Sunday, September 28, 2008


Haris and I got permission to attend this candlelight vigil at the Dataran Merdeka. We met friends at the Selangor Club. At 7:30pm no vehicles passed by the clock-tower except some police cars making their presence felt; tourists were not allowed on this Saturday night onto Independence Square as the authorities did not want them to witness unruly citizens put fire to their lethal weapons - wax candles. Lighting candles is now a is no wonder the whole world laugh at us. However we left the security of the club and gathered at the extreme right of the club premises. There were many unfamiliar faces.....the new faces of an impending New people who realise that they want to make a stand on the Abolition of the ISA.

Adun of Subang Jaya, Hannah and I exchanged greetings. By now the gathering increased to some 50 and it being RPK's 58th birthday we sang "Peaceful Birthday To You" whilst gathering around a poster made by one of the participants. Go here to view the poster that was later presented to Marina.

And then it happened. A group of policemen approached us. Were they irritated by our birthday song to Pete? But this group of Indian officers were polite when they asked us to disperse. Negotiations were polite all round. Then comes along this Chinese copper who shouted at us to disperse. We stood our grounds because of his unprofessional behavior....typical of bastards who hide behind a uniform and a gun. This worm is only strong when he is in uniform and wield firearms and have numbers behind him. One of these days I want to take this bastard down - a fist fight I am talking about....bare knuckle dusters like how we fought in our young days. His face is securely registered in my memory. I can recognise him anywhere. I will invite him to attack me. And I will floor him in the 3 seconds 5 sequence moves. I kid you not. The fifth move, depending on my mood then, might damage his pecker into disability. I kid you not. I reserve the 5 sequence only for bastards, like this vomit. You know what the maggot did when we stood our ground? He signalled for more help and shouted like a kindergarten teacher: "I will count to 20 and I will arrest you all if you do not disperse." When he counted to 5 and we still hung around his counting became more delayed. "13........15" and that was when I shouted....."chinaman, how come no 14?....Don't cheat. You are a disgrace to the Chinese." And that was when I was pushed away by a former student Raymond Hon and dragged away by Jaya.Thanks guys for your concern. I gave in because I still remember what RPK said to Haris: "You’re useless to me in your present state. Have that fury when we strike. I need you calm and cunning now". and what Pete said to me: "Don't get angry. Get even." So Chinky Bastard Copper, when you feel ready just pass the word around and I will be there.....eyeball to on one. Remember I will offer you to strike me first.....which I must warn you will not land where you want it to land....that's a promise from one chinaman to another bastard chinky copper.
We gathered again and were encouraged by the honking of buses, cars and motocyclists.
We definitely got some mileage here but was informed that the candlelight vigil had moved to a temple opposite Pudu Raya. As such we moved on, this human wave determined on the Abolition of the ISA.

The assembly at the temple lifted up my spirits. I was not angry anymore and morever enroute I heard a familiar voice call out, "Zorro" . It was Shieh, Kickdefella, who was incarcerated for 4 days and 3 nights. We time for pleasantries....happy that we will stick to our cause.....the nation in distress. I met up with some members of the Dandelions, Andrew of Malaysikini, DelCapo, Black-in-Korea Amin, Gus Gan of the Wharf and some fishermen Balraj, Desmond, Jennifer, Serena and Benny. New Baldie Nat Tan and I hugged and I kissed future lawyer Kelly of Wansa Maju who brought along World #1 law student Ging-er.

The cops were around but they controlled traffic unlike that Chinese Bastard Cop who tried to control us.

Back at the Royal Selangor Club and at 11.55pm Tengku Vic called for the last birthday song for Pete....and then we went to get some baits.





RitchieLow said...

Hi Zorro,

You title itself is racist. If you are against racism, tone down a little on the race qualifications.

Cruzeiro said...

You have good reason to be pissed with this cop.
And a cop, is a cop, is a cop.

I'm surprised that you saw him as a "Chinese" first, and a cop second!

Yeah ... old habits do die hard, don't they?

Anonymous said...

what were you drinking when you typed your article? another round of todi? Talk is cheap behind a blog...people like you are Big mouthed wankers you don't deserved respect. I understand your cause in getting RPK out of the lockups...but to throw in racial tones and to make it as if you're a HERO yourself in trying to show how macho you are againts the COP (do you really need to add the racial background?) how COWBOY you are in running things. Perhaps you should check yourself before every posting TALK COCK todi drinking words.

First of must be learn to hold your tongue. And when dealing with idiots like the cop you need Finesse..

You are the type of people that politicians like to USE in their plans. Just throw a couple of different races in it...ask one of them to stir shit up..and wahlah!...we HAVE one idiot (you) who took the bait. That's how riots starts. And believe're a EASY pawn in the politicians game plan. Useless but useful in getting their games glued.

So BROTHER...less on the todi talk...The pen is mightier than the sword...and less you forget...YOU are nowhere near able to take down the forces that are in place today. Control your temper and your words....cause you'll be the one that will be floored.

Arthur Jeyakumar

Zahar said...

I bet these days they don't teach cops any forms of self-defense I suppose.

Wishing you all the best if you do intend to carry out your 3 seconds 5 moves karate jiu jitsu taekwando on this poor copper.

I wonder what the title would have been if... Heavens Help Us!... it was a MALAY cop who did that to you that night? :)

M Kumar said...

Sigh, the pot is calling the kettle black..

zorro said...

Ritchie, I am a Chinese. I reserve a right to label him such. HE IS A DISGRACE....a dismally poor representative of the wonder very few Chinese want to join the police force because of people like this one. But, let me put it on record that the Force has some admirable Chinese officers. I know some of them.No I wont tone down to pander to anyone sensibilities. Lets call a spade a spade.

Doc, old habits definitely die hard, shelf-life, you bet they do. And I have no intention of being put up on a pedestal, squeaky clean...I succumb to vertigo.....

Anonymous said... must be the WANNABE RPK lookalike. Talk Big.

Instead of wanting a QUIET evening decide to take it a step further by INSTIGATING the cop.


And stop the cigar smoking lookalike with can't carry it far. Pathetic Article.


Anonymous said...

My friend, your hateful words and promises of violence is distateful.

Anonymous said...

Managed to post my own vids & pix…

what a nite!
!!! Mansuhkan ISA !!! Bebaskan RPK !!!

zorro said...

Arthur, thanks for your concern. I shall think about it but it will not be accompanied by anything spiritual like a good todi....hard to come by these days, as I have lost my supplier.

Zahar, Chinese cop or Malay cop, the title will be the same. Treat 'em all equally as they deserve.

Kelvin, that was quite a mouthful...stick to the are getting personal. If you find this blog disgusting, please get out because this blog is more harmful than arsenic. Stay clean and clear out.

Anon6:21pm...I am sorry you take it that way, mon ami.What's my penance?

Anonymous said...

You are a liability to the Anti-ISA movement. Violence begets violence. By your violence you have sunk to the level of those you condemn.

The slow and painful steps that others have gained toward a better and more civilised society has been wantonly reversed by your infantile, thuggish behaviour.

Haven't you understood RPK's advice to plan with calm and cunning? Which word didn't you understand?

Anonymous said...

What cut deep in the flesh, is to see one of our skin to behave like pariah dog!
Was he aware, in a peaceful gathering like this, there were ladies and children in the crowd. This arsehole has cotton and rags in his fcuking head...he thinks, the general public are like dirt under his feet. Yes, Zor, floor this bastard and add your sixth sequence move for me!

Unknown said...


Just the usual MCA or Gerakan Chinaman that 1.

zorro said...

whao...hold your horses....violence or a promise of violence.
Dont get angry;get even says pete. He also said plan with calm and cunning. Thats exactly what I plan to do to get even. WHICH WORD DIDN'T you UNDERSTAND. counting to 20
....thuggish...calling for reinforcement and treathening to arrest us.
You seem lost here.

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,
Your comments & title is very racial.
Please use your tiny brains before typing things out.
Its people like yourself, who should be in lockup.

jiunshoong said...

I am chinese and I'm not at all offended with the title. In my experience dealing with government servants, I do notice the non-bumi officers are more stringent and inflexible. It is as though if they treat other non-bumis like crap they look better to their malay superiors.

But honestly, as much as they piss us off, we should take a deep breath and calm down. The day will come whereby these fools will get their "reward". Live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...


Your behavior is no difference then the government, UMNO, ACA or police. Stop reading fighting fire with fire. Use your head and your pen.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at this cop issue objectively. First, he's a cop who spoil the show. So this man in blue may have his .38 Smith & Wesson revolver against a bunch with white candles. Take him on and confront him is there any law on the Land against carrying a lighted candle? If he replied you are in an illegal assembly, then just disperse into group multiples of 4. Second, this cop happens to be a Chinese. But he did not throw his weight just because he is one. He gave his superiority complex behaviour because he don his uniform in blue. So the Chinese part really have nothing to do with his uniform. But he deserves to be taken head-on when he never have the eyes to know the difference between a white candle and the end of a 38 caliber barrel. Wait till I get my .357 magnum in place for the showdown.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What can Malaysians living abroad do to show support for PKR? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

hey zorro, the fact that you identified the cop as chinese with racist words like chinky to boot, is racializing it, don't u think? even if you are chinese yourself, you've put race as an identifiable prominence here. why? if it is to identify this cop or warn others of him, it doesn't work, since this guy won't be the only chinese cop around. just because you are chinese, using words like that against another chinese doesn't preclude you from being prejudiced. which is root of all -isms. notice how some chinese eng educated people have their sets of prejudice towards so called 'chinaman' (like those who don't speak english well). if you don't hold such prejudice, then do tone down on that sort of verbal abuse, because it does look like such. if there's one effective thing we can do for unity, is to not react with our own prejudices, in dealing with a problem. small problem this one, but imagine if it is between races where prejudice will be used to fuel other problems.

zorro said...

Magdeline purchase an RPK t-shirt (ref. my posting today Sunday on how to purchase them.)

zorro said...

JOHNNY, I am sorry I had to delete your comment. I cannot allow you to use the b word on any commentator in this blog. IT IS OK FOR YOU TO USE THE B WORD ON ME. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND.

Anonymous said...

Aiyooohhhh..Bernard...i think you should go into retirement. With your age...go happily into the sunset...smoke your pipe and enjoy it.

Knowing now that you cannot control your anger and taunting is how you solve your issues, you are not the person which is defend justice or represent the people. Luckily you are not an MP or a person in politics with power...if will just end up being another one those idiot mps in parliament.

Its not save us from the govt, its SAVE US FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Knights Templar said...

Reverand , take the broken glass out of your eye and the thorn out of your heart will hurt less.

Anonymous said...

yo man,

i like it this way, u allow urself to kicked for wat u wrote as much as d kick u got from writing it :)

ahh ... this gives both parties to be intellectually exhausted from differing viewpoints

kip it tat way man, when ur unique u stand out


Anonymous said...

IMO... (this comment will be filled with Fs if not for my respect of being on someone else's blog)

all those who thinks Zorro's words are racist or is trying to brand him a racist are naive & really needs a bit of schooling.....

You guys have missed the freaking point completely.... sigh! & you lot sit on your asses to critic so&so is or is not a liability or asset to fight a cause...

the same lot of u who were home watching footie, or out socialising, or away for a weekend getaway.... instead of joining to fight for a cause u so claim u want so bad!

the same lot of u who would have run like an "obedient sicktizen" b4 the count of 5 by the cop... b4 u could even hear that chinaman cop who couldn't count.... & u have an opinion on those who question for your rights???

u r entitled 2 your opinions... but in my books, u guys need to wake the f#$& up & look at things deeper & wider.

come sit with us one nite... i will buy u d drinks & meal....


Anonymous said...

It would be the saddest joke of the decade if an old Chinese man were to brawled with a Chinese policeman. And the authorities used that as an excuse to crackdown on that night.

Human resources practitioner you say. I would have never guessed.


Anonymous said...

a cop is just a cop, does it matter whether the cop is chinese malaysian, malay malaysian, india malaysian, white malaysian, black malaysian, arabian malaysian, tibetian malaysian??? isnt it just say "a cop" or "cops"??

Patriotic1994 said...

I am Chinese but I don't see this Chinese Cop thing as racial issue.

We won't know this cop is really a Cambodian or Singaporean or Korean or Japanese or something else. As long as they are are yellow and looks like Chinese. May be should call it Chinese-looking cop.

Anyway, I don't feel racial at all. But it does feel catchy. Like, "huh, what is that?" Then I read.

Anonymous said...

What Zorro says is true, The cops are basically racist in nature. They treat members of their own race worse than they would people of other races.
Yessome cops deserve a real good hiding. Especially after I saw a malay cop beat up and elderly malay lady at Dayabumi during a semo. The postal worker standing next to me said "Apa ini orang tak ada bini, mak ke?" Disgusting.

Those whi jave not been on the receiving end will sing paeans of non violence, but when they get treated like dirt they know reality.

This why ther cops act like gangsters and think that civilians are their slaves.

Anonymous said...

aiya, those monkeys in blue are stupid lah, if theyre smart they wont be a pig la or can count to 20 la. They hide behind the badge and guns, without them, they are garbage.

the good cops are those traffic cops manning the traffic during rush hour. too bad for those pigs in blue. next time break a glass of todi on their head. a good pig, is always a DEAD PIG.

artic turban said...

Whats wrong in calling a 'SPADE A SPADE', why munch words , thats what cowards do, AT least this old man, sorry Bernard you are not the strapping 20 year old anymore. Sometimes when people berbiadap, what else do you do, answer what you think of them. Anyway good for you but bernard since you've let it out of your system, now to think calmly, ' don't get angry, get even' sounds like good advice.
To all the hypocrates here who are admonishing Bernard, please go look at the mirror, what kolk talk you?

Anonymous said...

I should agree with Zorro from a little experience this much : Indian cops are more polite generally. Chinese cop, I wouldn't expect!

artic turban said...

Came across an interesting comment to an article from Lazarus, the comment from this character NAL WAS A eyeopener to the antics of indoctrination of BTN, go and read for yourself how full of it this guy is, but there was a rejoinder which will shut him up though, even if I say so my self it was preety good.
There is a very interesting answer to a 'kaki angkat telur' NAL from umno for his comments. It would be interesting to hear our comments.

zewt said...

wow... this is truly a man to man invitation :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro
I understand how angry you are but you need to keep your cool or we will give the government reasons to stop us.

To Jiunshoong :
I do agree with you that non-bumi officers are sometimes worst than the bumis. Shame on these people.

Unknown said...

Er..I guess everyone is OVERREACTING here, "zorro" is after all chinese, I don't see the question of 'racial overtones'. Cut down the 'todi' comments and take it easy lah, looks like the rest have an anger management problem and not him!

Anonymous said...

Take it easy Bernard. You don't want us from all over the internet giving you an earful like we did when Lit Kit Siang tried to scupper the appointment of the Perak MB. It's not how tough you are but how even headed you can be when faced with provocation.

Anonymous said...

its amusing why so many commentors are crucifying you for "racially" branding that cop. Before you guys come up with those "words of wisdom" pile of shit that smell like flowers, did he not point out that hes a chinese himself? What the hell is wrong with that? I mean an African American can call his kind nigger which is totally fine but if another race were to say it, it would totally would be racial? SO... WHERE IN THE ARTICLE DID HE GO RACIAL? you smart mouths out there remind me of an episode of South Park where the people who bought Hybrids were so full of themselves that were were inhaling their own fart and loving it. You guys are so full of yourselves and im sure at the this point of time love inhaling your own gas. (People who watched this before would only get it =D )

Unknown said...

it's OK to let your anger out in the BLOG. better that way than throwing MOLOTOVE COCKTAIL at places harmful to public.

that Cop fella is just doing his job, maybe he was in such mood cause by other reason; not intentionally want to screw you and/or the event.

take deep breath and ignore that cop specifically, and other unfavourable comments.

look at the bright side, if Gomen wants to fix you in Kamunting, at least you can meet and partner RPK there. it wont be for long, as once Parliament back in session, Pakatan Rakyat will takeover the Gomen then.

moreover, Gerakan will abandon BN before Raya to enjoy the long holiday break (from headaches!).

its all in this October month, the country will see significant change to political landscape and economy growth.

Monkey Organisation may be huge in gigantic number of members, but Pakatan Rakyat have more quality members and that makes a lot of difference.

dont think so much for the Cop. we may need their service to out-rider the Casket caravan to Memorial Park for meagre RM500/-, no traffic jam but smooth traveling ride.

go have teh tarik and enjoy the beautiful night sky!

Anonymous said...


First I thank Raymond Hon my classmate for being around.

Second, I can understand your rage. One needs to have been your student to truly understand your piece here. Otherwise, you will be seen in dark light -- looking at the feedback you are getting.

You are one man who gets mad at bullies.

You are one man who will not hesitate to go it alone, when fairness, justice and humanity is burnt at the stake of corrupt power and blinded duty.

I can certainly vouch that you are no racist. You only get wild when your own kind cannot stand up for a different race in time of need and in the face of injustices.

So, readers, that is how much I know my teacher of some forty decades ago.

Master Bernard Khoo has not changed. Thank God. And thank God for Raymond Hon.

Anonymous said...

Leave the Chinese part out. I do not see the relevance.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh Zorro, why are these self-righteous chinamen defending that fcuking chinaman cop ah? Suddenly, you are not allowed to write unpolitically correct things in your own blog. Sheeesh, all you buggers go write in your own blogs la...

I stand by you Zorro, let's call a spade, a spade.


Bogey said...


the reason Zorro was so pissed off is because we can't stand to see our own kind behaving like he did.

Prejudice against our own...does that make us bigots? be it then

BennyG said...

Zorro, initially I thought some commenters had their right to voice whatever were in their mind but it would be better if you would not take some comments seriously or personally since UMNO cybertroopers are everywhere.

I do admire your courage and your generousity in helping us silent & gutless Malaysians make a stand.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Admit it! The cop act like that for watching too much HK cop movies. Hopefully, the plot ends with Rocky V. We should not take down the cop. We should take down the government!

Anonymous said...

you mean that cop is from China and those good polite officers are from India? Do reformists like you still have to refer to Malaysians as Chinese and Indians?

Anonymous said...

hMmmm....Doesn't sound racist at all to me....just an honest opinion from Mr Zorro, I reckon he has all the rights on the name calling as he himself is a chinese , its like 'brothers' (Afro-american) dont really mind themselves calling each other 'niggers' as long as not others . I would call him a bastard Melayu if he was one , so people take a chill pill , sometimes abruptness is a bliss , and yes TODI is z bomb! Legalize todi , alcoholic author sometimes make more sense than the mediocre one :)

Anonymous said...

Stay Cool Bro....

There will be more to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi zooro,
I think and hope I understand your feelings...
You felt that after so many years of racial and discrimination agaisnt our race[chinese malaysian]
finally we saw a hero RPK fighting for a non racial malaysia... then he got captured... suffered in ISA esp. for the chinese.
So many is worried about him and the birthday gathering ,,,then suddenly of all the people giving the persecution, it happens to be a chinese cop....
Well I felt it too... but you miss the point!!!!
No more cina, malayu, india..just malaysian.
This will benefit all our future generationss... of course this wont be easy or achievable in the near future after 51years of racist government....
But we have to start somewhere...esp. your goodself.
Hope you will see further than that blue uniformed tyrant.. licensed government appointed gangster... whom I am also sadly disgusted with.

Hopefully with your help we can create a true malaysia for future malaysians.....

Anonymous said...

I am a believer in the fact that we can't demand changes from others unless we exemplify the changes ourselves. In this case, if we do not want others to make racist remark, perhaps we ourselves should refrain from making any racist remarks at all. Personally, just because someone is from a particular race, it doesn't give them the right to use demeaning words on their own race. Fight an intelligent battle...not an emotional one.

Anonymous said...

In the United States, Coppers are called pigs....

But then again we should not define that pig as coppers but by name... name the f*#%king pig!!!


telur dua said...

I wonder if that hero cop is as 'brave' when faced with criminals. I bet he will cower in fear and pissing in his pants.

Such is the low image of the PRDM, yes, PRDM. LOL.

Anonymous said...

One stupid Chinese cop? Fine.
Now we have one stupid Chinese blogger with his stupid bravado.

Anonymous said...


I do indeed agree with most of the commments here that says that you've gone overboard. While I can understand how strongly you feel about the cop who shouted at you, there is no need whatsoever to drag race into the equation. We are all Malaysian. like it or not. Taking race into this issue does not help your image a wee bit but will put you on par with the Najib "soak keris in Chinese blood" Razak, Kerismuddin and Ahmad "Penumpang" Ismail types.

Honestly, if next week you are standing for election, the press (and even worse, the bloggers) will drag your hide through mud over this "Chinaman" remarks. And don't hope for my vote anytime soon.

Rather, I hope, in the spirit of this blessed month of Ramadan, that you'll retract your racist comments. This is your own blog and this blog represents you. Don't dirty your own house. If you feel ike you want to offer a gentleman's apology to your readers, especially to a Chinaman like me, no one is going to stop you.

It does take a REAL man to say sorry. It's not too late brother. Don't be an Ahmad Ismail.

Have a Happy Raya and be careful on the road.


Your brother from the land of chicken taugeh.

CK said...


cool down and be calm. remember wat we were told.

take k.

If Life Is So Short said...

we do understand ur unhappiness but still feel there is no need to bring up the race issue...just tone down Uncle bernard and we are still behind u.

Anonymous said...

i know how you felt cos i was once there a similar vigil and was asked by a copper what is my business being there.

Knowing that you & me as a citizens of Malaysia have the birth right to be there, not to mention, for a cause, you just can't help thinking what kind of copper would do this to another citizen.

Being told politely, it would have been different, to be yelled at, that is another thing.

Wisan Yew

Sklau said...

Have you asked yourself why Bernard got so frigging pissed? Well, they took away his close friend Pete.

When he gathered peacefully to light a birthday candle for his friend, they intimidated this elderly man as if he was a kid. The cop should have been more professional in dealing with adults. I guess using the threat of arrest on the count of 20 was the one that blew zorro's lid.

I'll take you to one sentence in his post that says it all. Reflect on it for a couple of minutes and put yourself in his shoes. If you still don't feel it, you can always come back and admonish the old man some more. Here it is..


Feel an eye-swell coming on ya?

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed.

You should have just pulled out your "sword" and make the sign of the Zeeee.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You do have great zest and will power. I salute you.

My parents won't have. And they would shriek in horror if they know I'm involved in the vigil.

The birthday song really moved my heart and sorrow towards RPK who is in Kamunting. He deserves a better treatment.

I remembered what you said out to one of the young ones out there to support the move.

The presence of us the young generation is to prove a point that we're not blind and ignorant to the current situation.

We're all working professionals and with own businesses. We've seen how bad things has become. We may tighten a bit. But we sensed a lot more of Malaysians are suffering a lot. Our candles represent those who could not make it there for various reasons.

And it represents for my own parents.

God bless Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard;
Here is grace for you for trying to save YM RPK from the wretched[url[/url].

It is a long winding road, and tho Pete may be heavy, he is still our brother. We march on and WE WILL PREVAIL.

Anonymous said...

put up the pic of the cop..

Anonymous said...


Dear Zorro,

I object to your title because I have seen some very polite Cina policeman, I had seen it with my own eyes, they were soooo ever polite to my friends who drives a big Benz or a huge BMW, and have at least six digits in their bank accounts.

me, they couldn't careless, they know I am just a normal CINAMAN.

Dogs will be gDogs and pigs can only be -------> pigs.



Old Fart said...


I believe the majority of the cops, including the very intimidating looking men in Blue are confused.

I reckon its about time we changed our attitude about the cops. After all they too are convulsing after avery long period of thinking in one way. I an sre they too are not sure what their role really is.

Between ensuring theperpetation of UMNO and the BN and maintaining the security of the country, its a huge valley in between. But UMNO/BN machinery was ableto cover up the valley for a long time ad made it look like its all one and the same.

Its about time we look at the cops in a sympathetic light. Lets turn them around so that they focus on their real charter. Make them see that it is not their duty to do UMNO/BN's bidding. And it is not their role to ensure the perpetuation of UMNO/BN.

I think its about time to defang UMNO/BN's potent strength. And its in their ability to use all that government enforcement muscle. LEts defang them Bernard. About time we addressed them.

Anonymous said...

I believe the gist of what our beloved RPK stands for, is, we need to counter violence in a non-violent way.

Anonymous said...

Well,what can I do not do what you preach or supposedly fight for,A New Just Malaysia.You're just as racist as the BN.I appreciate you going out and showing your support for RPK and other ISA detainees but you don't have my respect because of your racist attitude.Your emotions are mixed with racist under tones man.No, I will not call you uncle either because you're too immature .Be a real man apologize to other Malaysians who read your blog.Damn we have a long way to go don't we.Take care man.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Bodohland, the sewer of the world where racist scum live. The whole country is full of dirt, and they're known as Bodohlanders.

Time to flush the dirt down the toilet. Bodohland should sink into the sea and disappear.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zorro,

Talk is cheap...lets spar in a ring, me and you in a ring...i tie one hand behind my back..and i'll let you give your best shot first.
After that...its lights out for you.

KAPOW! KABOOM! CRACK! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYAH!

zorro on the floor in 3 seconds...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

That coward cop will never fight you one on one simply because he is a coward. Take away that badge and uniform and what you will have is a little worm.

Ted Torrence said...

Kiss ourselves to reject ISA ...

Unknown said...

These are the words that use in this Blog/comments:

"The cops were around but they controlled traffic unlike that Chinese Bastard Cop who tried to control us."


It is not the race that matter it is the security system governed by the Police force.

Malaysian should change the racial mentality. By holding Anti-ISA demo maybe well received but those words that uttered will signal that Malaysian still struggle for achieving racial harmony because the country is governed by racial parties for more than 50 years

The one that uttered these racial derogative remarks should respect each others irrespective of race and religion and be responisble for what has been said that may cause public uproar and anger among different races. For what i know the majority of Malaysian Chinese is against the ISA. Party DAP, Gerakan and MCA are all against ISA.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

While I do agree that the over pronounciation of any ethnicity should always be handled with good sense and manners, I would not agree that you are a racist, as many respondents now claim. Real racism happens when a dominant ethnic group starts speaking their own language in front of others knowing that the rest do not understand them, be it an indian language or chinese. That's what must stop first off. And this goes straight to all those people that were so quick to judge Zorro. Please lah. You are just as quick to pass judgement, so boo hoo to you. Everybody harps but you guys are also the problem. Everyone says Malaysian, but how many of you actually practice good manners.

There seriously is a really small minority of English-speaking anyones out here and the rest are only fighting for an equal benefit, much like the jumping on the bandwagon analogy.

So to all of you who do not like the words of our illustrious Zorro, bugger off. Can you say you're any better? I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do not know Bernard personally but I must say that I don't think that his comments are racist in nature.

There are many bloggers out there like RPK,kickdafella, Haris Ibrahim and Bernard who have been very dedicated in following their hearts and fighting for what they believe in.
I salute their tenacity, courage and love for the country in promoting Bangsa Malaysia and the creation of a civil society.

It is not merely the rudeness and show of force of the policeman that generated the anger.
I guess it was relevant that this policeman is Chinese and therefore someone who has no business supporting the racist policies of UMNO.
This is in effect what he was doing in his thuggish handling of the multiracial crowd that had gathered peacefully in support of RPK, a man who promoted a Malaysia free of racial division and politics.
In effect,RPK champions the rights of this policeman as well and therein lies the cause of anger.

I must say that I would be doubly insulted if a non-Malay were to uphold UMNO's draconian policies.
Simply because his/her behavior is detrimental to his/her own future!

This policeman is a FOOL!

As of the threat of violence,I certainly do not condone it.
I hope this whole idea of a fight is just wishful thinking as I am sure most, if not all of us have entertained the notion of taking the law in our own hands and punishing a bully at somepoint in our lives.

As a mark of respect for RPK, I beg that those of us who truly believe in a new Malaysia practice restraint as mooted by RPK.

We would otherwise be useless in this fight for a more just and civil society.
Stay cool Bernard. Hope to meet you,Haris and RPK in the near future!!

Anonymous said...

uncle, selamat hari raya n semoga uncle sehat sejahtera n selamat sentiasa. teruskn perjuangan.. bg yg tk faham, biarkn la mereka..take care

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a Malay. And I think it is good for us Malaysian to identify the race of the wrongdoers or the criminals. Be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.

At least in this way, we will protect our own race from not being stupid into committing a crime. Thus I think it would reduce the number of crime.

Everyone will then be a good citizen by showing that they represent the good race or they are risking being associated as the race that always involve in crime.

They used this in the Western countries. They identified the criminals as to reduce the crime. They identify them as black, caucasian, asian, hispanic and etc.

It would be better to put the criminals' face on the newspaper (big and clear)so that they will be ashamed of committing the crime.

Anonymous said...

your title caught me and instantly i boiled not because of your racist remarks. i boiled because of that chinky bastard.

hey im chinese too and what more a chinaman like me can offer another bad chink m***** f***** a nice bash in return. If you can obtain his name, i swear to god i smear that 'yeh jai' (bastard) nice and smooth around the internet.

a good malaysian chinese is an anak bangsa malaysia and a bad malaysian chinese is a chinky bastard working with the Plonking-Detrimental-Retarded-Men.


Anonymous said...

Hello everybody! I don't understand all the negativity in the comments. To the writer (who is obviously Chinese), the highlight of the night was the confrontation with the Chinese cop. What's wrong with writing the blog from that perspective?

Racist? Can you be a racist to your own kind? So, nowadays, is it already racist to call somebody an Indian, Chinese or Malay? Don't be too sensitive guys.

Foreigner in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Bernard you rock, go man !!!

You guys stop harassing my CikGu. He deserves respect not attitude from a puffed up wannabe cop and you general public.

All of you out there professing to be Malaysians put your hand on heart and tell me honestly - if you are subject to a snatch and run thief and the cops ask you to describe him/her:-

How many will now just say "malaysian" or "indonesian" etc - and not chinese, indian, malay etc. Simple test.

You guys are all still Malaysians of xxxx origin and no amount of wishful thinking is going to change that in Malaysia.

You have to do what the ol' King of England said about the scots - "breed them out".

You want a Malysian identity - start inter marrying and in a few generations, no one can tell who is who.

Learn from the greatest Indian Muslim of all time in Malaysia. He who has an "Indian" father and yet blends in so well so as to make his mark as the longest serving PM. Thats reality.

Take care Bernard and let the wannabes huff and puff.

dano said...

that cina cop going to convert to another religion soon. why wlse would he be a cop in racist nation!

Anonymous said...

All of you that think that the article doesn't not contain a single ethnicity issue must be blind.

Bernard probably grew up in a system where everything is racial from the get go. From policies to any other form...there is bound to be something of racial nature.

If you look at the United has happened openly in the public for decades since the 1950s...but it has toned down drastically and measures were taken to penalise or even convict someone of being racial. Politicians have stepped down for being racial in their words. Even DJs and newscaster were sent off with a heavy fine and even sacked for their colored comments.

But when you look at this country...they get away scottfree. And that makes me sick. it makes me even madder..when people who claim to be fighting AGAINTS RACISM and anything linked to it...has the audicity to come out in his blog and Slam another person by color as well. This is what i call A HYPOCRITE.
Not only has he promoted Violence with his "I KID YOU NOT BS...i'll floor him in 3seconds" nonsense, he has approved to the public that its his right to Curse and get into a fight without SELF CONTROL.

Is this what we want for our children? to follow someone like Bernard, who can't even control his temper...and spew his crap all over...JUST BECAUSE he think its his RIGHT TO so called DEFEND his intention to have a peaceful gathering?

Come on Bernard...the least you could do now is APOLOGISE to the public for your Article. I know old people all have this EGO thingy hanging over their heads...its like I'm a senior, i'm an elder etc...but man...if you don't know when to cut the cord and accept the fact that you screwed up and admit with sincere apologies, you're not different from the Politicians of today. FAST TALKERS, and bunch of old dirty b*&^%$.


Anonymous said...

What's the big FCUKING deal if zorro disses the 'Chinese' Copper? Wah! suddenly there's so many self-righteous defenders of @#$W! coming out of the woodwork to defend the Chink copper.

Chill, Chinamen....I'm Chinese too, so what's the problem?

All the more we should diss one of our own when they behave like that cop. Total disgrace to the community. Know what? I too have been told off by some chinamen for not being chinese enuff. Chauvinists!

Besides, Zorro is just letting off some steam...that oso cannot meh? He's own blog chinamen dont like IT, go blog somewhere else lah....


Anonymous said...

Ya loh all u chinamen cool it mah.
Zorro Love your write up(quite humourous I must say) as always.
Let it all out whenever you feel like it.
Peace 2 Zorro

Knights Templar said...

Can you guys stop harping on the Chink Cop issue... bernard is just venting out here ,plain and simple .If a Keling Cop crosses the line with me ... in all fairness i can and will address him as a Keling Cop ,i have my birthright to call him that .I dont know Ju Jitsu but i sure can hell give him some Kani Na Woo.So you guys chill and let sleeping dogs lie.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Zorro's branding of the cop is meant to be racist. I see it that Zorro wants to AVOID a misconception that he has a racial prejudice by purposely identifying the race of the cop so that his other comments are not taken out of context and pointed at a particular race that is predominant in the police force.
I see nothing wrong here. I am a Chinese and I can tell you there are alot of brainless Chinese arrogant idiots who over exercise their peewee authority that I cannot tolerate as well. Does that make me a racist?
There has been alot of ultra sensitivity around lately. We even have to be careful not to say anything bad about the egg we eat. There is nothing wrong with Zorro being extra careful in this case. I kid you not too.

Cruzeiro said...

;-) .... yes, better to avoid vertigo, Bernard.
Sure thing .... you can call him a chink/chinese - it's no insult, really. Especially if you're chinese yourself.
It's not like you called him "a squatter" or something, right?
Cheers, mate - keep on rockin'!!!

Anonymous said...

goodness, how can a Chinese man be racist to another Chinese man by calling him a Bad Chinese / Chinky ??!! it's like an ant calling another ant a Bad Ant .. where is the logic here and why are you all spending so much time on this petty issue ? it is really not a big deal lah, I'm a Chinese too and I'm on Zorro's side, a bully is a bully ... but anyway, we should close case on this issue, period, and we should go back to where we were before, i.e. to uphold justice and to abolish ISA, which was what united us all.

Anonymous said...

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