Thursday, December 6, 2007


OnTuesday night we were told that the Bar Council had called off their December 9 Freedom Walk. This has been the Bar Council initiative for the past few years. Did they bow to pressure from within and without? Somebody tell me, and give it to me straight. So the Walk is off? Will the legal community crawl now at snail-pace in their crawl for justice?

That same Tuesday night, Haris Ibrahim told me that he would walk alone unless I was not joining him. He understood the dirty look I gave him and apologetically knocked glass with me. Rocky (sitting on the steps of NPC) said: I will walk with my defence lawyers. SO IF THE LAWYERS WON'T WALK AT LEAST THREE BLOGGERS WILL....and just you wait...if other bloggers hear about this, they too will join us. We will walk because we believe our lawyers cannot be shackled so easily. I want to convince myself that most of our lawyers put justice and human rights before the rice bowl. NO?

OK let me level with everybody who reads this. I may look thuggish, aggressive, abrasive but I am actually a charmer, as Ranting Marina claims. But when the occasion demands I can get angry. However when I am angry, I drink more beer and after much much beers, I forget about being angry and become happy. But when I am incensed, I become nasty. Today I am incensed and therefore allow me to be nasty.....did we walk for justice aka human rights during the PutraJaya walk? Or did we walk to get some mileage for some parochial gains, like inflating a deflated institution? Isn't demanding for the right to justice a basic human right? 2000 of us walked the distance for that? NO?
Let me get nastier. Lawyers showed the way to 10/11 and 25/11.....follow the leader? The populace gave you a kudos. They had faith in your council. Your light showed them the way. You lead by example! And now when it matters fixed agenda....basic, simple human rights that embraces Mohd. Ah Chong , Muniandy and Tok anak abandoned them. NO?

My parting shot has to be the nastiest. Where have all the learning gone? Wither the "when lawyers walk, something must be wrong"..... whithered? Semua nya ok now? All the wrongs righted, so don't have to do the Freedom Walk. Your president said:
"For too long we have cried out for reform, but the authorities have not heeded our pleas." How to heed your pleas because your pleas are not consant. It is hard to address a moving target. You tugged that pedigree tail between the legs? Better to cowed-tow (pun vehemently intended) than to be gassed and showered? NO?

Damn, I was with you all on the 26 September. I was so pumped up and I was so proud of you people. My stumbling faith was re-born and found new feet. My buddy, Patrick Teo dragged his polio-ed legs and walked the gauntlet. We bloggers believed in what you did....that day we wanted to be with the heroes. I hoped Patrick and the bloggers did not regret doing that. I try very hard not to regret.


Anonymous said...

thats a good one bruder...( best one to date )

I love that heightened sense of purpose though can feel your badly bruised comradership of a failed ( don't they always ?) prveviously comrade in arms. Have no fear more will come , soon you shall see.

GobloKing said...

grrr...zorro..sorry but I am NOT in Msia...otherwise i promise you Aunty here will walk with u!!

I will be back closer to xmas so if any other event like this happens - I WILL BE THERE!!!


Already told ye olde man to be prepared to bail me out and send me to hospital...WTF! 1 has to walk the walk man!

I agree with zorro. BE CONSTANT lawyers!

Do u guys mean to tell me everything's hunky dory now?

Or are u saying u lot hv become gutless wonders?

Those who walked 10 & 25/11 also have families, properties, careers but they did so - at their own risk.

I am really curious now as to WHY the walk was cancelled...intimidation? satisfaction with the results of yr Putrajaya jalan? WHAT?

Anonymous said...

Those clowns in the Bar Council dont walk their talk. We now see their true colours. They are nothing but a bunch of empty cans.

shar101 said...

Yo Zorro,

When you're truly incensed, how much more intense can you get on your blog? But you sure know how to colour them fonts and insert them pretty pictures to boot.

Are yer wearing crocs this Sunday?

Nuff said and let's start walking again, eh bro.

All-Bloggers Unite!

P.S. The Central Market activities have been re-located to the Bar Council auditorium starting at 9.00am. And you might meet up with you know who to verbalise your displeasure.

Anonymous said...

walk here, walk there. What it proves meh? Who cares?
getting boring lah wei.

Anonymous said...

Human Rights forfeited!!
Committee & Edmund's efforts, no deny!
Meeting in Council remains public and could be nailed!!
Get the permit to show
how they can "kill" a Rights!

The walk or the "Celebration" is Right(s) & Bright!
Authority tarnished the Rights!
Let it DIE
to show how it is deprived!

Let Malaysia be out of the Celebration
when Authority hammered with their permit "Rights"!

Let leaflet of UN Human Rights be pick-up from the Council
to tell what are Human Rights!
Nothing to celebrate but remind!!


if they dare to do it twice!!
This is a kind of Silent Protest!
NO ONE CAN CELEBRATE HUMAN RIGHTS as authority overrides!!

Anonymous said...

9/12 "Free Walk Day"!!
Walk or not - as you wish!
Walk the Bar, not even a side-dish!!

Get to know the principle of Human Rights
Where to practice and teach!
It's a long walk to reach
so everyday a HR day!

9/12 is "Free to walk day"
as Bar's Trail loss the way!
With HR in heart
Free HR all the ways!!

Anonymous said...

Bar Council memebrs used members of public to walk with them so that they can get close to the power that be. They are just a bunch of hypocrites fighting for their self interests. They don't give a damn what happened to Malaysians. They only pay lip service to freedom of assembly, expression and etc.

Ambiaga (Presidnet) Ragunathan (Vice-President)only looking after their own interests. F..k them and lets walk on the 9th. OK please tell us the exact place to meet and time. See you there.

lucia said...

mental jog

i just visited lulu's blog where she mentioned about the walk being canceled (url as sharing had posted above), then the change of venue, and i was so INCENSED that i left a very angry comment using the f word!! for the first time in comments!!


Anonymous said...

I say forget about the walk. Forget about those hypocrites in the BAR Council. All cakap tak seropa bikin one.

I am packing my bags for Canada next year.

You lot can have Malaysia for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Backward, legal cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, i'm taking a stroll this Sunday with ya as well. It'll be nice to walk with the bloggers. You are the heroes, the lawyers are your sidekicks. I'm so waiting for the police to stop me so i can tell him/her: please sir, now I can even go for a walk?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, I'll take a stroll down TAR road with you also this Sunday. It'll be nice to walk alongside the bloggers. On one hand, it's a good exercise, on the other, i can also thank you for providing us alternative news to the mainstream media. You BLOGGERS are the true heroes, the lawyers are just your sidekicks! I'm so waiting for the police to stop me so that i can say to him/her: Ampun beribu-ribu ampun tuan, manalah patik tahu sekadar berjalan di KL pun tidak dibenarkan... =P. HOSAY!

Shanghai Fish said...

I wont say ALL lawyers are cow-ed to toe the line...and Haris and a few I know have the passion to stand by their principles-walking the talk !Hey...the whole world is celebrating this day ! I'll join you bro and together we'll walk this Sunday morning !Maybe I'll even bring along the family !
You know Zorro...the Bar Council is divided already..clearly there are hidden agendas and there are a good lot of them within the council, depending on lucrative "work" from the various banks and other government connected GLC's- "Arahan dari atas"...hmmm...So they must have "debated" about walking the talk or fcuking-up thier rice bowl ! Of course lah...must take care of the "stomach" first meh !Otherwise how to maintain their lifestyle ?

Call them spineless, yes but I'm sure they have another justified and legitimate legal jargon for it !
But I'll walk with that "wild man of politics" Haris Ibrahim come Sunday morning...because like him, I believe I have a right to walk anywhere, anytime in MY own country....and God knows I need the exercise too man !Sheesh....Cheers bro !

GobloKing said...


Where are all the lawyers in this blog site??

Not answering because u hv learnt to hold yr own counsel?

Not answering because u hv learnt fr yr master how to be elegantly silent??

Not answering because u are now all happy zombies???

Not answering because yr livelihood, yr future and all u hv gained are being threatened/risked????

Or are u all really living up to the title of being "loyar buruk"


Anonymous said...

In addition to the rukunegara, I'd like to remember a favourite song from my school days ... Let's sing it again, and again!


Malaysia kita sudah berjaya
Aman makmur bahagia
Malaysia abadi selamanya
Berjaya dan berjaya

Berbagai kaum sudah berikrar
Menjunjung cita-cita
Satu bangsa satu bahasa
Malaysia berjaya

Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah
Kita sudah merdeka
Negara makmur rakyat mewah
Kita sudah berjaya

Dengan semboyan kita berjaya
Gemuruh di angkasa
Satu bangsa satu negara
Malaysia berjaya

Anonymous said...

Lawyers? Lawyer burok ada la!

Anonymous said...

The wrath of Zorro!

I dont know what got into the Bar, it is just a walk. It isn't really a rally or protest walk. It is just a yearly event. Hmm.. I suppose Bloggers United will just have to walk themselves. But when they do, they never walk alone.

zorro said...

Mama I luv you....catch you near Xmas then. Let us know....and bring the old man along to. He deserves a drink for having you.

Old Blue Eyes.
Side by Side with you, buddy.It would be great to have Eva the way...the airwaves have not heard you cyber love bytes for quite a while...what did you say to her....told you not to talk about thongs!

Love to have Anna walk between us!

To all of you walking with us I dedicate my next posting: Side by Side

Anonymous said...

A Song for Peace to walk!

Song for the Scenes!
When PM looks at Surveys not the Screams!
(Rhythms: from Where have all the flowers gone?)
Where have all the appeals gone?
Long time passing!
Where have all the memos gone?
Some time ago!
Where have all the Rallies gone?
Police teargas everywhere!
Did PM ever see?
Did PM ever see?

Where have all the police gone?
Gone to Rallies everyone!
Where have all the fairness gone?
Gone to greedy!
Where have all the money gone?
Gone to toll, tax, corruptions!
No one need to be told!
No one need to be told!

Where have all the MPs gone?
Gone to sleeping everyone!
Where have all the projects gone?
Gone to Samy!
Where have all the joking gone?
Gone to leaking everywhere!
Did PM ever know?
Did PM ever know?

Where have lost the ballots box?
EC chief knew nothing?
Where have all the tricks to be?
BN knows well!
Where have all the postal votes?
Gone to BN's pocket!
Did PM ever know?
Did PM ever know?

Where have all the People gone?
Gone to Rallies everyone!
Where have all the People gone?
Gone to Valley!
Where have all the People gone?
Talking grievance everyone!
So PM stays away
So PM stays away!

Why surveys one by one?
BN's way of swinging!
Why only survey done?
Their only way!
Why survey off the facts?
BN's tricks to overcome!
Hiding facts from everyone
Hiding facts from everyone!!

The original sang during Anti-war in U.S.
so for Peace this song wrote
and for Peace this song is repeated!!
The question is where the Grievances can go?
How many more to be abused
when at least 31 Hindu in court
for a peaceful walk in Batu Cave!

PM swing with surveys over facts
Just repeating "King in his new dress"!
People not in War but to the walls!!
A slippery Wall
when Police+AG+Court in one piece!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to don yellow attire on our Sunday walk .......

Anonymous said...

Please go to on news that lawyers calling themselves "Lawyers for Walk of Freedom" or something will break rank and joint the 9th December morning walk from Sogo.

patrickteoh said...

Zorro, I was shocked when I read the statement that said the BC was cancelling it's walk. Huh? I felt the same way you did? What had it all been about up til then? And this Sunday's walk wasn't about destabilising the country. it wasn't about causing racial dis-harmony. it wasn't about inciting riots. it is just a group of malaysians out on a stroll in their capital city in support of a global event. so why was there a big deal about needing to get police permission? Now we need permission to go for a walk? If the police thought there might be trouble makers out to take advantage of the situation then it is their duty to make sure they protect the walkers. Right now they are stopping people from walking so that they don't have to do their jobs. The logic sure pisses me off.

In the meantime, do take a moment to read this...

follow Ghandi's lead. non-violence is the answer. if anyone is in a demo they should all just sit down and link arms. do NOT move, even when tear-gassed (cloths soaked in urine can help you breath (don't ask me why but the uric acid takes some of the sting out of the tear gas. people have to be very non-confrontational, (it helps to practice first.) also do not carry i.d., do not answer questions as to your identity. actually play deaf/dumb and blind when (eventually) arrested. Make sure there are lawyers ready to launch habeas corpus appeals the moment people are carted off. have other people videographing the whole thing (some of them will need to be secret) some public (they will probably have their equipement confiscated but that needs to be on the record too.)

...probably old hat to some but perhaps a good lesson for others.

I am sorry I won't be joining you again this Sunday, zorro. I shall be doing my little bit for a few senior citizens whom I have known an loved since the days when we were just plain old Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Bar Council president, ambiaga and secretary, Ragunathan. what a fraud! They only interested in taking care of their rice bowl rather than nation building.

Shame on you, Ambiga and Ragunathan. Please resign and be a lawyer and make your money.

Mat Salo said...

LOL! You said, "... I may look thuggish, aggressive, abrasive but I am actually a charmer." We'll I can't argue with that. Gomen take heed. Better not to piss Unker off! But the walk will do you good, Unker. To burn off the calories that you are sure to accumulate post walk --knocking glasses and one-armed exercises!

Anonymous said...

Freedom is a misleading word
Rights is more appropriate when fairness or Equalities must

Rights and obligations both to be alert!

Rights partner with Obligations
Constitution with Policemen
Clients with lawyers
People with Government
Buyers with sellers
Consumers with Manufacturers, or Service Providers
House Buyers and Developers
Residents and Councilors
No former, no latter!!

I will come Sunday
to find my lawyer!
A lawyer brave to sue the judge
but not taking the interest of client at large
Taking payment but sitting and ignoring reminders several month

Not attending court many times right at the start!
Without the intervention of Bar and court like a star!
Putting Client in the Dark!
Surely he cannot fight for Human Rights
so only Freedom to Assembly if he dare to be a part!

If he is not in,
I will find two she!
who misled counterclaim to be done after amendment made!
who refused to get Suggest Statement of facts & issues even

pleadings made!
distorting pleading and get discharged with false allegations
challenging "see you in court if you not happy"!

If she is not in,
I will find another he
who refused giving opinion even after case management
leaving defense holes for Plaintiff's arguments!

If he is not,
I will find again a he
who denied the obligation of the Developer to apply Consent
to make MOT valid and registrable
charging a job of Developer's
but no application to see after year!
When complain to Bar
declared Defamation for Million RM to talk!

If he is not in,
another he from the BAR
who instigate Respondent to object explanation to Complainant!
He may not be in as was told he is a Judge somewhere!

If he is not in,
another he from DB
who followed Respondent objection not to provide Explanation to

Discharging complaint without explanation, hearing or

Board minutes said to come
No sign after years passed!

How many Rights I have to fight
to see even Rights and Obligations from Lawyers, Bar and court!
They are All one Basic Rights - Client or Consumer Rights!
No need to assembly, if Rights is Right without numbers!!

zorro said...


Ambiga: when lawyers walk, something is wrong!


Anonymous said...

I guess the old man was right, this is a Police State!

Sigh.....Malaysian Bar Council,
this is the begining of the end !

chong y l said...


IF some four wheeler gets Desi warmed up, I'll be dare!
If I run late, can VVVVVVVe meet up at Central Market -- that fishead restron -- if i can smuggle in some PuErh, it can bring down your incense flavour!:)

PS: Pass message to Haris Ib, can sms me what time is suitable Dec 9 (tomolo, a lawyer cometh with pomelo from Perakbar, anywan?)to "meet"?

Anonymous said...

They are really pissed! Go for a morning walk also cannot now =( . siao! betul betul SIAO!

Anonymous said...

s Islam is peaceful? than why did not Badawi engage first a peaceful method of solving this problem. Why did not the Imam of Islam Hadhari use this method as the prophet would have done..since Muslims claim that he would have tried to make peace first before using violence.??

NO!!this is the hypocrisy of Badawi and the Mamak gang..they use this kind of confrontation..conflict to tell the rest of the MUSLIMs that your rights are being challenged and your race is being threatened. Naik keris..cium keris..dan memanggil orang lain "monyet"..orang Melayu asli tidak berkasar macam ini..

Good Malays have to watch out for the lidah biawaks and the musuh di bawah selimut "MAMAK GANG" and the "CHAP CHONG" GANG who pretend that they are fighting for the MALAY RIGHTS inside UMNO. JAGA ULAR2 UMNO.

Malays have been stupid to allow them to masuk Melayu using Islam and then claim they are BUMIPUTRAS This is unfair to the real Malays.(they wallop all the privileges too)This is also unfair to the thousands MALAYS and others who were here before them and today not even considered first class citizens.
Look at all the problems caused by the MAMAKutty22. He used the good Malays to go against the Indians and Chinese..He pretended to be angry with the British..but his agenda was to make his family kaya and his friends kaya..He did not use his power to break the British tradition of divide and rule..but continued to use this to engage conflict and push himself to greater power( the unity among Malays, chinese and indians is even worse than the British Days)..KONON NYA untuk 22tahun tiada orang Melayu yang lain yang boleh memmimpin kecuali dia a mamak...and now taken over by a questionable IMAM Hadhari( another con of the Malays?)..a real Imam will engage peace first..( not go honeymoon in bungalow there, buy a yatch, buy private jet)..semua follow the Mamak juga..( media di kawal..ISA di guna..OSA di guna..cerita benar di putar belit)KEHAKIMAN YANG TIDAK BEBAS..dengan kuasa macam ini macam manakah suara minoriti ..boleh didengar???

This is all a tactic..the same tactic the Mamak used when the elections were round the corner.
Always he says "don't forget MAY13'using fear against the Indians and Chinese and the good Malays. Now the IMAM and his gang are using the HINDRAF RAlly to cause PANIC AND anger from the Malays..50 TAHUN MANA ADA ORANG HINDU BER-ANTI ISLAM???

Inside the HINDRAF pun ada ular. The petition yang hantar itu MIC punya orang kononnya..Lawyer juga ular.macam2 dia tuduh..ada orang india mati di penjara ..ini pun orang MIC kata... mereka ada hubungan dengan "terrorist"....terroist mana?? This is fitnah not Islam Hadhari..

MAMAK DULU KATA" You cannot blame the Palestinians from killing the Jews by suicide bombs and using arms..they do not have justice in their own homeland, they have no homeland, they have nothing.."
Don't you think what the Mamak said can be used for the minority too here????..this is their homeland�I hope this does not happen here...I don�t want to see bombings and suicide bombers.

The Imam Hadari must do something.
He could have given permission for them to demonstrate..but in a stadium..then send a representive to listen..then engage in talks..and do something...
NO NO>>>he use that the can tell the Malays..see..I and my UMNO gang are fighting for you..
Pada masa yang same..berjuta juta wang..sedang di pindah ke Australia , Switzerland dan tempat2 lain.
Mereka tidak takut lagi..ada dana..cukup..kalau sini ada problem..lawan atau rusuhan..LARI KE AUSTRTALIA..AMERICA EUROPAH. biar orang biasa..mati..di tikam..dan di tembak..

Itulah..awak peres dan tekan orang minority..dan mereka tiada suara. Awak tidak mahu dengar..dan berunding..kini mahu runding pun ada UMNO gang yang kata macam2.

Malays have to do something about these mamak gang and the chapchongs in UMNO..because they are the ones in power and who are causing the racial divide.
for example:
22 years of our oil money was close to USD750 billion..WHERE DID IT GO??? With this money all the Malay, Indian and chinese children can get free education right up to UNIVERSITY..but today Malays, Indians and Chinese have to borrow. Most of the'MINISTERS CHILDREN are sent overseas to study in the best USA and European U's . then they come back..and replace their father as the next Minister..
and so the good Malays the peaceful ones are used by them again....RIGHT MINDED MALAYS DO SOMETHING!!!ESPECIALLY YOUR MAJESTIES!!!!