Saturday, June 30, 2012


"The government is confident that they (the EO detainees) should be given a chance to start a new life so that they return to the right path, but do they return to the right path or not, we do not know yet,” said Deputy Selangor police chief A Thaiveegan. He intimated that the recent repeal of the Emergency Orders could be the reason for the increased crime rate in Selangor. (BTW where did the PDRM pick up these comical officers from….) And wasn’t it that his boss Hisham reprimanded the Indonesian authorities for killing a wanted Malaysian terrorist and did not give Malaysia a chance to rehabilitate him…….and tomorrow another officer will say that same-sex marriages might contribute to the rise of crimes in the country. We do have clowns in our midst.

Najib gave out free sets of tires to taxi drivers and pledged to do away with licence ownership by crony consortiums. Moreover, this was proposed very much earlier earlier by Pakatan if they take Putra Jaya…..long before Jibby borrowed this strategy. The PM can dispel his tired looking “You help me, I help you” platitude by just doing IT! Stop the slavery and give the licence to all certified cab drivers NOW, NOW, NOW!....and it is OK to steal the thunder from Pakatan!

Why did Khairy Jamaludin wear the French jersey during a function? Has it to do with any Malaysian that could be arrested if they set foot in France? This guy has a subtle streak in him.

Why did Khairy recruit some 500 young cybertroopers to counter Pakatan bloggers and twitters? Is he openly telling Nib, Rias Yatim and Soil Lek, your Utusan, Berita Harian, RTM and Star are useless in combating the opposition alternative media!

Premier Cartoonist Zunar rejected a monetary award but preferred the UMNO stooges who staged a cartoonist gathering award him his RIGHTS, UN-ban his books, return is confiscated books, stop harassing his publishers and printers and withdraw the charge against him. But the organisers-cartoons can’t do much, yah? Mahathir was right. There are no bright sparks in UMNO.

Sri “Hang Ambiga” Gading MP may have won Putra Jaya for Pakatan. He took on an Indian lady and the Indian community sat on his face. HERE. That was the reason why Sugu, plonked a bottle of Double Black at our table last night at TDH. BTW, was the MP formerly a janitor. Mahathir, again was right! I remember UMNO once had a railway-gatekeeper too as a mansion owner. He has passed on of course but mystery still hovers over the circumstances of his ATTACK....heart that is!

DEAN JOHNS called me from Sydney asking me to write a Foreword for his new book “Malaysia Mania”. Publishers are very discerning over the choice of who writes a foreword as it usually determines the success of a book. Some publishers even pay more prominence to whoever writes the Foreword than to the author. I asked him to reconsider as I am no author, just a blogger. “JUST DO IT, mate,” he NIKE-d me.

Selling official secrets is not national security according to House Speaker but torture to the extent of pushing an alleged victim to suicide over a small sum is permissible…..and that guy can still watch porno?

“Will the Armed Forces Council see to it that a smooth transition into Putra Jaya is guaranteed should Pakatan win GE13?” was my incessant question over this week. My army friends will not give me a simple YES or NO. “It is not so simple, these days,” most of them volunteered. Maybe the Malay Mail should organize a forum and have the Chiefs answer this pressing question and comfort us with some intelligent assurances. I earlier asked Zairil Khir Johari of Penang Institute whilst in Penang to make this his PI forum topic. He did not respond……yet.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


On 23 June, my posting: A TALIBAN SCHOOL PRINCIPAL IN OUR MIDST? invited 1943 readers and twenty comments. Two commentators said that I was too harsh on Madame Principal. They have a right to express their opinions and as such I published their comments. However that does not mean that I agree with them. On the other hand, I rejected two commentators who came in as Felix Donohue and Leonardo da Vinci. When the former addressed me as Uncle Zorro I did not read any further and deleted his comments. WHY? Bro Felix Donohue, a revered teacher who taught me Literature in SXI and who later was Karen’s principal would never address me as Uncle Zorro. In the latter, the commentator failed in the first rudiments of writing. Your first sentence either tells the reader to continue or discontinue reading. I did the latter. Good try both of you. Learn some subtlety when you come in here to engage with adults. Whilst we give as much as we take, the only tool that we have is to moderate comments and I try as much as possible to allow for free flow of dissent except racism.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said schools should not be overzealous and punish students if they attend social gatherings or events held outside the school compound.

While students should adhere to regulations if they are within the school compound, they should not be penalised if they attend social gatherings or events held outside.

He has instructed the Malacca Education Department to submit a report on the matter.

“I want to know the school’s basis and justification for imposing the punishment,” he said after chairing the MCA Youth central committee meeting at Wisma MCA.

Stephanie’s father Tan Eng Hock said the suspension was unwarranted and that the allegation was an embarrassment to his family.

I read this Malay Mail letter over brunch and thought that I it would be good closure to this topic and wish Stephanie will continue to be what she wants to be:

Nothing indecent about Stephanie’s short skirt


THE plight of Stephanie Tan Joo Sing who was suspended for wearing a short skirt at a school social function, outside her school premises in Malacca is worrying.

Just because one person views a certain form of dressing as inappropriate does not make it so. We can understand the school’s action if she had dressed indecently, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Her parents were not against her dressing and as her father said, he would not allow her to wear anything indecent.

A short skirt is worn by so many teenagers and adults in everyday life, even to work and those wearing one should not be penalised according to someone’s whims.

I find the action of the school rather harsh and not in line with the UNCRC (Convention for the Rights of Children).

The spirit of the convention, now more than 20 years old, supports the right of children to have freedom of expression and their views listened to.

The UNCRC recognises that children can make better decisions for their own lives as they mature, and that families and society must protect them even as we offer them the freedom to grow and be who they desire to be.

Stephanie Tan's school, in implementing its archaic rule, has chosen to overlook the personhood of this keen and socially motivated young lady.

Not many teenagers get involved in serving their community as Stephanie Tan has. Instead of applauding her involvement, they have chosen to traumatise her and impose their narrow views.

If these are our educators then there is little hope for our children.

I hope Stephanie knows that many of us grieve with her, at this time, for this injustice.

We hope she does not lose the desire to be who she wants to be and follows her dreams to fulfilment.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Mitsubishi's rare-earth refinery is Malaysia's worst industrial tragedy," said T. Jayabalan, a public health consultant who lived in Bukit Merah in the late 1980s, fighting for the plant's closure and documenting leukaemia cases.

Jayabalan said he had documented at least 11 deaths due to blood poisoning, brain tumours and leukaemia.


When the plant opened, villagers immediately complained of a stinging smoke and foul odour. Local ignorance meant that waste disposal was carried out with shocking recklessness.

"At one time, we dug a pit near a river in Bukit Merah and buried the waste," said Ng.

"Occasionally, lumps of wet thorium sludge would fall off the lorry and school children would walk pass it."

Mitsubishi Chemicals closed the plant in 1994 after a mounting public outcry, but the government has neither admitted nor denied radiation poisoning in the village.

The only payout by the company was a RM500,000 lump sum to the local community to aid victims in 1994.

"Look at my hands. The skin is peeling," said a 68-year-old local resident who gave only his surname, Ng.

"When I go to a local bar, the women just take off, afraid that if I touch them they will be infected," he said angrily of a mystery skin disorder he has endured for years.

Ng, who ran a hauling business, was awarded a contract to dispose of radioactive waste from the then-new facility in 1982.

The plant's Japanese operators told him it could be used as fertiliser.

But the waste that he casually hauled away and disposed off in fields and rivers around Bukit Merah, home to 15,000 people, contained thorium, a carcinogenic radioactive chemical.

"At one time, we dug a pit near a river in Bukit Merah and buried the waste," said Ng.

"Occasionally, lumps of wet thorium sludge would fall off the lorry and school children would walk pass it."

Mitsubishi Chemicals closed the plant in 1994 after a mounting public outcry, but the government has neither admitted nor denied radiation poisoning in the village.



Betcha, LYNAS would not be troubled because they have the backing of the Malaysian Government who may be giving them a Temporary Operating Licence. Why give a TOL, if it is so safe give a PERMANENT OPERATING LICENCE. I dare the GOM!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Najib was put into the False Democracy category, together with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The 'ex-members' of the club are former Yugoslavia president Slobodan Milosevic and former Egypt president Hosni Mubarak.

An award-winning journalist Mark Mackinnon, currently Beijing bureau chief of The Globe and Mail has interviewed some of the world's most controversial and prominent political leaders wrote that these leaders "hold elections but have no intention of giving up power" and their "serious political rivals are jailed and their parties are outlawed on legal technicalities". HERE

An officer with the Malaysian Foreign Affairs Ministry wrote a letter to the newspaper in response to the article, which was published today. Does it look like Najib has given up on image-building APCO and has to now rely on an FOC source. In the letter, Information and Public Diplomacy Department undersecretary Ahmad Rozian Abdul Ghani furnishes a list of reforms initiated by Najib in just three years, which he described as "an impressive track record by anyone's standards". (IMPRESSIVE example of DOUBLE STANDARDS!) Parenthesis mine.

These are the abolition of Internal Security Act, ending of a 60-year state of emergency;
(45 ARE STILL DETAINED, TORTURED AND 9 ARE CURRENTLY ON HUNGER STRIKE IN KAMUNTING); measures to increase media freedom (WITH THE NEW EVIDENCE ACT?); amendment to the Universities and University Colleges Act (YET ARREST A UNDERGRAD FOR WEARING A YELLOW BERSIH TSHIRT?); the enactment of the Peaceful Assembly Act (909 TEAR-SMOKE SHELLS WERE FIRED WITH TEAR GAS LAUNCHERS AND 58 TEAR-SMOKE GRENADES WHICH ARE HAND THROWN WERE USED AGAINST BERSIH3.0 PARTICIPANTS - THREE TIMES MORE THAN USED AT BERSIH2.0); announcement to review the Sedition Act, repeal of the Banishment Act and the Restricted Residences Act, as well as the implementation of electoral reforms (BY AN UMNO INFESTED ELECTION COMMISSION?).

Ahmad Rozian also dismissed the claim that Najib holds elections but has no intention of giving up power ( YAH, HE WAS JOKING ABOUT CRUSHED BODIES TO DEFEND PUTRAJAYA).

"Next time round, Malaysians will again be free to choose who they want to lead their country - and while the prime minister takes nothing for granted, he hopes he will be given a mandate to continue Malaysia's transformation," the letter states.

As a disconcerted but currently concerned citizen I am recommending this book by blogger-buddy donplaypuks : “TIGER ISLE – A Government of Thieves.” as compulsory reading for the Barisan Nasional members and its parasites in general and in particular to Rais Yatim and the Information and Public Diplomacy Department of the heavily-pregnant PM Department HERE

Monday, June 25, 2012


In March the flavor of the month was: When will Najib dissolve Parliament? And everyone became an expert in prediction, some assuming the status of being prophetic, claiming their closeness to contacts in the inner circles. It became such a dissipating and an irritating obsession that it gave birth to a slew of neophyte political pundits. This prompted me to do a posting on 23 March 2012 HERE.

Friends stopped asking me this WHEN question because they said that I was taking the elections too lightly. They are right of course but am I wrong if I say that this is one country that is so preoccupied in WHEN a WIFE will give the green lights?

And going by what RAFIZI will reveal and what ASIA SENTINEL have accumulated……nah I will not volunteer anything…..whilst they prime the subs.








Saturday, June 23, 2012


I don’t get angry often but mildly annoyed mostly. But I do hit the roof occasionally when educators, more so school principals, Mdm Chong Chew Yoong being the most recent, can stoop so low as to administer a draconian judgment over her mini-skirted student, or inevitably blow my top when I gathered that this principal in 2011 was Vice Principal of an illustrious school I had the opportunity to teach in, St Francis Institution, Melaka!

How long in SFI I am not sure. If she was long enough, she evidently was not imbued with the spirit of the Franciscan values. If she was parachuted into SFI in view of leapfrogging into the Methodist Girls Secondary School, it does say a lot of her recent suspending of one of her students Stephanie Tan, a Leo Club President, from classes between June 18 and 25 after she was alleged to have smeared the school’s reputation following her “indecent” attire incident in March by wearing a mini-skirt.

Off-handedly I would tar Mdm Chong as a PRUDE. It intrigues me how far she has come, or how far she has left to go in her pornified thinking! Would she see ruffled miniskirts, hot-pants, low-rise jeans and thongs as dirty? Does Chong see miniskirts as an invitation to rape or is it just her puritanical stance to promote her own inexplicable sense of how a school principal should administer! Does she see porno in every aspect of her charges’ lives? At a click porn sites jump out of our computer screens. Strangely in America, rape has declined 85% in the past twenty-five years and Slate reported that, if anything, porn has led to a decrease in violent crime! Of course prim (did I say proper?) Chong cannot digest this!

This invariably brings to mind the late screen siren Marlene Dietrich who volunteered that “In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.” Not far from the truth is also John Irving (The Cider House Rules) proclamation “If pride is a sin ... moral pride is the greatest sin.” And wasn’t it Friedrich Schlegel who declared that Prudishness is pretense of innocence without innocence. Women have to remain prudish as long as men are sentimental, dense, and evil enough to demand of them eternal innocence and lack of education. Innocence is the only thing that can ennoble lack of education.

I would without any hesitation pin Mdm Chong as a person who affects or shows an excessively modest, prim or puritanical Taliban attitude, especially regarding attire and sex.

Every harlot was a virgin once, so what is wrong with that?

If you are as innocent as a dove you will harm no one, but if wise as a serpent no one will harm you! She thus reminds me of the hungry hen who sees every opportunity to be in a padi silo coveting in the fact that her job is safe if she upholds the morals of one recent government bozo who said that schoolgirls should wear thicker cotton blouses to ensure that their bras cannot be seen! Dang, if you don’t stare you will not see their bras!

Madame Chong, you will have to take unrecorded leave without pay because where I am sending you is not a government correctional institute – THE FART ROOM

currently superbly supervised by the nude Madam Mem-geesok-mem. Be warned that you do not make reference to her nudity or body mass as she takes great pleasure in sitting on (the face of) any recalcitrant inmate, school principal or otherwise.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


To All Retired Armed Forces Officers,

You may wish to know that under Section 22 of the RELA Act 2012, an act which has been passed by Parliament and which will come into force with effect from 22 June 2012, RELA will be using the established Army rank structure.

Many members of RAFOC and other retired Armed Forces officers have expressed their “objection” to the use of the Army rank structure by RELA. They are not against the RELA Act 2012 per se but only objected to the use of the Army rank structure, which has been exclusively belonged to the Malaysian Army since 1933 and used by armies world-wide.

Although there are one or two organizations such as Civil Defence, Security Guards etc. that use the Army rank structure but their use have not been legalized as such. Their use is therefore “illegal” or not authorized. The RELA Act 2012 "legalised" the use of the Army rank structure by the RELA.

The Army, for that matter the Armed Forces, holds esteemed and sacred the commission and the rank structure conferred to them. Their commissions are conferred by SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong and can only be withdrawn or revoked by him.

Having met the prerequisite to become an officer cadet and a vigorous selection process, those who were successful underwent a period of military training to become an officer, either in our own local institutions or abroad. Not all who applied were selected to undergo the training and not all who underwent the training were commissioned. Their commissions were conferred in a traditional ceremony, solemnly officiated by SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong or one of the rulers on his behalf, befitting the profession.

Having made a Second Lieutenant, they had to attend numerous professional courses and had to pass a written and a practical examination before they could be promoted to the next higher rank as Kaptain and Mejar. Their promotions are also based on the vacancies that existed in the establishment and goes through the appropriate Promotion Board and endorsed by the Armed Forces Council before the consent by SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong. They are not promoted simply on a time scale. Hense, a number of officers left or had to leave the Service before their due retirement age or on reaching the end of their short service commission date to facilitate for the upward movement of the younger officers.

Their commissions and promotions are gazetted in the Government Gazette. A commissioned officer holds his commission, using his last rank in Service, till death unless his commission is revoked by the Yang DiPertuan Agong for disciplinary or reasons unbecoming of an officer. Hense, retired Armed Forces officers still have their last rank before retirement, with their names and they are still referred to by their rank. They are proud to use them or to be referred by their rank even though it is only a Kaptain or Mejar when some of their intake members are Kolonels or Jenerals.

Likewise, the Other Ranks also goes through a vigorous selection process before they are selected for the basic recruit training. Again, not all who applied to join the Armed Forces were selected to go through the recruit training and not all who underwent the recruit training were selected to serve the Armed Forces. On joining the Service, they also had to attend numerous professional courses and must have the proper leadership qualities required before they are promoted. Again, their promotions are also subject to the vacancies in the establishment and promoted through a properly constituted Promotion Board.

With all due respect, RELA is not part of the Armed Forces. They have their roles to play but their roles are not part of the total defence plan per se. We have the Territorial Army as the back-up force to the regular forces in the total defence plan of the country. The Territorial Army is part of the Armed Forces set-up.

Not having to state the shortfalls of the RELA officers in comparison to the Army officers as stated above, and not having to state other not-so-nice comparisons, we see no similarity nor justification to warrant the use of the Army rank structure by the RELA organization. They should use their own or other rank structure as appropriate to their organization.

We hope the appropriate authorities take recognition of this. We are not privy to know if the Army or for that matter, the Armed Forces or the Ministry of Defence or the Armed Forces Council have been referred to on the use of the Army rank structure by the RELA or by the Ministry of Home Affairs before the Act was tabled in Parliament. We are not sure if SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong, as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, was made aware or has been duly advised beforehand and consented to the use of the Army rank structure by RELA.

On the part of the retired Armed Forces officers, Kol Abd Malik bin Alwi, (Bersara), President of Kelab Pegawai-Pegawai RAMD, has taken the initiative to convey our objection, in writing to our YAB. Prime Minister. Kol Abd Malik has also briefed our RAFOC Committee on this matter during our committee meeting on 14 Jun 2012. Our RAFOC Committee deliberated on the matter and agreed to support the effort by Kol Abd Malek on this objection. Thus, Jen Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abd Rahman bin Abd Hamid, (Bersara), our RAFOC Deputy President and Lt Jen Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abd Ghani bin Abd Aziz, TUDM, (Bersara), one of our RAFOC Vice-President, accompanied Kol Abd Malek to meet YB. Minister of Defence on 14 Jun 2012 to state our case. YB. Minister of Defence has agreed to refer the matter to YAB. Prime Minister. To date, we are yet to get the feed-back. 22 June 2012 is only this Friday!

Please let your objection be made known to the relevant authorities and your peers still serving in the Armed Forces through your net-work. We must protect the exclusive and the sacred use of our Army rank structure by our Armed Forces. RELA should use other rank structure.

On behalf of its members, in particular and on behalf of the retired Armed Forces officers' community, in general, RAFOC has made its objection known to the relevant authorities. We want Section 22 of the RELA Act 2012 rescinded.

Lt Kol (Bersara)
Honorary Secretary
On behalf of the Committee

………….(which I am sure included its President Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Ghazali bin Dato’ Mohd Seth.)


SHIT CAN: Old NAVY slang for a garbage or trash can.

Also NAVY slang for the verb "survey", which means to declare worthless.

"Sweepers, man your brooms.

Make a clean sweep-down fore and aft.

Take all shit cans to the fantail.


If you ask me I would want them to guard our mall carparks!

Monday, June 18, 2012


It appears to be the SOP of children when they want to get your attention: get into tantrums or do something, mostly stupid!

In 2007, during their PPP annual general assembly they got a public hiding from an UMNO VP, the Melaka Chief Minister and were left reeling after receiving a political blow from Umno’s third most powerful leader. At the assembly, Umno vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam delivered a scathing speech which chided the PPP for “threatening” Barisan Nasional for more seats to contest in the coming general election

He also repeatedly stressed that PPP could leave the BN fold if it was unhappy.

“PPP can leave BN,” said Mohd Ali.

He then pointed at the stunned delegates and added: “All of you can leave. Either today or tomorrow. Why wait until the general election? What’s there to wait for?”

Of course Kayveas lost his Taiping seat and PPP went into silent mode.

But it is election time again and they have come out of their hibernation and most typical of them to get attention they did these stupid things: Kayveas said that our ladies will avoid voting because they will not want the indelible ink on their fingers and their nondescript Chairman (don’t even remember his name) took the cue from Kayveas who said that Bersih3.0 was a result of herd mentality by labeling Bersih as Bershit!

So what will they do next to get attention from UMNO?

Maybe this……smelling armpits just to be noticed that they are members of BN….

Just hope they will not go any lower than the NAVEL BASE!

……and Maria and Zai both PPP members…..tell me you will not do this and you can join my table for some good single malts!



KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Electoral watchdog group Bersih HERE has dismissed Datuk M. Kayveas' claims of paid participants during the April 28 rally here and challenged the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leader to produce evidence or apologise for making the allegations.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


“We Are Ready To Strike Lynas at Their Doorsteps”

“The anger is now boiling over within the community. The people of Kuantan have decided that they will bring down Lynas no matter what!” said Wong Tack, chairperson of Himpunan Hijau’s press release.

The intensity in the struggle for a clean and green environment and a society that respects human rights and life took off during Himpunan Hijau 2.0 on 26 February 2012. This intensity gained momentum, accelerated and shot off the roof during Himpunan Hijau 3.0 on 28 April 2012.

Now, at this highly critical moment, Himpunan Hijau is moved to tears to see the increasing groundswell support shown to this people’s movement by the local community. We are extremely touched to see the massive participation, coupled with intense commitment from ordinary people from all walks of life to prepare for the Himpunan Hijau ‘Occupy Balok-Gebeng 24 Hours’ from 23-24 June 2012.

“This clearly shows that the people cannot stand this issue being dragged unnecessarily on any longer.

The people have now come together in true strong spirit, cohesive grassroot bonding and firm solidarity to put an end to this hazardous issue. They are no more counting on the heartless authorities who have continuously turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their grievances and anxieties. Enough is Enough, Lynas and the authorities must know that the final decision lies in the hands of the people!” said Wong Tack.

“The massive participation from the grassroots has also proven that constant accusations by certain quarters that this struggle is confined to only a few groups are baseless and untrue”, added Wong Tack.

Himpunan Hijau is extremely appreciative that many community groups and NGOs from all across the nation have expressed their support by sending their teams on 23-24 June to stand in solidarity with us. The rock solid support from civil movements and political parties prominent leaders are also very encouraging with confirmed attendance from Mat Sabu, Pak Samad, Wong Chin Huat, Harris Ibrahim & Hishamuddin Rais.

Himpunan Hijau ‘Occupy Balok-Gebeng 24 Hours’ on 23-24 June, at Pantai Balok, Kuantan will be a campaign with the highest intensity of emotions.

“We foresee that this campaign will not only bring down Lynas but will bring about significant positive change to society and the future of this nation”, said Wong Tack.

Steering Committee of HIMPUNAN HIJAU

Members of the Himpunan Hijau Steering Committee :

Wong Tack (Chairperson), Andansura Rabu, Bang Seet Ping, Clement Chin Yee Kaing, Lee Chean Chung, Lee Chin Chen, Nasrun Amir, Ooi Boon Seng, Dr. Phua Kia Yaw and V.Arumugam.



Saturday, June 16, 2012


You MAY still have a chance to vote in GE13 if it is held in September! Register2vote THIS WKND (16-17 June) & NEXT WKND (23-24 June) @ The Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, KL, 10am-9pm (Enquiries: 012-3835523, 019-3666808).

For changing of voting address

come before 4.00pm

OK people…





I saw things happening in Titi (NS)this evening!

Bravo Anthony Loke

Bravo YB Kit!

Friday, June 15, 2012


"It was my silence that has brought us here.

It was your silence too.

It is our silence that has made this land groan under our feet.

We are the cause Malaysia suffers.

We are the reason our rich and poor divide widens.

We are the reason we practice a civilised, governmentally endorsed racism."

WHAT does it mean to be Malaysian?

For CW Vong, it was growing up listening to tales of corruption and racism.

But does the recent rise of civil society movements signal times are changing – as are the people?



Thursday, June 14, 2012