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No, its not only raining cats and dogs, its raining money in Bolehland!




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He and Reduan Tee breasted the tape together

but the photo finish established that he

won by a teat!

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An Open Letter to all DAP Leaders and Members,

by Loi Bih Siang, Benjamin

Friday, 29 August 2008 17:20

The majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!

Without doubt, DAP has struggled and fought fearlessly and tirelessly over the past 4 decades aspiring to build a democratic and progressive Malaysia regardless of race and religion. However, I can only conclude that over the past 4 decades, DAP has completely failed to fight against the UMNO hegemony in the country.

DAP had never prepared itself to be the alternative of BN until 08 March 2008. And we have to acknowledge that DAP had been dragged and manipulated by UMNO to become or at least seen to become a Chinese-Chauvinist political party. The fact is that without PAS or Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will NEVER be able to engage the Malay electorate. The leadership of DAP has long been luxuriating in being recognized as the "Chinese Hero" or "Non-Muslims' Rights Defender".

Since DAP's inception in 1966, the Party has failed to recognize the basic and simple fact that it is the Malays who decide the sort of leaders they want and they have voted UMNO in for 12 consecutive General Elections.

UMNO had always been perceived as the sole defender of Malay supremacy with their special rights and privileges, even if it is at the expense of other ethnic groups. It doesn't require complex political analysis to understand that the MAJORITY of Malays had always been staunch supporters of UMNO. If they refuse to change their voting preference, the status quo is going to remain. The more we challenge it, the stronger UMNO will be. Thus, for DAP to directly clash with UMNO will further enhance its image as a Chinese-based party and provide UMNO with an opportunity to have more Malay sympathizers.

An example is, if they increase the number of scholarships for non-bumis, UMNO can easily tell the Kampong Malays that they have succumbed to the pressure of MCA, Gerakan and MIC. The Malays will immediately give their strong endorsement to UMNO to defend their rights. DAP, as one of the strongest opposition parties in Malaysia, is still failing to comprehend the racial game played by UMNO.

Instead of directly engaging the Malay electorate, DAP chooses to play the ZERO SUM GAME with MCA and Gerakan. These 3 Chinese-based political parties lack the basic political wisdom to survive independently in our multi-racial country where Malays/Muslims are the majority. At least we know UMNO can easily survive by means of communalism and form the government with smaller political parties.

No matter how hard DAP argues or debates with MCA or Gerakan, it won’t change the fixed mindset or mentality of the Malay electorate. Neither will MCA or Gerakan be forced to change the mindset of the Malays by DAP!

Remember the iron fact that the majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!

As our most respected Regent of Perak, Dr. Nazrin Shah put it, "The Malay mindset is a crucial factor in our nation's stability”. Dr. Nazrin further elaborated that, “racial prejudice can be erased if the Malay mindset is stable and comfortable towards forging harmony. It is a pre-condition to our nation's stability".

May I ask Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, or even the writer Liew Chin Tong, how much has DAP done over the past 40 years to change the mindset of the Malays? How much has DAP done to win the trust of the Malays? How many times has DAP challenged UMNO in open debate on the academic performance of Malay students?

Instead of getting closer and winning the hearts and trust of the Malay electorate, DAP has chosen to fight with MCA and Gerakan to play the role of Chinese Hero.

Worse still, after struggling for more than 40 years in Malaysia’s political history, DAP still doesn't have the slightest inkling of what "political courtship" is all about. Even the MOST STUPID salesman knows how to be courteous to customers and win their trust.

DAP chooses to shun Malay electorate and frighten them by:

a) Refusing to wear songkok,

b) Raising the issue of Social Contract,

c) Immediate abolition of positive discrimination policies

It's made me wonder whether DAP is paid by UMNO to strengthen their grass root supporters! If I were a DAP leader, I would ostentatiously wear the Songkok to pro-actively court and seek Malay support for DAP. I would put aside the issue of the Social Contract and would clearly and carefully pinpoint the weaknesses of the NEP to the Malay masses before revising it.

If the Umnoputras liken the fate of the Malays in Penang to the Malays in Singapore, how is YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng going to answer this question or "accusation"? What YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng will do is to imitate his predecessor Dr. Koh by keeping his mouth shut and be speechless. Silence means consent!

DAP should pro-actively and sincerely urge the Malay masses to look beyond the tiny island of Singapore and focus on the plight of Malays in Batam, Bintang, Karimun and even the slum areas in Jakarta. Ask them to compare whether Singapore Malays are better off or Batam Malays are better off.

I can help organize special tours for all the Malays/bumiputras in Malaysia to visit all the Indonesian islands surrounding Singapore to see for themselves how the Malays there are living in abject poverty and sordid conditions. Many young girls in Batam, Bintang and Karimun have to prostitute themselves to feed their family. They are also deprived of the opportunity to receive basic education and training. And we know many of them have to leave their families to become maids in Singapore and Malaysia.

We should challenge UMNO – NOT to protect the Malays in Singapore, but the Malays in Batam, Bintang and Karimun! We are not defending Singapore, but we have to speak the truth to the Malay masses. Enlighten them and so they won't be blinded and misguided by UMNO. Shame on our Education Minister who expressed the need to travel to the UK to save "our" so-called prodigy Sufiah. He should go to Batam Island to join the UN's efforts to curb child prostitution!

For DAP’s information, Singapore Malays have progressed very well. Over the last 15 years, they have improved significantly in their academic performance. Singapore Malays have the highest percentage of home ownership as compared to the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia! DAP does not have to defend PAP, but I would encourage YAB Mr. Lim to invite Dr. Mahathir for a telecast debate on the plight of Malays in Singapore.

Dr. Mahathir always reminds the Malays in our country to look at the Malays in Singapore, how “miserable” they are without firm control in politics. For Mahathir's information, the Singapore Parliament Speaker is a Malay and the Finance Minister an Indian Muslim like Mahathir. And so far, I have not heard of Singapore Malays being maids in Malaysia or Indonesia, and neither have I heard of a large number of young Malay girls in Singapore prostituting themselves to feed their family.

As Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, DAP leaders should openly and publicly support the teachings of the Quran in our country. I voted for PAS on 8th March to close down casinos, horse-racing, 4D and TOTO. Non-Muslims have long been paying a second tax to the UMNO government by "gambling-off" their whole family savings and children’s education to win the trust and respect of Malays and Muslims.

DAP should advocate the closure of casinos, 4D, TOTO, and horse-racing as all these vice activities operators are UMNO agents. They take gambling money from non-Muslims and pay it to their UMNO Master. To cut off this source of revenue for UMNO, DAP should explain to the non-Muslim community how this gambling system works in Malaysia – and teach UMNO a lesson as we must expose UMNO’s hypocrisy!

Unfortunately, DAP leaders don't appear to have the intelligence, wit, courage and political will to have the paradigm shift and think out of the box politically. As mentioned earlier, DAP is just a political party helplessly manipulated by UMNO. By just simply advocating the banning of gambling, DAP could win the respect and trust of Malays and Muslims plus save many non-Muslims from bankruptcy and family problems. But most importantly, it cuts off a large chunk of revenue from UMNO. ONE stone killing 3 birds.

Instead of shouting and arguing with ridiculous Umnoputras in Parliament, I urge DAP to instruct each of their members to befriend at least 10 Malays to explain to them the challenge of this ever-changing globalized economy and how we have to work together regardless of race and religion for a better Malaysia. When the Malay mindsets change, Malaysia will change; and vice-versa.

DAP, hear me and hear me well. You may be sincere, but you are sincerely wrong in Malaysian politics. Go and study what made UMNO strong. Do your political analysis. Also, DAP, you must remember that PAS is your true friend, even though they talked with UMNO. They are righteous and godly people that won't succumb to the temptation of money. That is not the case with Keadilan. Except Anwar and a few top leaders, many Keadilan people are still carrying the UMNO-DNA, as we have witnessed with the running dog Ezam and Nalla betraying the party.

DAP, you should acknowledge the fact that the special rights and position of Malays/bumiputras are enshrined in our constitution. You have to respect it. You must have a complete and comprehensive Malay agenda to compete with UMNO. For example, the Penang state government can provide free but compulsory tuition for Penang Malay students at schools. DAP must cultivate and nurture the Malays in Penang to excel in academics and be able to compete on equal footing with others. Penang Malays must be the locomotive change of mindset to the rest of the Malays in our country. If DAP fails to change the Malay mindset in Penang, DAP will never be qualified to be addressed as a "National" party.

Lastly, DAP, you still have a long way to go and you really have to learn again who's given UMNO power. Go to their power base, seize their power and cut off their power supply! For a progressive and better Malaysia, wearing the songkok is a trivial matter.

If necessary, let Anwar’s new cabinet be full of capable Malays like Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Dr. Azly Rahman, Dr. Bakri Musa, Tuanku Abdul Aziz, etc. to prove to the Malay masses that we, Chinese, are not power hungry; we don't choose to "pegang" so as to destroy their livelihood as UMNO has claimed. We can prove to them that even though there is only 1 Chinese Minister in the Cabinet, it is still okay to us if the highly capable and honest Malay leaders can lead our country to greater heights and serve the rakyat wholeheartedly regardless of race, language and religion!

Please learn, understand and even master the UMNO's Art of War in Politics.

"Know your enemies and know yourself, hundred battles hundred victories" – "Sun Tzu’s Art of War".


Hidup Malaysia...

Mr. Loi Bih Siang Benjamin

Political Scientist

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For far too long the AG has absolutely been the most powerful man in the country. No cases go to court unless he says so…..and whispers along the corridors of the Palace of Justice says that HE just has to whisper into some eager ears and presto the NFA stamp can get one off SCOT FREE! And we are not talking about any murder rap!

That is ABSOLUTE POWER! Yes? But not so this time! Over brunch this afternoon, Max my kaki banged the table and said: He is fucked this time, big time!

Will MACC do the needful? If Abu Kassim has short memory, let me remind him of what he said close to 2 years ago:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 2010– Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed said today he would step down if any complaint made to the MACC, including against Cabinet ministers, went uninvestigated.

“If no investigation is carried out on any report, even against Cabinet ministers, I am willing to go down,” he said during a question-and-answer session on the final day today of the three-day Malaysian Law Conference here.

Previously, Gani was also alleged to have received gratification for his and his family’s haj trip, which was alleged to have been paid for by an alleged shady character, Shahidan Shafie.

Even the Malaysian Bar has raised questions over this affair, but he has been cleared by the MACC.

Besides this, Gani is also alleged to be involved in framing former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuff and his men in the Copgate affair, and also in Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye investigations as alleged by former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.

Pressure is mounting for attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to be investigated for corruption and abuse of power after former Ho Hup Bhd managing director Low Tuck Choy lodged a police report recently asking why the authorities have not begun investigations.

Low claimed that Ho Hup’s invoice, with Gani's name on it, which was put up on a blog last year is genuine, and questioned Deputy Minister Liew Vui Kong’s statement in Parliament last month that the authorities were mulling whether to begin investigations.

“I must also highlight the fact there have been feelings of eeriness and concern among the corporate sector if nothing is done to investigate the AG, although proof of him receiving gratification to take sides and abuse his powers in a commercial dispute are in abundance.”

“I am lodging this police report to urge the authorities to commence investigation against Gani and I am ready, willing and able to assist the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter for the sake of justice and good governance,” Low says in the report.

Gani has denied any involvement or receiving gratification in the Ho Hup affair, but Social Just Care chairperson Robert Phang has called on Gani to come clean in the investigations.

It has also been reported that the MACC is keeping mum over the allegations.

If Abu Kassim has lost his hearing aid and dentures, can the Inspector General of Police arrest the AG even if Najib plays blind and dumb?


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DANG! If you don’t scare too easily but if it scares somebody, then it is BIG enough. And it looks like both in Sabah and Sarawak, some people are scared……and that scare has come in with the tide from across the South China Sea onto the Peninsula shores….. So scared that they are trying the old scare tactic of fear mongering, and morbidly reminding us of the scepter of May 13 1969! Chew May Fun, MCA Wanita chief tried that scare and it cost her the elections, her supporters told her in her face after she lamented her loss.

I remember that Sunday 16 May 2010 very distinctly. It was 11.00am. Lim Kit Siang left his room, came over to me and said despondently, “Let’s have an early lunch.” Walking down the stairs he said he feared that his Sibu Miracle will not materialize. I asked, “Why not?” “In urban areas the turnout is only 30%!”

This was my first time in Sibu and he would have a better feel about things. But I remember that around 8am Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad had accompanied MP of Seputeh, Theresa Kok to Church to meet the people. They were told that most Christians attended the 10am service. The pair left for the other polling stations but was back in the Church by 10am.

I told YB Kit, “The service will take an hour and I learnt that after service families normally go out for lunch. Maybe, they will go out to vote after that.” I doubt that moved him as the lunch proceeded with an unappetizing flow of conversation with many unnerving silent gaps.

At 4pm he tweeted: From incoming results, hopes of a Sibu Miracle more than alive despite initial reservations. At 430pm he tapped me on the shoulder and we went for tea across the centre……and the rest is history. DAP’s Wong Ho Leng secured 18211 to SUPP 14267, a majority of 3944 despite Najibs pledge to the people in Rajan Park the night before – You help me, I help you!

The church, previously only concerned in the “hereafter” are now also concerned about the “herenow” and undeniably proved to be the THIRD FORCE.






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It is now a well worn out cliché that East Malaysia is BN’s safe deposit, not gaining any interest but just kept safe in a strongroom. Sabah and Sarawak are the two states with an abundance of rare resources but shackled by poverty. I have had my fair share of campaigning in those two states to know that their time will come when they will realize that they cannot be just KEPT to be exploited and abused. Maybe this time around the people of Sabah and Sarawak are realizing that enough is enough, extricate, let go and move on. Then they will realize that they are not the people BN thought they were, but BETTER! They will finally be aware that there is a difference between giving up and knowing that they have had ENOUGH!

Have our rakyat in East Malaysia come to this start truth that it is because they are ABOVE that BN wants them DOWN, save and sound? Let me put it another way: If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means you are ABOVE them!

Trust, somebody said, is like paper. Once crumpled, it can’t be perfect. Haven’t they been crumpled enough? Will Sabahans and Sarawakians continue to trust BN?

I have always told my students (if they can remember) and participants at seminars I facilitated over the years: If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not BIG enough.

I leave it to our people in these two states to dream BIG or forever be locked up in the strong room….only to be used or abused!....are they brave enough to dream big and will they follow these two who are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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special branch

to tell us about




Prime minister

Invited them lah!

And you Special Branch, I will have you know that they will be our guest for ten years…..enough time to collect enough information for China unless you can cut them up or put them thru CTScans to ensure that they are not embedded with the necessary intelligence tools available! But do it professionally or your lancheows will end up as bottled pickled pricks!

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many notched tun m

as a dictator.

Commander thaya

Generously volunteers

He is an autocrat.

How about

Agent Provocateur?

Shit Stirrer?

Master Appropriator?


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Amid much fireworks and fanfare, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak kicked off a two-month long ‘fly the Jalur Gemilang' campaign at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, also better known as ‘Little India'.

Among the promises he said the government had delivered were unity, peace, and transformation from an agrarian economy to a industrial nation, and now aspiring to be a high-income nation.

UNITY?….now we are more polarized because Najib has not muzzled Perkasa and Utusan says it is ok to spin against the opposition! The unity preached by BN is either cosmetic or manufactured. A glaring unity index is the uniform politicians are given free whilst Tees are supplied together with crash-helmets if you stand in two rows to give a rousing cheer to the VIPs. Have you heard this one:

PEACE? More housing estates are setting up their own security; more people are mugged in malls; snatch thievery is a daily occurrence; opposition ceremahs are marred with thuggery. From2003 1850 have died in police custody. Bersih2 and 3 were marred with police brutality.

TRANSFORMATION FROM AN AGRARIAN ECONOMY TO AN INDUSTRIAL NATION? This is capital bullshit. Native lands are taken for plantations; Felda settlers are exploited and duped! Money is freely given to buy votes.


What is a deficit?

When the government spends more than it earns, it incurs a deficit. The government spent RM229 billion in 20114. However, it earned only RM183 billion. So, it incurred a deficit of RM46 billion. A deficit, in plain language, is overspending.

Our government has overspent in every single year since 1998. 2011 was the 14th consecutive year our government overspent. The total overspend from 1998 to 2011 is RM344 billion. The overspend alone totals RM12,000 for each and every one of us - from babies to adults to senior citizens5. Do you think you got your money’s worth?

Not only has the government been overspending, it has also been extremely sloppy in adhering to its own Budget. For example, the government, when presenting Budget 2011 in October 2010, said it would spend RM211 billion in 2011. It ended up spending RM229 billion!

The overspend alone totals RM12,000 for each and every one of us - from babies to adults to senior citizens5. Do you think you got your money’s worth?

Not only has the government been overspending, it has also been extremely sloppy in adhering to its own Budget. For example, the government, when presenting Budget 2011 in October 2010, said it would spend RM211 billion in 2011. It ended up spending RM229 billion! This anomaly is not peculiar to only 2011. We found that the government has consistently exceeded its stated Budget for every single year since 1997 - a period of 15 years. It might be longer. We stopped looking after 1997. The reasons for spending more than budgeted are never adequately explained.


NOTE: I was privileged to get an autograph copy, hot off the press, even before it was to be launched by YB Nurul Izah later this month, of this latest offering from cartoonist JOHNNY ONG’s UMNO-NOMICS. For the first time Johnny teamed up with economist TEH CHI-CHANG who comments after each cartoon strip. More than a hundred books were sold last night and a percentage went to the fund to pay for Tony Pua’s court case.

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I am no journalist, endowed with the license to spin. I am just an unsalaried blogger who gives it straight to you and from the heart.

I will tell you that the Harmony Act is some utopia conjured by the fuckheads in Putrajaya. That utopia is distorted harmony.

I will tell you that the Government’s twin ass-wipes the MACC and the Royal Commission concurred that Teoh Beng Hock “flew out of the window” because of enhanced interrogation. "Enhanced interrogation" sounds like a questioner who just shouts at you a little louder under the bright lights, or the threesome who conveniently opened a window of opportunity and assisted you in your flight. I heard somewhere that it was the Nazis who first invented the term.

I will tell you that Custom Officer Ahmad Sarbini Mohd also was alleged to have lost his balance and“fallen” to his death from enhanced interrogation from the new MACC building in Jalan Cochrane, after bothersome truthfinding audits whilst the RCI on TBH was in progress.

I will tell you that since intimidating coaxing and intensified physical techniques failed Kugan succumbed to possible heightened body reconfiguration ultimate and rigorous phenomenological exercises!

I will tell you that Putrajaya will swear that they will not lie but instead will use euphemism like the boy who told the mother that since he had some time to spare, he did some creative economics and boosted his energy level for a while. I will tell you that the kid meant that he ponteng classes, stole some money and blew it on cigarettes.

I will tell you that more euphemisms will come out from the Transformation Department because “chocking” the chicken or “porking” the pig is better spoken/written than seen.

But I will also tell you that the Peaceful Assembly Act and the Evidence Act and whatever invasive imploration analysis forthcoming from the jackasses in Putridjaya will garner more votes for Pakatan.

This much I can tell you

as a Barisan Rakyat Blogger

with scant resources.

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YOUR Prime Minister is a true-blue Blue Ocean Strategist: kill the competition - (some were blatant enough to suggest FLOM) and appointed himself the first Male Minister of Women Affairs.

YOUR Prime Minister commands such allegiance that an Election Returning officer could even assure Nurul that if he was appointed RO of Lembah Pantai, she would lose the election. Such fealty, must be admired, no?

YOUR Prime Minister is so fearless - he approved TAR College diplomas and certificates, even when Mahathir reprimanded that again the Malays will lose out with a flood of Chinese into the civil service. That’s courage I tell you!

YOUR Prime Minister exhibited honesty so depleted in the UMNO leadership. He admitted that the ISA did not benefit BN one bit. That was why he repealed the ISA!

YOUR Prime Minister admittedly possessed this rare leadership quality: influencing skills, which he put to good use when he was able to convince the Ruler that giving back Perak to BN, even through chicanery, was the right thing to do.

YOUR Prime Minister is real son of Malaysia with his 1Malaysia despite it being morphed into a much kicked about platitude by his own Deputy who prefers race before nationality.

YOUR Prime Minister is undoubtedly a loyal leader who kept his friends close to him but his “enemies within his fold” closer to him. He never sacked any minister and still kept his Deputy in office unlike his tormentor who swept aside some three deputies.

Isn’t YOURR Prime Minister a most forgiving Prime Minister who lives by the adage that all of us do make mistakes despite all the GATED missteps – NFC, Ampang LRT, Scorpene?

YOUR Prime Minister who scored many FIRSTS: He never paid any US lobbyists to get an audience with a US President; he convened an international conference to foster moderation; he allowed Perkasa free rein; your PM is the first but probably the last UMNO PM to brush aside seeking the nations mandate to rule…..

YOUR Prime Minister is anointed with supreme confidence like when he told his buddy: Be cool. I am seeing the Inspector General of Police today.

YOUR Prime Minister is blessed with steely determination as he plods on despite being surrounded by the sycophants every Wednesday.

YOUR Prime Minister is a true spouse espousing to the limit that behind every successful man is a woman and proud that for the first time a wife of a prime minister has collected more honorary degrees, “rare” awards and other accessories than her predecessors.

YOUR Prime Minister is imbued with extraordinary courage. He appoints a confessed felon to the chairmanship of the prized Felda.

YOUR Prime Minister, above all, has no cronies…..only buddies and cabbies!

YOUR Prime Minister has divine foresight….he lets sleeping dogs lie in East Malaysia

But above all…..

YOUR Prime Minster’s simplistic realism is awesome: You help me, I help you!

That is YOUR Prime Minister!

He can be MINE too,

if he has the scrotal gumption

to debate his opponent

waiting in the wings.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The prosecution has cited nine grounds in its appeal against the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim on the Sodomy II charge.

THIS WILL NEVER END…..because…..

Because Brutus Najib is an honorable man..

At the recent ceremah in Kuala Lipis Anwar said: "You notice, I don't attack people on their personal morality but they do it to me all the time. I try to stick to the issues, because it is knowledge that helps to solve problems. Islam requires us to seek knowledge for without it we can get nowhere."

But Brutus Najib is an honorable man…..

Anwar continues: "How is it that if I'm so low in my morals, the prime minister obtained only 20 minutes when he visited Turkish Prime Minister (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan recently whereas the same man gave me an hour and forty-five minutes when I paid him a visit, also recently.

And Brutus Najib is an honorable man…..

"How come if I'm that much of a lowlife, I had on a recent visit with my wife Azizah (Wan Ismail) to the world's leading Muslim theologian, Sheikh Yusof Quaradawi, in Qatar, he autographed his latest book for me with the words, ‘To Anwar Ibrahim, With love from Sheikh Yusof'.

But Brutus Najib is an honorable man…..

Mehinks there is much reason in Anwar’s sayings.

But again this will never end because….

A reader of this blog, Bill Chua said...

Malott drops a bombshell: A secret pact between Najib and Anwar by John Malott,

Today I read Anwar Ibrahim’s statement from the docket.
Anwar said that it all is a political conspiracy against him. And I agree.

After all, I was the American Ambassador to Malaysia when all of these things happened the first time around. As people know, the American Embassy has many sources of information. Just ask Wikileaks.

Malaysians love to talk. As so many of my friends in Malaysia know, I have been very outspoken in support of Anwar’s freedom for over one decade. And that is because I know the truth. I was there when it happened the first time.

In 1998 – the first time around for Anwar – my Embassy heard and reported lots of things. We knew the truth. Because Malaysians – at the highest levels -- told us.

When I was in KL, Najib’s personal think tank was called the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, or MSRC. MSRC basically was two people, Rohanna Mahmood and Razak Baginda.

Neither Rohanna nor Razak are government officials, so I am not violating any US laws by revealing what they told me and my Embassy in those days.

In 1998 Rohanna joined me for a private one-on-one luncheon at the Ambassador’s residence. It was during the time when Anwar was starting to challenge Mahathir, subtly but still obviously.

Rohanna told me that Najib and Anwar had reached a secret agreement. When Mahathir was gone, Anwar would be PM and Najib would be Deputy PM. That was the deal.

That never happened, of course. When the going got tough, Najib stood by, and let Anwar go to jail.

What about Razak Baginda?

He told a senior Embassy officer, “The decision has been made. They are going to “nuke” Anwar politically for all time to come. “Until he can never stand up again politically.”

Meaning, it was all a political decision – to destroy Anwar.
That is what Razak – now in self-imposed exile in London -- said.
After that, a senior officer in the Special Branch told an Embassy officer, “We are going to keep filing charge after charge after Anwar so he will be in jail
for the next hundred years.”
Can there be any doubt about what was going on then – and what is going on now?

- Malaysia Chronicle
- John Malott was the US ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998 and is now the president of the Japan-America Society of Washington DC

July 11, 2012 10:23 AM

But it can end….if Najib dares to call

for GE13 NOW!

If Najib is an honorable man!


This is what the BN is up to in Perak. More later today.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


“Many of the people in the news these days - and, by and large, that, of course, means BN politicians - really must have been smoking some pretty bad weed, as it were,” volunteered ROM NAIN.

……or infirmed porridge politics?


In May 1993, on my flight from Akron, Ohio to Chicago, I recognised BB King in the lounge. I was sure he would be in 1st class and I would not be able to chat with him as I was on Business Class so I went up to him and told him "BB King where I come from, Malaysia, we have a guy who plays like you….he is PP King….Paul Ponnudorai. He gave a hearty guffaw…..he would not if he had heard our virtuoso plucking his stuff.

I first heard Paul when he teamed up with his brother Sam on our RTM talent show in the seventies. The rest, as they say is history. We had two things in common when we met up again in the late 80s mostly in pubs in those crazy, unhazy days. We drank our Anchor straight from the bottle which the owner of Castel Restaurant told me was rude. WTF! Paul was a voracious reader and every book I mentioned he has read. But there were books he read that I didn’t. He was many up on me and for every book that I did not read and he had I had to buy him a drink.

We met again in between his stints in Singapore and finally last year when he did a gig at Backyard to raise funds for Burmese refugee kids in KL.

Yesterday morning enroute from Taiping to Penang, Anil Netto who Terence and I will stay with broke the news of Paul’s passing.

Farewell P P King!



and don't fail to catch him do his Black Magic Woman.....obviously a dedication to his wife.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Terence and I gate crashed YB Thomas Su’s press conference at his service centre at Pasir Pinggi, Ipoh just before noon. It was revealed that his aide Simon Ng was informed by MCA that being a member of MCA since 2001 he is entitled to be insured in the Group Policy for one year. This is of course extended to all new members of MCA. But the catch is that you are insured for only this year. You will only benefit if you “crash out” this year. Dang! Now that the “sex traps” don’t work the “death trap” is offered. It seems some young Chinese in Perak are so thrilled about this that they told their elders to sign up. That was when the kids got jolted when the elders rained that forbidden “hum kah chun” thingy. You know my Cantonese is near sub-zero but I believe it was close to ….”go have a good suck and be suckered you young suckers!

I am disconcertedly embarrassed. I come from a state where the Ruler and his heir is so educated and decorated, have written books and always wooed to give annual lectures (You tell me which state has that combination?) and yet the subjects are so gullible and easily suckered! We know for a fact that Mahathir strangled Perak over the Mamico affair but the people in Perak cannot continue to cry over this!

Shanghai Fish, you and I must spend more time in our home state or our silver state will eventually be a tin-can state………unless Pakatan takes over!.......Lenggong, are you ready. More on this later on……

Thursday, July 5, 2012


"When you know that in order to produce,

you need to obtain permission

from men who produce nothing,

when you see that money is flowing to those

who deal not in goods

but in favours,

when you see that men get rich more easily by graft rather

than by work,

and your laws no longer protect you against them

but protect them against you,

you know that your society is doomed."

~ Ayn Rand




Wednesday, July 4, 2012