Wednesday, September 10, 2008




KongKor said...

Wa kakakakaka...good

Anonymous said...

u r churning out some wicked pix these days!!
v cool...


i like chopin said...

To make it short,all BN folks are mad and getting madder each day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle Z,

Didn't know you are also expert in agriculture, especially in animal husbandry.

Btw the one which was most severely infected during the recent mad cow outbreak in Penang, although has been quarantined, still suffering from acute diarrhea. Most probably it is terminally mad and need to be put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Your pics, Bernard Khoo, are indeed Benar2 Cool.

Anonymous said...

Actually he's having his orgasmic release, judging from his Neanderthal facial expression.

Anonymous said...

You da MAN.

both Thumbs up

- Anarky


cancan said...

They cannot hide, they cannot run and whatever they do they are done.


Anonymous said...

"Mad Mamak Disease"?

Is that why we have 54 MPs trying to find a cure for it in Taiwan? Or are they trying to escape from the "germs".

But TMM looks OK.

Anonymous said...

How about a quarantine chamber for all these mad cows coming back from Taiwan. We don't need too many of them running wild in our streets.

Anonymous said...

UMNO-BN podah!

Anonymous said...


U made my day.. that was the funniest thing I read today bro... really loved it..

I just hope the cows will not get mad at you for degrading them by comparing them to these human cows.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me with your nice pixs. Keep it up uncle.

Sklau said...

The last brute looks like an antagonised GOAT trying to repel the hoof of ah-mad cow that got stuck up his ass. Look real close. Can you see the pain he's in? Arggghhh...

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Hey, i came across this very good entry which i think more should read..maybe you wanna consider reposting it on your blog..though i'm not sure is what is written is true, but it sure is interesting..

kluangman said...

biasa maaa..

Anonymous said...

zorro , who is the guy shouted "
tembak = shoot (ie kill) the reporter ...!" ah !?

Unknown said...

anwar is really best. 916 plan is really working, turning all UMNO goons running amok and crazy.

what a show.

Anonymous said...


Mad Cow Disease

A female TV reporter arranged for an interview with a farmer, seeking the main cause of Mad Cow disease.

The Lady: "Good evening, sir. I am here to collect information on the possible source of Mad Cow Disease. Can you offer any reason for this disease?"

The Farmer stared at the reporter and said: "Do you know that a bull mounts a cow only once a year?"

The lady reporter (obviously embarrassed):" Well, sir, that's a new piece of information, but what's the relation between this phenomenon and Mad Cow disease?"

The Farmer: "And, madam, do you know that we milk a cow twice a day?"

The reporter: "Sir, this is really valuable information, but what about getting to the point?"

The Farmer: "I am getting to the point, madam. Just imagine, if I was playing with your tits twice a day and only screwing you once a year, wouldn't you get mad?"

Anonymous said...

You're a real Zorro lah....!
My hero !

He's a Malaysian Malay Muslim. This is how he behaves during the Ramadan month ya...

This must be a good example for all puasaing Muslim. Especially to the younger ones....

I am sure this picture by now is on paper & news around the world.

Soooo...... malu lah !

I as a citizen of Malaysia do NOT condone this barbaric behaviour.

Yeah... the word "barbaric" suits the picture well !

Crankster said...

Uncle Bernard, forget the cows - *I* will go mad if I see a minister wearing a tutu and dancing the ballet!!

Brilliant one! :))

Anonymous said...

wife : wow ! that bull so strong one, can do every day !"
man : yes ! but everyday different cow one !!

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter if Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3 or 30 years or maybe 300 years if he lives long enough for that. What matter most is his undying will to stir up racial politics in Malaysia from Bukit Bendera.

Aside from his supporters, there isn’t anyone that supports his ultra-Malay ideology. Ahmad is in his fifty and with his current strength in UMNO its unlikely he will ever hold any minister post in the future that’s why he has to gamble with the Ultra-Malay ideology in order to rocket himself to the top.

Politician are really asshole, they will do anything to gain power.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Zorro
Watch and weep!

Within a year, the disciplinary committee of UMNO will, on apppeal, commute AI's (Artificial Intelligence) 3-year suspension to 1. As a sign of his rehabilitation, he will be given the lion's share of a directly negotiated non-tendered out mega $b public works contract, hidden through a convoluted maze of private nominee companies.

In bolehland no warlord retires poor or bankrupt!!

Please also take a swipe at Dr.M for his Social Contract 3 blog where he says Malays are ready for insurrection to take back their land with the help of friends from neighbouring countries! I am beginning to believe that Indian-Muslim mamaks pretending to be pure Malays/Bumis will be the death of UMNO. Hey, that sound good!

Also, where does BBC have funds of its own as claimed on tv by Rosemajibbed? Say $300K for air-fares/hotel etc and $25 million loyalty bonus. Is there a BBC charity like the BN wives charity? Who has inside info?
refer my blog The Sept 16th Chronicles-Sighful's Pregnant

Nostradamus said...

A Malaysian Time Clock Slowly Clicking towards 16 September!

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

Inbetween, spare parts and batteries still insufficient in case it stop.

Some try to move it faster by 15 minutes, some by 30 minutes.

Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

continue at

Anonymous said...

guys... check out this video (if u missed it on MT)

Barisan Bloggers featured too!!...hahaha!

Well Done SBS!

Anonymous said...

those morons know their time on the titanic (BN) is nearing the end so they will stir up shit any way they can. ISA was used to quell opposition is sadly not used this time. Such abuse of the draconian act.

Anonymous said...


Bro saya kena jawab balik comment si ANON-no-NAME

Dia kata = ye betul,
JaWaPan saya =
Hadhari?, $$$$ ? KONTREK & PROJECK?

Dia kata = mungkin betul,
JaWaPan saya = Sapo panggil YP AGUNG ... NATANG..binatang? bn trengganau apa jadi dengan kes itu, ada masuk jail tak.

Dia kata = betul ke ni?
JaWaPan saya = Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah di 'ammended di-tukakan dan ubahsuaikan lebih dari 500 kali, tapi ada akta yang ditulis dlm Perlembagaan Persekutuan bahawa akta2 di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak bolih di tukar atau di ubasuaikan, tetapi UMNO dan bn BUAT seSUKA HATI TUKAR menukar. dalam 51 tahun ada lebih dari 500 amendments. pertukaran- tapi kebetulannya, YANG TIDAK BOLIH DI-TUKAR, DI TUKARKAN.

(Perlembagaan America syarikat dari tahun 1776 hingga hari ini, ada kurang daripada 30 amendements (pertukaran) -Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28, 1776, There are currently twenty seven articles of amendment to the United States Constitution. The first ten of these were ratified simultaneously and are known as the "Bill of Rights")

Dia kata = dah tak betul dah sekarang..
JaWaPan saya =
Ada 3 jenis UNDANG2,
a) UNDANG2 UMNO & BN.. tak ada undang2, bolih buat suka hati.
c4 pun bolih. sod-o-mee pun bolih, minum arak raba bini orang pun bolih, Rasuah pun bolih, hasutan perkauman semua bolih, curi tanah bolih.
B) UNDANG2 rakyat, kita kena patuhi semua.
C) UNDANG2 HUTAN- Kalau tak suka muka awak, polis bolih buat sesuka hati, Pukul hingga mati pun bolih.

Dia kata = ini memang tak betul & tak masuk akal!
Jawapan Saya = Najib keris, hishamudin keris, BERUK REMBAU, ORANG HUTAN Bung de dung Johnson CLAP, si adnan ceepaek pahang (ijok, johnson clap), Bocor, tutup satu mata jasin, KAW-KAW REMBAU (PP), BAKTI, AHMAD mad mamak cow pendatang- immigrant.
So who is dis-respecting the rukun negara, THE GOVERNMENT OF barisan najis or The RAKYAT, judge for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
I am a vet by training;three days ago I came across a new case of Mad Cow Disease in Selangor.
Apparently,this animal consumed tempe and was injected with botox.
I have recommended to the Selangor goverment that this animal and all those that associated with it to be culled.

Malaccan view said...


Anonymous said...

ISA on RPK at 1.10, said the wife !!

Anonymous said...

From Din Merican’s blog:

I have just received (at 1.24 pm) a call from Raja Sara that her Dad, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, has been taken in under ISA and that their Police are at their residence. Dato Ahmad Ismail, UMNO Bukit Bendera Division Chief, gets away with a 3-year suspension for his racist remarks with intent to incite unrest, and Raja Petra gets the ISA for being “a threat to national security”(?). This makes a mockery of the Rule of Law

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA, lu punya kawan sulah masuk Lalam kah ,aiyaaa manyak manyak kesian loooo.

Saya... said...

Bernard, I have renamed and readdressed my blog...if I still can have the honor of being on your roll la.....


Anonymous said...


As you are aware by now, our commandent blogger Pete, has been arrested under the heinous ISA. Since you are second in bloggers command, you need to take up the jihad under your command to continue fighting this evil force. So the time has come for zorro to fight the evil so that justice of all Malaysians will not be trampled upon. We are all awaiting for Zorro's instructions.

Ted Torrence said...

Looks like you could the next victim.

You may want to consider joining the “Please ISA Me” wave (psygame playing lah) so that they will think twice before handcuffing you.

Please ISA Me

I am begging you to ISA me

Anonymous said...

wife : wow ! that taiwan bull very kuat lah ... i wish to be the cow !!
suami : wow ! ssoooo many taiwan cows man....i wish to be the bull !!
both : ok ! let's go there too !!

Anonymous said...

" he looks like a mamak tearing the
photo lah !!??"
" WHAT ! another mamak ah ! @#$%^ "

Anonymous said...

woh,one more mad cow on the lose in selangor

Anonymous said...

too many mamak in the cabinet,they only know how to make teh tarik

Anonymous said...

so many mad cows on the lose,pulling Bladywi's nose around

Anonymous said...

new Mad Cow Disease,it's call mamak mad cow

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT nasi kandar & teh tarik at
mamak stalls, ok !!