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It is rare, yes terribly rare, that we have Malaysians who will give up their jobs because that job does not dove-tail with and thus compromises their principles. This is the type of man that our many cock-eyed agencies need to bring credibility to all the icing .....more so like those mock wedding cakes you see towering over the newly-weds at weddings......just hollow. Good to see only. But of course U-En Ng will never be appointed....because he ain't a running dog, much less a lap toy-dog.

I tip my hat off to you sir. It would be an honor for me to meet you one day. A towering Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Read more from this Malaysiakini report HERE.


Honestly, I thought Suhakam is history. They dont feature in the news probably because the rakyat knows that having recourse to Suhakam is a cul de sac. Window dressing some would wont to volunteer.....toothless and impotent....the government's feel good buffer in case the world asks questions. To me until just now, Suhakam was kaput, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, until I read the
Malaysiakini report on what transpired today at the Brickfields Police Station. It is a wonder people still have faith in Sukaham. When I think of Suhakam, it takes me back to the days of the Arabian Nights where the potentate is judged by the number in his harem. The harem lives usually in splendid annexes and guarded by castrated Nubian brawny but PENISLESS....such that celebacy and loyalty to the Emperor/Sultan is a given.
But now that you still exist, is it too much trouble to throw some shit at the police for continuining to intimidate the people with chemical-laced water jets. If you can't do anything, have some self-respect, enmass resign and go plant vegetables or learn to make chocolate cakes. The people dont need you, not one bit.

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Funeral arrangement's have not been finalised as this goes to post.

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In my passage through life, many have captivated my attention, many have mentored me, many have moved me, many too have touched my life, many have kicked my butt out of complacency and inertia, many exhumed me out of the sarcophagus of the living dead and into believing that in a little way I can still contribute to the betterment of this distressed country.Many of them were former students, but most were mavericks, wanderlusts, rightists, leftists, centrists, agnostics, atheists, 2 Marxists, men of religion and residents of Pudu Jail, But they were all human beings. Over the years these people, through personal contacts or through their writings and discourses have contributed their brush-strokes to my canvas. Mine is not a masterpiece yet; many deft strokes would have to be added.

Today I feature a savant, and like all savants, irritatingly unassuming but always sharp, impactful, decisive, incisive, insightful and pregnant with razor-sharp flair. Listening to him in court is always an intellectual treat. That is the Malik Imtiaz I know and over a short spell, have clinked many glasses straight up. and swirled our tongues, thus serving justice, over some good cubans. Yes, he too have added some brush-strokes and high-lights onto my life-canvas.

But of course, he has a column in the recently rejuvenated Malay Mail. But who reads MM actually. I produce his latest for the benefit of my readers:

Serving justice, straight up

It took me a while to understand that in as much as contract, commercial, criminal, constitutional or any other field of law was important, the existence of a functioning system by which the law was applied and enforced was far more crucial. For without such a system, it would not matter at all that there were laws.

When I first graduated from law school, I believed that all things said and done we had such a system. I am almost certain now that we do not.

We have courts, some of them in very opulent buildings that are akin to palaces. We have judges at all levels, be it at the subordinate courts or into the dizzying heights of the judicial hierarchy. There is in place an Attorney General’s Chambers from which spring a number of federal counsel and deputy public prosecutors who represent the State in its legal endeavours. They are complemented by a host of lawyers who, together with their counterparts from the civil service, apply laws that have been duly enacted by legislative chambers and Parliament respectively.

Impressive, one could say. I however reserve my judgment. Just like cameras, there are “point and shoot” lawyers and judges, and there are the far more sophisticated and capable ones. Both serve their purpose but one category serves it far better, something to think about considering the legal system is one whose standard cannot be compromised for any reason at all. Lives, in the widest sense, are at stake. They are being put at risk by the kind of individuals being allowed into the system.

All this however does not directly answer the question of whether the system is one that is functioning effectively. In this, it must be understood that the ultimate arbiter of whether a legal system is effective is the public that the system is intended to serve. The level of public confidence in the system is the only yardstick by which this effectiveness can be measured.

The stark reality is that the average Malaysian entertains grave doubts about the integrity or competence or both of those who make up the system (and in this, I tar lawyers with the same brush). From a public confidence standpoint, it could be said that the system is not functioning.

We cannot blame them for so doubting. Controversy upon controversy, many of which were unnecessary and avoidable, have impacted. Suspicions have been given foundation by the findings and recommendations of a Royal Commission of Enquiry that lambasted the system and urged urgent corrective measures. One cannot fault the average Malaysian for thinking justice is no longer the sacrosanct quality that it is meant to be, having instead transformed into something pliable that can be moulded to convenience.

This has had ramifications it seems. Malaysians have no alternative but to take their cases to the courts, it is the only way in which they can have their legal disputes resolved. Faced with a system that they have come to perceive as lopsided and pliable, it appears that they have attempted to improve, or at the very least even out, their odds where they have been able to do so. If the system were seen and understood to be unyielding, this would not be occurring.

It is perception that fuels belief that the system is hardly working as it should. As a lawyer, this saddens me, not because I think it is an unfair assessment but because I can see why it is they might believe this to be the case. Over the last twenty years the Judiciary has taken a beating, inside and out. It seems like every Chief Justice since Tun Dzaiddin started his term with laudable declarations concerning the need for reform only to subsequently find that the problem areas were so entrenched that resolving them was neither easy nor possible in their limited terms of tenure. Promises unfulfilled have deepened distrust.

It is high time that those who manage the institutions in ours system of justice wake up to the hard truth that mere rhetoric and superficial changes will not serve any purpose in attempts to rebuild confidence. Efforts must be real and driven by a desire to deliver to Malaysians objective justice at its keenest. It is not enough to say that there are those in the system who do just that. Though that may be the case, there are seemingly those who do not. It must be understood why this is the case and what can be done. The situation is desperate and calls for extreme measures.

Crucially, the system must be seen to be delivering justice. It is a cardinal rule of justice that not only must it be done, it must be seen to be done. The appearance of impartiality is paramount in building public confidence in the system. In this, standards must be seen to be applied uniformly, without exception. Explanations as to why they are not, do not go very far in explaining away the fact that they are not.

Perception is key. Without the public having confidence in the system, justice will never be served

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Of late the jaded MIC leader has either been barking or mumbling again. Is it because he wants to redeem himself and stand in Bukit Selambau? That is what I have been reliably informed, these past few days, since bringing his suspect son into the MIC top-dog inner circle. One thing about this aneh.....he is thick and therefore un-pliable, like sun-dried salted elephant foreskin. YES, why don't the big-tambis in MIC nominate the a last hurrah thingy. It will be a comedic episode - Samy aginst any banana plant. If this is the case, the Blue Blitz may not want to campaign in Bukit Selambau. The Special Bunch never like walk-overs.

30 odd years he did nothing except to force the conception of Hindraf and he asked what Penang Deputy CM Prof. Ramasamy what he did in 11 months. Catch his death-thores HERE


I did say that I had at least two dogs at any one time. They are never chained. They are outside in the garden or in their yard in the day time. At night, both are in the house, the German Shepherd Boss sleeps by the main door whilst Chicko the Dob, guards the stairs leading to bedrooms. The only time they are on the leash is when I walk them. After them,it was Skip, Shades, Seb. This was over a 30 years period. The last two were Potts and Sheba, that I had to find homes for when I moved to condo-living. All of them had stories....but that will be for another time.

The cardinal rule when walking your dog is elementary.....they must be on your left, away from traffic. You need to hold the leash loop on your right hand, and your left hand hold the leash such that your dog walks BESIDE YOU. No matter what breed you keep, running breed or lap breed, you need to keep a short leash. The BN government does this exceptionally well. They have full control.
Their running dogs and lap dogs are admirably controlled. You do not allow your dog to take you for a walk. That doggie must walk beside you. You lose control of the dog when the dog drags you along for a walk. The BN government has got this right.
But in some cases, this is not happening. They let certain dogs run free, unleashed to poo all over us. They bark endlessly and they snap at anyone. Of course veternarians suggest you debark your dog or you castrate them.....but that would be cruel and against the nature of things.
The best-in-class would be the submissive, ever-obedient, my-master-right-or-wrong, sit, heel, attack, conditioned dogs, much like Pavlov's.


I read this somewhere:

According to mission of he Election Commission (EC) of Malaysia, the EC strives to ensure that the citizens of Malaysia are given the opportunity to participate in the election of their representatives in the formation of the Government and to safeguard this right through free and fair elections.

However, what we have seen so far is a totally different scenario as to how the team chaired by Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Yusof has failed to effectively execute its mission. Like his predecessor he chose a weekday (however Guan Eng, as CM declared election day for Permatang Pauh, a holiday) for KT, Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by-elections. Tight leash huh, fuck the rakyat. My master's voice is the only voice.


Abdul Ghapur Salleh (BN-Kalabakan) has expressed his disappointment over the investigation into Kugan’s death as no one from the police force has been charged so far.

He stressed that an independent inquiry should be set up to investigate the police officers who are alleged to be involved in the case.

The independent inquiry, he explained, could be set up by anybody as long as it runs impartially and is not bias in favour of the police.

“We cannot defend the police who are criminals. Even if the Indian boy (Kugan) was a criminal, it was not up to the police to punish him,” the outspoken MP told the House during his Royal Address speech."

I have always claimed that their are still good men in UMNO. This one ain't no runnig dog. But for sure he wont be nominated for future elections like Datuk Sakmangkol in Pahang.

Running dogs and lap dogs find it easier to sniff our cows and cars.

MORE PARALLELS BEFORE WE CLOSE THE PARALLELOGRAM.....but for now small appetising bites.









Tuesday, February 24, 2009


No, it was not a question of being tardy, my not bloggig for 2 days. I am collating some material for this series which I shall baptise as "IT CAN ONLY BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA." It was quite an exercise and I shall release it in bits ...... not my intention to choke anybody really. I invite my readers to contribute and when you do, please allow me to do some editing only if called for. Of course, veracity is key.

Malaysiakini reported this:

The newly established Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) must act above board in all of its dealing.

It was also very important that the commission remained fair and professional.

This was the advice given to the commission by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he launched the body at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Admirable advice but rather forked-tongue. We know for a fact that there is sufficient evidence to imply that Ahmad Said Hamdan can be squeezed into submission by the powers that be. No need to elaborate. It is common knowledge that many of our HEADS who make the most nonsensical decisions are "squeezable subjects" with skeletons to hide. As such we treat them like turds.


A reader made this comment:

This government-owned lap-dog (macc CHIEF Ahmad Said) is a disgrace and only act as a mouthpiece to the irreevent BN. When the double face frog Adun from Bota crossed over to Pakatan he barked arrogantly and haughtily proclaimed on national television that investigations will be conducted for corruption against the hopping frog.However when this double face frog jump back to the evil Umno/BN together with the three treacherous frogs from Pakatan, this dog kept silent and not a single word was uttered on the possibility of corruption against Umno/BN


Remember that IPP guy in East Malaysia who was told by TNB that he should desist from twisting arms. He put his firearms on the table. What does it tell you? And nothing is done. When one puts on a condom, one uses it unless one harbors some recently discovered sexual fetish. If this display of arrogance is not intimidating and the Police looks the other way, we know that the squeeze was applied,


My blogger friend Herr Wenger J Khairy recalled an old edict that became madatory for medical screening of migrant workers. He asked:

When you (elaboration not necessary)awarded the screening of foreign medical workers contract to a company owned by your son's firm, allowing your son's firm to collect a couple of hundred ringgit every year per worker, (just multiply by RM 200 X 700,000/year to get some feel), Harvard Business School wanted to award you best Making Money Out of Thin Air Business Plan.


I shall end todays bits with an extract from NST's Syed Nadzri column:

AH, the weird world of public figures. Sometimes they quit when you least expect them to. At other times, they just refuse to go under any circumstances, even when everyone else wants them to disappear.

The story about former Japanese finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa, who resigned after looking and sounding drunk at a press conference last week, is quite amazing. Seen in the context of some of the things happening around us in Malaysia today, it is even laughable.

We have come across acts and many instances worse than this I am sure -- at press conferences here where the answers to questions were not only slurred and incomprehensible but downright insane. And nobody resigned.

Disgraceful antics, at times in our own Parliament. Nobody resigned.

Hills came tumbling down on houses recently. Nobody resigned. Malaysian soccer in the pits. Nobody resigned (but the coach and assistant manager got sacked)


Saturday, February 21, 2009


I always had dogs (at least 2 at any one time) until condominium living forbids this.

But of late, certain anointed professional agencies, legislative. judiciary, preventive and protective
have earned such simplistic but embarrassing sobriquet like TOP DOGS, RUNNING DOGS and now LAP DOGS.


Yes, MACC commissioner, just do your report, submit it to AG and just shut your mouth. Do your job professionally and don't allow your masters to do selective targetting for you. You sure got bola of your own. Don't let them squeeze your manhood.....the accompanying discomfort already shows in your face! Your face shows character. Maintain that......every man is created by God ...... dont allow it to be changed like the tempe blackguard.

Also MOB1900 kicks ass his way.

At the Federal Court this morning I was surprised to learn from one of RPK's lawyers that KARPAL SINGH was unaware that MACC top/lap dog's son was caught peddling child porno into Australia.




On 6 February, in my posting BEFORE WE TAKE IT BACK, WE WILL MAKE THEM SWEAT COLD SWEAT... I verbalized a nagging thought: Just a nagging thought: Najib will meet his waterloo if he leads Perak in the next buy-election. If the thought keeps nagging at me, it will be true. Lets just wait.

Seems like it is turning out as expected. The captains (Najib & Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) have played chicken and the poor untested neophyte Zambry will have to lead the ragged party in the by-elections. The very name Zam always leaves an unpleasant after-taste. Remember the poor sod of a Minister of Information who have the world a lesson on how Malaysian Ministers speak incoherently. ZAMBOY needs to test the three independents on their promise to be friendly and get the double-hopper-crosser to be his second in command. The BARISAN RAKYAT BLOGGERS and their SB (Special Bunch) are wringing their hands and controlling their bladdrs, in anticipation.

Go HERE for DanielYKL's story:

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HANTU smugly dropped this and flapped away. Nothing sensational really. But I will publish it or somebody will give me his cold "wing".

It seems Prime Minister in waiting summoned Khir Toyo from his weekly whitening treatment (notice the irregular spread of pigmentation?). He was told to just shut up about Eli Wong. He was told that in baiting for votes he is forcing another by-elections which Barisan cannot afford to lose but will inevitagly lose. He was even asked if he was behind the offering of the photos? "You have disgracefully lost our premier state and instead of repenting for your sins, you dare put UMNO at risk again. I will see to it myself thath our people will not vote you in. Now get lost and Rosmah wants to have a few words with you;" chided an irrate DPM.


Marina M has THIS to say


A SakmongkolAK47 reader said this after the debate:

Anonymous el said...

I wonder how many umno members think like you. If umno leaders think like you, umno will not be in the state they are in today. I agree with everything you said about KT. He is the kind of leader that will be the biggest obstacle to the true advancement of the Malays. He is a racist, selfish, narrow-minded, power crazy opportunist. His true colors has shown through when he is in desperation. I appeal to you n like minded umno members to stop this maniac from further destroying the future of Malays and our beautiful country.


Read HERE Datuk Sak's take on KT
The DANDELIONS too have something to throw at the botoxed KT


the Malaysian Insider on TOYO:

"This statement is rich coming from Khir. He is the last person in Malaysia who should be pontificating about morality. The state government he led was mired in countless allegations of corruption. The stench of some of those accusations continue to follow him".


I had put up my last posting this morning at around 1:52am after dinner at TGvic's. I ate sparingly, as I always do, and drank discreetly, which I seldom do. I was surprisingly surprised that I did not feel sleepy. Probably because I took an unusual siesta? Being unable to sleep, I recalled Pete's narration that night of the Anwar trials where the sitting judge displayed his trade-mark expertise in yo-yo. This yahoo never batted his eye-lids for sure throughout the trial, whilst yo-yo-ing away. Aha, that explains why the white eyebrows, moustache and a poor attempt to grow a beard.....which was also deceased white. No blood flow, mah.

I had to sleep as I have an early tosai breakfast with a former student. I used to induce sleep with the haunting and lilting Kroncong. ( is music to die for these days.) My maternal grandma of Medan birth and Batak ancestry used to sing Bangawan Solo to me and my brother. Dang, I dont hear keroncong anymore. As such I tuned in to Astro's OPUS.

I must have slept off but I was awakened by a fiendish nightmare accompanied with cold sweat and a chill. That was arouond 5:15am. I dont remember any nightmares of yore. Why this morning? Yes, definitely too much of the yo-yo trickster as a night-cap.

Below.....something like these invaded my subconscious.

Zombie or death-mask.....same difference, no?

You want a real-live witness on yo-yo zombies, just head for the Palace of Justice (and dont be afraid to wear your tees)......and

..... be guaranteed ....... a re-enactment of some of the most intricate yo-yo moves. Dang, stop asking stupid questions like who is at the other end of the yo-yo. No the Big Top is not in Putra Jaya, its choiced clowns are. This monday then at the Palace of Justice.

Note to those who will be there. The courtroom cannot hold all of us. Those who gain entry need to think of those refused entry. Just come out for a pee break, smoke break or de-stress that others can get in to get a glimpse of the yo-yo display.


I became aware of her during the reformasi saga. She went thru the fire that tempered her into what she is today - demure, comely, engaging but STEELY because she is still on fire. I met her when the opposition accepted the People's Declaration in Blog House, more than a month before the 12GE. I met her later at PP and KT and a few other PR functions.
She blogs and I happen upon this appeal to her constituents. Wednesday night coming out of the Bungsar Village carpark, I exited into Jl Maaroff to get into the Federal Highway. As I made the right turn, a scream alerted me to the scene of a snatch theft. I could not stop as the traffic behind me was fast. I hope nothing happend to the lady. Nurul's posting as such is timely as my Friday Guest Blogger. Her appeal:

Open letter to the residents and patrons of Bangsar

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to you, Bangsar residents and visitors, because as of now, the crime rate in Bangsar has reached alarming levels. More and more people in Bangsar are becoming victims of snatch thefts, break-ins, and assaults. Even prostitutes are now seen along Jalan Telawi nowadays.

Many of you have written letters to inform me of all the above, thank you for doing so. I have to emphasize that I welcome any kinds of comments, criticisms and constructive arguments. I believe it’ll help me to assist you better. But do remember, that while I am here to help. I cannot do it alone.

Thus far, I have managed to conduct dialogue sessions with the police (both closed, and open door meetings), make unannounced visits to different police stations in Bangsar, Pantai Dalam, Sri Sentosa, and ultimately request for formal meetings with top police echelons in Brickfields. It is important to hightlight the ever persistent issue of crime in Bangsar, as well as other areas in Lembah Pantai.

We must speak up against crime, such as the assault that took place even at commonly frequented sites such as the Gujerati Association. I met with the community at the crime scene, bringing together, them (the affected community) with C/Insp. Mat Shahrizan Said (the OCS of Pantai Police Station). It is a frightful thought to worry about our childrens’ safety when they are having activities at the center, especially when police patrol exists.

I will continue to highlight these issues to the media, as well as raise them in Parliament. But again, the most important avenue I have is to appeal for your help. Please come out and state your concerns in front of the police this 28th of February at Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara (near Sekolah Sri Cempaka). Let’s unite in our effort to help create a safer environment for our children, family and friends.

This session will include suggestions for the police to improve their services. We will open these suggestions for a frank discussion with the people of Bangsar and the Police. I have invited the Deputy OCPD of Brickfields, Supt. Azri Rahman to the forum.

To ensure we are not faulted for not cooperating with security apparatus, I must also ask all of you to lodge a police report if you have been a victim of crime. No matter how difficult the process may be, we must register crime into the national statistics. The thrust of our campaign from now on will be “LODGE A REPORT. PUNISH THE VILLAINS!”. We must do our part, and the police will always be reminded to do theirs!

Join me this Saturday, 28th February 2009, at Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara (near Sekolah Sri Cempaka, next to Saidina Omar Mosque). Or visit for more info.

Nurul Izzah, MP

Lembah Pantai

19th February 2009


Bangsarians, go for the

28 February meeting.

Support the

efforts of your MP who cares.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This morning, for the first time, I went INTO the Palace of Justice. My first time there was when, in solidarity with my lawyer friends, we assembled on the steps of this Palace and I walked with them to the Prime Minister's office. I have a picture of this opulent structure but I do not want to put this up, because by 2:30pm this afternoon, this Istana was an insult to RECTITUDE.
The Federal Court this morning heard the Home Ministry's move to strike out the Shah Alam High court that ordered the release of Raja Petra late last year. Even before the beginning of the hearing, we smelt the rat when request to have 7 or 5 judges sit over the case was not granted. Instead three were appointed and one had a dubious reputation. Even his early recusing himself was a choreographed charade. Finally his two other brothers "reinstated" him and as you will now have known, they have postponed to 23rd February for THEIR judgement. The obnoxious chicanery was so obvious that I left the court room. This was my first introduction to a kangaroo court. With all these shinanigans we are reliably informed by insiders in the Palace of Justice that the judgment was already penned.

What is a kangaroo court? Origin are varied but I believe that this source encapsulates the gist of what makes a court a kangaroo court:

The term is often applied to courts subjectively judged as such, while others consider the court to be legitimate and legal. A kangaroo court may be a court that has had its integrity compromised; for example, if the judge is not impartial and "refuses" to be recused.

It may also be an elaborately scripted event intended to appear fair while having the outcome predetermined from the start. Terms meaning "show trial", like the German Schauprozess, indicate the result is fixed before (usually guilty): the "trial" is just for show. Notorious were Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's kangaroo trials against his enemies, whom he labeled enemies of the people, notably in the context of the Great Purge. Another example is Roland Freisler's "processes" against the enemies of the National-Socialist regime.

In 2008, Singapore’s Attorney-General applied to the High Court to commence contempt proceedings against three individuals who appeared in the new Supreme Court building wearing identical white T-shirts bearing a palm-sized picture of a kangaroo dressed in a judge’s gown.

I picked this up from another source: it is clear that it has become a dump for the junk that gets rejected from the real legal system.

Enough said.

There was a time when the victims family or friends pay the judge. Now got innovative malaysian style one. Yes?

Oh yes, haven't we progressed?

Here is a good Pink Floyd offering titled The are at liberty to draw your own conclusions. I already have..

WARNING!! Nudity and Disturbing imagery!

Monday, February 16, 2009









You are no MAN if you allow anyone to
squeeze you by the balls.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


JAC SURIN of The NUT Graph recently made these two observations:

Indeed, the desertion of the three state assemblypersons — Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering), and Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) — were dubious at best, suspect at worst.

The three deserting assemblypersons, and the Bota representative, Datuk Nasarudin Hashim, who couldn't decide which party to remain in, have proven that politicians can be severely lacking in principles. Indeed, none of the four assemblypersons seemed too concerned that they were really letting the people down by doing what they did.

Read HERE her comments on the Perak Putsch