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This is another  of those ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that BN is endlessly but generously and gratuitously offering for our amusement and distraction. I am referring to this dickhead hand kissing Deputy Minister of Education P Kamal-alan-nathan who publicly proclaimed that the innovative transformation of a changing room into an elegantology  food break venue was a SMALL MATTER.

It was rumoured that had not PKR’s Azim Ali engineered Kamal’s win over PKR’s Zaid Ibrahim this guy would be hankering for a tipping-point hug from Datuk Lee C W’s big Mama. BTW was it a possibility?
Here is another endless possibility – Whytha was cautioned to toe the party line by three cabinet ministers. Former Deputy Minister Wee Kah Siong cautioned Kamalanathan over his small matter puerile remark. Is there a possibility that Najib and other cabinet ministers will tell Wee to also toe the party line? What the outcome of my question…… an another endless possibility?

This morning, the Commander asked me to bestow on Kamal my POOP award. I will not, as the endless possibility of him opening his big mouth as a depository is no small  problem! I would not want him to eat shit and die……thence we would not have him provide us with laughs for the Merdeka festivities.

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Dear Prime Minister,

Greetings and Selamat Hari Raya to you from the people of Malaysia. We have a simple proposal for you to consider for implementation hopefully by the end of this year. We really don't want to listen to any excuses. If there are any issues or problems, we feel sure our cabinet ministers can solve them. We want you to Just Do It. If our request is implemented, we will certainly give you our vote in the next general elections.

First consider these statistics:
Estimated Population of Malaysia in 2013 is 29 million
Median life expectancy is 74 (Male 71, Female 77)
Proportion of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 5.1 %
Therefore number of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 1.45 mil
Petronas 2011 income after tax was RM 68 billion (RM90.6 bil before tax)
Malaysian Corporate tax rate is 25% so Govt has already taken RM22.7 bil

Our request is very simple. The oil in the ground belongs to the people, so the revenue of Petronas rightly belongs to the people. For every dollar that Petronas earns, the government is already taking away 25 cents as tax. Now its our turn. We've never had any clear accounting of what actually happened to the trillions that Petronas has given the government as dividends over all these years, but that is not the issue we are raising here.

All we are asking is, we would like you to enact a law to set aside whatever amount is needed from the net income after tax of Petronas, to set up a fund that will provide a guaranteed annuity or pension, of at least RM2000 per month for every Malaysian man or woman that is aged 65 and above, no matter what his race, his colour, his religion or his political affiliation is. This will be paid to them monthly from January 2014, till the day they die.

As the number of years that a Malaysian, on average, is expected to live after 65 is 9 years (ie 74 minus 65), for each of the 1.45 million elderly Malaysians, you only have to set up an investment fund that generates a paltry 2000x12x9=RM216,000 over 9 years for each person. To illustrate how easy it is to earn RM216K, if you have access to capital, you can buy a house in Bukit Jelutong for RM900K last year, and this year you can more than double your money by selling it off for RM2 mil. That single investment will take care of the post 65 pensions of at least 6 warga tua. Easy Peasy.
Recognizing the considerable financial wizardry in our cabinet, we are confident this can easily be done.

Mr Prime Minister, if you can do this, you will go down in Malaysian history as the Prime Minister who was brilliant and visionary enough to have provided a lifelong pension of RM2000 per month to every Malaysian man and woman above 65 years, till the day he or she dies, no matter what his race, religion or political affiliations are. We already have a good government hospital system that theoretically can provide for all our healthcare requirements. This universal pension scheme for every male or female Malaysian will complete a financial and healthcare package that will be the envy of every country in the world.

Mr Prime Minister, we know you can do this. Announce this incredible pension scheme in your Hari Raya message, and let your cabinet worry about how they are going to do it. In one brilliant move your stature will eclipse that of every Prime Minister before you, including your visionary late father as well. You can do it Mr Prime Minister. Just do it. And do it NOW.

Yours Sincerely,

Yusuf Hashim, on behalf of ALL Malaysians.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I do not remember much of Errol in La Salle Sentul because he was one of those  kids who walked the line….and seldom crossed it.

But I will always remember those eyes of his. If he looks at you with those eyes, it is as though to say, “Say it again… is not you!”

We got close after several visits to Backyard where most cattle-country Sentul “cowboys” roamed and groaned over wasted days and wasted nights. We got closer when we began to ALIGN at SS4 ONLINE after his watch at the Malay Mail. Mostly we talked country music……until recently when my waterworks department failed and my mobility curtailed my regularity at Bala’s Onine. 

I will treasure those moments with Errol and so would the rest of you who “walk through this world with him”. But as long as there’s country music Errol will never be forgotten. Farewell son……...will catch up with you when Malaysia’s country singers gather at Backyard to “REMEMBER ERROL”. No problem, Mr Chong?

Thank you Alice for taking his hands and..........


and this:

Jeremy Monteiro
5 hours ago
Today, again I am heartbroken to learn that my long time & dear friend Gerard Errol de Cruz, a leading journalist in Malaysia passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

He was a gentle and kind soul but he was not afraid to say what he felt needed to be said in his work as a journalist. Although I mostly had good reviews from him, I did occasionally feel a painful nick from his sharp pen on occasion.

But this never affected our long friendship ever since met him in the mid 1980s.

He was a good musician, preferring to play and sing country music and the blues. We jammed on a couple of occasions which I thoroughly enjoyed since it was more a meeting of the hearts than of the minds.

I spoke to him a couple of months ago, it was a nice conversation where he raved about attending the Rock & Roots Festival in S'pore and meeting Organiser Danny Loong who treated my friend Errol with kindness and generosity.

Errol, news of your passing is shocking as has left me with sadness. Thank you for always being in my corner and writing about me often in the Malaysian press. I will miss you, your sense of humor, your simple, kind and gentle ways.

My deepest condolences to his wife & family and all who loved him. Rest in Peace 


Thursday, August 8, 2013


……all Muslim doctors and caregivers
who took special care of me
then and now.
…….all my muslim friends
who visited, wrote to me to will me to wellness.
But most of all
to all muslims
who for reason of duty of state
must be at their work stations,
protecting and rendering essential services,
instead of being home with their loved ones.
It has been some 17 years since Wayne, Patrina and Bernard
celebrated Hari Raya with us.
Today they are here with an additional two,
Ryan and Patrick
to celebrate this holy festival with our
Muslim friends.

Friday, August 2, 2013


 Zan Azlee is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, New Media practitioner and lecturer. He runs Fat Bidin Media

I never fail to read his offerings whenever he contributes to The Malaysian Insider. I am offering this post of Zan as dedication to Dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof, who has been remanded over a controversial Hari Raya greeting video she made 3 years ago, and who has been released under bond.
I just returned from University Hospital. Its confirmed that the growth in my bladder is the big C. So what! It is another battle. I will face it with fortitude and faith as I have always done, but this time with a clearer roadmap and timeline. Help me people, with the time I am left with to make this beautiful country, harmonious and undivided again.....but that does not mean I will take off the kid gloves!

............hopefully this article of Zan Azlee is the first step in our journey.....

Oh my Allah! 
Recently, the newly appointed Vatican envoy to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino, stated in an interview that he supported the call for the word 'Allah' to be used by non-Muslims in the country.

I don't see the problem in his comments. I support the use of the word 'Allah' by Christians in the country. 
In fact, there is proof that the word is used by many non-Muslims all around the world (even before Islam existed!).
It's an Arabic word which means 'God'.
It's like the Malay word 'Tuhan'. 
It's like the Cantonese word 'San'.
It's like the Tamil word 'Kadavul'. In fact, it's all exactly the same.

In all the Arabic speaking Arab countries that I have visited (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon), the people use the word 'Allah' to mean God no matter what religion they are.
Actually, one does not need to go so far. Just take a quick trip to Sabah and pay a visit to any church there and be prepared for a huge shock!
And if you want to think about it, Christianity and Islam (along with that other Abrahamic faith - Judaism), have the same God, goddamit!

So I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend why so many Muslims in Malaysia think that the word 'Allah' is exclusively for their use only.

Then there are these cabinet ministers in the country who say that the Archbishop shouldn't have commented on something that was considered an internal national issue.

Hello! The last time I checked, issues regarding major world religions didn't belong to Malaysia. 
If I'm not mistaken (and I know I'm not!), Allah has stated that Islam is a religion for all, not just Malays.

And, knowing how important education is to the Vatican, the Archbishop probably has more knowledge of Islam compared to the many Muslims in Malaysia.
A quick background check shows that he has several university degrees under his belt, and amongst them is one in theology (which is the study of the different concepts of God).

These cabinet ministers also mentioned that it is inappropriate for him to comment on something that is still being debated in the country.
Has it even been debated at all throughout the years?
As far as I can see, no discussion or discourse has taken place at all over the issue.

The issue has always faced a dead end every time it is raised, as it is just shut down by those who are in power without any consultation or logical reason.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? It's because this involves the basic human and constitutional right of freedom of religion.

But most of all, because I feel offended that those who object to the use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims gives Malay Muslims an image that we are ignorant and that our faith is fragile.
If they are so worried that a mere word can threaten people's faith, then maybe they should treat the disease rather than the symptom - proper religious education and understanding.

This documentary Oh My D.O.G! It's "samak" time could cleanse some warped minds!