Sunday, November 16, 2008


A photo was posted of Paula with her former student
who is now a lawyer.
Paula requested me thru sms (12noon, 16 Nov.) to remove this pic
as she does not want to jeopardize her former student.



PAULA KHOO came to the PJ Candlelight vigil in October but we did not meet. I met her when she took a ride with Karsee to greet RPK on the day he was released from the ISA detention. At Tengku Vic's house we talked about the vigil that was to be held last night. Tonight, when the police asked the crowd to disperse, they did. But unknown to anyone Paula was bundled into a police squad care and taken to police HQ in Jl Patani. Angela Ooi (of Seremban) and Jong (of Ipoh) both codinators of the vigils in their respective towns and who travelled north for the Penang Vigil alerted me about Paula arrests. I alerted Haris to seek a lawyer to assist Paula and I followed up with a call to MP Jeff Ooi.

Paula blogs under "masterwordsmith". This is what she wrote recently:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

TO LIGHT OR NOT TO LIGHT? That is NOT the question!

My dear friends, blog readers, Malaysians, especially PENANGITES,

Greetings from my pc screen to yours !

Do you have a dream?..........................

Please don't slip into passivity, fear or apathy or feel that you are insignificant, unimportant or irrelevant because YOU MATTER.

And why so?

Because YOU ARE MALAYSIAN, and this country is YOUR NEGARA as much as it is MY NEGARA. OUR TANAHAIR.

And you know what? We need each other to press for change.




There is no time to waffle around wondering...should I, should I not...should I ...should I not...

should I light that candle this Saturday?

There is no time to be nervous and imagine the worst case scenario ....or to ask yourself...

* what if there is a raid?

* what if I am caught and thrown into a Black Maria...

* what if my face makes it to the front page news, or worse still headlines in Malaysiakini or other blogs? This is not the way I want to achieve fame...

* what if...what if...what if....

My dear blog reader, time is running out.


Read the whole posting HERE

Read HERE for on the spot updates.


Jong messaged me that Paula is out at 1:00am on verbal bail and has to report on 28 November.



Donplaypuks® said...

Only a truly beautiful soul whiose conscience has been fully awakened could write that there's no time for IF's at this point in M'sia's political scene.

I wish I could have been ther to offer moral and physical support.

Zorro, if she needs monetary support to fight this bullying and fascist state, let's chip in. Individually and Collectively, it will not burden us!!

de minimis said...

I am shocked to hear that Paula aka masterwordsmith has been arrested by the police. She's just a conscientious objector to the ISA and, if you read her blog posts, you wouldn't be able to find anyone more reasonable than her. This episode of police action is a wrong, wrong move.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro and DPP,

Thanks so much for your support and hearts of compassion at this very challenging moment in my life.

The smses, calls and messages coming me gave me the strength to go on when I thought I would not make it.

But because of you guys, I made it.

When we are weak, then only do we know the strength that lies within, that soars to lift us awy from the fears and dogma that beset us and hold us down.

Thanks again and blessings to you both and other friends/blogreaders....


Anonymous said...

paula was released at about 1.00am. many of us (the organisers and a few others non organisers) were at the police station waiting for her from the time she was arrested (9.30). we do know of her arrest when she was bundled in the police car. we called liew chin toong and he was there with paula until her release. paula called rhina bhar, the lawyer.

we are meeting tonight to have a post-mortem.

lucia lai

tc80000 said...

YES let us know. I have never met her, I do not know her BUT I support her. WHY? We all know why!

tc80000 said...

YES let us know. I do not know her, I have never met her but I support her. Why? We all know why!
I will be in PJ for the 6th consecutive weeks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Thanks for all the help you gave me even from way down south...for the phone calls to Haris and Jeff Ooi...and for calling up to see if I am ok...

Really appreciate it....

By the way :), we did meet at the PJ vigil....I came up to you and spoke to ou briefly and I still remember you were wearing a black T-shirt and beige colored pants :).

Thanks again and God bless you and yours!

amoker said...

agree with donplaypuks. We can surely help.

Paula, thanks for leading this. Police did nothing to catch the MIC people who demonstrated without permit. They banned Hindraff for allegedly supporting the Tamil Tigers. MIC and BN youth openly supported the Tamil tigers and they were allowed. No rationale.

Anonymous said...

The rakyat elected all these reps to administer Bolehland efficiently but instead they have misused their powers and do all kinds of wonders for themselves and their cronies at their whims and fancies.

Just like this principal Dr. Kua Kia Song aka pj traitor from New Era College! Obviously he is ignorant to the Chinese culture. How could he dare castigate Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ)- the highest endemic Chinese Educational Association?

If he has no respect to this DJZ, he has no respect to all the endemic Chinese in Bolehland!

This pj trairtor is the antithesis to the wishes of the endemic Chinese and is nothing but a traitor in colluding with other collaborators trying to hijack the control of New Era College!

This traitor had sold the pj voters' backsides to the MCA dogs and now wanting to hijack New Era College?

Sigh! Where is justice in Bolehland? The Bn putras have been sodomizing the rakyat for 50 years, and this pj traitor is further sodomizing the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in the sub-system by hijacking New Era College.

This pj traitor is just not in congruous with DJZ and hence by and large, the endemic Chinese!

How dare this pj traitor castigating DJZ, the highest Chinese Association in fighting for the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese who have been oppressed, suppressed and exploited by Bn putras for the past 50 years and counting.

Instead of fighting together with DJZ against the oppressive and dictatorial Bn putras, this pj traitor is antagonizing DJZ and hence the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland.

Therefore, DJZ has to boot this pj traitor out from New Era but this pj traitor has become insane using students and parents as a tool to fight against DJZ and hence the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland.

If the rakyat want to see the end of ISA, this pj traitor must be stopped first. How could the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese allow this pj traitor destroying DJZ, the last bastion of education for the endemic Chinese?

This pj traitor has become a horrendous traitor now has been educating and nurturing more little and oppressive traitors in future who would not hesitate to use ISA to silent dissidents ala the Mca and Gerakan traitors.

Abolishing this ISA yes! Boot all these endemic Chinese traitors from Parliament and state assembly before they enact more oppressive laws and antagonizing the rakyat further.

This pj traitor is utterly shameless, he is being paid by the endemic Chinese in Bolehland but has the gall to act rudely to the endemic Chinese boss! What kind of animal is this?

How on earth this pj could land up on this principal job in New Era in the first place when this pj traitor should be in jail?

And now this pj traitor has been producing more traitors going against DJZ and the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland?

Looking at this dap's little traitor from Penang Bendera Constituency, isn't this little traitor a product of this pj traitor going against DJZ- the real champions of the poor and oppressed DJZ? This Penang little traitor has nothing to shout about representing dap as a sky trooper.

Even if you put a dog to contest, the dog would also have won the Bendera Parliamentary seat. When the next GE come, this little dap traitor can say bye bye to his constituency!

This pj traitor is just ignorant to the 6000 year of culture! Hey, the Chinese culture advocates respecting the elders and always learn from others.

But looking at this pj traitors, this pj traitor has no respect to elders and in fact is teaching his students not to disrespect the elders. This is a serious offense in Chinese Culture and this pj traitor ought to be wallop for such rude behavior.

pj traitor, the endemic Chinese has got enough of your machiavelians. Please pack your bags and go peacefully.

There is no room and no place for you and your cohorts in this new era. It's impossible for you to live without going to jail in Bolehland, let alone reining New Era.

If you have any conscience and dignity left in you, stop brainwashing the gullible students and parents for your selfish agenda.

You and the endemic Chinese in Bolehland are of two different worlds. No Chinese in the world can accommodate a mother of all traitors like you anymore!

The endemic Chinese and rakyat will hold you and your cohorts total responsibility for all this horrendous fiasco created by you and your cohorts.

Just like these Bn putras, they have no respect to the elders who want them to abolish this draconian law but refused.

These Bn putras should be in jail and not the innocent rakyat!

This Selangor police chief is playing with fire with his real boss- the rakyat. He should know that his boss (Umnoputra)is the boss rakyat servant, and ditto this police chief.

This Selangor Chief is obviously living in the stone age or lawless Iraq.

Which law in the universe which says it's illegal for an assembly of more than 4 people?

Dey! The animals have been living in herds in large quantity since the evolution of animal life and this Selangor Chief is saying we are worse than the animals and cannot meet each other if we have more than 4 of us?


See you tonight Zorro and all Selangotites and fellow rakyat from all over semenanjung!

casper c said...

We got to hand it to them cops lah Uncle B.

They are consistent, no gender bias and indeed tough being a member of the weaker sex with so many arrest. Add to that, them cops take young and old alike - remember 6 year old Vwaishynaavi - got Hindraf ban while extending invite to PM for Diwali gig and gifting him a teddy ! I wonder who is the oldest detainee the cops have taken lately.

PDRM is an empty vessel with UMNO dishing out orders but little do they know public is keeping scores just waiting to unleash the latent fightback when opportunity present itself at the polling booth.

Najib s/o Razak - your people are setting you up to take the biggest downfall. You think Sleepyhead was bad, you just wait come polling day.

Regards Uncle B and all.

Anonymous said...

Paula, we love you. Paula, we will fight for you. Paula, we will stand up for you. Paula, thanks for pricking our conscience. Paula, thanks for reminding apathetic Malaysians that democracy is under threat. That we are living under a fascist state. Heinrich Himmler, the dreaded Gestapo chief in Nazi Germany, died in the smouldering ruins of a shamed nation 60 years ago. But today, we have another Himmler in the form of a botak called Heinrich Syed Hamid, the most despicable character in Malaysian history.

Anonymous said...

Using section 143 against " A Song of Freedom" ? Legally unsound !

'Love, Hope & Solidarity ' is the spirit and message expressed peacefully.

I am with you all in Spirit as I pray.

Let's continue to Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

Let's continue to sing ' A Song of Freedom' and to 'candlelight vigil' to " RELEASE all ISA detainees & ABOLISH ISA NOW!".

Syabas o all Peacemakers.

We Care.

Unknown said...

lawan tetap lawan!!!

let's restart the blogger fund!!!

Anonymous said...

Paula dear, sing this :
GO! tell it on the mountains,
to everyone & everywhere,
GO ! tell it on the mountains,
Let my people GO ( free ) !!

You got friend...friends..FRIENDS !

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, we see that the Police have this fondness of detaining women. Wonder why?

Maybe they no longer have the guts to stand up to the male criminals?

Could it be what we call the 'projection' syndrome in psychoanalysis.

megat jittendran said...

Dear Zorro:

Paula was detained and investigated under Section 141 of the Penal Code for taking part in illegal assembly and causing public disturbance.

Section 143 is only the sentence not the charge.

Normally the charge sheet reads one has been charge of taking part in illegal gathering and disturbing the peace under Section 141 of the Penal Code and punishable under Sector 143.

TQ Megat Jittendran

Anonymous said...

Not projection but displacement syndrome whereby the mind redirects emotion from a ‘dangerous’ object to a ‘safe’ object.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro and all readers regardless of whether you left a comment or not),

I am overwhelmed, completely overwhelmed by the show of support, statements of solidarity, outrage and umbrage...Your encouragement and validation of what I did have been the source of energy for me.

There is an inexhaustible reservoir of tears within and my eyes are swollen from crying and each time when I feel that I have no energy left to walk this road that I have chosen, I remember the outpouring of encouragement here and in other blogs and sites and like what I sang last night:

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

Thanks be to each and everyone of you - that when my head is hung low like Tom Dooley, you raise it up....that I may look upward and a better Malaysia because as long as there is life within me, there is always HOPE!!! And those you know who's cannot take that away from me!

Thanks also for the one-minute silence at the vigil tonight...I am deeply touched.

Thanks...for everything...


zorro said...

Megat...thanks for enlightening us. If you are in Penang, will you volunteer to be in the team that Bloggers Against ISA is working to put toghether to defend champions like Paula. If you cannot, can you propose someone in Penang who can be in this team.