Friday, August 2, 2013


 Zan Azlee is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, New Media practitioner and lecturer. He runs Fat Bidin Media

I never fail to read his offerings whenever he contributes to The Malaysian Insider. I am offering this post of Zan as dedication to Dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof, who has been remanded over a controversial Hari Raya greeting video she made 3 years ago, and who has been released under bond.
I just returned from University Hospital. Its confirmed that the growth in my bladder is the big C. So what! It is another battle. I will face it with fortitude and faith as I have always done, but this time with a clearer roadmap and timeline. Help me people, with the time I am left with to make this beautiful country, harmonious and undivided again.....but that does not mean I will take off the kid gloves!

............hopefully this article of Zan Azlee is the first step in our journey.....

Oh my Allah! 
Recently, the newly appointed Vatican envoy to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino, stated in an interview that he supported the call for the word 'Allah' to be used by non-Muslims in the country.

I don't see the problem in his comments. I support the use of the word 'Allah' by Christians in the country. 
In fact, there is proof that the word is used by many non-Muslims all around the world (even before Islam existed!).
It's an Arabic word which means 'God'.
It's like the Malay word 'Tuhan'. 
It's like the Cantonese word 'San'.
It's like the Tamil word 'Kadavul'. In fact, it's all exactly the same.

In all the Arabic speaking Arab countries that I have visited (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon), the people use the word 'Allah' to mean God no matter what religion they are.
Actually, one does not need to go so far. Just take a quick trip to Sabah and pay a visit to any church there and be prepared for a huge shock!
And if you want to think about it, Christianity and Islam (along with that other Abrahamic faith - Judaism), have the same God, goddamit!

So I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend why so many Muslims in Malaysia think that the word 'Allah' is exclusively for their use only.

Then there are these cabinet ministers in the country who say that the Archbishop shouldn't have commented on something that was considered an internal national issue.

Hello! The last time I checked, issues regarding major world religions didn't belong to Malaysia. 
If I'm not mistaken (and I know I'm not!), Allah has stated that Islam is a religion for all, not just Malays.

And, knowing how important education is to the Vatican, the Archbishop probably has more knowledge of Islam compared to the many Muslims in Malaysia.
A quick background check shows that he has several university degrees under his belt, and amongst them is one in theology (which is the study of the different concepts of God).

These cabinet ministers also mentioned that it is inappropriate for him to comment on something that is still being debated in the country.
Has it even been debated at all throughout the years?
As far as I can see, no discussion or discourse has taken place at all over the issue.

The issue has always faced a dead end every time it is raised, as it is just shut down by those who are in power without any consultation or logical reason.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? It's because this involves the basic human and constitutional right of freedom of religion.

But most of all, because I feel offended that those who object to the use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims gives Malay Muslims an image that we are ignorant and that our faith is fragile.
If they are so worried that a mere word can threaten people's faith, then maybe they should treat the disease rather than the symptom - proper religious education and understanding.

This documentary Oh My D.O.G! It's "samak" time could cleanse some warped minds!


Jamal Majid said...

Sorry to hear about your big C.

I guess in life, we are all put through different trials and tribulations. It is how we respond that determines our true happiness.

Carry on your work; you have a lot more to give to your family and all Malaysians.

Wishing you God's blessing.

Anonymous said...

Well said sir. My thoughts and prayers are with you on your battle with the big C. God bless.

Jamal Majid said...

Yup we have a nation of some paranoid Muslims who can easily be provoked to run amok. The favourite trigger now is 'insulting Islam'. Hence we have many champions of Islam coming out to declare war against anyone who dare insult their religion. The last time I checked the Al-Quran; no mention about protecting the religion. However it did mention about protecting the weak and the oppressed without stating whether they have to be Muslims or not. If we do believe that Allah is Almighty, we also need to believe that Allah needs no protection from us mortals. Only the weak and oppressed among us do. I guess Muslims too have ego; really hugh ones especially if they are in power. So, don't mess with their sensitivities. Now aren't we supposed to suppress our ego; what more in this holy month of Ramadan?

Our 2nd big man has shot his mouth off. To cover his 'kemaluan', the authorities have to make a scapegoat out of this helpless Muslim lady who loves dogs. Two political points scored for this big man in time for this coming party election. The first, we do not tolerate anyone who 'insult' Islam. The second, we are being fair since both Muslims and non-Muslims will be hauled up.

Yup, our beloved country is certainly going to the dogs. No offense to dogs but I am also a dog-loving Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Uncle B, you are one person that I know that will battle anything for the good of others. In this time when your battle is personal, all I can do is be by you in this battle. May God's blessings be with you and Karen and the family.

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

May God Bless You.

Pak Idrus said...

Hope for the best on your next Hospital visit. I am sure you would get over it.

As for the country we are doing OK. Remember the country is just 50 + years old. The rakyaat especially the youth are making it presence felt all the way in ensuring that the country took the right path in determination it's future. It not going to be easy but who say nation building is easy.

Have a nice day and take care.he

Unknown said...

Bless you my friend may God bless and keep you in his care.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant and stupid people are taking over the country. Form an NGO. Get your pak ciks and mak ciks, your relatievs and your kaki kopi to sign up...suddenly there are 1001 members. You can then go round shouting. As long as you want to save and protect one religion it is ok! Threaten people into silence. Tell everybody you are getting angry! Even before others say a word, you are already shouting. How do you debate? What science, knowledge can come through? The children are learning? The youths are learning? ALl the capable and able will leave the country. Only the morons and the incapable will be left behind.

najib manaukau said...

Whatever I want to say and convey are already written before I have the chance to do so. Nonetheless there is always such a thing call miracle and I hope it will happen to you. Just make sure you get treated by an oncologist and not a botanist. To be sure of this go to Singapore for your treatment !

A Bad Boy said...


Sorry to hear about your condition.

I am sure I speak for many here when I say that we will do our best to help you realise your dreams of a better Malaysia.

The current persecution of Maznah Mohd Yusof for her innocent video is disgusting.

These so-called Muslims are nothing but hypocrites who keep silent when the corrupt behavior of BN politicians are exposed.

It's time these religious bigots are brought to account.

They are not Muslims and right-minded Muslims should get rid of these false Muslims.

Andrew Gopal said...

Dear Cikgu,

Will pray for you to recovery. Never give up and keep going.

Anonymous said...


Wish you strength and lots of courage to overcome this difficult period.
God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, would you like to try ayurvedic medicine? I was cured of a terrible allergy/eczema which specialists in SG couldn't for 3 years.

Finally someone recommended me an ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore...he was good.

Now I found an equally good ayurvedic doctor in SG. If you are keen to try out, please let me know.

It is worth a try. I am so sorry to hear of your condition.


Anonymous said...

Forget about public service for the moment. Go to Singapore and look for a good Oncologist immediately, if possible now, and let them put you on treatment.The Big C is abrutal illness and the treatment is even more brutal. I hope and pray that your treatment will be able to improve your quality of life. May my Kadvul bless you.

Anonymous said...

This one sensitive, that one offending, the other one insulting....whats wrong with this country, we have become the most sensitive country in the world where it's better off not to look,comment,mix,do anything, with another person.Everybody should just keep to himself to be safe

Nescafe SS3 said...

Bro Z,

I just returned from BM and Medan lately and had offered prayers for you. Nothing to worry. All be taken care of my the Almighty.
God Bless! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 9.14am, Aug 3. Pls, your health is important and we need you here. So go to Spore to fight the battle and I know God is with you.
Btw, I tried to send you an email using the add you put in your blog, but it was returned. I have something that I would like to share with you.

Anonymous said...

Just tell me when did the dogs or the dog's owner insulting Islam.


Jong said...

Bernard, I know you are facing a very difficult challenge and you are doing it with honesty, courage and grace.

Please remember there are many who care about you and wish you well!

loveMyKris said...

Have strength bernard.

A Single Vote said...

Our prayers are with you. Bod bless.

Dean Johns said...

Great article by Zan Azlee!!!
Very sorry to hear about the big C, but of course know you will fight it with all your customary courage and undying resolve. Hope you can take strength from the fact that you've long been, and always will be, an inspiration to me, and surely to your countless other friends, colleagues and comrades-in-arms. For all our sakes, I wish you many happy, healthy years more with us. Cheers, DJ

zorro said... email is

zorro said...

People, thanks for the good wishes and prayers.

Unknown said...

Sometime back in early 90s my handsome anak angkat from Kucing was amputated to avoid his myeloid cancer from spreading. The onco was giving his bleak diagnosis to me to spare the parents.
I had been involved with Cancer counselling since my Dad died in 1975 from NPC!
He gave a time frame that we all have with our looker barely 20 year old son. BUT he quickly added `But `everything is with Allah's Will, we can never be sure!'
Then back in October we lost another friend's 14 year old son to Leukaemia after taking in plasma transplant in Germany and more time in SDMC. But his 38-year old mum put up such a fight to save him, she put me to shame for being so jelly-kneed!
IN ALLAH we trust and we, your readers will put you in our radar at every prayer.
So, Cikgu, you take it with Fortitude. I will not be need to sorry, for by all accounts,you are made of Warrior Material!
Let me know how I can help with this war with Big C! Everything Rests with Him, Insha Allah you will Beat it yet..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
I am Anon 1251 and I tried the email you gave [] and [], neither worked. I am determined to get in touch with you personally as I have something to share with you.
So, could I have your email add again? Thanks.
You are in my prayers.

zorro said...

Anon1251, is correct email address. Here is my #016-6319973 or leave me a message in my facebook (Bernard Khoo.

zorro said...

shahkirin, I have great faith in God.

prematilaka kd serisena said...

Hi Uncle bernard,
Yest it is a challenge with the C. But no worries...we are passionate about the disease management.
coincidence- We organised a cancer workshop today at armada hotel Breast cancer - Combating the root cause. we also had 2 cancer survivors testimony with our protocols. contact us at

Anonymous said...

Namewee on double standard in Malaysia:

Anonymous said...

Moohideen just like any (well almost) all Umnoputras are afflicted with moral cowardice to admit their mistakes. They hide behind their office and spew nonsense, hatred, incite racial and religious division amongst the rakyat and go on plotting to make obscene wealth legally or through corruption for themselves instead of governing the country well.

Anil Netto said...

hi Zorro, so sorry to hear about the Big C. We are with you in your battle. Hang in there and may God continue to bless you with the spirit of fortituge and courage.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Siebel, I am keen to know which ayuverdic dr you go to in spore. Can you please provide
his contact details?
Reason why I believe in ayurvedic is because my Dad who was supposed to go for triple bypass about 5+ years ago did not do so as he belonged to the high risk group. He was then introduced to ayuverdic concoction and has been on it for abt 5 years already. I have seen the positive changes to his health and he is still kicking alive :-). Mind you, his energy level is so much better than a lot of youngsters. He is 76 now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro

You have shown your tenacity in wanting to make Malaysia a place for Malaysians.

Now, show your tenacity to get rid of the piece of unwanted flesh in your bladder. We are with you, man!

Ellese A said...

First, I wish you well. I'm not sure which stage you're in but hope you recover well.

Second, I have to disagree with Zan. He's regurgitating propaganda and being selective. I'm shameful we have these Malays who proudly denigrate others with their views but denying the space to give contrarion views. His view is overwhelmingly minority in the Muslims community. Not even PAS can support his view. Its people like him who push the country to the left leaving parties like PAS with no choice but to move to the right with the conservatives. Shameful really when many non Muslims want to understand Islam they pick these Muslims who have no learning of Islam to fit into their worldview instead of understanding how the Muslims feel. We will always go deeper into polarization coz of this misguided method.

Unknown said...

Cikgu, try what my aunt has taken ..she was with brain and nose cancer so far alhamdulillah!
Vit B17. I was too far too late for the 14year old, also allah has His plans!
Take care, praying with and for you!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard

Take care.

Go for oncology treatment, not unproven "alternative and complementary medicine" treatments.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle,

So sorry to hear of your condition. I'm sure a lot of people will pray for you, and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...


I have read comments by some readers here who are asking you to try out certain treatments.

I can only offer you some personal experience.

My mother die of lung cancer when she was 32 y.o. My father spent a fortune trying to keep her alive using conventional and unconventional medicines.

My sister has breast cancer. She is only using conventional medicines and thankfully, she is now in remission.

Originally, my sister was pestered by many many friends who tried to convince her to try out various unconventional medicines but she rejected them all.

Fortunately, she had the experience of my mother's death to distrust unconventional medicines.

My sister also told us some horror stories of one of her friends who also had breast cancer but died because of using unconventional treatment.

By the time, her friend's husband, a doctor himself, no less, realised that unconventional medicines were doing nothing, it was simply too late for his wife. very sad as they had young children.

I do not know what cancer you have or what stage you are at, so I cannot really say very much more other than to suggest that you do stick to conventional medicines.

Modern technologies and advances have meant that we understand cancers a lot better, even if we cannot entirely cure some of it.

On a final note, my father was diagnose with prostate cancer when he was 85 y.o. He was told that the cancer will take about 25-30 years to kill him but given his age, he is expected to die WITH the cancer not FROM the cancer.

Unfortunately, being a rather stubborn old recalcitrant bastard, my father intends to die FROM the cancer just to prove the doctors wrong.

He is 93 y.o. today and still quite healthy in almost respects - walking, talking, reading, watching tv, cycling, going out for his kopi-o, etc etc.

And yes, my father only uses conventional medicines.

Sorry I am posting anonymously, but I realised that it would be quite easy to track me down given that I have divulged personal info. No need to make it too easy for "them" to find me :)

Anonymous said...

Nice yah, Uncle Zorro, to use another Malay and Muslim to defend an errant Muslim. If you use a non-Malay it will not be effective, right. That now you can say even another Muslim says that doggone gal has not committed any wrong-doins..
The issue is not her and her dogs. Who cares. She can make love to the dogs too.That's her business.
But to show the dogs taking ablution and going to the mosque for prayers is sacrilegious.
We are not supposed to touch a wet dog and dog's saliva. We have to samak or cleanse ourselves with 1 part earth and 7 parts water.
Ada faham. Don't talk if you don't know about Islam.
That Zan guy is not an ulamak to say such things. But of course anything that pit a Muslim against his religion is fodder for racist you.

P.S. I dislike you. But from the bottom of my heart I wish you will recover soon. That the Big C is just a scare.
Maybe it's telling you to be more respectful of other races and religion. To be compassionate like an old man should.

Small fart

Peter Boey said...

Hi Bernard,

This is your cousin Peter Boey.( Pak Chuen brother)

Would you consider an alternative treatment?

Dont have your contact no. Call me 7717 3369.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the chinese NGO and Indian NGO friends of PERKOSA...???... July salary belum bayar by Jibby aka RAJA KELENTONG and MAMAKutty OLD FART Toon, so no comments...???.... Oooi.!!!.. now already 6th Aug.... Orang mau BerHariRaya... Melayu, Cina, India semua mau makanlah, ooi tak bayar gaji lagi..????.. Tapi MAMAK macam Abdul Rahman Bakar (PERKOSA's 2nd Doogie) & syed Hassan syed Ali (PERKOSA's sec-gen aka Doggie spokesman), ibrahim katak, zul kentut hati busuk dan hasan ali tak payah gaji... Dia orang sudah banyak KONTRAK..!

Anonymous said...

UMNO goons got themselves worked up over what Maznah and Alvivi did. But why the deafening silence over the gun-toting criminals that are murdering people on an almost daily basis without fear? What about the downgrade by Fitch? Aren't these national issues of importance? UMNO's strategy of playing up religious and racist issues as part of its evil and sinister agenda is paralysing the country. Pak Lah used to doze off, but Mr Altantuya Scorpene has had his head in the sand since declaring 1ChineseTsunami as his new UMNO re-election campaign slogan.

siewchin said...

Sorry to hear about your condition Uncle Zorro - take out the infected bladder, a bladder can be reconstructed using a part of the large intestines.
You can win this personal battle my friend, being the warrior that you are!

Salbiah said...

Zan Azlee should be brave enough to speak up openly against the Umno's brand of Islam as a oppressive tool to the community.

He should rally the support of the modern malays to make their voice heard.

Ellese A said...

The Chinese are under siege mentality urged by DAP propaganda. The Sri pristina case show how racial a non issue can be. No proof but insist it bring racial to justify their siege mentality. When two sides are pushing to other ends, we will become more polarized than ever.

Ellese A said...

He can't coz he has no knowledge on this. But he can mislead those liberals and non muslims to think he is a Muslim thinker. We will become polarized further for our false sense of securities.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are taking responsibility of your latest speedbump yourself.
Good luck to your personal battle ahead.


P/S: My personal opinion is that oncologists are modern terrorists in white coats and ties backed by the legal fraternity and big pharmas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Sorry to hear about your condition but we old folks, should be well-prepared for such eventualities as it is part and parcel of life. The important thing is to continue to pursue our cause to the best of our abilities. May the Good Lord be with you. God bless.

And to Ellese A, I do not know if Zan Azlee is a Muslim thinker but I am sure he is one Muslim who can think. While you dwell in forms and rituals and get your knickers in a twist, Zan has freed himself from the restrictive dogmas and has embraced substance over form. And he is one at peace.

STEADYAKU47 said...

cakap cakap.....ZORRO UNMASKED


The Big C knows no race, no religion and prides itself as an equal opportunity visitors that any of us may one day have. I can only say this for now:

"And in all this mix we – me and my fellow blogggers – try to make some sense of it all. That we may sometime get it all wrong is par for the course. For me personally I try to temper my thoughts with those of you that have a view, opinion or hold dissenting arguments against mine – and to the best of my abilities- weigh these arguments with a rationality born of my experience and exposure to the Malaysia that I know with the Malaysia that I want. And again invariably I may get it right and I may get it wrong and that possibility either way makes everyday of powering up my PC a challenge and a joy.
That is why I work on my blog many hours a day. That is why I read every comment that comes my way – buoyed by those of you that are in agreement with what I write and challenged by those who do not. Bring it on! I can take as good as I can dish it out…but always I do not forget that there are more important things in life than Politics!
There is our life to lead. Love ones to be with. Good food and good company to enjoy. The poor, the needy and the under privileged awaiting our help and never forget that death awaits us all ! So please friends live your life accordingly!"
from my posting :
My thoughts, as always, are with comrade in arms, my fellow Malaysian and my brother! Always...we deal with life the best way we can! Salam.


pak yeh said...

The truth will set you free from dogma and mythology. I wrote an article especially for you.
Read @

Anonymous said...

No way Pak Lah got guts to criticise UMNO or go go against UMNO.Pak Lah and his family are deep inside the UMNO gravy train and they are doing mega business with the govt like MAS catering etc.Very recently his company was awarded very big govt contract in Sabah/Sarawak. Not forgetting the Limbang payout from Brunei?

Anonymous said...

UMNO knows they are losing so much Malay support these days that the only way to erect their flaccid party in the next Assembly is via forced migration of the Chinese voters?

Anonymous said...

UMNO knows they are losing so much Malay support these days that the only way to erect their flaccid party in the next Assembly is via forced migration of the Chinese voters?