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I have restrained and refrained for long not to accede to recrimnations and worse still a cyber tussle with my friend Rocky. When my readers asked me what has happened to my good blog buddy, I always tell them that it was traumatic when Rocky had to be away from mainstream as he had enjoyed its perks. I even told them to leave him alone to whatever he is up to. Even when he said in last Sunday’s Star (Focus) that I was sponsored by Anwar Ibrahim, that accusation did not raise any heckles. If you are not guilty you have nothing to defend. But I cannot let what has ensued continue without a comment. That is just not me, because I worship CAUSES and not any man.

Under a posting headed ‘No Such Thing as Mahathirism’, Rocky offers the view that Mukhriz Mahathir (truth be told I like Mukhriz, his demeanor, his unassuming stance) is a late bloomer in politics, ostensibly because his father, the former Prime minister, banned all his children from taking part in politics while he held the top job in the land. Rocky saw the ban as a feather in Dr. Mahathir’s cap and compares it favorably with the example of DAP’s Lim Kit Siang whose son, Guan Eng, suffered no such bar and is now Chief Minister of Penang.

Ever since Rocky exposed himself as an apologist for PM to be Najib Tun Razak, he has become skilled at the art of shading the truth, just like Dr. Mahathir of course, which makes the headline of his post rather ironic. Well, if you have your boys in business and benefiting from sweetheart deals and rescues, it would be nice Machiavellian strategy to bar them from politics. Otherwise what would the hoi polloi think? That the Mahathir boys are imitative of Imelda: this is mine, that is mine, and that other, is also mine.

Yes, the Mahathir sons did not vie for posts in Umno while dad was manning the national pantry. But seeing that restraint as laudable is akin to saying that it was to the late dictator Suharto’s credit his kids, Tommy Mandela Putra and Siti Rukmana, did not jostle for position in Golkar while bapak was President. Or for that matter, it was admirable sacrifice on the part of Kostrad commander Probianto that he could not become ABRI chief because his father-in-law was President of the state. If he did, what would Wiranto, Yudhoyono and other members of that capable ilk, think of the supreme leader who rescued that country from a PKI-led coup in 1965?

I don’t think Indonesians are going to touch their forelocks in gratitude to Suharto because his relatives showed restraint in targeting career fields. The point that’s important is not the ban on a leader’s children from entering the political fray, or for that matter, business field; it is whether they have leveraged on the father’s assets – the power of influence and patronage that comes with lofty position – to KY and ease their entry to posts and deals that would otherwise have given them the miss.

Rocky’s editorial gymnastics take on a more sly hue in another posting headlined ‘In Malaysia, we now want to demonstrate in the nude.’ Man, you are obviously upset with the series of demonstrations that have taken place, from the Bersih and Hindraf rallies a year ago to the anti-ISA current candlelight vigils . So he rounds in on the supposed threat by the Gerakan Reformis Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) to demonstrate – if need be, in the nude – to express their dissatisfaction with the measures taken by Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat government, including one that reportedly will see a rise in rentals of low cost housing for the poor from RM124 to RM250 a month. He quotes the Selangor CPO as warning sternly that action will be taken against illegal demonstrations, irrespective of whether the actors are in mufti or in the altogether. Dang, brother, that is not the Rocky I used to know and used to respect.

Rocky expresses relief that none of the demonstrators thus far has disported in the nude (Phew, what good taste! What admirable restraint!), as Mexican farmers and assorted others have done in sundry places on the globe. But now presumably, under the pressure of countless – and mindless -- demonstrations that are having a disorienting effect on the psyche, hitherto prudish Malaysians are about to abandon their inhibitions and parade al fresco. See what mischief, see what unintended consequence, this rash of demonstrations is about to have! Dang brother what’s got over you? A nudist parade at the Selangor State Secretariat Building in Shah Alam? What has the country come to! No, what has happened to the journo that I respected and sheepishly tried to emulate in thought, word and deed?

Folks, let’s brace ourselves for the upcoming editorial reign of Rocky Bru under a Najib administration. Shading the half-truth, deploying the sly dig – the stock-in-trade of the Mahathir era – will make a grand return. Dang, this is more than over-drive….you got a sixth gear? Go ahead Rocky, post this on to Ashraf Abdullah. Let’s see how he does a journalist blow-job.

Who says we have seen the last of Mahathirism.

So saudara Rocky, as a former blogger-buddy, as and when we do meet, I can still enjoy a beer or malt with you, I hope.


BareSheen said...

Couldn't agree with you more Zorro.

He has been showing his true stripe since March 8. More and more.

He is a Mahathirist pure and simple. What a shame. I do not read his blog anymore. A waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

zzz : " ...hehehe...your children are better off la... they get more glc contracts ... i have only one son ...kurang la...hehehe...!!"

SFGEMS said...

Written with your passion and your heart. I know you now and I firmly believe that writing this did hurt you even though you made your stand. I could be wrong!

Anyway, admire your courage, dedication and your perseverance, always! :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro , I remember a few mnths ago when the readers wrote or posted comments about Rocky, you defended him and you tolds us to forgive him, sice all of us have our offdays .. to be honest I have stopped reading Rocky Bru... from Malay Mail days rocky has only been thinking abt himself and what he can gain. Of course he was my ex-boss and I know him better then some ppl do .... at times ppl can paint a wrong picture and we believe them.... in the last 5 months I have only been reading your blog and malaysia today thats all ... I am sure rocky will be paid heavily for what he has written on Mahathir, may be he and his partner will be writing a book on a man that only destroyed the country for 22 years ... God Bless Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I have long suspected that Rocky is really a wolf under sheep clothing...

He should be called 'Huffy the Wolf'.


And here is news from Penang:

Koh Tsu Koon Vs LimGuan Eng - Who Save Taxpayers' money??

November 06, 2008

Gerakan and Umno... the Opposition in new Penang ... ( 2 )

BN the Opposition party in Penang, particularly the Gerakan, has been
pressing for a disclosure of the total expenses spent in the trade
delegation led by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to South Korea recently
(October 28 - November 1). Read details here.

They now got their wish come true. Today, my colleague Dato' Lee Kah
Choon, who is the chairman of the Executive Committee of InvestPenang
which organised and coordinated the trade mission to Korea, revealed
the Guan Eng Delegation's expenses -- PLUS a comparison of how much
the BN/Gerakan trade mission Koh Tsu Koon led to India in 2007 had
incurred in similar expenses accounts.

Let's put some perspectives to the numbers.

DELEGATION SIZE: The delegation size was almost similar -- each on the young side of the 50's (government plus private sectors)
NUMBER OF DAYS IN ITINERARY: Guan Eng's delegation spent LESS to stay
more days, while Tsu Koon's delegation spent MORE to stay less days -- and you know I know, cost of living in Seoul is much higher than in Chennai/Bangalore.
ROUND-TRIP DISTANCE: The air-travels are almost equidistant -- Koh Tsu
Koon's was Penang to-Chennai/Bangalore; while Guan Eng's was to Seoul AIR FARE: Fuel price increases in 2008 had escalated the price of total airfare inclusive of fuel surcharge, compared to 2007 when Koh
Tsu Koon led his delegation to India -- yet the Guan Eng Delegation's total airfare cost about 46% lower. We didn't travel on First or Business Class!
ACCOMMODATION: Inflation is much higher in 2008 compared to 2007, and
yet the Guan Eng Delegation's hotel bills were about 78% lower than
Tsu Koon's -- we save taxpayers' money by staying in budget-class
hotel with no shampoo and shower gel supplied!

In the final analysis, what Koh Tsu Koon's delegation spent in just
one trip could have funded the Guan Eng Delegation's trade mission to
Korea THREE times over.

And I let you Google the net to see if Tsu Koon's 2007 trip to
Chennai/Bangalore had brought back any investments from India to date.
Just go figure!

"It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from
falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the
government from falling into error." —Justice Robert H. Jackson

Anonymous said...

Nail on the head, Zorro.
And nice meeting you yesterday.
Best regards,

SOBA said...


Anonymous said...

I believe Mokhzani Mahathir was Treasurer of Umno Youth sometime in the 1990's during his father's tenure. He was of course also in business. Naturally, given their in-built advantage, the Mahathir children could not possibly lose in business, even if their companies do not do so well. As for Rocky, the less said the better of his current persona.

Piqued said...

Guess Rocky also forgot that Mokhzani was appointed Treasurer of UMNO Youth and resigned from that post in 2001.

Unknown said...

I have for a long time have doubts about this man. I seldom read his blog anymore. It is just not worth it.

wizsurf malaysia said...

We have always maintained that history is full of former friends and comrades now on the other side.

Its called self preservation and is a basic instinct of survival of the fittest. Nothing wrong with that actually , just as a ship changes course in accordance with the direction and ferocity of the wind

ylcw said...

Dear Haris,
I am no eloquent writer like you ... but what can I say? You are and will always be my "white knight". I cannot restrain myself from wishing I could squeeze RB's neck, but you do it so nicely and subtlely. Cheers ... ylcw

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Zorro,

I have long ago lumped Rocky with the following group of people. Tan Sri Abu Talib Osman, Dato Shafie Abdullah, N Siva Subramaniam etc. When they speak, the sound is pleasing and mellifluous. However, their actions will stab you in the back. Watch them carefully especially when they have been placed in high positions.

p/s- You can read the antics of Abu Talib Osman in Tun Salleh Abas book.

Fair said...

I used to follow RB's blog one time , but after his smart switch of allegiance , I hardly ever read his articles.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I no longer read Rocky! I could not believe the change in the man once it became clearer that AAB was on his way out, and NTR was on the ascent.

Seems to me that he's a hack. Shame on you, Rocky !

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you will have my support as long as you dont change the way Rocky does.

Not change in allegiance to anyone, but the true belief of what is good for Rakyat.

As for now, rest assured you have me as your supporter! And hmmm.. i was eyeing you yesterday without your knowledge.

Remember, there are eyes everywhere..

Anonymous said...

hey bernard, i guess you had to write this with a heavy heart. it is always terrible to be let down by a friend.

Ben said...

Zorro, your heart is clear as crystal yet we cannot see a speck of contempt for your former buddy. So the stinky stench some readers complained about is true, no? You see in Mexico desert we call a cactus a cactus because it stands upright, a poisonous rattler we call a snake in the grass. Be careful my friend.

Anonymous said...

I had my doubts about Rocky a few months back. His recent articles have confirmed my suspicion about his objectives. Now we dont second guess him. Now he has outed himself as a Mahathir apologist, and by extension, Najib's point man. he can do what he wants but our only regret is that we trusted him when he joined forces with the bloggers in the fight against Umno lies, treachery, duplicity, cronyism and stupidity. We walked with him when he was sued by the NST. Now he has chosen to walk with the devil. This is double-cross. This is a betrayal of the millions of readers who identified with his noble beliefs. It is a sad day for us all. I think it is even more painful for Zorro. Et Tu, Rocky? Be that as it may, the struggle against lies, oppression and stupidity continues. There wont be Rocky in the forefront but we have legions of believers who will carry on the struggle until the final conclusion. To strive, To seek, And not yield.

Anonymous said...


you are spot on. he is using his blog to promote mahatirism and condemnation of everything thats Badawi and Anwar. He is no longer for just causes except for Mahatirism.
With or without him, I will continue to boycott Nasty Pee coz itsthe right thing to do. By the way, Haris will have one client less to serve coz I am sure Nasty pee will drop the suit against him once the new management comes in. As an afterthought, may be his tirade against the previous Nasty Pee management was really working hand in gloves with Mahatir. No, it wasnt for a cause for truth and fairness, i guess.

SOBA said...


Argus Eye said...

zorro, i have been waiting for this. when the rest started attacking him, you laid back and said everyone has off days. the old rocky is gone. his heart is with Mongolia now

Pak Idrus said...

Bernard, We blogger must always remain neutral and be that true rakyaat journalists.

Would meet for that Malt sometime.

Have a nice day.

Starmandala said...

As a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, I only heard of Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan when both were sued by the NST. The case appears to have fizzled out... but, interestingly, both bloggers have benefited tremendously from the publicity. One is now an MP and adviser to the Penang CM, while the other... well... is probably gunning for a top job in the post-Kalimullah NST! Another strange coincidence: both Jeff & Rocky are admirers of Dr M! The corollary of all this: if you want a major boost in your career as a blogger, arrange for the NST to sue you.

Anonymous said...

Even before Rocky took his mask off, I was often uncomfortable reading what he wrote. I thought it was because I was so anti-BN that even neutral writing bothered me.

Now I realise it was not the neutrality of his writing. It was his true colours leaking through that bothered me.

The last straw was when he chose to distort the Statement from our Royalty on the Social Contract in order to promote the UMNO agenda. That's when I recognised him for what he really is.

The less said, the better.

He has no business heading AllBlogs.

Cruzeiro said...

Howdy Bernard!
This post has been long time coming ... I've been waiting for this!
Rocky was a sellout long ago - at least in my books.

His apparent neutrality was simply becos he was sidelined.
Now, with the attempts by MSM (read, Umno) to penetrate the "blog-scene", it's obvoius that he's "back in the highlife again".
My bet is, Utusan - they badly need help.

By next year, we'll prolly be getting more virulent attacks from this great pretender who doesn't undertsand the meaning of "integrity".

Anonymous said...

What's starnge about him is his immoral culture in preaching to other bloggers as if he owns them. I didn't see anyone telling him to stop blogging about what he wants, but he has the temerity to do that. A friend of mine told me that he contacts certain "toilet papers" as Kickdefella calls them and then adds his concoctions when ever he wants to prop up that scandalous man called Najib. Let him write what he wants but he shouldn't imagine that he is smart, honest or intelligent. He is simply a desperate jobless charlatan looking for an exit who takes the moral ground to preach evil, Ironic indeed! Let him mind his business and let others mind their businesses!

kalimullah hassan said...

Rocky dont have time for a low life weasel who has no life other than drowning your sorry self pity ass with booze at the whaft after vigils with other losers .The Truth hurts bernard ,but thats the truth!

Anonymous said...

Hey all you guys are just so kind with your comments about that fukkwith asssosmelly mamaksupporter SOB rocky blu! He is a, a truly running lapdog who would happily sell his mother for a dollar if he has to! That's my opinion of him...sorry Bernard...I know you probably still want to defend him.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,

Like most other commenters here, I believe it was very difficult for you to officially "out" Rocky in your posting. Many in the blogosphere had already started to feel uneasy with the tone and direction Rocky's postings were taking over the last couple of months. Shame really, because I have followed his blod for awhile now and always given him the benefit of the doubt, much as you had. However, since his "feud" with Susan Loone, I always viewed his writings with a touch of caution.

I take no issue with Rocky being a Mahathir sympathiser/apologist and a closet defender of the Najib/UMNO hegemony. What I do take issue with though, is doing it under the banner of "neutrality" and under the guise of "presenting all sides of the argument" - and I have said as much with comments made on his blog postings.

It now appears that his crusade had only to do with hastening the departure of AAB as PM and not to do with bringing real change/reform to Malaysia. His handling of the Teresa Kok law suit was a classic example of not being able to see the woods from the trees - harping on perceived legal action being brought to, of all things, "muzzle" the government controlled media. All this under the guise of being the great defender of "media freedom" - somewhat of a bad joke really when one considers that the media cannot be free if it is controlled by the govenrment.

His postings have become so one sided and askewed in the pursuit of forwarding his jaundice-eyed support for the Najib-Mukhriz-Mahatir trident that he would stoop to:

(i) defending Utusan Malaysia in the blatant lies they published about Teresa Kok;

(ii) defending Chamil Wariya's sorry excuse for a short story and the veiled death threat therein to Teresa Kok;

(iii) attack Teresa Kok for her lawsuit against Utusan Malaysia - making a big deal about the RM30M figure and how she was trying to get rich instead of applying a bit of common sense and realising that the quantum is to teach a recalcitrant newspaper, which UMNO controls, that it should not stoke artificial racial sentiments;

(iv) Report heavily on attrocities and irregularities committed by the AAB, Khairy, Kalimullah, et al regime but then choose to be silent or dimissive against blatantly obvious questions surrounding Najib.

(v) Take the journo low-road of using straight/literal quotes, lifted directly from other articles/blogs to make a point/push an agenda so obviously far removed from the context which they were made - see his perverted referrence to Mahathir as Malaysia's Obama "according to Bakri Musa" no less and also his handling of the Perak MB seizing a journalist's camera. In both situations, his writings were correct in a literal sense but he chose not to give context, mischiveously and irresponsibly. In the former, Bakri Musa was making the point/drawing the similarity only in terms of racial lineage and in the latter, the ex-journo curiously forgets to ask how it is a journalist was tipped off to show up at a time when legal papers would be served on the Perak MB - by Shafee and Co no less. Speaking of which, don't remember any serious questions from the purportedly neutral blogger when the Najib-Shafee text message exhanges was revealed.

He has avowedly claimed in his blog that covering Mahathir abroad when he was PM made him feel really proud and that he doesn't like Anwar based on this little gem: "I just don't trust the guy". I like how he also stealthily links readers to other pro-UMNO blogs such as Big Dog's by using phrases such as "a blogger writes" instead of "Big Dog writes" - knowing full well that the mere sight of "Big Dog" would put many an anti-UMNO reader off. I have to say here and I have also said this on Rocky's blog - Big Dog, whilst I disagree with just about everything he writes on his blog, is far more honourable than Rocky. Big Dog states his position clearly - he is a right winged UMNO/Mahatir/Mukrhiz supporter, no bones about it. Whilst I may disagree with Big Dog what he says, I will defend to the last his right to say it. Rocky on the other hand is much less honourable for saying what he has to say in the name of neutrality but having a very flimsy grasp of the concept.

It is time to stop tuning in to Rocky's Bru - it's a brew that's gone off the boil and a bit bitter and twisted to boot.

P/s: If you're ever in Jakarta/Perth, depending if I'm in either one of my "homes" at the time, I'd be more than happy to buy you a couple of beers or share some well-matured malt with you mate.

Dean Nair

Anonymous said...


i used to respect rocky too, until experiencing a painful betrayal of trust to save his own ass.

seems to have sold himself to the devil...for more money to support his whatever and his malt habit...

it is sad to see him reduced to an arse licker...i thot he was fighting for Melayu/islam...tapi he is not, obviously....because he has no interest in highlighting the reforms that UMNO still needs to make and seems to avoid Tun's kids enrichment from daddy's rule...

betul hak dia org to do business...but they used daddy's influence just as khairy why the double standards?


Sad Anon

Anonymous said...

he is the bloody Protem President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs),so you just listen to him ! Faham ?

Donplaypuks® said...

Mahathirism stands for denial of one's true ancestry and culture, corruption at all levels, non-meritocracy, racism which is the same as race-based politics and belief in Ketuanan Melayu, croneyism, creation of a new non-DNA based RACE, emabarking on mega billion $ projects while the coffers are empty and lying about a non-existent Social Contract. All the worst elements of poor governance!!

And of course bribing the Judges and then having a selective memory about many inconvenient truths.

And when you have apologists and spin-doctors like Rocky, we know that we are only half a step away from complete fascism and dictatorship.

Of course, Rocky is milking the situation to ensure sales and mega $ for his co-authored biography of Salleh Abbas, who but for lucre shares nothing in common with Rocky since Rocky is a Firaun balls carrier while Salleh abbas hates Firauns' guts.

No, we can agree to disagree with Rocky, but we can have no respect for him. His machinations reminds me of the situation in Communist Russia under Lenin & Stalin. Once the newspaper hacks lose sight of embracing and protecting fundamental rights and principles, we should dump them into the deepest seas with no life-jacket.!!

Anonymous said...

Zorro Sir,

Sorry to say this but I think you are a slow coach.
Political Bloggers in Malaysia writes to "cari makan".
I didn't hear you complain when your friends Sheih joins PAS and Jeff Ooi is now a DAP YB. Why is it wrong for Rocky to align himself with Mahathir or even Najib?

Sir, don't feel bad, I'm sure they are others who are scouting around and your talent might be discovered.

Best regard,

d' Firebrand

lucia said...

speaking of all blogs, methink it should be dissolved, close down, abolish, go kaput... whatever! rocky is still speaking on behalf of all blogs and people might thought he is representing all bloggers.

who is in all blogs now? why choose the name all blogs, when it is not a representation of ALL blogs (think only 5% blogs support all blogs).

Bentoh said...

I don't think there's any single "neutral" blogger out there...

I mean... most of the bloggers would be seen as leaning towards Pakatan...

Jeff Ooi aligned himself to DAP, but yet show himself as a supporter of Dr M...

Nat Tan is obviously an Anwarista, aligning to PKR...

If I'm not wrong the BUM2008's organiser is a PKR card-holding member...

Bernard you yourself can be seen leaning towards Anwar... or at least you have been strongly supported Anwar's September 16th coup... ;)

Marina Mahathir, well daughter of Mahathir, tries her best in not getting herself into the mess, always draws comments saying "Your Dad this... Your Dad that...", but then what's wrong for a daughter to defend her dad?


So yeah, I don't think it is anything wrong to see a blogger aligning himself towards Mahathir-Najib camp...

I don't think there could be an absolute neutral blogger out there... it's just the matter of who is more neutral than who...

And seriously, if you applaud someone shifting side from BN to PR, why accuse the person who shifted from... neutral to BN?

He has his own right... except... he chose to give up his own credibility by doing so... and more so, he had cheated millions of viewers by claiming "neutrality" all these years...

He will gain a number of supports from Mahathirists, and lose supports from well, me, as a supporter of the opposition...

Let's see who will laugh till the end~

GobloKing said...
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Anonymous said...

ok, zorro, like this la....

Tomorrow, Tuesday or whenever, lets have some teh tarik in any random mamak stall or coffee shop...

I will give you a lesson on how to write with your conscience.....

Anonymous said...

Bro. Zorro, I am indeed proud to call you that!!A man of convictions and passion for the cause!!!As I mentioned that last time and you told us to lay off Rocky Bru!!!. He has moved to the dark side and there is nothing we can do.
But I find it so amusing that he choose to compare the former 1st Family to the real Malaysian 1st Family. Who can lay credit to the fact no only the father was put under ISA but also the son. Who can take credit for exposing all the wrong doings of the authorities at large and end up behind bars. My friends unless someone has gone and stayed behind bars for doing the right things, you have no right to question the position of Kit Siang and Guan Eng. Don't you insult our intelligence!!!Many leaders have come and gone in Malaysia but very few are true leaders and I count only a handful and and the first among equals is definitely Kit Siang

Anonymous said...

Rocky now like high life. Wine and woman cost money. Got to please woman.

Gaya mesti ada kalau mau campur keluarga Tun dan najib

Anonymous said...

"I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others."

-- Marcus Aurelius

Anonymous said...

The truth from day 1 is that Rocky is just a little spy leaching on to get some little incentive from the UMNO. It's not expected that it becomes known.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what democracy is all about?

Just because Rocky speaks the truth (his version), he gets slammed by others with their version.

But at least, he and Bernard could still enjoy a beer or malt together, but oops, a new problem will crop up with the turbaned PAS jokers who will not enjoy the same drinks!


Anonymous said...

Whatever, readers are intelligent enough to tell. Sometime one doesn't need to tell the obvious.

Just use your one vote wisely come next GE since this is the only weapon we commoners have.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight about the Devil's Brew. We, the "Silent Watchers", knew about this Rockefella since his days at BT, then he moved on to become MM editor where half the time he spent at the Press Club doing you-know-what and tried to run the tabloid on "remote control" making outrageous demand on his subordinates when the paper was already late for the press.

To NST insiders who knew him and his ways, he was sort of like a "good for nothing" editor. He doesn't really comprehend the full extent of running a newspaper. He can write a bit and that's about it. He's more interested in office politics and getting in thick with the likes of AKJ and the rest of his clique who think "Ketuanan Melayu" is their goddamn rights.

No doubt about it, NST eventually "paid him" off so that MM can really start to move forward, but sad to say, the paper continued its fumbling ways to make itself look like a decent tabloid. It never succeeded because, even under Kali, some appointees are also bunglers in their own idiosyncratic ways. Now, MM has been sold to another party, and that's another story.

To those outsiders who never knew RB well enough until he started his insidious blog to use

it as a propaganda platform to run down the Pak Lah and Kali regime in NST, RB was like a "messiah" of truth for Freedom of the Press to them. Why? Because a lot of you blog commentators have already being fed with anti-NST rhetorics from another blog that's known as Screenshots. Basic instincts make people write stuff like that because of personal grudges, disagreements over something, and some take it further to glorify themselves as heroes in the fight for "justice and truth". It's just personal vendetta, stupid.

So RB came out and started his so-called social-political blog and if you all look back into his blog's archives, you can see the major part of his writing took aim at the present PM and his

so-called spinmeisters, especially those in the NST.

For those who have been fed by the blasts from Screenshots, it was like 'showtime' when RB came on the scene to add fuel to the fire. For most of you good people, you swallowed it hook, line and sinker! Can't blame you, guys, though when everyone is seeking truth, justice and freedom of speech, blah,blah.

RB has never been a sellout. He's never a turncoat. He has stayed true to his path in order to reach his final goal. Only some of us are blind to it all.

It's no surprise that RB appears before you now as a "turncoat" - a guy who has been lying dormant until the signs are there for him to boldly step up and show his true colours with the rise of his political masters. And be wary of some other blogs that are in cahoot with RB. I'm sure the smart ones can recognize who they are.

There’s more about the RB guy than what you know now, but that story can be only be written when Umno hegemony is no longer a dark cloud over our heads.

A Silent Watcher (no longer silent)

Anonymous said...

What's this about him being the protem president of the National Alliance of Bloggers or All-Blogs? Who made him president anyway? Definitely not me!

Anonymous said...

The Rock sucks big time.


Zashnain said...

Rocky is an individualist who seems to care more about his political connections and prospects than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Zorro Sir,

Sorry to say this but I think you are a slow coach.

Political Bloggers in Malaysia blogs to "cari makan".
I didn't hear you complain when your other friends, Sheih joins PAS and Jeff Ooi now became a DAP YB. Was is because they joined the opposition then?

Now that Rocky is aligning himself with Mahathir and Najib, I hope you can respect his decision.

Don't worry Sir, the scouts are always watching... and your talent might be discovered soon.

Best regards,

d' Firebrand

Anonymous said...

What a pity, I mean you Bernard. A well known blogger but with such a shallow attitude.

You have no problem fogging yourself as an Anwar cum PR apologist and yet when someone does not sing to your tune, you lambasted him as BN apologist. Where is you so call freedom of speech and opinion? Are you expecting everyone to sing at your tune in order to gain your respect?

Would it be probable that Rocky have seen all the rethorics, hypocrisy and bullshits from the PR that he taken a bold step to criticize them instead of what he used to do on BN?

I have been following his blog and to me, many of the issues he brought up do make sense, but off course not to your taste and all the PR-Anwar sympathizer because all of you seem to have the preconceived idea that everything BN is evil and PR-Anwar are infallible. What I am really sick of is the hypocrisy in their attitude, and you have just demonstrated one, that you have all the right to be PR-Anwar apologist, but other people do not have the right to even say anything good about BN, Mahathir, Najib or anything associated to the current government.

Look at the comments on this blog as well as this post. 99.9% are the typical PR-Anwar sympathizer. They all speak the same language. It makes you feel immense because you think you represent the voice of majority. But the reality is that your writing is nothing but suffice to entertain people of the same skin.

A good blog should attract the pros and cons. When this is not happening, something is wrong. I, myself would not bother to read your post because I know what you will be talking about.

I just came across this post from some link and compel to respond after seen such an absurd comment from the suppose "well-known blogger".

Oppsss, I must be BN cybertrooper and government apologist then...

zorro said...

YgArif d'Firebrand. Thank you for posting. I have no quarrels with anybody joining any political parties, (ref. Jeff and Sheih). It does not matter to me if Rocky is alligned to TDM or DPM. What I find perplexing is that he veered from the neutrality that we tried to uphold. I am no card carrying member of any party but I will support a CAUSE. That cause is a New Malaysia sans the BN. Is that wrong. If Anwar is the conduit to this new Malaysia I will support his cause which does not mean that I will keep quiet if DSAI makes a misstep. Care to read my 26 September post?

zorro said...

Pak Idrus, you never fail to come in with some fresh air. I look forward to sharing that malt with you.

Hikayat Mamak Bendahara, thanks for an offer of teh tarik with you. Better still you share with us your lesson on how to with our conscience. That would certainly help. And we could all benefit from your expertise and know-how How about it?

Anonymous said...

You Cina ! Mana ada Conscience ! Con-Science you orang pandai lah.

Anonymous said...

you are an arsehole who does not know his arse from his brains.


psc said...

rocky has been bought over by the dark side.may the force be with us.

zorro said...

At the request of Gobloking I deleted her comment which sought my answers to questions she posed. It was not deleted because of its content. I actually was tempted to post it....but I do not wish to tangle with this BBGS old girl, who stops her car and spits at the Pavilion,everytime she passes it whenever she is in town.

Anonymous said...

Lucia: you're right about All-Blogs. What the hell is it? The "All" does not represent all Malaysian bloggers. In fact, over 95% of bloggers are non-political and they are blogging on other topics and niches.


zorro said...

An email from PL:

Zorro, please dont be sad. Strength for whatever fight should not be derived from companions or external support, the strength, should be from within oneself. Hence if you truly believe what you think, say, do or blog, is right, and as righteous as it could be from your heart, then dont be sad when you loose a companion or support. No matter how close the relationship used to be.

As the Chinese saying goes, old ones dont go, new ones cant come! Maybe somewhere someone are waiting for the right time to take over Rocky's place. And maybe Rocky just have to take over someone's position on the other side. It'll happen if it has to happen.

Pet was in Kamunting and came out. Anwar too was in and out. Sept 19.. or was it 16.. cant really remember, was there and gone too! Badawi was PM is leaving. Mahathir was PM and gone though making a come back. Bush was there and will be gone and suddenly, Obama is here. Hence, things move, changes happen. For whatever that does not change in our heart, as much as changes appear externally, maybe that's our true belief!

Someone somewhere out there, has wholotta support for what you're doing.. sometimes he imagine how he, together with you, Haris and Raja Petra could be smoking and drinking while integrating strategies and ideas on how to make a better Malaysia out of this current Malaysia. And that person is me. I've googled endless times where the hell this fisherman's Wharf drinking place is. But never succeeded. Anyway as i always thought to myself, even if i knew where it is, i might not have the guts to walk up to you guys and strike up a chat or worse, introduce myself. So.. it doesnt really matter i cant enjoy those special moments and be part of you guys..for now.. because i know, the right energy is always channeled by me towards you guys.

Rocky's change of heart? I dont mind admitting i was the first to 'saw' that, that was way back couple of months ago when i commented sarcastically on one of his posting.. and thought he posted one, he deleted the subsequent one. As much as i followed political blogs, for the first 2 months since that day when i "saw" it, i've been disturbed. Now? I'm just glad that so many others are commenting the same way i saw this man. Others have proven me right.


Anonymous said...

Zorro you say Rocky veered from neutrality? You mean you are neutral? Sorry, but I didn't get that from reading your postings no matter how I enjoyed them. But please do carry on. Only hope you don't lie too.

zorro said...

Jakarta Post. Give me one instance when I veered from Bangsa Malaysia and a New Malaysia.And I dont need your permission to carry on. Neutrality meaning we do not support any politician....only the CAUSE. If the politician espouses the CAUSE, yes we work with the individual and not the party. If the party works for the CAUSE, well and good. Is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Rocky? I do not think he has the passions to start a blog like Jeff Ooi in the the beginning. He has unsettled grudges with his ex employers? Kalimullah? He has no avenue to air his grievances. So he rode on the Blog wave then. He must have achieved his objectives and discovered the power of Blogs.

I believe he now has a bigger agenda. He is dangerous. There are hidden messages in his postings. Subtle influences which at times are not too subtle. He is not a good vehicle for change. He is now more or less a MSM editor in the net.

Whatever he may want to achieve is his business. I can only guess. I can always stop my visits to Rockybru.

Thank you.

GobloKing said...

Hey ppl!
I am honored.

That Camel Basher has come to my site to bash me as a chinese.

But I have decided I will just hug him tight - becuase I prefer peace and love (at this moment..must be the mushroom omelette I had!??)

And Zorro. Thanks for your reply privately to me. Did you not know - even back then - that I DO trust you & yr judgement?

You also know how I have felt for some time abt this issue.

But it is only that I wouldn't want to see our bashers turn this into another
- chinese-bashing-malay or viceversa
- Anwar vs Mahathir
- Muslims vs non Muslims etc event

I don't think we are the only insane bloggers on the scene - but then again, meither are we the only sane ones?

AND YOU WILL SEE ME IN DEC!!! I have already promised my old man a night with you at the wharf!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Bernard. It's the cause we are after and not the politics. Whoever can guide the country to the right cause, deserves the support of all the people. It really doesn't matter what colour and beliefs and which side of the political spectrum. For those who still can't wake up to this fact, then let them be. The world is not going to stand still and wait for their enlightenment. And for all you racists out there, the day will come when China will rule the world!

zorro said...

Comments generated by this posting on Din Merican's blog:

# Tok Cik November 17, 2008 at 12:48 pm

Well, people change. Rocky Bru is no exception. When the tidings are good even the most pious from among us will crumble. That’s life for you. Touche.

# 2 fungus November 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Every man has his price. I think this fler had just bitten the bait!

# 3 pinsysu November 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

the righteous ones are all on God’s payroll. some ppl juz can’t believe dat evil can never triumph over good. & more often than not, the righteous ones need to make great sacrifices & they know their bonuses are not denominated in $$$! & when temptations are overwhelming, some will choose to foresake good & seek evil with promises of $$$.

# 4 zorro November 17, 2008 at 1:22 pm

Din, it was tough writing this piece and the time (4something AM) it took to put down what I soul-searched. It was tough because he was a friend that I walked with. I hope I don’t have to go thru another exercise like this…it really drains you and saps you. Do I feel better now that this is off my chest? I really dont know Din. But I am sad.
Zorro, take it philosophically. You win some friends, you lose others; nothing stays the same. Enjoy the company of friends you now have, and do not be surprised that some may swing to the other side. But old geezers like you and I should stick to each other. Let us stand together united in common cause and get HOT together! You wrote a good piece.—Din Merican

# 5 yh November 17, 2008 at 1:38 pm


I am very surprised at the aboutturn in rocky; and it’s really amazing that he can accuse pet, zorro and haris of being on the payroll of Anwar. I have met Haris a few times and I have nothing but good words to say about this man’s commitment to the noble CAUSE for a better Malaysia. That’s loyalty unsurpassed as a citizen of this country.

And rightly it’s your turn to ask rocky. Is he in Mahathir’s or his cronies’s payroll? If it is, so be it because it has choice of life. But, at least be transparent and let his readers know on his leanings.

Whatever, I will still visit his blog not only for his postings but also some of the linked blogs which are utterly racist. It’s good to have a sneak of their thoughts and try to understand their view of the world and justifications.

Din, keep up the noble CAUSE. It ain’t easy and its heavy brother but the end result will be worth it.

God bless you.
Thanks, yh, for your comments. We make choices, hopefully Rocky Bru made the right one. —Din Merican.

# 6 Mind Matter November 17, 2008 at 2:46 pm

I am sure Rocky is reading this blog. All of you have indicated, established your true honest feedback, any human posibilty could. Friendship is dear, conscience, principles, and integrity must be clear. You make your point!

We all can see and read. This is what I’ll say to Rocky, Its ok to agree to disagree but to hit below the belt as your uncalled remarks, its something else. We do wish you the best in your ‘whatever’ endeavours you choose to pursue, at the end of the day, every one do wish we still can have a nice cup of coffee or beers with Zorro because looking back we like to cherish what we are doing now
and what we will do in our future.

Rocky, do not burn bridges! You were once like us. Do not backstab!! least you have to learn to live with your own shadows!!!

All the best Rocky.

# 7 Ibrahim November 17, 2008 at 3:03 pm

What’s strange about him is his immoral culture in preaching to other bloggers as if he owns them. I didn’t see anyone telling him to stop blogging about what he wants, but he has the temerity to do that and tell other bloggers what to do. A friend of mine told me that he contacts certain “toilet papers” as Kickdefella calls them and then adds his concoctions to their rants ‘links’ whenever he wants to prop up that scandalous man called Najib.

Let him write what he wants but he shouldn’t imagine that he is smart, honest or intelligent. He is simply a desperate jobless charlatan looking for an exit, who takes the moral ground to preach evil, Ironic indeed! Let him mind his business and let others mind their businesses!

# 8 DJ Chin November 17, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Rocky, if Pet, Haris and Zorro are on Anwar’s paylist, then you and all the other UMNO cybertroopers are on Najib’s payroll. It is as simple as that.

Moral of the story, please provide the evidence. Otherwise, blog the truth.

# 9 anomie November 17, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Rocky Bru’s about-turn IS just a common symptom of the dilemma of these ‘educated’ Malay Malaysian.

Before anyone turns the arrow of racism on me, allow me the followings;

1) A generation of Malay has passed under the influences of NEP. Some got enlightened along the way & look inward for answer. While others are hardened by the ill-prepared challenges & turn aggressive with the help of BTN.

2) For those ‘enlightened’ ones, the tasks ahead can be VERY uphill, both against the race & religion. & yet deep down the spark of righteousness just struggle to get out. The taboos of race & religion are formidable & overcome they must in order to survive this modern world.

3) For those with ‘bruised’ ego after the hardknocks of the real world, whatever stipulated in the BTN lectures hold true. The ‘pendatangs’ are the cause of their failures & miseries!

4) However, there is one thing in common. They are all products of NEP, even though they branched at some points along the pathway of living. They do owe their current standings to NEP.

5) So how do one repay the debt of NEP? By strenghtening it? Or look for better means to replace it so that the guilt of ‘unevenness’ can be removed?

For those with bruised ego, many of them get to where they are, rightly or wrongly, career or social standing, NEP has been their holy grail. Deep down they know that without NEP (masquerading ketuanan) they will NEVER stay the course of real life challenges. Others with better qualifications & stamina would have overtaken them long ago.

So to stay with what they are enjoying & knowing the rules of the game they play along. At the current wind & there will be open vacancies in the UMNO controlled media groups. If they play the game right the jobs will be theirs.

This is where people like Rocky Bru, Mansor Putih & the likes come in. & you can bet there will not be any shortages for replacement. At the end the poor rural Malays be damned & once again they are used as tools for someone’s ticket to ‘enjoyment’.

Thanks, friend.—Din Merican

# 10 youthattack November 17, 2008 at 4:24 pm

what happened to Rocky Bru is common.nothing extraordinary about it.people chance might be for better or worse.everyone have their path of life and so does you and both pick to be where you at now.the past is something to hold dear.the past is the thing that we carry to the present and future.

but you either be rival or enemy to the friend that’s not singing the same tune anymore as decide.

to Rocky,give proof to what u said.otherwise,be prepared to get bombarded by many questions on why you did such accusation.

# 11 toolan November 17, 2008 at 4:32 pm

Rocky has changed, he no longer sounds like the Rocky I know from his blog a year ago. I too wonder sometimes what got into him but this current Rocky….looks like him, sounds like him but it is not him.

I do not go to his blog anymore as I no longer trust his writing…….as far as I am concern, he is a has been…..

# 12 Jong November 17, 2008 at 6:25 pm

Din, Zorro, Haris and RPK,

Many of us are confused to see the change in him. He must take full responsibility of what he is doing. Don’t lose sleep over him, it’s not worth it. Every minute we are angry with someone, we lose 60 secs happiness, is he worth it?

Don’t get annoyed, get curious!

# 13 omarqmohan November 17, 2008 at 7:12 pm

i did notice d change in Rockys shift but did not bother much nor give it much a tot …. simply coz i have so little time n so many greater agendas to delve into :)

wish him luck n have a beer with him, no harm to tat Zorro…. we move on buddy


# 14 dinobeano November 17, 2008 at 7:15 pm

Jong, there is no crime to have a change of heart. How many times have you done that in your time until you are settled on one! So shall it be with Rocky Bru. He is free to choose.The difference between you and our blogger friend is that you did not go to town over it, rationalise your action and then launch an attack without foundation on your friends. We are not angry. We are not even curious because we know. Rocky Bru made a decision and must now live with it.—Din Merican

# 15 ~ accountability ~ November 17, 2008 at 8:08 pm

Dear Sir,

Rocky? I do not think he has the passions to start a blog like Jeff Ooi in the the beginning. He has unsettled grudges with his ex employers? Kalimullah? He has no avenue to air his grievances. So he rode on the Blog wave then. He must have achieved his objectives and discovered the power of Blogs.

I believe he now has a bigger agenda. He is dangerous. There are hidden messages in his postings. Subtle influences which at times are not too subtle. He is not a good vehicle for change. He is now more or less a MSM editor in the net.

Whatever he may want to achieve is his business. I can only guess. I can always stop my visits to Rockybru.

Thank you.

# 16 dinobeano November 17, 2008 at 8:29 pm

accountability,there is no reason for you to stop going to his blog. He is a good journalist. But knowing where he is coming from, you should, however, not accept whatever he writes or presents at face value. You should also subject what I write on this blog to that same test of credibility and intellectual honesty. Never be shy to disagree with me. I will defend your right to express your opinion.—Din Merican

# 17 omarqmohan November 17, 2008 at 8:32 pm

Yup Din … i agree on tat one … we dun nid to control minds we dun nid to control “visitation” let them judge by d measurement of their intellectualism :)

after 50 years n people still wan to trust BN led UMNO …. wat can u n me say :)


# 18 Jong November 17, 2008 at 8:47 pm

Yeah, after 50 years, they fear our candles, how come huh? Check out my ’secret weapon’. :D

# 19 ~ accountability ~ November 17, 2008 at 8:47 pm

thanks uncle din for the mature “whispers”

# 20 david November 17, 2008 at 9:05 pm


I have been a visitor to rocky’s blog and notice the change in his postings. He is definitely swinging towards the establishment, but that is his prerogative. My hunch is that he is eyeing Kalimulah’s position in NST and Najib may just give it to him when come Mar 2009 when Najib becomes PM and needs someone to be his propagandist in NST. If we remember he was from NST but quit because he could not get along with some people there, now with these people out of the way, what is there to stop rocky from returning to NST, where if he gets Kalimullah’s job, he will be on course to become a millionaire like Kalimullah! I think being the shrewd person he is rocky has done his sums. His blog has served him well in getting international exposure and attention, and he feels it is time to move on for greener pastures which NST to be under Najib beckons. I think he is also prepared to break with his friends like you, Zorro, Haris and the rest, and though he may be friends with you all at the personal level, when it comes to politics, he would be prepared to take the side of Najib, Mahathir, UMNO and the establishment against Anwar and all of you in the opposition. Take care, and have a nice week ahead



toyolbuster said...

I too have stopped visiting Rocky's and his mirror site @ 3540 Jln Sudin. I have no comment neither about such characters except that they lose my respect. This world is made up of all sorts of ppl and if we do not agree with some, we just leave them alone. But I sure appreciate your thoughts on Rocky's and as always, I do enjoy visiting your site. Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

The man is vindictive and dangerous as he had shown on his blog since he started it. Some people just can't see through the veil of deception of which it's opening up now. Don't be confused by the new awakening. Check out some of the blogs that are on his blogroll and you'll be very afraid of the bloggers behind these blogs. Period.

Silent Watcher

zorro said...

Comments generated at Malaysia Today:

written by Rainbowseahorse, November 17, 2008 09:59:38
A wealthy man, after tasting power, craves it! And Mamathir is seeking his fix through the lights of Najid, Muhyiddin, and (forsaking his political ban)his son Mukhriz.

written by Zapper, November 17, 2008 10:12:05
Finally the 'sotong' of the power of the Ringgit has got one of them. Who says corruption is NOT ALIVE??? Corruption is getting all its buddies from their graves and invade the country. You either join them and enjoy the fruits or be a zoombie.

written by arazak, November 17, 2008 10:42:17
"Ever since Rocky exposed himself as an apologist for PM to be Najib Tun Razak, he has become skilled at the art of shading the truth, just like Dr. Mahathir of course".

Well you know what?. . .Cocky Bru's "truth" is where the money is!!!

written by tokioRain, November 17, 2008 10:43:03
ah, so bernard and rocky has parted ways. so sad but inevitable i guess.

written by Democrats, November 17, 2008 10:55:42
Opportunities knocks on Rocky's door.

I beleive that its part of the government scheme to disunite the blogging community who were pretty in "one voice" prior to this.

"rezeki jangan ditolak, they always say, so for Rocky, i hope you remain true to yourself, or else, how would you sleep at night?

written by loosecannon, November 17, 2008 11:52:31
I think many of us were wondering what's with Rocky. He's made an about turn in his postings lately starting with the issue of Teresa suing Utasan Malayu. My personal suspicion is that he's going to the other side, probably with a cushy job at NST. I hope I'm wrong because I still have high regard for him and his postings. What's up Rocky?

written by truthbespoken, November 17, 2008 12:00:28
Rocky has become a turn-coat to the common Malaysian cause of his fellow bloggers in exchange for potential wealth and media positions from UMNO.

I think this is a slimy way out for a once respected blogger..

written by the1, November 17, 2008 12:19:53
Some write for righteousness , some for wallet.
It's very easy to spot such blogs!

written by Xerxes, November 17, 2008 13:22:22
I thought I was the only one to notice a perceptible shift in Rocky's position and his slanted articulations of late. It started with the lambasting of Teresa Kok suing UTUSAN and the support of the Cheras UMNO to raise funds to help UTUSAN in their defence - all under the guise of freedom of speech even though there were more than ample evidence that UTUSAN has not published the truth.

Then the latest about Mahathirism and the sly dig at Lim Kit Siang to promote Mahathir and Mukhriz. When LGE joined politics, his father had nothing to offer him except hardships and spells in prison under the ISA - all during Mahathir's rule. In contrast, the Mahathir sons had business deals that the man in the streets could only dream of. So who needs politics?

Yep, I think the NSTP Group will have a new CEO when Najib takes power and no first prize for guessing right who it will be.

written by FFT, November 17, 2008 14:10:18
You're all wrong. He is not a turncoat. He is part of a sleeper cell loyal to Mahathir. Psywar and intelligence collection. The AllBlogs list and the registration for their events are a target list compiled for the next Ops Lallang.

Haste should be made to dismantle the Mahathir camp, and the top dog thrown in jail.

Right now, the Malaysian civil society movement has to choose a side: Badawi or Mahathir. Neutrality will only sweep you away as a bystander, and Mahathir will crush all of you with the help of his toadies like Rocky.
report abuse

written by Pato, November 17, 2008 15:39:45
I guess all it needs is just a personal comment from the Tun on his blog, some lunches and dinners together, and a pat on the back...and you're a changed man.

written by onnyap, November 17, 2008 16:41:41
Is Rocky really a Trojan horse?

written by Sabahfan, November 17, 2008 19:57:23
as far as i am concerned, this ROCKY BREW guy is just another paid writer of UMNO dictatorship... so go to hell with him, his writing is not worth reading.

written by DontPlayGod, November 17, 2008 22:38:53
Well, Rocky was from the NST group. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise now that he he shown his true colours. I remembered a couple of months or so ago, one of his articles posted in M-T drew negative and hard-hitting rebuke from almost all those who commented on his article, including me.

Anonymous said...


how sure are we that u are not in anwar's payroll, isnt that whats happening now in blogsphere, u guys are all sellouts, hypocrites, i dont believe u are all that clean as u make yourselfout to be.

Anonymous said...

Me Nuetral=Rocky Bru
Rocky under Najib payroll

Anonymous said...

Extract from Din Merican and Malaysia-Today? That's really funny.

Macam orang masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

p.s. paham ke maksud tu?

Anonymous said...

You have to work with Rocky and his boss Kadirjasin if you want to know them better. Ask Dollah Kok Lanas. He knows better. Keep on da good work, zorro!

Saya... said...

It is really sad...

to realise that what you believed in has only been a lie...

and other lies are used to cover up that first big lie...

until it all becomes just a huge fitna

and you lose respect, total respect for that person who is so adept as using and discarding and lying through his teeth...

sapa yang makan cili...dia terasa pedas....

hope is all but gone from the malaysian blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hello me neutral (2.19am)

How dare you speak about my teacher in that manner, fucker you have no balls to write your name and you are accusing my mentor of such nasty things that only is done by Melayu's ... puki mak fella why not you post this comment on Rocky Bru it suits him well .. dont fuck around okay ... if you have balls come to the wharf tonight and i will take you on ... make sure you have your facts or else you might receive some hard blows while sipping down you drink .. Bastard dont you dare talk about Mr Bernard Khoo that way .. i will hunt you ... dont be a pariah thats all ...

Anonymous said...

I can smell this skunk miles away despite hiding behind a ROCK.......y!

zorro said...

Yo Jerry....appreciate your concern, but I would rather we buy neutral a drink and ask him to prove that I am paid by Anwar....if he has the prove....if he hasnt we dislodge him from the Wharf and send him next door to eat humble pie at the Secret Recipe.Both win-win...we kick him out and he gets to eat that humble pie. Whadya u think Jerry?

Anonymous said...

Behave urself when u post your comments. Dont 'kurang ajar'to old man like Uncle Bernard.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir , I totally agree with you , lets ask neutral to meet us at the wharf ...Game On Sir ... n

Anonymous said...

this Me Neutral guy is either a dumbass or something worse. For starter, I'm as keen as anyone who wants to see off the fascists in Umno but I'm not an admirer of Anwar either. I'm still waiting for another Obama here none is in sight yet. Perhaps I may be waiting in vain. lol.

Web Whisperer

Anonymous said...


just wondering about your stance whether you're coming or going. On rocky's blu, you commented like you are his a--licker and elsewhere, you're saying he's on the dark side. Why this confusion? But of course I know where you are coming from. Do you think DKL will make a comeback at his age to the NST? Or what about Rosie? That is if the rock is out of the equation.

miguel lobo

GobloKing said...

cliffordian is also camel basher.

Same line, same rhetorics! I think he just cut & paste lah.

Aiyoh Camel...come out lah. No need scared scared. We love you anyways!

Anonymous said...

written by FFT, November 17, 2008 14:10:18 The AllBlogs list and the registration for their events are a target list compiled for the next Ops Lallang
Thanks, I am out

Anonymous said...

'a beer with him' !!?? can meh ? can he ? does he? HAS he ?? did he !!

zorro said...

Kalimullah Hassan: Did your parents register you at birth as Kalimullah Hassan? Unfortunately their son Kalimullah Hassan (you buddy, in case you forgot) did not turn out to be a millionaire like the genuine Datuk Kalimullah Hassan. I think you are ready for a name-change,no? Its cheap mah (I dont mean your name)just Rm5.00 done by a Comissioner of Oath. I can recommend.Have a nice day Kali hASSan.

Anonymous said...

It's not that difficult to play the trojan horse game and other games of deception. a number of people get caught in the wave of anti-bru comments which i think are mostly valid based on the slant in his recent posts. but also some others took too much liberty to be more blatant in their accusation especially along racial lines and that is foolish because i suspect that's the bait to draw you in and create a case for a backlash from those who are supporting him but have been rather reticent before this shenanigans. Now they are coming out to lash back. You can notice more of their comments are appearing on the bru blog. Yes, he letting them have a field day too while I suspect again he may be deleting most of the comments that put him down. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

"....ask him to prove that I am paid by Anwar....if he has the prove ...."


Ask you this, if you cheats your wife, you think you wife can find proof? (Note. Chua Soi Lek is an exception)

Whether you get direct or indirect financial interest or other means, only you know.

Btw, it was reported in Malaysia kini, that RPK travel to Sentul police station this afternoon in a Wolkswagen SUV and pipe smoking. Wolkswagen SUV is not like Kembra or Rexton, or Innova, where the hell RPK got this luxury? I thot he said he is a bankkrupt?

I am almost certain now to conclude that political bloggers also cannot be trusted, just like Politicans and Prostitute cannot be trusted:)

There is no free lunch!

zorro said...

Anon 10:37. RPK went to Sentul Police Station in his lawyer's car. Yes it is a an Rm800k car. I have ridden in it too. Yes he was smoking a cuban monte cristo, courtesy of a fan. You have a quarrel with that?

As to Rocky assertion that I am on Anwar's payroll I do not want to embarrass my friend by asking for proof because I know that he cannot. You can't figure that out?

My wife is not as dumb as you think. Don't take women for granted. They may not be endowed with what is between our legs but they have a way of sensing things. So if your wife is dumb (no offence purposely directed at your wife, but the parallel is unavoidable the way you inadvertently portray your wife)don't expect all wives are dumb. Are you miserable, by the way. Coffee smells good. Try it.Dont grow old too early. Grow old gracefully like me. I am only contemplating 69 next month and I just feel on top of the world because I mix and live with positive people.

Anonymous said...

i rather prefer a monica to the cuban monte cristo ...hehehe...
just joking, no offence pls !

Anonymous said...

Zorro Unmasked.

Tell me. Having read and re read your own blog, could you say you are neutral? Could you say you are not Pro PR ? Rocky have the courage to say his piece of mind whether or not its for PR or BN. Your? I am beginning to think that your paymaster would not allow you to say anything agai9nst PR at all.

chong y l said...

I refer to:

"Bentoh said...
I don't think there's any single "neutral" blogger out there...

I mean... most of the bloggers would be seen as leaning towards Pakatan...

Jeff Ooi aligned himself to DAP, but yet show himself as a supporter of Dr M...

Nat Tan is obviously an Anwarista, aligning to PKR...

If I'm not wrong the BUM2008's organiser is a PKR card-holding member..."


YES, I YL Chong, aka Desiderata confirm I was BUM2007 and BUM2008 Org Comm Chairman, and Yes, I confirm I'm a PKR card-carrying member. In fact I was a DAP card-carrying member (for decades as one division chairman paid for my Life membership, but he soul'd out at a crucial point of Opposition making headway, but that's another story...)before I joined PKR.

I and some fellow Bloggers including Bernard as Co-Chair at BUM2008 organise the gathering in our individual capacities -- but we had strong support from AllBlogs interim council.

In AllBlogs is NOT registered by May 2009, Bernard and I may yet take on the task of organising BUM2009, Insya-Allah (am I still allowed to use this term?)

It's a myth to believe that any socio-political writer/blogger can be "neutral".

And whay do people think AllBlogs' supporters -- AllBlogs stands for National Alliance of Bloggers --must be of ONE political hue or political party affiliation to belong?

When RockyBru wears the hat as Interim AllBlogs prsident, it's just that -- representing an Interim Organisation pending getting its official registration. It's a false claim and myth again that he speaks on behalf of all Bloggers (and I have never heard Ahirudin Atan claiming that...)because no one can do that because you OPT to join AllBlogs AFTER IT IS REGISTERED AND THEN MEMBERSHIP WILL BE CALLED FOR, that's my understanding all what an Interim committee/Council is about.

Anonymous said...

I have been to several socio-political blogs and read up as much as I can. I find a few blogs are quite lenient with comments that appear more like "flames" which is something any responsible blogger would have made an attempt at moderating these posts. But it seems, these site owners are too happy to let go every single word without bothering about the consequence. The Raja Muda of Perak in a keynote speech today at Monash University, which I think is timely at addresing the present political situation in the country, spoke of the danger of modern day tribalism and what it entails if we do NOT check this before it gets out of hand. What do you all think?


WY said...

zorro: i felt sorry for you. firstly for losing a friend. Secondly for being stabbed (back) by that same ex-friend. life is cruel isn't it? I won't be surprised to see Rocky as the next 4th floor boys. NST needs a new editor right?

Anonymous said...

Rocky is a bloody dog! Actually I take that back, as I don't want to insult dogs! He is piece of shit! Heck I don't want to insult shit! You know whats worse then shit? I will tell you what, its Rocky!

Anonymous said...

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