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Touching moment: Mek Som whispers to Najib her delight at being able to meet him at SK Gual Tinggi in Rantau Panjang Wednesday.

In times of tribulations, strive, adversities and disasters the best in the human race come to the fore. It was not different when the annual monsoon floods hit Kelantan, but this time around with more ferocity. This years flood had the potency of being the mother of all floods, considering that our Deputy Prime Minister paid two visits to PAS-held Kelantan. Following is Bernama's take:

RANTAU PANJANG: A senior citizen, feeling restless after being evacuated to a school when the flood hit her village, was overwhelmed by a visit by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday.

Mek Som Yunus, 83, said she was deeply touched by the Deputy Prime Minister's visit to SK Gual Tinggi here which has been turned into a temporary shelter for flood victims.

“In this difficult time, it is heartening to have a VIP visit and give us words of encouragement. What more if that important person is the Deputy Prime Minister himself. I really love him,” she said in Kelantan dialect while pointing at Najib who was seated next to her

Najib, who was accompanied by Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed and Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, spent a few minutes talking to Mek Som and other old folks at the relief centre.

Najib, who is also the National Disaster Relief Committee chairman, arrived here at noon and spent almost an hour to look into conditions of the flood victims at the centre.

He also handed over contributions to 531 families including those from Gual Tinggi, Gual Periuk and Banggol Kulim who were forced to evacuate due to the rising water level in Sungai Golok since almost a week ago.

The visit was Najib’s second to Kelantan since floods hit the state on Dec 8. On Friday, he visited Tanah Merah which was also badly hit by floods.

You have to agree that the Main Stream Media did a good PR job here but they were not around or they did not want to be around and they did not want to know what happened across the border in the land of the thousand Datuks -PAHANG.

Little Bird Reports:

NGOs have also stopped cooperating with the UMNO run Bilik Gerakan after a very sad and disgusting incident. Staffers from different NGOs had accompanied some of the food and other flood aid from the Bilik Gerakan to some villages. At one particular badly hit area, people of all races, i.e. Chinese, Indians and Malays, lined up to get the food. However, the UMNO 'volunteers' informed the people very crudely that the food and other flood aid was only for the Malays. The Indians and Chinese did not get any. The staffers from the NGOs which included Indians, Chinese and Malays were shocked and left in disgust.

In another estate area with almost 600 Indian flood victims, the UMNO 'volunteers' delivered just one sack of rice to be shared by 600 Indian estate workers and their children. The sack of rice was left at a flood relief centre located in a Tamil primary school near the estate. Then the estate workers were asked to initial a list acknowledging that they had received a complete set of flood supplies (rice, oil, canned food, sugar, salt, bottled water and blankets). Obviously the remaining supplies had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and sold off for cash elsewhere.

Many of the Indian estate women became hysterical and screamed how 600 people were going to share one bag of rice. The next day when other volunteers went to the same Tamil school, the Indian women screamed at them and said 'Melayu jangan mari tolong lagi'.

In other places the aid was given to UMNO members only. Other Malays, especially known Pas supporters, were denied aid. These stories are not being made up. They are first hand reports from Pahang that were told to us by flood relief workers themselves. (NST, STAR, not allowed to print these reports....you had no reporters on ground zero?)

In another area, about 250 Orang Asli were promised 50kg bags of rice. This was clearly a false promise because most of the rice was delivered in 5kg or 10kg bags. The rice destined for the 250 Orang Asli was despatched by the Bilik Gerakan but it never reached the Orang Asli. When the UMNO ADUN from the area visited the Orang Asli the next day and inquired if they had all 'sudah makan', they jeered him and said 'awak semua penipu'. Again the rice had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and siphoned off elsewhere.

For the first seven days of the floods, the Member of Parliament for Temerloh, YB Mohd Sarit bin Haji Yusoh (Tel. No. 03 - 77266005 and 03- 7726 4468, address: Pangkal Melati Sdn Bhd, No 18-1, Jalan Wan Kadir 4, Off Jalan Damansara Bypass, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur), Anwar Ibrahim's one-time political secretary who became a millionaire within a couple of years, was missing from Temerloh. He had not visited any of the flood affected areas. Flood victims put up a banner in the Temerloh area asking 'YB where are you?' This banner was later torn down by the Police. All this news was not reported by the mainstream media.

The Chinese MCA ADUN from Mentakab has been one of the few Wakil Rakyat doing the rounds diligently in the flood affected areas. The Malay UMNO ADUNs have made themselves scarce or helping themselves to the loot from the Bilik Gerakan.

Because of the dishonesty and outright stealing by the UMNO 'volunteers', flood victims are very angry and tensions have been high in the affected areas. The mainstream media have not reported that when Fu Ah Kiow, Deputy Internal Security Minister and MP for Kuantan, visited the affected areas, the flood victims screamed and threw stones at him. The Deputy Minister had to leave the scene in a hurry. (Just like Samy was booed off the stage in Penang.....MCA & MIC.....that's two down for a start .)

We have just gone thru two religious festivals Hari Raya Haji and Christmas and we are touted as a God fearing country who look askance at anything irreligious like necking, petting, holding hands in public, groping, close proximity, fornicating, incest, buggery, statutory rapes etc, etc, Now we have people in UMNO who rob the distressed of what is their due in such trying times.


Lesson learnt: Do not channel your donations to any political parties....they could channel it to their campaign. Give your donation in kind to the trustworthy:

Capt.(R) Azhar Lin said:

One collection centre is situated in Wisma WIM, 7, Jln Hj Abang Openg, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. (Contact : Mr Song @ 012 3988907) the other is

Norman Extremeworks Sdn Bhd, No.2, Jln Sri Puchong 2B, Taman Sri Puchong, Bt 12, 47100 PUCHONG, Selangor. (Contact : Mr Norman at 0166000943)
As with last year, we're collecting foodstuff (non-perishable at this point of time) and other goods (baby diapers, clean clothings etc) No cash (Please forward your cash donations to the MRCS, Jalan Ampang)

I will be glad if this message can be freely displayed into other blogs and such. We also welcome corporate sponsors who would like to be present themselves but lack the logistics & planning. We had strong support from
Eau Claire mineral water last year, potable water IS an essential commodity in a flooded community, especially for younger children.



Anonymous said...

...but the best part of the whole episode,is when election comes they still put their "X" for dacing.That what we call sandiwara!!

Anonymous said...

Barisan are sickos, they are perverts, they belong to the mental asylum, they make me puke, they cure my constipation. The word shame is not in their dictionary. If there is anyone who belongs to the depths of human depravity, Barisan is the one.

Anonymous said...

no wonder the DPM has to voice out about lack of support from corporate malaysia. no surprise here zorro. what do you expet from a den of thieves. the top steals big time in the form of port klang free trade zone ( free fro who?) and the middle and bottom steal at thee expense of the poor. truly, birds of the same feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

is this really happening?? it's despicable when Bodohwi said all will benefit from the multimillion projects, yet aid to those who truly suffer are distributed by racial lines.

i'm truly disgusted.

lucia said...

mental jgo

yeah i was very very mad when i read about this in malaysia today several days ago. wanted to blog about it last night but something was wrong with me blog.

this should be circulated to many people to let them know the true face of UMNO. do you know something a bit similiar also happened during the great tsunami. heard something about those UMNO monkeys saying their aid was for malays only.

true, listen to zorro - do NOT donate to government agencies esp. BN. donate to NGOs.

Da Real Deal said...

Here's my take on it. All the complaints were made against BN and UMNO because they were there giving out aid. Where were the other parties?

The one about the Indian school and the Indian woman screaming. Where the hell were thier Indian leaders? These people came to give aid, not to compensate. The one bag of rice could have been from one person who could afford only that. If others chipped in to help instead of just ranting away about the help being too slow and too little, these victims wouldn't have to be seen as being ungrateful souls.

The govt or their agents are there to give aid and not to compensate. MCA is doing a great job, UMNO is also there, perhaps doing not so good a job, but there nonetheless. The question is, where the hell are the other 14 component parties? Where the hell is MIC? This is the time to win back their Hindus and insted they are scratching their heads and asses wondering where they screwed wrong.

backStreetGluttons said...

everything in the dictionary that spells scums and trash and evil are here , right here in our fair backyards if you please.

despicable , horrendous , filth , dirt , vomits , etc etc etc have been unmasked by you .

hypocrites would sound like delicious heaven amongst such lowly animals.The question now is ...What Next ? before the next tear drop falls ( again)
tonixe , Lumut

Anonymous said...

If this story is true, I am as disgusted as everyone else. But as it is, no one else has stepped forward to verify this alleged first-person account. Until more substantial evidence surfaces, I choose to reserve my judgment. As much as some of us are upset over some of this government's policies, let us not accuse them falsely or else our anger and demands for justice cannot be justified. If such outright cheating and robbery of the flood victims is rampant and an open secret, surely at least one other person can support these allegations with evidence? Now is the time to stand up and speak.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you Zorro, this is as TRUE as HELL. You know and I know that they can do much worse. They can do things that makes Osama as Saintly as Pope Jean-Paul, and George Soros the identical twin of Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

JUST BECAUSE ALL THIS IS NOT IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPERS, some commentators are accepting Zorro's information as true. How objective is that?

Can anyone verify if his little birds have functioning ears and eyes? At least, give details such as place, names, time, pictures, and specifics for credibility. What when who where why and how?

With Zorro's consistently past habit to be lavish with exegerations, I HAVE SERIOUS DOUBT THIS IS TRUE. It could even be a figment of his wild imagination knowing his deeply entranched hatred for UMNO that it blurs his objectivity and old senses.

Its too obvious that he has a tendency to be quick with his keyboard to potray UMNO as racist.

It is often said that UMNO people can be real asshole and jerks politically. Fine I can take that in its generality. This is just TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE.

Not all UMNO members are Malay centric racist. Just like, not all PKR are homosexuals, or PAS are crazy Islamic jihadists, or DAP are Singaporean PAP worshipers, or MCA are greedy Chinese businessman, or Gerakan are yellow skinned Western liberal, or MIC are poor down trodden estate workers downing the toddy daily ...

With persistent frequency, this kind of posting will ULTIMATELY PAINT ALL MALAYS AS RACIST!!! This is dangerous.

Is his hatred for UMNO really A MANIFESTATION OF HIS HATRED for Malay.

SB should monitor this man. He is potentially another ‘Hindraf’. He actually support Hindraf's right to make wild accusation of ethnic cleansing.

Before some other racist start calling me an UMNOputra, nice try. I could be a PAS or PKR or DAP member. Just hate closet racist!

P/S A copy of this msg is kept for eventuality

Anonymous said...


Never mind what others think, the ball is in their hands.

Your message in the mean time is accepted as truth unless "they (scums)" prove otherwise.


zorro said...

Hey No More Bull, I am not treathened by your P/S...a copy of this msg is kept for eventuality....you dont scare me.Remember you did that in your last comment? As a 68 year old today, I have given my best for this country and no young insignificant cur (aka dog...as in dictionary) can scare me...especially from 'juveniles' whose mums milk is still on their lips. Me racist?....just ask any of my best friends who are malays if I am a racist....and they will tell you I am more anti-chinese than anit-Malay. Anyway, how much are they paying you....whoever they are. Of course you do not know that the Special Branch was monitorinbg me because I was alligned to the late Menteri Besar of Selangor, Datuk Harun Idris. Were you around then or were you still swimming in daddy's scrotum, waiting to be released....just our misfortune that you caught one egg and you became no bull now...to scare me. I am Bernard Khoo. Look at my profile. I have nothing to hide. Who are you.....if you dare to expose yourself....if you dont have enough courage to reveal yourself and come into this blog as "no bull (or balls?) now" this blog will never see your comment. Fair deal....if you understand this challenge. I allow freedom of speech but it must be from the heart.,,,otherwise remain under mummy's sarong and sell your soul to whoever pays you more. Grow up before you communicate with me. If you have balls email me at ktswee@hotmail.com and I will tell you my address so that it will facilitate SB to go for me....on condition you give me your MyKad name and address too....I dare you....I give you 24 hours to do this. If you dont fulfill this part of the bargain, you are a yellow-livered coward who should just shut up and dont mess with me. Fair deal running dog?

zorro said...

Thingking....what is the title of this post? I await some answers too. I dont want to believe this....but I need to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I intended my earlier comment as an urging for other people who have witnessed this abuse of trust to come forward. I have been following your blog for some time now, so I know you made this post with the intention of getting to the truth. However, as you can see from some of the replies, people will think what they want to think (inspite of of lack of evidence or evidence to the contrary) and it can quickly descend into a mud-slinging fest.

My comment was not so aimed at you, but more of a reminder to myself and people like me to not lambaste the government unfairly, especially with such an emotional story like this and with very little proof.

It's getting harder to keep a cool head especially as more and more evidence of political wrongdoing surfaces. I find myself growing more cynical with the government with each passing day and it's so easy to start BN-bashing based on the past sins of individuals and the party without thinking through whatever merits they may be presenting now. There's lots of bad politicians in BN, but at the same time, there are good ones too and I would be doing an injustice to them by tarring them with the same brush their less worthy colleagues thoroughly deserve. I have to keep reminding myself that as opposing voices, we always have to back ourselves with truth and to base our judgments and decisions on the merits of the situation. If we don't, we'd be just as guilty as those two MPs who made those outrageous lies about convent schools awhile back.

Like you, I want answers and proof. Once a surgeon knows where the cancerous tumour lies and what it's made of, then he knows what he needs to do to remove it and how to treat the patient so that the patient can be healthy again. Let's get rid of those cancerous tumours and parasites hiding behind the shield of government but let's also make sure we don't throw out the healthy, working bits in the process.

Anonymous said...

Zorro Zorro!
Where is the bull with no balls?

Anonymous said...

No More Bull, you have no f'ing idea whats going on at ground O and you want to make stupid remarks like a juvenile Mat Rempit doing a willy on your paddled push-bike. We don't have to argue with piss-head like you who think you can push around your weighted balls just becos you get to polish KJ's scrotum. Show some respect when you come visiting people's house, don't your mum teach you that. That makes you a kurang ajar leech. Time for you to learn to earn a decent living instead of waiting for handouts, cos we taxpayers are fed-up of having our hard earned money being siphoned off by parasites like you and your masters.

Kris said...

Why the instigation to the SB to monitor Zorro, No balls... sorry, no bull? Are you afraid of information and the deluge that will bring through freedom of expression? You say you hate closet racists. WELL I HATE CLOSE MINDED PARIAH VERMIN WHO THREATEN THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH AND WHO SUPPORT INSTITUTIONS LIKE A SECRET POLICE.

The post is clear, it begs a question. It leaves a clear defensible line for those accused to take up the challenge. Your approach which is exactly the governments (coincidence?) Is to silence all inquiry? You sad pathetic miserable excuse for a human being.

BTW you need to be updated on the definition of ethnic cleansing. Government is not an authority on language hence their definition of ethnic cleansing is NOT the benchmark.


Ethnic cleansing refers to various policies or practices aimed at the displacement of an ethnic group from a particular territory in order to create a supposedly ethnically "pure" society.

The government in it's defense on Hindrafs statement about ethnic cleansing has chosen to identify it as meaning mass culling/murder/killings of Indians. I would like to think this is due to the simple fact that most in Government read very little english and write even less but that's not the reason. By saying that other races in Malaysia are saying they are being wiped out physically it immediately lends an air of ridiculousness to the whole appeal. If the above is the international definition of ethnic cleansing what would you call 'Bumiputera' protectionist policies that extend from Housing to Education to Commerce, in other words to every facet of life in Malaysia. Think about it.

Malaysia is for all Malaysians. Any policy that aims to ethnicaly discriminate whether for or against an ethnic group is repugnant and should be repudiated instead of reinforced for 50 years. 50 years of institutionalised ethnic discrimination/cleansing, call it what you will.

straycat's strut said...

All fired-up eh Zorro... take it easy uncle. For RM2k a month, the guy managed to piss you off real good.

I'll put "Please UMNO, tell me this is not true" as another wish list for badawi along with few existing ones including:

1. Please tell me that you did not buy that luxury jet
2. Please tell me that yacht is not yours
3. Please tell me you know nothing about that bungalow
4. Please tell me that Scomi had never received government contract

... and well, too long a list and it seems that christmas is over and I have this uneasy feelings that either santa is deaf or he is ignoring me.

Oh.. one more wish. Please tell me that guy is not an umno guy and would be gentleman enough to reveal himself...

My first comment in this blog. Merry Christmas.

zorro said...

Straycat Strut....thanks for the visit.

Toyolbuster....you said "this is as True as Hell". I appeal for facts.

Thinking: Appreciate your last comment. We both took the stand of the Devil's Advocate...the true meaning not the one as depicted in the film.

Joshua3 / Anon 10.43am - I gave NB 24 hours to pluck up enough courage to give himself a name. I wait with bated breath....he has another 12 hours +.

Krish....We did not knock glass this festive season?

Anonymous said...

this guy is up to no good, not a nice fler...

trespassed your domain... hurling wild accusations... inciting hatred... hoping some son of a bitch - SB will go after you.

this not-so-nice umno fler, i think can put his arm around your shoulder but same time holding a keris with the other... and will use it on you without an instance of hesitating.

Da Real Deal said...


Your definition of ethnic cleansing: " Ethnic cleansing refers to various policies or practices aimed at the displacement of an ethnic group from a particular territory in order to create a supposedly ethnically "pure" society," may be right, I give you the benefit of the doubt as I don't have time to check, but the general understanding, not only by the Malaysian Government but by the whole world is the other definition as was used by the United Nations on Serbia/Croatia.

So the definition intended by Hindraf was the latter, to further exaggerate their "dire" circumstances, not the former no matter how you might want to sweet-coat it.

Furthermore, in maintaining your definition of ethnic cleansing, I'd like to emphasize that it isn't the govt that is guilty of it, but primarily it is the MIC, the party that best represents the Indian community (whether you like it or not, it is a fact) that has betrayed her own people. If we cannot trust the Indians to take care of their own, who else can we trust?

SO, go blame your own Indian leaders for screwing the community while collecting wealth and buying property in Mumbai instead of harping on Bumi Priviliges. If anything the Chinese have a greater right than the Indians to condemn it considering the so called Bumi Rights have been indirectly stretched to include the suffering Indians as well.

I suggest the unhappy Indians here reach out to their brothers in India and discourage the 100,000 Indian nationals applying to work here if they really care for their kind as we don't want the 100,000 to "suffer" like their local counterparts here.

Stop blaming the rest! Stop the rot within yourselves first!

Anonymous said...

true or not? look at the history of this den of thieves. remember, tsunami funds used for renovation and other purposes for some arseholes politicians.
this rip-off doesnt surprise me a bit in this den of thieves.
rather be sorry, stop donating anything remotely connected to this den of thieves. of course, the list includes the not-so-independent 395 NGOs that tried to represent the silent majority.

Doc said...

when i was a kid my dad used to say this: "If you're walking down the street heading somewhere and suddenly a stray dog by the roadside starts barking at you, are you going to bark back or are you going to ignore that damn dog and continue with your journey?" That no bull guy's trying to tickle your balls, so just enjoy the laugh and don't bother about his empty vocab.
Hey, da real deal, I'm rather dumbfounded now. What Indian leadersla? You mean to tell me that there are leaders representing the ethnic Indian community in Malaysia? Damn, i must have been living in a different planet all this while. You have any facts proving that they are leaders? What are the attributes of a leader anyways? I'm asking because i don't know.
All i know or i knew is that i am a taxpaying citizen of Malaysia and i have elected two felows, one Malay and one Chinese guy, to represent me and my aspirations in the government.
You were saying, MIC? you mean Malaysian Indian Congress? All along I thought that it was the Malaysian branch of the Indian Congress party for Indian citizens residing in Malaysia.
If my place gets flooded, i will be looking for the Malay & Chinese guy i elected or their representatives. Kindly enlighten.

Kris said...

da real deal? LOL!!! My definition of ethnic cleansing? It's not my definition, it's the international definition. Go look it up. The whole world (as you put it) doesn't look at ethnic cleansing as culling or killing of an ethnic group. The whole worlds definition of ethnic cleansing is out there for anyone with a keyboard, a net connection and google. So go look it up. Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica etc.

As for blaming the MIC, they are a part of the problem. But try and understand this, the collective problem here is that everything is race based and not national. I personally am not crying foul because I need handouts and crutches. I am crying foul because my pride has been hurt, that I am looked at as Indian first and Malaysian second. Why? Because it insults my patriotism. I and my family have paid my dues. We have together worked towards the growth of this great nation of ours. But it seems to count for nothing. As they used to say in the old Soviet Socialist Republic, 'some of us are more comrade then others'.

As for reaching out to my brothers in India, why is it every conversation or debate in Malaysia on important issues, degenerates into going back to a past that no longer exists? Is it because people like you are so Intellectualy bankrupt that you can serve no other argument? I could return the salvo and ask you to assist your Melanesian/Austronesian brothers if you are Malay or your Chinese brothers if you were Chinese. But the point is it's a farcical reference. MY ONLY BROTHERS ARE MY FELLOW MALAYSIANS AND IT'S ABOUT TIME PEOPLE LIKE YOU REALISED THAT. You highlight the differences among Malaysians and then have the gall to tell all and sundry to go back to our origins? Wake up buddy. Arnold Schwarnegger and 'Bobby' Piyush Jindal have both made it to Governerships in their adopted homeland. No one questions their patriotism. No one asks them to go back to their Indian or Austrian brothers. Instead they are respected and called upon to contribute. And build a nation. We could learn from that. The strength that could come from this diversity is mind boggling if we could only harness it and build upon it beyond mere rhetoric.

Take a deep breath 'da real deal'. If you are but an ounce of your 'call sign' you'll recognise that the only real deal is that we are all Malaysians.........

Kris said...

BTW da real deal, yours and the Governments take on ethnic cleansing is actually referred to as genocide. Too subtle a difference to be grasped perhaps or deliberate mis interpretation?

Rox said...

(Not) Thinking. You said: "There's lots of bad politicians in BN, but at the same time, there are good ones too ..."

I don't care if they are good to their mother, wife, mistresses, children, pigs, dogs, cats, etc, etc but I care to know in what sense they are good in their job as representatives of the people who voted for them.

Does your "good" mean to shut up and do nothing and let their "bad" colleagues run the show??? How can you call any politician good if he by closing one eye indirectly supports his corrupt colleagues?

So tell me what do you mean by "good" with regard to their job as even a blind man can see they are only GOOD FOR NOTHING!!!
no more bull. are you blind? Didn't you read the title of the blog?


That is an appeal to know the truth, not an accusation of wrongdoing. Zorro wants answers from the authorities, idiot!

STOP taking commentators for fools you know with no minds of the own and thus easily swayed!

And even if Zorro chose to believe in his "little bird", he had the right to his opinions. This IS his blog.

You can disagree with him but threatening him is crossing the line.

Your bombastic threats (SB should monitor this man. P/S A copy of this msg is kept for eventuality) give you away and tell us that you're no more bull but full of shit like the people you're working for!

Anonymous said...

@Roxanne, 12:04pm

Please revisit my two earlier comments as you seem to have misread the points I was trying to make. There are two issues which I feel I need to clarify.

Firstly, regarding my statement that not all BN politicians are bad. Please don’t try to put words into my mouth by taking half a sentence and blowing it out of context. The whole sentence reads, “There's lots of bad politicians in BN, but at the same time, there are good ones too and I would be doing an injustice to them by tarring them with the same brush their less worthy colleagues thoroughly deserve.” I never said a politician who implicitly supports corrupt practices is a good one. If you read the whole of my 2 earlier posts, you will see I support the removal of politicians who are destroying Malaysian from within and robbing its people of life. You seem to be implying that all BN politicians are corrupt. Unless you are privy to information that I have yet to come across, this statement is nothing but emotional hot air. I don’t think you truly think that all BN politicians (elected and non-elected representatives) are bad. Or maybe you really do, in which case, you already know I disagree with you.

I am not directly involved in politics but I know a few people who are politically active in BN component parties. I know that they are good people of moral integrity who work hard to take care of their constituencies, have never turned away anyone in need, and who may not necessarily agree wholesale with the stances some of the higher profile BN MPs are making. They generally prefer to work from within BN, taking a less public approach to implementing good governance. You may or may not agree with their choice of party or methods to push for change but I believe it would be the people’s loss if we were to stereotype them as of the same cloth as their higher profile colleagues just because they happen to belong to the same party as less honorable people who have a penchant for putting their feet in their mouth every other day. I see no point in throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Or as another saying goes, don't cut off your nose just to spite your face.

Secondly, my two earlier comments was made in response to the anonymous account which Zorro posted. If this anonymous account is proven true, I will be among the first giving my voice to the calls for justice to be served on the perpetrators of this despicable act, that they may feel the full brunt of punishment befitting their crime. But I also happen to feel just as strongly on the point that punishment should only be meted if the accused is found guilty of the crime. BN as a party may be guilty of a lot of things, but this anonymous and highly emotional account of rampant corruption in the flood aid distribution in Pahang is as far as I know, the only one out there (so far). Until other independent (and more importantly) verifiable accounts and evidences surface, we would be jumping the gun. If we’re going to accuse BN of robbing flood victims and throw the book at them, shouldn’t we at least make sure a real crime has taken place and that they are punished for the right crime?

Anonymous said...

“Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not within everyone's power and that is not easy.” ~ Aristotle

Anonymous said...

Re "Secondly, my two earlier comments was made in response to the anonymous account which Zorro posted."

I meant to say that my two earliest comments were made in response to the anonymous account which Zorro reproduced in his blog. I know that Zorro did not write that anonymous account, it was a poor choice of words on my part.

Anonymous said...

Accuse the Malays of ethnic cleansing,
being treated as 3rd class or 4th class citizens, and rally to the city centre selling thier ugly stories to the world.
After all this you Indians expect to be
Where is INDIA to help.
Go ask from India..
thats what Hindraf did right.

Afcourse I would still do my best to help victims of any race or natural disaster.

But here I am just expressing my anger n hurt I have felt after what Hindraf performed...
It has made me hate!!
but I know this is not what a sensible mind should be swayed with.. but just cant help it..!!

Kris said...

Anonymous, it's good that you hate with anonymity, probably wouldn't do your social standing much good if you came out of the closet and admitted your hate and bigotry.

I really like statements like "You indians..." ooooooohhhh so much connotation, the bigotry positively drips.......

But a Malaysian has asked (that's me) for fairness and equitability for all Malaysians.

Thinking, well said on all points. Just the hint of misappropriation in something like disaster relief can cause emotions to run high, but we cannot be judge, jury and executioner until and unless all evidence points convincingly to misconduct.

As for working within the system, Gorbachev was and is the most famous example of this. Working within a flawed system sometimes can be the only way to do some good and if anything I laud the courage and conviction of someone who can stomach the nonsense going around in order to work for a greater good...

Anonymous said...

Zorro, no good asking for evidence of your allegations after you have published them.

I must be a paid capitalist running dog as well then, since I don't agree with your charges.

What you write may be lies since you yourself do not know whether they are true. for that alone your journalistic credibility is torn to shreds.

But you should continue with your angry rants because it helps the Barisan Nasional define the Opposition as frothing mad dogs.

Thank You

zorro said...

Chief clerk:

Little Bird published the allegation. Can't I ask for prove.Are we still in the Dark Ages?

You said it. I did not....that you must be a paid capitalist running dog. I now understand where you come from.

Journalistic credibility? I never impose my beliefs on anyone. I make statements to provoke thinking. If that is too deep then I suggest you visit other sites because this site is definitely not your cup of tea.

Of course I will continue to rant...it is emotive and cleansing rather than venting your masters voice....like a broken record. I'd like you to know too that I was transfered to vote in Bandar Tun Razak in the previous two elections to vote for a Barisan candidate. The last four years have opened my eyes to all the wrongs that should never happen. I am back in PJ and will make a protest vote....if you know what I mean. So prophet cum chief clerk....you were wrong again to assume that I am a card carrying member of the opposition. I am thinking seriously on PAS, though,....after having met Husam.
I* thank you for your thoughts here and wish you a good 2008.

Unknown said...


looks like there are a couple of paid running dogs doing the dirty work of the cyber troops. they sound pathetic, dont they.
dont get rile up, zorro. there are more important issues at hand. meantime, have a great NEW YEAR.
Cheers. Remember no water for single mart.

zorro said...

Hi Yok Hoong, been some time huh? Yes indeed there are....just got to smoke them out to tell them that we can smell them miles away.


Discovered something lately....if you have no choice but to go Black Label, etc, instead of water (if you do not take it on the rocks), mix the scotch with Green Tea (available in tetra-packs).....ABSOLUTELY NO AFTER EFFECTS. TRUST ME....introduced to me by my Hindraf buddies.

Great 2008 to you and yours Yok Hoong....got to get down to my pre New Year posting.Cheers buddy.

Da Real Deal said...

Dr Saravanan,

No, you weren't living on another planet but nearer to earth, you must have been on your self prescribed valium not to have understood how the political system works here. Perhaps when you're more lucid, I'll take the time to explain or you can have any teacher from a primary school close to you to educate you on it.


There are many more lawyers and doctors within the Indian community than any other single race in Malaysia. Are you telling me that this country has done nothing to improve the lives of Indians here? I'm sick of hearing phrases like "we have paid our dues to the nation". You're beginning to sound like the same broken record being spun by different players.

The nation doesn't owe you a thing for the space that you're taking.

Please don't tell me how you are looked upon as an Indian first before being seen as a Malaysian. Within the Indians yourselves, you may not be considered of equal standing. Many of you are looked down upon by other Indians. Have that straightened out first before blaming the other communities for your "internal" problems. Get the more established Indians ( which are very many ) to look at you as their equals first, then, focus your attention on blaming the rest.

You're a typical Indian who likes to amplify the achievements of aliens like the immigrant Governors in the U.S. while your "intelligent" mind suffers from temporary amnesia when it comes to important positions held by Samy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting, Lim Ah Lek, Koh Tsu Koon and the rest in the country that you so want to call your home.

No one asked Jindal to go back to India because he never acted like an imbesile carrying pictures of Ghandi above his head saying America has forsaken him. Can you fathom that Krishna?

My breathing is perfect Krishna because in wanting to be Malaysian in identity, I do not shout and cry for better treatment for my community or religion. If anything, I'm shouting for fair treatment for all and sundry.

There were mosques demolished in Terengganu and Suraus demolished along with the temples in Selangor that were on private land. If the Muslims could understand that what was done was in accordance with the law, what makes the Hindus so special that their Temple must be saved even when it is outside the boundaries of the law?

You want to be a Malaysian first but when issues relating to your religion and race, no matter how absurd is raised, you choose to be an Indian Malaysian.

I wish you'd make up your mind. Perhaps I should refer you to Dr Saravanan. If he can't heal you, the least he can prescribe for you some valium and you could both pretend like you're on a different planet.

Da Real Deal said...

"In another estate area with almost 600 Indian flood victims, the UMNO 'volunteers' delivered just one sack of rice to be shared by 600 Indian estate workers and their children. The sack of rice was left at a flood relief centre located in a Tamil primary school near the estate. Then the estate workers were asked to initial a list acknowledging that they had received a complete set of flood supplies (rice, oil, canned food, sugar, salt, bottled water and blankets). Obviously the remaining supplies had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and sold off for cash elsewhere. "

Hmm....I wonder where the volunteers of the other parties were?

For those smart Alecs who so easily accuse people who are actually on the ground providing aid as thieves, please send your contributions personally like I've done myself. That way, I have full satisfaction of seeing it reach the desired target, which included Indians, Chinese and Malay families.

Talk is cheap, and it's even cheaper when we sit behind the computer doing nothing to help the victims but condemn those who actually make the effort to be with them.

Anonymous said...


smoked out too many running dogs. best to keep macallan company, for this year countdown... and happy new year.

He that lieth down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas.
--Ben Franklin

Anonymous said...

I never realised that being a journalist means imposing one's beliefs on others...

I thought being journalists means reporting the truth and not half truths or unchecked allegations

It seems strange that to provoke thought one has to make allegations without proof

As for PAS, well they are the most credible of the Opposition parties, they are clear about their stand and have shown some ability to run a state, Husam is certainly one of the better representation of PAS, a thinking man....

I just thought that if you are less emotional in your blogs it would give you more credibility thats all

anyway Happy New Year.;-)

zorro said...

Chief Clerk....you got to know the difference between imposing and INFLUENCING.

You said: I thought being journalists means reporting the truth and not half truths or unchecked allegations.

You have been influenced by the Main Stream Media. They do exactly that because of the master's agenda. Me, I ain't no journalist. Our journalist try to tell the truth, but the editors massacre their story and it turns out as half-truths. You fault journalist. I dont. I can empathize with them.

I provoke thinking. I get the best from my students (in school) and in managers (in seminars)when I provoke them. I don't use fairy tales to provoke. As long as I can get people to think instead of foolishly swallowing half-truths or falsehood, I have achieved.And what better way than to challenge them with allegations....perceived as truths or otherwise. When you give up the greatest gift man is bestowed with .....the power to choose....you are vegetative. When you follow your masters voice religiously, you vegetate. Everybody detests being referred to as a vegetable....but when one abdicates this power to choose, one descends to that state.

At least we agree on Husam.

I do not pander to quick fixes nor knee-jerk solutions. I provoke action. But I can fail to provoke action when my audience wear blinkers (race horses wear blinkers because they just run ahead....they just see ahead as their master (jockey) direct. Without blinkers our periphery is 360 degrees.

You also volunteered: if you are less emotional in your blogs it would give you more credibility thats all.

Well, that depends on one's perception. My credibility is reflected by the quality of the postings my commentators post here. The only comments that I detest and delete are racist innuendos. I did that only on three occasions since I started blogging on 31 Jan.2007.

Yes, sir Happy New Year to you too and I wish only the best for you and yours in 2008.

Kris said...

I feel sorry for you da real deal (an anonymous real deal, now that's an oxymoron). I really do. Your comments are loaded with prejudice and bigotry. You cannot see beyond that so I'm not even going to try and explain where you have gone wrong in your observations of your fellow malaysians (as if the points we raised weren't enough)

As for your medical recommendations, I would recommend you take a strong suppository, you're so backed up who knows it might help....

Kris said...

BTW if you want to use words like imbecile, learn how to spell them :-)

Da Real Deal said...

Thank you Krishna,

Thank you for proving me right by falling into my trap. You've proven yourself to be the typical Indian when instead of trying to see the woods from the trees, you redicule my typo to exhibit your fake superiority. Did it bring great satisfaction to you when all else failed?

I wasn't prejudiced nor am I a bigot. I was merely pointing out where you were contradicting yourself.

Krishna, I'll take the suppository only if you promise to slide it in with your tongue ;-)

Kris said...

LOL!!! So you're a pervert as well as a bigot. Nice try imbecile but you can't spell to save your life and we both know it. Hahahahahaha!!! What a pathetic attempt at recovery!!!

Kris said...

DRD, all your posts make constant allusions to things like ‘typical indians’, ‘your Indian leaders’, ‘ reaching out to your Indian brothers’. I haven’t and others like me don’t. There are god knows enough cultural anecdotes and racial slurs and slants out there but we refrain. But like all bigots (like alcoholics) you deny your bigotry because you know it is a shameful trait. Better to deny it then to live with it.
Your understanding of posts leaves much to be desired as well. I have never contradicted myself. Ask anyone who knows me or reads my posts. You on the other hand have chosen to make assumptions on my religion (clearly stated in your post) and by inference on your assumption state that I contradict myself.
Even your understanding of points raised like the cases of Governers Piyush Jindal and Arnold Schwarznegger seem to fall short of the mark. They have been elected on electoral platforms based on their ideology, principles and capability. Our political systems here on the other hand are race based. And bigots like you then decry the failure of ethnic groups because of failed leaders ( quote : SO, go blame your own Indian leaders for screwing the community: unquote). The point is we should not be identifying Indian leaders for Malaysians of Indian ethnic origin. We should be identifying Malaysian leaders for Malaysians. But this kind of thinking is so entrenched in your psyche that to you it is the only reality. To the rest of us it isn’t. It is you who can’t see the forest for the trees.
You have also exhibited extremely aggressive traits which I normally see reserved for sittings of Parliament. Dr Saravanan wrote a simple, clear and polite piece but he questioned your line of reasoning which you obviously found unacceptable. Your response was to question his lucidity and a recommendation to drug him. Even if you can’t see that you’re a bigot, can you not see that such behavior has no place in Civil Society?
Which brings to mind your most recent comments. Your descent into vulgarity. There is only one other parallel to this conduct and that is the Klu Klux Klan. You are in an argument you cannot win so you attempt to shift the tide with crudeness, vileness, aggression and vulgarity. Straight out of the Klan manual.
Such behavior has no place in Civil Society. Free and fair and polite exchanges of ideas allow people to grow and explore. Try and learn this.
Happy New Year to you…

Anonymous said...

In MY opinion -

Malaysia needs to ban all politcal parties based upon race or religion. Political parties must be based upon political ideology and therfore provide a choice of diferent ideologies for all citizens to vote on.

During election campaign the different parties must "sell" their vision for Malaysia for all Malaysians - none of this bumi, chinese, indian, muslim, christian, buddhist, hindu, special rights etc etc. Once the population has voted then its governent for all based upon equality for ALL Malaysians.

Freedom of religion is for your personal self - dont bring God into politics and the parliament. Right to govern comes from majority vote of citizens - I dont recall God ever casting a vote here !!!

Malays, Chinese and Indians are ALL three to blame (sorry but I have to generalise here for emphasis) for the past doings and their respective generationally propogated perceptions of their race being in "competition" with others or even more deserving. I feel all three races have failed the United Malaysian race.

To Malays I say - enough of this special rights treatment, discounted property prices, amanah saham, other favoured whatever etc etc etc. 50 years of independence and also 39 years of May 13 gained special priveleges and keris scare tactics is enough. How many more generatons do you guys want to go on with this ? Help should now be given to ALL MALAYSIANS in need on EQUAL merit basis based upon individual needs or shortcomings.

To Chinese I say enough of your favouring each other for e.g. in business and your one upmanship in comparing yourself with others. I still recall my younger days living in a row of shophouses. The Chinese shops always had one set of prices for "others" and one for each other - I wonder if this still goes on, hmmmm ??. Stop advertising for positions calling for Mandarin expertise just to work around the "system" !!! MALAYSIAN race and MALAYSIA should now be your focus and prioirty not the next "Chinaman" .

To Indians I say cultural ties and your future now lies in Malaysia. What Hindraf guys did in trying to present petition to QEII was IN MY OPINION a very stupid and laughable move. If you want to make a point of being treated unfairly - stick to that for all Malaysians as a whole. There are poor people everywhere in Malaysia not only Indians. There was also no reason to demonstrate by bring up historical links to the days of the Indian forefathers and colonial connections - no matter what you thought your clever foxy strategy was. You want to make a point against the governement - say so and do it openly - dont try and be smart and hide it behind colonial history. Be proud and walk like a true MALAYSIAN demonstrating for better chances and more equitable benefits for ALL. You are now 3 or more generations MALAYSIANS not INDIANS. Highlighting colonial links, "forced migration" etc and shortcomings for which you now "require" financial compensation means that you are not proud to be here. If true - hop on a plane back and start your life there - its never too late. If you choose to stay (its always everyone's god given right to choose), think Malaysian, act Malaysian and demonstrate against poverty and inequality for all Malaysians.

Well as Zorro would say - back to my single malt - no water. Cheers Mr Khoo on New Year 2008 and your birthday. Hope to catch up soon for a yam seng.

PS - Good on yah in your replies to Anonymous and Ketua Kerani. Chin up sir and carry on carying on !!

Kris said...

well said whitelight. The point about Malaysians being in competition with each other was especially noteworthy. The politicians here feed on this. Their power base is to maintain this fear and xenophobia so the rakyat thinks they are under constant threat and need the support of their respective ethnic representatives. The system is nurturing this and weakening our nation in the process for there is no solidarity, no unity aside from rhetoric.

Just the polarisation out there is clear enough evidence of this. At any given social outing or meal at a public place such as a mall or a restaurant the group that I am with is more often then not the only Malaysian one. I was at a Baskin Robbins just over the weekend (as cosmopolitan a place as any)and all the other tables were congregated along ethnic lines i.e Chinese, Malays and Indians. Just do this simple test the next time you go out and have a look around. It is disgraceful that this is where we are 50 years after independence in a supposedly plural, multi-racial society.

The other symptoms that are endemic such as corruption and rising crime are manifestations of our continuing weakness. Most overlook the principles and capabilities in the leaders they vote for, for it is enough that they are of the same ethnicity as the voter and will serve and protect the voters ethnic 'rights', all else being secondary.

I don't see this status quo changing anytime soon but is heartening to note that there are others who share similar concerns and have drawn similar observations...

zorro said...

Da Real Deal, I am sorry I had to reject your last comment. Was getting risque...the language that is. Pls accept my regrets.

January 7, 2008 8:52 PM

Da Real Deal said...

That's alright Zorro.

It is important that we maintain our decorum at all times.

I sometimes go through the roof when dealing with hypocritical people who refuse to see the ills of his own ethnic group while blaming others.