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Officer Abdul Kadir Che Kob describes homosexuals as “shameless people” and homosexuality as a “sin worse than murder.”


Even the gods are angry: A clap of lightning flashed and there was a distant thunder grumbling its displeasure at such uncouth pronouncements. It started as a lazy Sunday afternoon read of my blogroll....and I chanced upon this posting by the SJSTEAM.

Abdul Kadir is head of education and research at Malaysia’s Islamic Affairs Department, which operates as the morality police with 50 enforcement officers across the country. These officers are empowered to arrest Muslims — including unmarried couples, homosexuals, transvestites and transsexuals — suspected of breaking Islamic laws. Last year, 111 men were arrested in Kuala Lumpur for “attempting to commit homosexual acts.”

Abdul Kadir spoke to TIME contributor Mageswary Ramakrishnan. Excerpts:

TIME: How does Islam perceive homosexuality?

Abdul Kadir: Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. It is a crime worse than murder.

TIME: What do you think of homosexuals?

Abdul Kadir: They are shameless people.

TIME: Can it be wrong for two people to be in love?

Abdul Kadir: Love? How can men have sex with men? God did not make them this way. This is all Western influence — and the gay people expect us to be open- minded?

TIME: Your department made 111 arrests in Kuala Lumpur last year compared with 165 in 1998 and 166 in 1997. Is this an indication that the number of gays is decreasing?

Abdul Kadir: No, I don’t think so. Perhaps they have become smarter in avoiding us. Maybe the department received fewer complaints. We only act based on complaints. It is difficult to act otherwise. How would we know what is happening? We don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.

TIME: What do you do when you receive a tip-off?

Abdul Kadir: Usually people give us precise information like where these men are. We then go to the place, say, a hotel room. We knock and force them to open the door, but they are usually fully clothed by then. We still charge them for attempting to commit homosexual acts.

TIME: What about those who say that people have a right to choose who they want to be with?

Abdul Kadir: What right are you talking about? This is a sin, end of story.

Wow, like he is speaking ex-cathedra.....end of story, my God!

But definitely not the end of this interview: Read more HERE.



Anonymous said...

actually , for all your brave bruhaha this topic shouldn't even appear on your esteemed clean blog.

To even mention this thing is a disgrace . I hope you delete this dirty post as unfit for publication as it is a grave insult to humankind. Even Asimo the Honda robot will laugh !

Soon you can happily delete UMNO from the face of the earth !

asimo 1a

Anonymous said...

Bernard Khoo,

I respect your so called "cause" to make sure Malaysia is a fair living country.

However, dont you think by "sniffing" other people's believe or faith is so much hypocrisy by you.

This is an Islamic religion matter and as an "unbeliever" what makes you the right to question what a Muslim should adhere too.

The Fatwa is for muslim and you are free to practise yoga, tomboyish or lesbianism if you want to without the affect of this fatwa. Why do you need to 'cloud' your muslim reader on their faith.

Islam is the official religion and other religions/faith are free to practise to their believers.

So what makes you the right to question JAKIM in a matter of islamic beliefs.

Unknown said...

Uncle, feels like Taliban has just opened their exclusive club over here.

Sigh, what are the chances of them not extending these fatwas to non-Muslims?

lanaibeach said...

God is great
In His wisdom he tells us
Don’t judge onto others
When you don’t want others to judge you

Jakim bans tomboyish women
Jakim rules yoga shouldn’t be practiced by Muslims
About homosexuals there are worst than committing murders
Do the religious officials forget we are the children of God?

Don’t they sit down and think?
Why God makes these people?
It is asking us to show compassion
The way they are not to condemn them

There are many colored people
Black, white, brown and albino
Likewise there are many born in different concepts
Allowing the ordinary people to show compassion

When we condemned others
We don’t go to heavens
We should help these people
Maybe if we save one; we save the world

I am not going to argue
The religious authority
Of any faith to pursue its edits

God is testing us
And we fail on the wayside
The religious scholars
They are no better
Then the common thieves and conmen

Love your neighbors
Jihad on oneself
Know what God is testing us
We have failed to grasp His ways
And so we have problems
Ancient, current and tomorrow

Tinesh said...

As a psych major, Im FUCKING disappointed by this moron's statements. Western influence it seems. This idiot should read more psych journals but knowing morons like these, he wouldn't understand.

And the reporter asked him about two people being in love. Why does he have to answer about sex? Me being 21 also I know that love isn't all about sex.

Why are there so many fuckin morons?

Anonymous said...

abdul kadir fuck you, talk like god, command like god and kudge like god. it is non of your fucking business for whatever a person choose to be!!! you seem holier than thou but who knows behind our back you may poke shitfool ass hole more than najis!!!!

telur dua said...

This country is infested with bigots in all the wrong places.

This Abdul Kadir must think he is all noble and pious. Listen to the venom he spits. And the contempt he feels.

But Allah is merciful. And in His order of things Abdul Kadir is but a speck of insignificant dust.

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge you to stay away from any Islamic issues. It's none of your business. Unless, you've already assimilated into malay-muslim as suggested by Kijangmas in his blog, you non-malays have no right whatsoever to touch on such issues. You're playing with fire...don't provoke us further, enough is enough. This is a warning to all rabid racist. Welcome to, and we'll give a good lesson of how to behave as an immigrant in this Malay land.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for this country. Bigots, racists, homophobia have taken root. It's time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted. It's time for the silent majority to say enough is enough. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the prosecuted, for they shall tell the world their sufferings. Blessed are the homosexuals and lesbians, for they shall tell the whole world what it's like to be prosecuted and ridiculed through no fault of their own.

Anonymous said...

After reading the the link that you have posted, I can't help but to say that there is a lot of negative things that was said about the western culture. Yes it does have certain negative cultures that is not good to follow. And to say that homosexuality is a western cultured thing, guessed that he should know one thing is that it is an aged old problem not only from the western world but a global thing by itself. If western thing is not good, then don't drive a car-loh, it begins from the western world what. Funny, really funny how this were thought of.

Zashnain said...

Dear Zorro,

People’s sexual orientations are their own business.

The Govt and any other agencies should not be curious of whether a woman loves another woman or a man thinking he wants to romp another man. It’s none of their business.

People’s sexuality is a private matter. Sexuality is not a Western import. People who are busybodies are naturally insecure of their own desires and lusts, and seeks to impose their version of morality onto others.

The religious bodies should be more concerned about raising the awareness of other religious acceptance, working with other religious agencies in fostering a harmonious society, tackling social poverty and becoming an entity which serves and consults the people.

There are many other issues which require services and support. The high violent crime rates and rapes occurring should be collectively tackled with other authorities, I am sure they would be thankful at any forms of inter-agency assistance. Creating sustainable programmes for the poor and the vulnerable communities is another noble exercise.

However this Govt has turned us into an extreme conservative religious country where morality becomes more important that the simple appreciation of life.

Anonymous said...

All these Umnoputras are behaving like Jakuns!

Sorry Jakuns! I should not have compared you all to the Umnoputras.

The Jakuns in the jungle at least won’t give a damn to all these human behaviors which are the rights of mankind.

The Umnoputras (servant) are telling the Rakyat (boss) what they can do and what their can't do in their private lives!

Umnoprotras are always fond of playing the divide and rule system.

They failed in their racial politics (the March 8 Tsunami sunk them), now they are trying to stay afloat by playing the religious politics.

Dear Umnoputras and Umnoputeries, wake up la! it doesn’t work any more, not in this new era!

Looking at the latest archaic rulings by the Umnoputras at their whims and fancies, it's a forgone conclusion for all these Umnoputras come next GE!

will I vote for a BN candidate? Not even in your dream la! Ha ha ha ha!

"If you don't have the right to do something wrong [to yourself], you don't have any rights at all." -- Gene Burns at Faneuil Hall, Boston, 9/29/1996

"Freedom requires tolerance of foolishness. ... Without this tolerance for the freedom of others, no one's freedoms are secure." -- Dr. Donald J. Boudreaux

"The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society." -- Thomas Jefferson to P. Dupont, 1816.

"Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression." -- Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801

"It is to secure our rights that we resort to government at all." -- Thomas Jefferson to Francois D'Ivernois, 1795

"I own I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive." -- Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 12/20/1787

Anonymous said...

What? I thought at least 4 people are required to watch and witness a 'Khalwat' or an illegal fornication front or back.

Then how the hell did those men get charged?

I am totally confused.


petluc said...

Uncle Bernard,
Sorry did not go up and say hello to you at the vigil just now; but yes! I was there!

SO many things are making people more and more confused...

Just now at the vigil, we sang the State Anthem; it had the word ALLAH in did I also commit another crime for using ALLAH even though I am not Muslim...

Aiyoooo, susah is difficult trying to be a law abiding citizen.

Anyway, Malaysians from Macau sends their best wishes and support to the Candle Light Vigil....

lucia said...

haha zorro. we ladies are usually luckier eh.

thank god this is only the opinion of abdul kadir... or also the opinion of ALL those in the islamic religious dept??

Anonymous said...

whoa uncle...calm down. I too have problems tau. have to do my asanas with curtains drawn and worst still, discovered am married to a man who says he is actually a woman trapped in a man's body. hhahaha.

Rodi x

Anonymous said...

please stop insulting our majlis Fatwa...

Anonymous said...

Funny Isn't it, Judaism, Christianity and Islam came from the very same region of this earth and considered by scholars of the world to be western based religion. This dude just claimed that homosexuality and all that is bad are influences from the west? Pure bull! The Polynesian has a third gender group, so is India and many other cultures prior to the Spread of Judeo-Christianity & Islam. I thought religion preach love, unity and harmony. He on the other hand seem to be claiming that all that he learned was hate, prejudice and bigotry? So much for being a person God.

Anonymous said...

Haha, DO you think they will next ban those video games featuring many unislamic verses and actions? Nah, I dont think they know how computer works!

Anonymous said...

Umno goons and sycophants are now brazenly playing god. In one fell swoop they are saying tomboys and yoga are evil. And yet there are people who swallow it, hook, line and sinker. Umno goons are worse than Nazis and Fascists and American neo conservatives and christian rightists. When will these Umno stupidity, lies, idiocy going to end?

Anonymous said...

The YOGA fathwa was all over CNN and BBC; and many liberal democracies are perhaps laughing at us.

I kind of understand the ruling applying to muslims only; but zorro is trying to be human. That you can not force faith or religion on someone. Best to have separation of church and state in Government.

Anonymous said...

Do you think piercing one's body with metal rods to seek forgiveness from god is ridiculous?What kind of a cruel god is that?

Do you think that a virgin girl can give birth to a son of god is logical?And why are the 4 wise men involved in this scandal?Incest or gang rape by the local priest?

Do you think the statue of a bald and fat god of indian origin can really grant you your wishes?and who is more powerful,the statue or the maker of the statue?

Do you think the Majlis Fatwa is stupid?

Anonymous said...

No wonder you support anwar so passionately!Are you and RPK 'just friends'?

Anonymous said...

To those false islamics, you have NO RIGHT to tell us 'non-believers' anything, as we do NOT abide by your hypocritical rules.

Have you heard of the terminology, "a sword cuts BOTH ways"? If you don't like it, too bad so sad!

Speaking about computers, would Street Fighter be banned for Muslims if they use Dhalsim?

*Select your character*
*User clicks Dhalsim*
*Are you UMNO False Muslim?*
*User clicks Yes*
*Sorry, you cannot use this character*
*The authorities from FakeWa has been notified. Please standby to be detained*

This post has been intentionally written to show the hypocrisy of UMNO false muslims.

toyolbuster said...

That means 2 decent person of the same gender cannot share a same room in a hotel or hostel. They could be charged for attempting to commit homosexual acts. Only perverts could think of such things.

Anonymous said...'s really depressing to see our country run by these morons!!! And we have them running loose in every BN govn. department!!!!

Who are they to say which sin is bigger than the other, btw? Havw they appointed themselves as "Mini-Gods"?

toyolbuster said...

To say that homosexuality is a western influence shows that Abdul Kadir is a plain stupid S.Hole, hypocrite, pervert and a racist. Homosexuality is Truly Asian and was known to be practiced since early civilisation throughout Asia. The most active and aggressive homosexual acts in modern days are committed in Arab countries. To them, having sex with women is Nice, having sex with sheep is Sensational, having sex with Boys is DIVINE.

Anonymous said...


Please stay away from commenting on other's people religion fatwas or's just disrespectful as other people don;t go and meddle in your religion (if you have any) issues.

I really hate it when non-muslims use their logic and again their so-called equality for all ideology about race and now they touch on religion...please leave your opinion about others religion to urself or better ask the experts rather than do some bashing about it which hurts other people


kepada org islam yg ikut sama si Zorro ni main hentam ruling tanpa cuba memahami...insaflah..kalau pun korang tak nak ikut ruling ni tak payah la mempertikaikan hukum majlis fatwa....

ps: inilah bahananya bila orang yang bukan ahli (expert in agama) nak cakap pasal agama....dahla bukan agama dia pulak tu..kurang ajar punya manusia

pps: ni belum lagi kalau org cina dah berkuasa habis majlis fatwa pun akan dibanned...sedarlah org melayu islam semuaaaaa sebelum terlambat

Anonymous said...

this is an muslim issue and this is our muslim country.if you cant take the rules ! take the same tongkang back to china !

Anonymous said...

Zorro, did they emerge from your fart chamber? Obviously their brains if they have any, malfunctioned!

Anonymous said...


Is Tony Yew taking a dig at you? Go read his blog.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to write this comment a very long time ago ever since I posted my artistic Yoga cum controversial post a couple of weeks ago..

To my Malay friends, if Jakim or whoever does a stupid decision and for the non Malays not to comment about it or shout at it is like leaving another brother in arms to rot and die in the battle field.

If you understand what I have just said, I dont need to explain further..

Anyways, I received the similar comments and even threats that I was making fun of Jakim and Islam.. Come on.. The way you guys sound more or less like this, "aku punya hal, hang sibuk sangat buat apa? aku nak mati aku punya pasal la."

But the problem is we are all one Msian.. We are trying to fight for one's justice.. It is not abt being sibuk or wat.. So are you guys saying that if the same fate were to hit the Chinese and Indians, therefore the Malays wont do anything and just stand and laugh?

Anonymous said...


DOn't mess with other people's sexuality. Focus on the ISA vigils you hippie.

Anonymous said...

Singapore, Singapore – Dato’ Bendahara forgot about Singapore’s role in Malaysia Today!

Anonymous said...

Well... what do you expect from low life mentality? Fatwa on Yoga is so ridiculous. They just can't separate the physical from the spiritual. Their answer is that one thing will lead to another; practiciing Yoga will lead to one worshipping Hinduism.
Might as well put a Fatwa on sex, stupid man.
One thing can lead to another too. Soon everyone will be f***ing their daughters, grandmothers, chickens, dogs, cows etc according to the same stupid line of thinking. A Fatwa on sex may yet be a good thing.. at least it will stop all those stupid people from breeding more stupid people and we will soon at least be able to progress in our civilisation abit.

GobloKing said...

Hard not to comment but I personally prefer not to.

(NOT that I subscribe to taking away anyone's civil liberties NOR do I think homosexuality is worst than murder)

But sadly isn't it Muslims who empowered JAKIM, & who then came out with the Fatwa?

So these are religious heads selected & sanctioned by the majority of those in the faith, right?

No matter how ridiculous anyone feel these fatwas are, in the end, the only ones "qualified" to comment would be our Muslim brothers & sisters.

For me, the humamanity people displays do not distract from their faith.

And if Muslims were to accept the teachings of their chosen leaders, I wouldn't want to comment.

This is the time prominent bloggers of the Faith should speak up for themselves & work through their own network.

Anytime non muslims comment on a secular matter, it is perceived tht we are against Muslims & that we are intolerant as we have an Agenda to bash Islamism

This is a no-win situation for us

Anonymous said...

dear bernard, I can understand where you are coming from. I believe we share, more or less, similar views about the Umno hegemony. Your recent posts reflect your anger over controversial issues that's hanging over our heads. I empathize with your feelings. But wouldn't it be wise to be more circumspect about the recent content published and to moderate some of the comments? I know this is your own blog and you can do what you want with it.

You don't have to take my word for it though. But keep the good cause going, we are behind you.


Anonymous said...

yeh yeh yeh. we can see azalina wearing skirts from now on. turbo thighs anyone?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Nov 23, 7.28pm .... perhaps this may help you understand why we can't "mind our own business"...

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Jew.
When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

- Friedrich Gustav Martin Niemöller

Anonymous said...

Wrong! UMNO abide by different set of fatwas.

mob1900 said...

Uncle Bernard,
It's really up to the Muslims themselves to take up issue(if there's any) not us, as we are being told not to meddle on 'their' affairs. This is the basic strategy of Barisan Najis on controling their own 'herd' by using religious edicts and civil laws to persecute on their own citizens.

Wether Muslims realises it or not, we should respectful take up the offer to stay away when it comes to contributing to their religious edicts.

We have been living with Halal and Haram situations for years, these are just another 'updates' we have to adjust to. Sure it's tough to watch your Muslim friends endure these 'persecutions' in the name of religion but if they see no issue with it, so must we.

BTW, you notice we have Fatwas on Corruption, Lies, Theft, and all things Evil but does our Barisan Najis abide and subsribe to any of these Fatwas?


zorro said...

Miguel thanks for posting your comment. I will not reject any comment made against my posting, even if anonymous. I have this policy: I will only reject if a comment insults another commenter....more so if it becomes PERSONAL...thus straying from the subject posting.

Miguel, thanks for your concern, and support. A lot of rules are manmade even in our Catholic church. Why? The key word is CONTROL. Aren't the 10 commandments good enough? That is our moral compass and its immutable.

Anonymous said...

be a good & obedient god-fearing
muslim, obey the fatwa lah !! what choice ? yoga, no no lah = NO big deal what !! haliluja !!

Zashnain said...

The Star Online
Published: Monday November 24, 2008 MYT 1:23:00 PM
Updated: Monday November 24, 2008 MYT 2:58:29 PM

S'gor yet to bar Muslims from practising yoga: Sultan

SHAH ALAM: The National Fatwa Council's edict that yoga is haram (prohibited) for Muslims has yet to be implemented in Selangor as the state Fatwa Committee has yet to meet over the matter.

The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said in a press staement that the Selangor Fatwa Committee chaired by Selangor Mufti would meet to deliberate the matter “in greater detail so that a decision is not made hastily.”

Once the state committee had made a decision, it would then be forwarded to the Sultan for approval in line with state laws regarding the administration of Islamic affairs.

The Sultan also said he hoped that, in future, any fatwa that touched on an issue that affected the general public would be referred to the Rulers’ Conference before it was announced.

“This is to ensure that the method of channelling a fatwa is implemented in a wise manner to avoid any confusion or controversy,” he said.

zorro said...

Anonymous 8:16AM, this is an answer to your comment:

Why self-flagellation matters for Shias
As the recent case in Manchester shows, child cruelty is wrong, but for us the practice is a vital link to the heart of our Muslim faith

* Nadeem Kazmi
*, Thursday August 28 2008 12.30 BST

I was disheartened to read about the trial of Syed Mustafa Zaidi, a 44-year-old man who has been found guilty of forcing two young boys to engage in self-flagellation (also known zanjeer zani), the ritualistic act of self-flagellation that has been part of Shia Muslim practice for centuries.

In 2003, I was consulted by Scotland Yard on this issue (though not on this specific case). A letter, signed by a leading Shia cleric, was issued as a general circular at the time which advised that, while engaging in rituals that may result in self-harm was a matter for individuals, there were health, child-safety and legal implications that people should be mindful of. It also clearly discouraged children being asked to take part in "any activity that could subject them to physical harm".

There are elements of the Zaidi case that will sound familiar to those who grew up in a Punjabi Shia household. There is nothing odd in the father of the household engaging in this particular practice. But I have personally never seen anybody coerced into it, although coercion can, admittedly, take many indirect forms. There is also nothing strange in seeing participants who, immersed in what appears to be a spiritual ecstasy, are made to calm down, often to prevent further injury to themselves.

It strikes me that, though Zaidi's actions crossed the boundaries of what is acceptable, the danger of this case is that the ritual of self-flagellation itself is demonised. Those adults who engage in self-flagellation with knives, chains or blades, do so with a consciousness of the ceremonial nature of the act, keenly watched by onlookers, children and adults alike, who, though they have seen it all before, continue to be mesmerised by the sheer spectacle of it – the display. This excitement is, for most, mixed with an actual sense of profound identification with the suffering of Imam Hussain, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Islamic history tells us that Hussain, a venerated saint in Shism, stood up to the tyrant of the day, Yazid, 14 centuries ago in order to save Islam and humanity from despotism and oppression, and to make the ultimate point about justice. During the 10-day siege, Hussain's camp suffered unimaginable trials and tribulations, which, to many Muslims, not just Shias, has no equal.

Hussain was beheaded and his body mutilated and the few among his followers who survived were humiliatingly made to march on foot to the palace of Yazid in Damascus, where they were imprisoned: many of them died. It is said that bystanders along the route, realising what had happened, began to beat themselves and weep. This event is regarded as the beginnings of the self-flagellation rituals that we see today among Shia Muslims.

Even though I grew up in a Shia household that was fairly well-versed in an understanding of Islam, I have nevertheless always been fascinated by what devotion to Hussain means for those who participate in the various rituals that occur around the annual muharram remembrance ceremonies. Hence a few years ago I embarked on a journey that led me to make Ten Days, a documentary film that tries to capture the essence of these devotional practices among Punjabi Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

The experience of making the film taught me that Hussain's tragedy will continue to resonate, not only because of what his martyrdom symbolises in the struggle of right against might (the struggle to renounce violence, despotism and tyranny through physical sacrifice), but also because, in an age where Muslim communities appear to be in a state of flux, it is this very sacrifice of Hussain that, paradoxically, provides an antithesis to extremism and violence. How? Because it gives a powerful sense of meaningful identification to those, especially among the younger generations, who see beyond the self-inflicted scars and the rituals themselves, and who in some way try and comprehend the significance of it all. The point about the apparent extreme self-violence is that extremism and violence in and of themselves are condemnable. Thus, without the essential dramatic immediacy that the practice conveys to both participant as well as audience, the rituals that comprise the passion of Hussain would be rendered meaningless.

It is possible that those few parents who encourage their children to participate in acts of self-flagellation see nothing wrong in encouraging children to understand the power of their faith through identification with the suffering figure of Hussain. Taking a decision to involve children in a ritual that might harm them, is, of course, wrong, as the Shia clerics such as Ayatollah Fadhil Milani, Maulana Zafar Abbas and others made clear. Harm to children would be against the sharia and the directives of Shia Muslim scholars in the UK. We must not allow our actions borne out of a "passion for faith" and an expression of one's own personal piety, to spill over into the lives of others, especially if we are responsible for them as parents.

But it would be unjust if the Zaidi case were to poison the wider public's view of a ritual that commemorates a death that, like the Christian concept of the crucifixion of Christ, is seen as the epitome of sacrifice for humanity, and the triumph of good over evil.

My comment:
Self-flagellation was also a practice amongst christian monks as a form of penance and self-pmortification

zorro said...

I deleted a post by ML (1:53am) as it dealt unfairly with Rocky's personal life.

Anonymous said...

cilaka nyer majlis fatwa. next thing engkau nak ban apa? Robot? Ben 10? Comics? Spender?

Cilaka la. ade ajaran sesat kat KL and korang Jawi, Jakim etc tak buat apa pun? Anak buah aku kena seksa dalam ajaran sesat tuh and you all can say korang takde witness etc? Raid jerlah? Susah sangat ke? Pub, Disco lu orang raid ok jer, ni ajaran sesat tak buat apa2?

Blah la, any duit dari aku ke semua Jakim ke Jais ke, aku dah HARAMKAN. PTUIH

Pat said...

Religion is one of those things that I feel should be personal-to-holder. It is not so here. And that is sad. Right or wrong, I worry at where this will lead us all, muslims and non-muslims alike.


Anonymous said...

To be frank, the Chinese despise fornication. In the past, if two Chinese get caught of adultery, they will be put into pig basket and throw into river. So you can imagine what kind of punishment if two men were caught putting their dick into each other.

But today, you hear some of the Chinese defending homosexuality. What an irony. Certainly it cannot be as a result of filial piety. No no no, homosexuality is not from the west. Yes. It is not from the west. But it is the west that promotes legalized homosexuality in the name of human right. See how these people are so much influence by the western values. The swallow it outright. When western people say it is ok to have another man put his dick into another man’s butt, they say Yeah.

I am a Chinese, but I don’t know what happen to my race anymore. I free myself from these disillusion people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

When it comes to racism, you and Susan Looey top the lists.
Nothing the Muslims or Malays do are right for you.
Wonder how you were as a teacher. Hope they turn oit all right.
The beauty of Susan is she does not lambast people who critcised her in her blog.

Anonymous said...

Just cause you believe some rules in your religion are man made does not mean you have to apply that to other religion.

Aren't you being presumptuous? You are so out of touch with issues and age may be limitting your ability to reconcile issues.

Really, aren't you suppose to be guided by the learned of your religion?

If you have no faith in the leaders of your religion, it shows you distrust your own religion. Thast not the religion for you then.

This means you have NO locus standi in matter of religion. More so on others religion.

You mix with the Article 11 people and yet you do not understand 11 (2) and (3) that says each religion handle their own affair.

Better top blogging ... you are not making sense anymore.

Anonymous said...

Many of the so call supporters of homosexual would indeed vomit for 3 consecutive days in a row if a hairy man ever kisses their mouth. Any rational man would feel geli-geleman seeing a man trying to seduce another man. Nobody would laugh seeing a women seducing a man or vice versa in a movie, but when a man doing it to a man, it cracks into the most laughable joke. Why? Simply because it is unnatural, filthy, immoral and people who do this are often regarded as some retard who is willing to go against the norm to satisfy his abhorrent sex desire.

We can cheat ourselves by pretending to be non-homophobic, but we can’t cheat our gut. As I said, the non-homophobic guy would probably vomit if he sees a man kissing another man. Homophobic is now a popular term. Being non-homophobic is the in thing. If you are homophobic, you are not liberated. Many are too afraid to be regarded as not liberated, therefore falsely pretend to be non-homophobic.

I am homophobic, and I am not ashamed of it. I don’t have to be apologetic to western culture. Chinese, as history can tell never endorse homosexuality. Never would they ever say that homosexuality is a natural act. Never in the history of China have we ever heard of a gay marriage. So stop pretending.

Anonymous said...

I read before of comentators describing as racist and you've denied it on several times. But this time, no nifty debating tricks and twist of words would do.

But not this time, your racist side is now in full view.

You fall into that categorisation of Chinese described by Ridhuan Tee as English educated, Christian, coccooned in western worldview, and believe they are multiracial in outlook, but not in reality.

Thus, for your so-called Bangsa Malaysia claim and perception, but actually is intellectually shallow definition.

Ridhuan described people like you as having no social interaction with the majority Malay. The Malay you claim as friends are those that have lost their Malayness and do not represent the characteristic of the majority of Malays.

You have no idea and understanding of values, life and religion of the common Malays, and you are usually prejudice of them.

This is posting clearly shows your ignorant of Islam or influenced by some fringe version of Islam and you have developed this prejudice of Islam and Malays.

That prejudice has regularly manifested itself in your regularly expressed disgust for any Malay led Government and Islamic institutions and the UMNO party (not that I adore them wholesomely).

I now believe your detractors have made a fair and far sighted assessment of you. Whatever basis of your criticisms, your hatred of Malays and Islam is iobvious.

You are truly a racist!

zorro said...

Blogger Hikayat Mamak Bendahara said...

Singapore, Singapore – Dato’ Bendahara forgot about Singapore’s role in Malaysia Today!

Mamak, you got buggered bad at MT huh? Feeling sore in that posterior cavity? Cool it with peeled is cooling. Caution: slide slowly as you are already sore there. I prayer for your ass-health.

zorro said...

Ci Senor and Sukarno: I point you to
Zashnian (above) StarOnline's on the Sultan of Selangor's comments. just dont know how many of my best and trusted friends are Malays. Ignorance here is not bliss by any stretch. But of course, you have every right to your presumptions and assumptions. I can respect that.

Anonymous said...

All these Umnoputras are up to something no good again.

This is just to divert the attentions of the rakyat from the scandals caused by the Umnoputras.

Sorry! Anwar! This is also just a precursor to build up a solid case against you.

Better berhati hati. They are agoing fter your belakang!

Anonymous said...

When you valued your opinion differed from others as your basic right of your own. Why don't you respect the Muslim's opinion?

Homosexuality? Ever visit the Death Sea? Go.

There is nothing wrong for a muslim to voice his/her believe which might differ from you.

plato's disciples said...

I hate any form of exercises and I fall asleep while doing yoga.

The banned on yoga makes me want to sign up for yoga class and defy all their definition why yoga is wrong according to "their" Islam definition.

Anonymous said...

With or without religions, good people will be doing good things and bad people will be doing bad things. However it takes RELIGIONS for a good person to be doing bad things. Religion in itself is a crime against humanity.

Salaam BooM

Anonymous said...

So pathetic when apologists for such barbaric behaviours say "please don't comment unless you malay or muslim". They then resort to the usual threats ie. "don't play with fire" !!! Is akin to a husband who batters his wife telling the whole world "please mind your own business as she's not your wife"

Anonymous said...

wow...christian is very beautiful with its stupid so called believe jesus is god.then why he said "Eli Eli Lama Sabachtani"(My God My God hast thou forsaken me?) Matthew 27:46

simply because he is not God.

Anonymous said...

Abdul Kadir, bodoh, stooge of Umno. I have this message for you. Corruption, cheating, fornification is a sin worse than murder. Homosexuals and lesbians are God's beautiful people. They have feelings, unlike Umno dogs who cheat, rob and loot the state coffers. Abdul Kadir, you are worse than an animal. You make me puke, you make me vomit. You make me wonder why on earth did you come into this earth. You are the pits. You slander people without compunction. You are a self-righeous bigot. You are no better than homophobic Nazis and fascists. And the sad thing is people listen to you. You think you are god's gift to the world. I hope you rot in hell. Zorro, I apologise for using such strong language, but I cant help it.

Anonymous said...

My only comment to all these arguments'n folks, leave them be...why even bother at all. If this is what they want to fukking well do, well I'd say let them be. Let them step back another thousand years for all I care. The world is not going to stop for them and we don't owe them our lives, FUKK THEM IF THEY CAN"T TAKE A JOKE!!!

Anonymous said...

The Malays are dragged back by the slow and cancerous assimilation of the Arab Religion of the desert. Tell them that ALL what they do, their marriage rituals, their culture is based on Hinduism. Remember the Majapahit and Langkasuka empire. Remember those who built the Borobudur, The temples of Bali, The Angkor Watt etc before the days of YTL? You cannot simply replace this history with the Arab tribal culture of the desert.

Not only are these people (UMNO stooges) confused but they have no knowledge of history. Then again I am not surprised as most are just Pak Turut and ball lickers (Sycophants).

Now, I am a Muslim, as per Quran. Islam as per Quran does not recognise Priesthoods, Muftis and what have you. In fact these people are labelled Munafeequns - hypocrites in Quran. Islam as per Quran is NOT even a Religion but a state of being, Paradigm of Peacefulness, devoid of rituals, nothing to do with Arabia and its culture. I challenge them (Muftis and what have you) to an open and televised debate live, on Islam, I know they will not dare as proven over and over again. These people are cowards that hide behind fancy goatees and garbs. Tell me if they accept my challenge.


Anonymous said...

Malays are trapped in a bunker of Arab stupidity and slumber. They are engulfed in a civilisation which stagnated and gradually disappeared in a world which moves on. Wake up, Malays. It's time to move on.