Sunday, November 9, 2008


In my previous posting I mentioned that RPK would be coming to this Ipoh's vigil.
I took the liberty to make this announcement without consulting the family.
It is not possible for RPK to make this trip but you can be assured that he is fully behind your
effort to say NO TO ISA.


lanaibeach said...

Will there be a song?
Floating in our hearts and souls
Listening to the music
Let the freedom flow

People gathered
Eyes full of hope
The leaders we elected
They don’t do our pleas

Will there be song?
Singing in our hearts and souls
People can dance and be merry
The good day comes again

Many races one vision
United they stand in vigils
Silent prayers for justice
Will there be a song?
Floating in our hearts and souls

p/s Bro Bernard.........I'll be in Ipoh

Starmandala said...

After 56 days, 2 hours and 10 mins in solitary confinement, Pete certainly deserves to fully savor his freedom - and that includes being free to do whatever he likes with his personal time - regardless of the PR value of his presence at candlelight vigils against the inhumanity of the ISA. It would be entirely up to him, whether he feels like being the symbol of resistance, or would rather relax at home with his pipe and favorite beverage, snug amongst his beloved family. Takes a bit of time to recharge the emotional batteries after undergoing such a horrendous experience. Let's just blast him & his family with healing love, and vow that from this day we shall NOT tolerate any more abuse of the law, and that RPK will be recorded in history books as THE LAST ISA ARREST - THE STRAW THAT FINALLY BROKE THE PLASTIC CAMEL'S BACK.

lucia said...

zorro, what about our penang vigil? RPK and family confirmed? we might have to shift the venue of the vigil. when we do, we need your popular blog to advertise for us again.

oh see you tonight at the PJ vigil. a few of us in 2 cars from penang will be joining your all.


Good news...
I'm coming with my friends too.....
its great to see Raja Petra very at very first time..

zorro said... on mon ami.

Lucia, I will be in Ipoh tonight. We need to spread ourselves around. But for sure, I will be in Penang. But I cant say if RPK will make it to Penang. That will be up to him and Marina to decide. With or without RPK, "No To ISA" is what the vigils are all about.

Anonymous said...

I have this suggestion to make to all the ISA virgils in the country. We need to adopt some familiar 'theme song' to add a sense of impact. I was reading this media report Joan Baez was singing her civil rights anthem "We Shall Overcome" in the wake of Barack Obama's election. She sang this same song 35 years ago when she stood beside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during the march to Washington. This is a song which many would at least know the tune. The words can be printed out in a small leaflet and handed out to all participants in the virgil. And if any attendant could bring along a guitar, the set would be ready for a sing-a-long session. This would carry the message loud and clear. This song has becaome universally acknowledged to aspire a common worldwide struggle for human rights and liberties against the odds.
Please consider this idea with some serious thought. If Barack Obama can breach a 100-year taboo in the States, what's so difficult to rid a small piece of legislation in Malaysia? So to the rakyat of this Nation, let's join and sing aloud "We Shall Overcome". The ISA must go.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard !!!
How about having one candlelight vigil in Kuantan, Pahang? If possible have one in each and every state!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! NO TO ISA !!!

Anonymous said...

Bernard, suggest we lobby for an educational system in which our primary schools will teach our children the basics of four languages - Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English. That will bode well for national unity, and better prepare more Malaysians for global opportunities within Asia at least. That would help promote bangsa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

GO ! tell it on the mountains,
everyone & everywhere,
GO , tell it on the mountains,
let my people GO !!

Anonymous said...

SING it repeatedly : GO ! tell it on the mountains,
let the people GO ( free ) !!