon you.I believe that DSAI and his team will lead you to a better and greater Malaysia.

Dear Chris - our friend from Singapore and Neighbour, Thank you for your observations and kind words and it is nice to have friends like you.

Once again our Singaporean friend, thank you and YES we too look forward to working with good neighbours such as you for the greater good of both our countries.

Best Regards

zorro said...

MFChris: OK I get it now. My heart skipped a beat because I knew it was not you. Cheers buddy....I am off to a meeting with the Free RPK mob. Will keep you in the loop.By the way...Haris is OK. We knocked several glasses last night.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Zorro, please knock a few more on behalf of me and do send my best wishes to Haris, Mdm Marina, Hawkeye & the rest ok...

Once again, my apologies if I offended you all.

Cheers & God Bless.

Mat Cendana said...

OH WOW! I'm impressed!

Especially with that pix shown at Malaysia Today ... you can see the hope in the faces of people of all races!

This is not your usual "BN-organized gathering of patriotism" - so very `plastic', with many of those attending being forced to do so.

I've started my own socio-political blog, inspired by the arrests of RPK and Teresa Kok, Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics But it'll be `different'. It's at http://cendana287.blogspot.com

zorro said...

Mat Cendana: WELCOME TO BLOGOSPHERE. Promise to visit you tomorrow....shooting off to the Free RPK meeting tonight....soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi brother,

I spoke to Haris a little earlier and was updated on the PR takeover and looks like the time is nearing. Kudos to that !

Anyway, i will be traveling to KL this Thursday night and will contact Haris and hoping to meet up with you as well.

Take care & God Bless, Christopher

Anonymous said...

Hey,hv u visit the new website ny Najissssss A.RZ ?
many ppl visited there & flooded his comment box,u better do so bf he forced to close his web,he cant tahan all the scolding.....Quick Quick !

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I was there as someone who was previously a fence sitter until the whole ISA debacle became the straw that broke the camel's back.

I am pleased they kept jabs at the Barisan Nasional to a minimum, as I am not interested in bashing, but the actual issues. In fact, all the speakers who spoke that night were very good, but Anwar and Lim Guan Eng however, were exceptional.

I can't help but compare these two to Badawi, whom I have heard speak before. There really is no contest, they are a totally different calibre to our current prime minister whose speech consisted of mumblings at the mike and reading off his prepared paper. How can Badawi lead a nation when the main thing you think when he talks is he needs to take public-speaking courses?

The atmosphere in the stadium was something I was absolutely unfamiliar with. It's very hard to describe... there was an aura of friendliness and fellowship in the people gathered that I have rarely felt elsewhere in supposedly multi-ethnic Malaysia. People of different races and social class were openly smiling and mingling with each other. It's really how things should be, but I never realised its absence until I felt its presence that night.

Speaking as someone who did not like and distrusted Anwar, but dislikes the current BN more, after attending this rally I have to say that while I still do not fully trust Anwar, the values and issues he espouses really strike a chord with me. As long as he stays true to them even a skeptic like me can support him enough to give him a chance.

I was also very impressed by the organization of the rally. It was very efficient and professional, down to the end where the PKR volunteers directed traffic to ensure an orderly dispersion of the crowd (which in ordinary circumstances would be absolute chaos). If PR can organize and run the country as well as they organized and ran this rally, Malaysia has a bright future ahead of her.


Anonymous said...

" ppl, dun get cheated lah ! what he tells u all is different from what he writes to pm lah !!" said
mr. bin Razak !!