Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Most of us are familiar with this non-practising lawyer who loves to hear his own voice and trumpets His Master's Voice. Read what he has been mouthing (whenever the PM is not around) to one main stream media:

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA: Lawyers who participated in the "Walk for Justice" should join the opposition party, so that I know how to handle them, said Minister in the Prime Minister Department. Parenthesis mine: (You cant handle the only bully....or your Speaker will say it is not urgent call that handling.....and you mean you are the only one in the BN who will handle any opposition. Your colleagues, just sit and sleep?)

"Those who participated in the "Walk for Justice", their brains are like opposition party.(At least they have brains, you like the bully-elephant have the smallest, they say.) It is better for them to register as members of opposition party. I will be more delighted if they (Bar Council) register as an Opposition party. So that I know how to handle them," he told Sin Chew Daily when contacted today. (Hail to the almighty de facto law can you handle the opposition, when you could not handle taxi licences?????,,,,,,,,this reminds me of a she-Minister who asked a Citizen Nades to stand for election against her......sheesh....another Pundat.)

"I will ignore them as if they are non-governmental organizations (NGOS)," he continued.
(NGOs.....he is belittling you again.....reminds me of schoolboys arguing.....)
He said the Bar Council does not need to organize the "Walk for Justice" because the council could contact or meet him at first. (The Bar Council only speaks/negotiates/dialogue with intelligent are just a loud-mouth need to learn to be civil before anybody will want to be seen with you, much less talk to you....sheessssh. Podah!)

"They can meet me (for submission of memorandum) after calling me. But why don't they call me?" he asked. (Ayahhhhh! why you so char one? Who are you? They want to give it to Pak Lah, not to office-boy loh. So blur one lah you. Don't you know neither the Bar Council nor any right-minded Malaysians want to have anything to do with you. You got licence or not to receive memorandum from professional bodies?)

He said the Bar Council should investigate the authenticity of the video clip before they organized the "Walk for Justice". (Hello, you clever or Najib? He already appointed 3 fellas to investigate. Even if the Bar Council gets the will say they are not qualified...they are like the opposition. Even if the tapes are proved authentic, the retired MB who sits as speaker will say it is not urgent matter. Luckily Najib chose and not you. You would have chosen the one-eyed guy and the leaky Sabahan.....birds of a feather flock together mah......Correct, Corek, Correct!)

Commenting on the Bar’s demand that the Government set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry immediately to investigate the above issue, he said :"I object to it. We do not need to set up a Royal Commission." (You object? Who you? Khairy will kick your butt, trying to wield power from his FIL! Seriously you need a break.....because whatever comes out from you, both front and back will fill the tank below.

This shit-sucking-storage tank generously donated by KERP (read the caution).

But I can only dedicate the picture below to you because you cannot deserve anything better.

After hearing all the trash that is coming out from Government's machais, lets hear something refreshing from none other than Law Professor Azmi Sharom, whom Zorro was proud to share the same panel table during the Bangsa Malaysia do.

We need a Royal Commission to determine the legitimacy of the entire judiciary, and we need it now.
Judiciary must be protected

(extracts from his column)

The government has to set up a Royal Commission with the necessary powers to thoroughly investigate the entire judiciary, as there is a desperate need to clean house and to do so comprehensively.

Let’s just take a look at how low the legal system has sunk. The judge who was supposed to be at the other end of the videotaped phone conversation, in true Bart Simpson style, told the de facto Minister of Law that it wasn’t him. The Minister then told this to the press.

My question is: “So what”? Does that mean the next time someone is accused of murder or corruption, all he needs to say is “I didn’t do it”?

Who cares what the judge said. If the video is not a fake (and it looks mighty authentic to me, no Tian Chua Photoshop trickery here), the suspects must be cross-examined.

And to top it off, the Minister tried to deflect the situation by saying that an opposition political party released the videotape and therefore there had to be a political agenda.

I’m sorry YB, but I don’t care who came up and delivered the video. If it is true, it shows that we need major changes in our judiciary and no political blame shifting is going to alter that.

Two things struck me during Wednesday’s “Walk for Justice”. First, the demand for a Royal Commission is more than reasonable, it is necessary.

Secondly, standing there in Putrajaya, first in the scorching sun and then the chilling rain, I could not have been prouder. Amongst the crowd were ex-students who came up and said hello.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Evil, chicanery, stealth, betrayal, disloyalty ( you name it) seem to find their habitat in the darkened corridors of power. Malaysia Today reported this:
In Malaysia, if you were to squeal on those from amongst you who are corrupt, you will suffer retribution. Now do you know why it is so hard to pin down those police officers who murdered Altantuyu? Many know what happened but not many dare come forward to reveal what happened. To do so would be detrimental to one’s health.

Take the case of Nordin bin Ahmad, a police officer. He investigated the underworld bosses and helped build up the case against them. He squealed on the dirty cops. And he was made to regret that. They used the ACA to kidnap his wife and children on 23 September 2007 with a warning that they will be released only if he presents himself at the ACA office and changes his testimony implicating the underworld bosses. Both Nordin Ahmad and his wife, Kalsom Mat Nor, have made police reports on the matter (which you can view in Malaysia Today.)

Yes, this is the same ACA that investigated the allegations against the Deputy Minister of Internal Security and the IGP and subsequently cleared them. If the ACA can resort to kidnapping the family of police officers and witnesses who testify against crooks, it makes one wonder whether you can any longer take the word of the ACA. It appears like they are accessories to crime rather than the eliminators of it. It appears like the ACA helps cover up the crime instead of going after the criminal. I know they say it takes a thief to catch a thief. But in this case the thief is protecting the thief and kidnapping the family of those who report the thief.

Today, I light a candle for the safety of Nordin Ahmad and his family. One candle in the dark corridors may not make much difference but it remains a fact that many candle power will brighten those dark corridors and bring to light the wrongs that have lurked in those corridors of power. My lone candle will remain on my sidebar until the threats issued to Nordin Ahmad is withdrawn and justice can run its course and that justice is seen to be done. Bangsa Malaysian, light yours in solidarity and in vigil.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This afternoon, at around 11.10am my 67 years old heart skipped many beats, but it was because of the exhilirating feeling I was given a chance to experience. It was a sight to behold. It was a sight that strengthened this old heart. It was the sight of close to a thousand black-jacketed lawyers coming together, shoulder to shoulder who had gathered at the PutraJaya's Palace of Justice to begin their 2 kilometer march to the PM's Office.

The Bold & Beautiful
I salute you legal eagles. I know you realise that you cannot SOAR like an eagle if you are forced into association with benched turkeys. Thus this brave decision to translate "enough is enough" into this brave march.

The March was boosted by a continuous cacophony of honking (in support) by passing cars. They too felt for our lawyers in their infant steps to initiate some house-keeping of the tainted and dilapidated judiciary.

By 11.10am the steps to the Palace of Justice was already jam-packed. On the road-edge the FRU had already formed a threatening phalanx. But we had come prepared for a peaceful march. I purposely left my "never-leave-home-without Swiss pocket knife", at home just in case there was a police check-point to go thru. But we were alerted by Ena about road-blocks at the entrance to PutraJaya, True to form, our navigator-driver Tony 'McGiver' Yew took us by the back entrance and were therefore not harrassed. However 6 busloads of lawyers were denied entrance. They alighted and these 200 odd gallant men and women WALKED some 5 kilometers to the POJ. If this ain't determination and staying the course, I dont know what is. As such the march was delayed to await the arrival of the forced marchers. Amongst these were one lone blogger, Old Blue Eyes aka Shar101.

Blogger Shar101 Walked The Extra Km in the Forced March

Protecting The Untouchables?

Us Against Them?
The March began after Bar Council President Ambiga reminded her associates and all participants that this was going to be a peaceful march.

The March for Justice Begins
Long March But Impactful
The Longest March?
Waiting for others to arrive.

Bloggers spotted joining in the march were Airuddin Atan of Rocky's Bru, Noraina Samad of 3540 Jl Sudin, Tony 'McGiver' Yew of Can You See It, Jeff Ooi of Screenshots, Raja Petra of Malaysia Today, Patrick Teoh of Niama, Wattahack, Stephen Francis of Shangai Fish, Li Tsin of Politikus, I Am A Malaysian's Eric Woon and Tony Pua. Lawyer Bloggers in the March were Malik Imtiaz of Disquiet, Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament and Write Away's Elviza Michele.

Storm clouds loom
Thats how strong the storm was.

Ten minutes after the Bar Council representatives were allowed into the PM's office, the heavens opened as though sending showers of blessings on this brave band of lawyers. The incessant rain beat down for close to an hour. BUT ALL STOOD THEIR GROUND IN THE RAIN. It was such admirable behavior of our legal fraternity. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE IN THIS MOMENTOUS MARCH although the walk and the rain took a toll on my shoes. I lost both soles....but it was well worth it. THANK YOU AGAIN.

All pics on this post courtesy of Rocky, Raja Petra & Tony Yew.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The Bar Council today unanimously decided:

  1. To submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Cabinet next Wednesday, September 26 for the setting up of a royal commission to investigate the video clip.

  2. To convene an extraordinary general meeting of the Malaysian Bar at 3pm on Saturday, October 6 at the Legend Hotel here.

The Bar Council calls on EVERY member of the Bar to join members of the Bar Council in the march from the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya to the Prime Minister's office to hand over the memorandum.

All members of civil society, NGOs and NGIs are welcome to join the lawyers on the steps leading up to the Palace of Justice and to then proceed to the PM’s office.

FIVE buses have been chartered to ferry lawyers and those interested to join in the march from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya.

The buses will leave the Bar secretariat at 9.00 a.m.

Arrangement for the Save the Judiciary March (Sept. 26):

  • Members are requested to meet at the stairs of the Palace of Justice at 11am on Wednesday.

  • Buses will also be chartered and will be at the Bar Council Secretariat at 9am that morning.

  • The attire is Black and White with jacket.
  • Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    (Map courtesy of sobnation blog)


    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket From the President of the Malaysian Bar Council, Mdm. Ambiga Sreenevasan.

    "...Yet again a crisis has emerged in the Judiciary.

    The rot and shaken confidence in the Judiciary began with the 1988 Judicial Crisis which involved the suspension of 6 Supreme Court Judges and the subsequent removal of 3 of them including the then Lord President.

    Since then numerous other allegations have surfaced which have not been taken seriously.

    - For too long we have watched the confidence in the Judiciary wane.

    - For too long we have watched the judicial appointment process become unfathomable and shrouded in secrecy.

    - For too long we have heard criticism after criticism about the Judiciary.

    - For too long we have cried out for reform, but the authorities have not heeded our pleas.
    Malaysians cannot afford to stand by and watch any longer. The time has come for us to act decisively.

    The videotape raises at least the following questions:
    (1) How exactly were the appointments of Judges made at that time and since 1988, and what was the basis?

    (2) Were appointments determined by outsiders to the process under the Constitution (involving e.g. businessmen or litigants), and how was this allowed?

    (3) Who are the “key players” in the Judiciary referred to in the conversation?

    (4) Who were the “soldiers” referred to in the conversation?

    (5) Who were in the “other camp” referred to in the conversation?

    (6) Who were the people who “fought for us”? Who is “us”? Who are “our friends”?

    (7) What was the “private arrangement” referred to in the conversation?

    (8) What was the 110% loyalty referring to?

    (9) What was the nature of the relationships between the businessman, the lawyers, the politicians and members of the Judiciary?
    These and many other questions raised by the video cry out for answers.

    It underscores the need for a Judicial Commission.

    If there is no truth in the allegations or inferences arising out of the video, then the parties concerned must be vindicated.

    If there is truth in the allegations (or in some of them), stern and appropriate action must follow.

    Either way, silence, dismissal, lukewarm responses or lack of action are NOT options for the Government.

    The response of the Chief Justice on Friday (21 September 2007) that he has no comment in response to the video clip is unacceptable but telling.

    It is most disappointing to hear of official responses that seek to divert attention to the whistleblower, and threaten possible action against such person should the allegations turn out to be untrue.

    To do so at this stage casts serious doubts on the willingness of the authorities to properly and impartially investigate the matter. It will instead be a case of shooting the messenger.

    - We have a duty to the public to act.

    - We have a duty to the many good, honest and hardworking judges, to act.

    - We have a duty to the institution of the Judiciary to act.

    - We have a duty to ourselves as Malaysians, and to civilised society, to say loudly that: enough is enough.
    Let us find out what really went on (and goes on) in the Judiciary.

    Let us not continue to be in a state of denial. .."
    (The above courtesy of Malaysian Unplugged)


    Several months ago, the Bar Council pledged to give support to bloggers should any be forthcoming. It is time now to reciprocate this magnanimous gesture. March with our good lawyers.


    Yesterday I edited the side-bar on Nurin. The sidebar will remain until the beast is found and summarily executed. And this morning I have to further add that this sidebar will continue to be up until the likes of Sharizat the anointed champion of women development (or whatever she wants to champion), the Police Inspector General Musa, and Nazri (Star today) the BN's loud-speaker, desist from mouthing the drivel that has become a trademark amongst these trio. The Oxford Dictionary defines drivel as "run at mouth or nose". Yaaakkkk.

    This guy who seems to love to hear his own voice had volunteered that Nurins parents could be investigated for negligence. He pontificated that "The law is still the law.We have to one is exempted." A nose-full of drivel again. For a start, why dont you act on those tainted BN politicians you rub shoulders with or are they exempted? ....and for a start, try to ensure that the three guys dont walk free!


    Sunday, September 23, 2007


    Shieh's mum is on life support at the University Hospital. Shieh flew into KL this morning but had to fly back to Kota Baru this evening. His siblings are with Mum. Prayers are in order for her recovery.

    Friday, September 21, 2007


    Blogger Ahirudin Atan of Rocky's Bru Faces Contempt Hearing.

    When I was a kid, and Dad was transfered up north and Mum couldn't leave her job with the British Army in Taiping, we had to vacate CEB (central electricity board, later LLN and now Tenaga) quarters, and rented rooms from a Punjabi family. This is where I learnt to eat chapati, admittedly the healthiest food ever, slept in a chopra (better than any bed you can imagine) learnt all the Sikh expletives and was told all the bahyee jokes, existing then. For example, Uncle Santokh told me that the sikh who likes to swim to cool down is called Kuldip Singh, a baby Singh is called Singlet, and an only son is call Jaswant Singh and coconut plucker is called Kernal Singh. Then as a bachelor I shared a flat with Baldev Singh and my colorful vocabulary flourished unabated. The Sikh community is the most close-knit community in Malaysia and their unity is legendary. In those hitch-hiking days we could always find refuge in a Sikh temple and we are assured of the main meals. My closest sikh buddy today is Harkam Singh who I teamed up with in HR consultancy work. So what has Rocky's contempt proceedings got to do with any Singhs. Plenty, excuse me, with one cow-boy. Sigh: always some bad apples in a barrel.
    This guy, this mundia (boy Singh) is Shearn Delamore's legal assistant, the copy and paste artist called Rishwant Singh.....he just wanna be rich. See how the name fits. Some history about his exploits from a blog:

    You see, Rishwant Singh, the legal assistant (LA) who enjoys being praised as a meticulous hawk for his research and case preparation, must have been consumed totally by the accolades. He did a copy-and-paste for two sets of Statements of Claims against bloggers Rocky and Jeff Ooi, respectively. The first set was dismissed by the defense counsel as FATALLY DEFICIENT.

    Shearn Delamore, for all the salt it’s worth, could have just stuck to their gun and shifted no commas nor periods.

    No, the Singh re-worked and filed an amended Statement of Claims against the two bloggers. Again, COPY-AND-PASTE!

    And just read on stealthily: And hear thee! Here comes the double blows, a copy-and-paste headache for Shearn Delamore.

    Recently, the Defense lawyers have applied to consolidate both cases under one Judge - thanks to the Singh who had the two cases made interlocutory.

    This own-goal was illustrated by the Singh in Paragraph 33 of the AMENDED claims against Rocky, and Paragraph 24 (Page 103 onwards) of the AMENDED claims against Jeff.

    Put it this way, the Singh has cleverly offered Defense counsels the best ground for Jeff to merge the two cases, while Shearn could still continue to bill The NSTP and its shareholders for the wonderful “services” delivered! (In football parlance we call it "own-goal")

    Kalimullah wouldn’t mind because it’s not his money he is burning away. Would he?

    And our friend said that between May 18 and July 8, Rocky had published six articles which were considered subjudice. He also maintained that Rocky had maintained a hyperlink to a blog Walk With Us. When you are over the precipice you do get paranoid that everything in blogs are against you, even gradnma's blog about her 87 year old paramour, whose tom-cat is called Rock.So what has this no honor among thieves see money-face didnt have the common, basic, professional courtesy to inform Rocky's lawyers!
    Oh pudi-diah, mundiah!

    Thursday, September 20, 2007


    Nurin is out there amongst the stars, safe in the firmament. Lets remember her as such. She has left this dark corner we call Malaysia.

    But let's be real. Those kids who were abducted WERE LEFT ALONE! I have to be cruel. I put the blame solely on parents who let their children roam in high traffic places like airports and and hypermarts. On Monday, Mrs Zorro was going into the Rest Room at the Giant Hypermart. She saw a five year old girl waiting at the door to the rest room. She waited with the child. A lady appeared and when it was confirmed that the child belonged to her, Mrs Zorro gave this young mother a tongue-lashing that she will not forget for a long time. Patrina had to delay her flight back to the Bahamas by a week because the doctor did not allow her to travel with Wayne and the two boys, Bernie and Ryan, because of an ear infection. She bought a leash for my youngest grandchild Patrick. She would have an eight hour transit in Atlanta before the flight back to Nassau. She was afraid that while in the airport 22 months old Patrick who says Hi to everyone, may stray.

    In the west, attaching a leash to a child is common. Over here, we have this warped thinking that only dogs are on a leash. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? Young parents out there, dont for one moment boast that your kids are indpendent! This is a false boast! YOU will have to take the blame if your child gets lost or abducted. Just remember that there are sickos who walk amongst us.

    As for Njurin's murderer. Let's not waste time to put him through our courts where he could go free. I dont have to elaborate here. Let's get hold of him and execute him. Taking the law into our own hands? What do you expect us to do in this lawless times, when our safety and the law can be compromised such that more priority is given to finding out who burnt flags and how to punish the rapper! Dont make me sick! There is enough contagious sickness infecting this country.

    And should the opposition want to debate this murder can you already hear the Speaker dismissing it as "not urgent"?

    Monday, September 17, 2007


    What has become of us? These favored people of ARMNO Putera are now seemingly "armed" and empowered to take on our police. Knowing that they have the Monkey God to protect them, they are emboldened to take the law into their own hands. To our "extension" IGP, you could gain credibility by doing something about this menace.....or are you waiting for orders from ......ok we all know.....or are you waiting for a disaster to happen?
    Were the riots during the Bersih ceramah, and the above incident rehearsals for the coming elections? Remember Ijok? And Joceline 'Jostling' Tan has the gall to say "The opposition party ceramah in Terengganu that went seriously wrong will have political implications for both PAS and UMNO even as they blame each other and the police." It was a Bersih Ceramah aimed at calling for reforms in the election process. The opposition supported this move with their presence, just as J 'jostling' T supported the BN with her spin. Of late, this columnist, seemingly intoxicated jostling around with and romancing the Barisan Nasional, does not seem to be on the ball! I have stopped reading Wong Chun Wai long ago,I only read Marina's Musings and Vera Pandian. Somebody, sometime ago said this of the Star and I say it too. It sycophantic and toadying up to their Masters. While the Sun was taking the Mansion Builder of Klang, the Star showed Mat Zac and his wife administering tender loving care to plants that he had "purchased" for his mansion. I couldn't resist the temptation to bash the back to the Army of the Monkey God.


    "It seems that there is no law anymore. It is the law of the jungle and we need to take action against one monkey. I think the other monkeys will also get scared."


    Saturday, September 15, 2007


    logo courtesy of Nizam


    It is hard to forget this organisation. We supported it. We loved it. We were loyal to it. But that was some 20 odd years ago. Today it (the tiger)has lost all its stripes. Today it is limping painfully.It has lost all its teeth. Today it is in a pathetic state. Many of its officers have abandoned this injured animal! Do we pity this organisation? As loyal Malaysians we should not. We cannot paint back the stripes. Today this association has a messiah. He prefers the monkey to the tiger. He has some mystical affinity to this primate. He said that the ills in this country, from sports to blogging has its origin with monkeys. He recently said: "It seems that there is no law (in cyberspace) anymore. It is the law of the jungle and we need to take action against one monkey. I think the other monkeys will also get scared." He is taking so long taking action against one monkey that when the opportunity presented itself, he snatched. You will remember that he was an independent council member of this organisation, and he jumped ship too. Believing that addage that if you cannot beat them join them, he got himself back into the organisation. Hail the Monkey God.

    It becomes appropriate here to let our readers get an indepth knowledge of this paradigm shift in Malaysian Football. Zorro offers you some historical, or mythological insights into this Monkey God business.
    Remember HISTORY is not what HAPPENED! History is what is WRITTEN!


    MONKEY: The infamous irrepressible Monkey King, Trickster God, and Great Sage Equal Of Heaven.

    Star of stage, screen and scroll, MONKEY is the true hero of Journey To The West (Xiyou Ji) — the amazing novel of frivolity and profundity written by Wu Cheng'en in the Sixteenth Century. (It's one of China's Four Great Novels.)

    From the beginning of time, a certain rock on the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers had been soaking up the goodness of nature and QI energy. One day this pregnant rock released a stone egg, and from it hatched a Stone Ape, who solemnly bowed to the Four Corners of the Earth — then jumped off to have fun.

    This was MONKEY. He was high-spirited, egotistical and full of mischievous pranks. He was soon having a wonderful time as King of the Apes. But a niggling worry began to gnaw at him — one which would change his life. The Monkey King feared Death.

    To find immortality, MONKEY became the disciple of Father Subodhi, a rather dour DAOist sage. The sage, unimpressed with his simian tricks, gave the Monkey King a new title: 'Disciple Aware of Emptiness'. MONKEY was very pleased with this epithet, not realising it referred to the vacuum in his head.

    But after much haggling, Father Subodhi uttered the words of Illumination, explained the process of Cloud-Flying — and also revealed the secret of the Seventy-Two Transformations. Which, thought MONKEY, was extremely good value for money.

    Returning home to his monkey subjects, he discovered they were under seige by a fearsome monster. Magic tricks were no good — what he needed was a weapon. So he whizzed off to the Dragon King AO-KUANG and cajoled his way into the Treasury. There he found the great Magic Wishing Staff, a huge rod of black iron which Heaven had used to flatten the bed of the Milky Way. It weighed 13,000 pounds but could expand to fill the Universe or shrink to the size of a needle. MONKEY was delighted with this Weapon of Mass Destruction and used it to bludgeon many a demon thereafter.

    It wasn't long before reports of MONKEY's tricks started to reach the austere ears of the JADE-EMPEROR. First the DRAGON-KINGS complained of rudeness and theft. Then YEN-LO-WANG, the God of Death, lodged a formal protest. "That intolerable ape has just vandalised my filing system and made monkeys immortal. What are you going to do about it?"

    Not wishing to shed needless karma, the JADE-EMPEROR invited MONKEY to Heaven and gave him a job. Without pay, of course. This plan to keep the peace was amazingly successful for an entire day. Then MONKEY discovered that his post as Keeper of the Heavenly Stables was so lowly, even the horse manure ranked higher than him.

    Insulted beyond belief, MONKEY ran amok, burst into the JADE-EMPEROR's court and dared to threaten his august person. The Ruler of the Universe sighed, consulted his advisors and bestowed a new title upon him: Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven. "That's much better," said MONKEY, impressed.

    But by his very nature the Great Sage was irrepressibly naughty. He just couldn't help it. He gobbled up LAO-ZI's Longevity Pills, stuffed his face with the precious Peaches of Immortality, gatecrashed official parties and made insulting gestures to all and sundry. Finally he left Heaven in disgust, claiming it wasn't good enough for him.

    Now the JADE-EMPEROR finally lost his esteemed cool. He sent the Heavenly army to obliterate MONKEY once and for all. Nothing could withstand this mighty force... But the Great Stone Ape — immortal, spiritually illumined and filled with Heavenly essences — was not only indestructable but also pretty handy in a fight. The forces of Heaven made an embarrassing display and slunk off in defeat. There was nothing for it — the Ruler of Heaven called for BUDDHA.

    Now BUDDHA, in his infinite wisdom, knew better than to subdue MONKEY by force. Instead he offered him a wager. "If you're so clever, jump off the palm of my hand. If you can do that, I'll take the Emperor in as a lodger and give Heaven to you. But if you can't, I'll expect a full apology and penance."

    The Monkey King laughed to himself. He could travel thousands of miles in a single leap. The bet was on. BUDDHA stretched out his hand and MONKEY jumped...

    Several thousand miles later, the Great Sage landed in a desolate plain with great columns reaching up the sky. "These must be the Five Pillars of Wisdom at the end of the Universe", he thought. "That BUDDHA is just plain stupid to make such a silly bet." And, to show his disrespect, he pissed all over the nearest pillar and jumped back to claim his reward.

    "Is the Emperor packing his bags yet?" asked MONKEY as he landed. The Holy One raised a sublime eyebrow. "I don't know why you're grinning," he said, "you've been on my palm the whole time. Look." An astonished MONKEY rubbed his eyes and stared at the five familiar-looking pink pillars of BUDDHA's hand. Then he smelt the stench of monkey pee and trembled. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground with a mountain on top of him.

    And there he stayed for five hundred long years, being fed molten copper and iron pills by an attendent demon while the moss grew in his ears. By the time GUAN-YIN came along, the Great Sage Equal of Heaven was a thoroughly humble creature.

    Chinese legends has it that more than 500 years before the Tang Dynasty, a mischievous monkey was born from the rocks by the sea. This monkey made friends with a bunch of other monkeys and they lived behind a waterfall. One day, while the monkeys were monkeying around, one of the monkeys died and the monkey born of the rocks left the mountains to seek a way to immortality. He sought tutelege under a great taoist priest at a monastry who taught him the 72 arts of transformation. However, the monkey was mischievous and was soon chased out of the monastry for disobedience.

    The monkey returned to his waterfall home, showed off his skills to his monkey friends and was crowned The Monkey King. One day, he paid a visit to the Dragon King, and stole the King's great treasure, the Golden Rod and wrecked the Dragon Palace.

    When Yan Luowang, the God of Death tried to capture him in death, Sun Wukong wrecked havoc in Hell too and destroyed the Books of the Dead where the details of when which person dies is kept. The enraged Dragon King and Yan Luowang reported the atrocity of Sun Wukong to the Heavenly King and demanded the arrest of the Monkey King.

    Thus, the Heavenly soldiers were sent to capture Sun Wukong but to no avail. A long battle ensued and when Sun Wukong was finally arrested and brought to the heavenly court, he tore the Heavenly Palace apart and declared himself Sage of the Heavens (or Monkey God). The Buddha then arrived, tricked and imprisoned the insolent Monkey God under the 5 Finger Mountain.

    500 years later, the Tang Emperor sent his sworn brother, Tripitaka, a Buddhist monk to collect Buddhist scriptures from India and on his way, he encountered the Monkey God. He rescued the monkey by removing the seal on the mountain, named him Sun Wukong and Sun Wukong became the 1st of Tripitaka's 3 disciples to protect him from demons and spirits on his epic Journey to the West. there still hope......but that is for another posting.

    [Characters, corporations, institutions, and organisations in this posting are the product of the authors research and investigation, or if real, are used fictitiously without any intent to describe their actual conduct. However, references to real people, institutions and orga nisations that are documented in footnotes are an when there are footnotes. Any similarity to any individual, dead or alive is purely incidental.]

    Thursday, September 6, 2007


    The Star reported that the CJ has written to the PM about the Federal Court Judge who has not written his grounds of judgements in 35 cases when he was High Court Judge. That's something. He threrefore admits now that there is a guilty, errant brother-in-LAW, who until recently was cacooned comfortably in blissful. euphoric amnesia.
    So why is our soon-to-be-set-out-to-pastures CJ still in Zorro's chambers? Because he is still hedging. He has not named the delinquent Judge! Surely he is not afraid of defamation? Or is he afraid that should he open the can the proverbial worms, the wigglers will worm their way out publicly in merdeka exuberance?
    Another reason for CJ's continued remand: When asked about records in AG' chamber revealing some existing 100 death row cases, he glibly pontificates: "We are in the process of investigating." You DON'T investigate. YOU go down to ground zero and YOU bloody well ACCOUNT for the inadequacies and shinanigans in your Office. That's ACCOUNTABILITY! Thats PROFESSIONALISM. Or are these two words blurred in that lofty world of yours up in the clouds?
    When cornered about the 1500 cases awaiting written grounds of judgements, in both magistrate and sessions courts, he merrily(?) but confidently volunteered: "Looking into it." Into what? The Can of Worms?
    When further pressed as to whether all his delinquent charges would be sacked for such major infractions, he found solace in the same limited refrain: "I will (also) look into it." I say, old fellow, there is nothing to look into. You just got to dirty your hands, dip into the can, grasp the maggots (or worms) out in public and let justice be served. However, if your right hand is already soiled, use the left. Be ambidextrous. But you could opt for clinical or CSI gloves.
    Short of cutting off further queries he sang some bland praises on his new annointed knights of the 'raised bench'. Somebody tell me. Were these new elevated ones from the original list that the Council of Rulers found wanting? Somebody else tell me (Hantu is on extended summer vacation): Is it true that our Cee Jay is seeking tenure-extension since a precedent has already been created with the IGP?
    Wonder of wonders! We have been labelled Bolehland, Bodohland, Bocokland, Gangland and now it is Extensionland. OK then, Zorro follows trends. He extends CJ stay in the Chambers.....until all due investigations and looking into have been exhausted. Have an unpleasant extended stay.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2007


    Audra Atkinson MAS Chief Stewardess sacrificed a career so that she could have her third child. As such MAS terminated her because she was seen to have contravened a man-made law. She chose God's law instead and was gifted with precious Allyson Jade (centre).

    Tomorrow, 5th September, 9.00am, at Industrial Court #19, Datuk Paduka Badariah bt. Hassan will preside over Audra's case. We can only hope that she will look into her heart as a woman and empathise with Audra and once and for all do away with such man-made laws that seem to give the two fingure to the Almighty who in his wisdom and omnipotence made man and woman such that it be ordained that they go forth and multiply. But today man is playing God. Can this be allowed to happen? In my book, whenever a child is conceived and termination of that conception is nothing short of murder - the taking away of a life. Again I call up Datuk Idris Jala, a professed Christian, to do what he only can do for Audra.
    I reproduce again this open letter to Datuk Idris that was posted on March 7 2007:
    An Open Letter to Mr. Idris Jala
    Dear Sir,
    I am happy that you have managed to steer MAS into better times. It was a gargantuan task but you have proved your mettle. I have to say that I am proud of you. I definitely am not taking a patronising stand, should it be construed as such.However, the purpose of this letter is to seek your indulgence to look at a matter that relates to this special day.I have full confidence that if you have accomplished so much in such short a time you will be able to help Audra put back her live and the lives of her immediate family into some semblance of normalcy.Audra Atkinson was an employee of MAS for 14 years. Her last designation, before termination in2003, for carrying a third child, was Chief Air Stewardess. Her records, I gather are impeccable. I make this appeal to you for the following reasons:1. As a Christian, I appeal to you to take another look at her case. As a Catholic, Audra is bound by many religious restrictions, chief amongst which are the use of contraceptive pills and abortion.The Catholic Church has recommended to its faithful, the Rhythm Method, a birth-control method. However, because of the complex procedures, there has been cases where this safe method has resulted otherwise. You can imagine the dilemma she was in when she discovered that she had conceived and I am sure you can empathize with her in that state of mind. Abort or lose her job. MAS did not offer her any other choice. She chose God's law over a flawed Collective Agreement that has contravened a basic right of an individual. Was she wrong to get pregnant? She lost her job but she now has the beautiful Allyson Jade Yew.2. Sir, as a former IR practitioner you are aware that a Collective Agreement besides spelling out polices and benefits is essentially a dollars and cents affair. As an IR man with a conscience you will agree that this "stop at two" ruling is not only not humane but unconstitutional. As a husband you would not want your spouse to be in such a bind that Audra was in. You were not involved in that CA process, but in your current position, you can make a difference.3. Your illustrious rise to where you are is prove of your management style. In seminars, I always tell senior managers that their worth is their ability to keep turnover low and their ability to keep talented associates. I tell them that work environment and policies be conducive so that people bring their hearts to work and not leave them in the car park. I tell them that the culture of the company should be such that people WANT to come to work. I know that you are steering MAS in that direction. One of your senior employees told me that you have brought a breath of fresh air into MAS, but in the same breath, he said that he was waiting to spit on the grave of the former owner.4. You have made giant steps to improve operations. The next task I know you will embark on is the nurturing of your human capital. I have travelled extensively and have alwas chosen MAS. Patriotism has never been the criteria, but excellent service is.5. I have made two postings on my blog ( The intention was to get a sense of what people thought of MAS. Some still have faith in MAS, others are angry over how employees are treated. Others are incensed and thinks that the Union has sold-out. It was Masaaki Imai, the Kaizen guru who urged management to listen to the complaints of customers and using their complaints to improve on products and services. With you at the helm, I am convinced that your concerted efforts will be directed at best-in-class management practices for MAS.

    Monday, September 3, 2007

    MALAYSIAN (YOUTH, THAT IS) ARE............(find out)

    Last month Gwen Stefani was told to cover up to appease the sensitivities of the people of Malaysia. I don't remember any member of the paying public protesting her over-exposed assets. Did you?
    But Malaysian youths , by far, hardly protest. They allow their elders to make decisions for them. It takes too much trouble to protest...why create waves? They prefer to drift.....drift from one authoritarian edit to the next....Truth is they are easily cowed, sheepishly forced to accept and have hypocritical advice rammed down their throats...and forced down literally.

    Malaysians are the most compliant, easily moulded like plasticine, into any shape or size that our pantheon of moral guardians dictate. We have been programmed so religiously that rape and incest is just a way of doing it out of the box. Malaysians tend not to think for themselves. They still need moral guidance after 50 years. Malaysians are still immature. The authorities think so and say as such. They ban this and that because they know that Malaysians (youth that is) cannot handle Gwen Stefani! You allowed the authorities to insult you! Why do I say this: YOU MALAYSIAN YOUTH HAVE NOT RAISED A SQUEAK THAT EVEN A NEAR-DUMB RAT COULD HAVE MANAGED! The authorities believe that you could not handle GS and that if they did not ask her to cover up, you all would, short of jerking off, go on a raping rampage or if that was too difficult, take the easy route....rape grandmothers, cousins or neices!

    GROW UP LAH, YOUNG MALAYSIANS. Until you speak up, your moral guardians will continue to think that you cannot think for yourselves. They know that you do not have that moral fibre to even volunteer a sigh of protest. Or maybe, this is an easier route for you youngsters......podah! Lan-bird, I say to you.

    Come on young men and women of Malaysia, surely you do possess that scrotal strength and cuntal courage to tell them bigoted buggers that you can stand on your own and be guided by the values your parents have passed down to you. Again, maybe thats too much trouble, huh?

    Call me a dirty old man. So what? I still enjoy a pretty face, a pair of lusciously-endowed bag-susu, the smouldering shay-shaying of hypnotic hips. Man, am I not proud that I was brought up by a monthly diet of Playboy and Hustler, until they got banned. Strangely, I forgot to jump on my mother or my sister or somebody's daughter, wife or mistress.





    Meanwhile I relish Beyonce as she is and wait with bated breath to hear your protest.....


    ......and I will also put my ear to the ground to ensure that I hear some sound from you all.....go guys and your thing. it for your own sakes. I promise to walk with YOU ALL.