Friday, February 6, 2009


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The Barisan Rakyat Blogger accompanied by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim were able to have a brief tete-a-tete with Datuk Seri Mohd. Nizar in his residence. He thanked us for coming up to Ipoh. When I was able to steal a moment with me he said that he was told to vacate his residence. “They will have to bodily carry me out together with my seven children.”……”When I was with the Sultan I quoted to him what he wrote in his 2004 book: Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance:

"Under normal circumstances, it is taken for granted that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would not withhold his consent to a request for dissolution of parliament. His role is purely formal."

The Sultan made no eye contact with me, looked down and remained silent.”

Before I left for Ipoh on the Blue Blitz I put up a post titled POLLYANA’s POINT IN OUR PRESENT STRAITS in which I wrote:

Hope, they say, is a good breakfast but a lean supper. Some of us breakfasted on hope at the onset of Sultan Azlan’s kingship and – despite glowing statements on the ideals of democratic governance from him and son Nazrin in the intervening years between the end of his kingship and resumption of rulership of Perak – hope is lean that HRH will decide in favor of dissolution. There is that gulf between profession and performance. It is easy to profess ideals; it is hard to live up to them.

Prophetic? NAH! The breakfast was too sumptious….thus this expected LEAN supper on 5 January 2008.

But the Gamuda stocks soared, I believe……therefore a sumptious supper for the chosen SOME, HERE.


For the benefit of my readers I produced Malaysiakini story on how the events unfolded on that dark day when force was allowed under the very gaze of the Sultan….who same say looked away. Dang!

A constitutional crisis caused by the sultan

K Kabilan | Feb 6, 09 2:50pm

In what appears to be a unique situation, Perak by the end of today would have two menteris besar - Pakatan Rakyat’s Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin and Barisan Nasional’s Zambry Abd Kadir.

On one side, we have Mohd Nizar who is refusing to resign as requested by Sultan Azlan Shah. And on the other we have Zambry whom the sultan approved as BN seemed to have the majority of seats in the state assembly.

On the one hand, we have a MB who represents the majority in the state assembly as elected by the people in the last general election.

And on the other side, we will have a state head who becomes one by default as a result of defections.

Mohd Nizar’s reasons to stick to his ground are quite valid. He is right in disputing the sultan’s request for him to step down as the new majority held by BN could seep away if the court rules in favour of the state speaker in declaring the three state seats vacant.

Never mind the court ruling – it may take some time to materialise. The least the sultan could have suggested was for a vote of confidence taken at the assembly before he asked Mohd Nizar to resign to give power to the BN.

However, the sultan was quite adamant on what he wanted – for Mohd Nizar to step down immediately and a few hours later he agreed to the appointment of Zambry as the new menteri besar.

He totally overruled Mohd Nizar’s repeated request for the dissolution of the state assembly, which would pave the way for fresh state elections.

And by doing what he has done, the sultan who was a former lord president and an eminent reader of the law had caused a constitutional crisis in the state of Perak.

In defence of the sultan

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang put it rightly when he said that Mohd Nizar was still the legitimate menteri besar until he has been voted out by a "no confidence" motion in the state assembly.

“Until such time, there is no vacancy in the post of Perak menteri besar,” he said in his statement today.

In the defence of the sultan, it can be said that he read the state constitution rightly and literally in asking for the resignation of Mohd Nizar.

The sultan, rightly or wrongly, must have been convinced of what state Umno/BN leader Najib Abdul Razak told him during a meeting yesterday morning – that BN enjoyed the majority support in the state assembly.

The sultan also individually questioned the four defectors – of which three are independents and one had returned to Umno – of their support for the BN government.

He also got an undertaking from them that they will continue to support the new BN government.

And with that, the sultan decided that Mohd Nizar does not have the majority support of the assembly which the BN enjoyed now, and that there was no need to dissolve the assembly as he can ask the Pakatan government to step down and hand power over to the BN.

These are all fair and right as far as the sultan’s reading of the state constitution, especially the important Article 16(6) of the constitution.

And many legal experts will also agree with the sultan’s reading of the constitution, never mind the fact that the status of the three independents are still under dispute.

However, it must be said that while the sultan had used his legal mind to the matter, he had failed in thinking as the ruler of his subjects.

There are at least three factors that the sultan seemed to have missed in making his decision to hand over power to BN.

Is this what the rakyat want?

Firstly, the people’s wishes. During the last general election, they overwhelmingly voted for Pakatan Rakyat, giving the alliance the sufficient numbers to stake a majority in the state assembly.

The sultan has now reversed that by booting out that people-elected government and handed over the power to a coalition which failed to secure the sufficient numbers.

Even the victories of at least two of the three independents – both first time state assemblypersons - can be confidently said to be due to their party and not their personalities.

Thus, the best thing the sultan could have done was to send the matter back to the rakyat so that they can decide who they want to be in the state government.

“He is the guardian of his people. He must listen to their wishes. He cannot make a decision which the majority of his subjects do no approve,” said constitutional expert professor Abdul Aziz Bari.

“If we thought a constitutional crisis was looming yesterday, well it is with us today. Perak is facing a constitutional crisis and it is caused by its own sultan,” he added.

Abdul Aziz has a valid point. The sultan just needed to look at the various blogs, SMSes or even his own official website to get a glimpse of his rakyat’s thinking on the matter. He need not have to venture far out of his palace to determine the feeling of the people.

Can he stop further defections?

Secondly, the moral issue of letting a state government be formed with the aid of defectors, especially when some of them are scandal-tainted.

The sultan could have advised BN to seek by-elections for the seats of the four defectors from Pakatan. He could have done this at the meeting with Najib. However, it is almost certain that BN would not have agreed to this as the outcome would not have been favourable at all.

Likewise, the four defectors themselves would not have agreed, simply because they could have been barred from contesting since they had resigned to allow the by-elections.

The sultan is learnt to have grilled the four defectors on the loyalty to the BN government. He had also sought and gained oral and written undertakings from them that they would not rock the new government.

But what’s the use of these undertakings. The sultan similarly took such undertakings from all Pakatan representatives last March before they could form the government and yet there were defections.

For all it matters, such undertakings are worthless. There is nothing to stop further defections from BN to Pakatan and the sultan would have to undergo the whole process all over again.

Given such circumstances, the sultan could have taken the best option out by dissolving the state assembly to call for a fresh mandate from the people.

What about his own convictions?

And finally, the sultan seemed to have forgotten his own convictions in such matters.

Flashback to 2004 – in his book, Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance, the sultan wrote:

"Under normal circumstances, it is taken for granted that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would not withhold his consent to a request for dissolution of parliament. His role is purely formal."

He also added that no sultan or agung had withheld consent to dissolve legislative body, except in Kelantan in 1977.

“With his decision now, it looks like what he wrote was just rhetoric...without any convictions,” added Abdul Aziz.

The decision of the sultan to deny Mohd Nizar’s request for the dissolution also indicated that the sultan had seemingly subjected himself to a higher political power play.

And coming in his 25th year as the state ruler – celebrations were held on Tuesday – the decision by the sultan in handing over powers to the BN government without his subjects having any say is very disappointing to say the least.

To put in bluntly, the decision of the sultan – who is the custodian of the people, their protector and someone who is suppose to act for the people – had just killed any semblance of democracy in the Perak.


Just a nagging thought: Najib will meet his waterloo if he leads Perak in the next buy-election. If the thought keeps nagging at me, it will be true. Lets just wait.


Whilst travelling up to Ipoh with Datuk Said Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim, Gus Gan, Marina, Rodi and Choon Yee I said that today will be proof if the Chinese in Perak will make a stand. Why did I have such thoughts? I have been at many such gatherings and the presence of the Chinese have been pathetic. In Ipoh, at the MB's residence I received the proverbial slap in the face HERE. The Chinese presence was overwhelming and the title of this post echoes their sentiments last night. Yes, I believe, the chinese have arrived, at least in Perak. Syabas.

But the mood is not pleasant, not at all.......................

Are our actions seditious then? Visit NUTGRAPH for expert views.


Anonymous said...

Those who are not from PERAK, please leave the State alone.

The greed of DAP, ANWAR & STUPID PAS did nothing for the past 11 months since Marcc 2008. LGE, don't mess up in Ipoh. What have you done in PENANG?

LKS as we know is a sore loser cause he neither Opposition Leader, EXCO or anything in Goverment. So do KARPAL.

And you bloggers don't assume that we RAKYAT subscribe en-bloc what you believe. You have not done reserch neither knows history.

And you Benard, F.U.

TheWhisperer said...

Gamuda shares? Right on, Uncle Bernard!

How did the 20% ended up in Raja's hands in the first place?

Perhaps, Tun Mahathir can give a clearer picture on this.

Anonymous said...


The full text is such as I know it:

Our Father, who are in heaven
Holy be Your Name
Your kingdom, Your will be done

Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us our sin
As we forgive those who sin against us
Do not bring us to the test
But deliver us from evil.

We all are put to the test daily. Some great some small. Sometimes we pass the test, at other times we fail.

For some, the test is specific for their role in life, it is for them specifically. No one can take it for them. And so it is for them to decide how they want to go through the test...but definitely that test is by fire, a fire to purify all that is foreign.

Will there be another such test again? A repeat? A resit? If there is then God is gracious, if not them seek His forgiveness while we live with it.

As for us, though the taste is bitter, it is this bitterness that will be our healing. For medicine is bitter at time to heal what is sick, to make us stronger.

From this turn of event, my heart now turn towards seeking to understand the universal laws that govern us, to understand that each one of us is meant for greatness, even the smallest. To rise above pettiness and seek what is uncorruptible. So that when I'm put to test I shall by the grace of God pass it.

Shalom Mr Bernard Khoo, you are a wonderful blogger.

Anonymous said...

You Guys Lost ! Hello , do a Reality Check .

zorro said...

Anon 5:11pm said: And you Benard, F.U.

Brother, you can if you can...but dont blame me if I unload on your dick. Gotcha. Shooo....go back to your masters....they will clean you up...maybe HEE will volunteer.

My apologies to my other readers: I hate playing rough...but sometimes I just cant help it.

Anonymous said...

I am of the view that the 5 mins interview the Sultan had with each of the 4 defectors was an exercise in futility as the solemn promise by the ADUNs do not mean a thing. Perhaps, the Sultan should have sighted the bank statement(s) of each of the 4 ADUNs.

Anonymous said...

Decision was made by HRH Raja Eleena the one who runs the law firm in Klang.

News is that she was pressured to influence her oldman.

Anonymous said...


Effective today I am done with PR, politics, attending vigils, ceramahs, going to courts etc etc.

All politicians whether PR or BN are snakes. They are just waiting to fuck us, the rakyat.

As for the Sultan and all, they protect their rice bowls first.

I am going to spend time with my family and work.

Anonymous said...

umno, by their own admission, is the most corrupt party.

for the ruler to admit, endorse & embrace such party to administer the state is akin to welcome corruption...

duh, perakian got kantao there ke? anything u want, can kaotim one ok!

Anonymous said...

umno, by their own admission, is the most corrupt party.

for the ruler to admit, endorse & embrace such party to administer the state is akin to welcome corruption...

duh, perakian got kantao there ke? anything u want, can kaotim one ok!

zorro said...


I do not sympathize with you. I will empathize with you. It is OK, take a rest, maybe you will come back later, refreshed and renewed to stand beside us in this struggle towards a new Malaysia. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

I think its time for the partisan Malaysian to boycott UMNO. For starters lets all take out all our money from CIMB, stop buying NST, BH, Utusan and Malay Mail papers. Lets do it and teach them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment sometime ago about the royals Benard but if you really want to know what kind of royal this one was try asking some former national hockey players and they will tell you. Of course don't ask the ball carriers as they will say otherwise will meet up one day with you and explain.God bless.

zorro said...

Anon6:09pm....SPOT ON brother...and you have unwittingly generated a new idea a la Ghandi....can stay HOME also.

Anonymous said...

Old Pirates, yes, they Rob I.. Bob Marley knew about Sultan Azlan Shah and his kind decades ago.
Bernard, your Sultan and my Sultan are all from the same root, Malacca Straits Pirates.
With logging acres in Belum, and a guarantee that the baton will be passed to Nazrin as the next Sultan, and not go to the other more deserving family like it happened in Negeri Sembilan, Azlan Shah or better known as Lan Uban in Perak, could not resist it.
Azlan got nothing from PR, who were too stupid cleen...

Unknown said...

All I can say : Penyamun UMNO bastards baru menang judi dan mabuk dalam todi pembohongan

Salam from Dubai

Anonymous said...

No elections in Perak, never mind!

No need to wait for next GE!

Sarawak elections coming up - that's the Rakyat's next chance to make their voice heard loud and clear. Sarawakians, please do your stuff. It's in your power to give BN a very, very clear message and kick them into the sea!

Bentoh said...

*Quietly supporting Karpal Singh to sue Sultan & BN government*

And the people have been slamming him all these while... sigh... who knows he is the only one who really stand up and say he wants to saman the Sultan...

Let the court decides! If the court does not hold justice to Perakians... at least PR won court of public opinion! :)

Anonymous said...

To quote MB of Perak (not that Zamry ok) :

"The Sultan made no eye contact with me, looked down and remained silent.”

this is really really very very on raja ajar.

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion the whole thing was set up with the knowledge of the Royalty. Anyone can see it happened too fast. The script is too well written.

I also think you are so funny. You really gave it to "Anon 5:11pm". My sister and I are having a good laugh at your reply. Thanks, at least it takes the sadness out of us momentarily.

Anonymous said...

Death to UMNO-BN!!! Makkal Sakti!!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the sultan was threatened by the disolution of his title to the SULTAN-SHIP, to understand this statement, you have to understand the lineage of the sultan, hrh is not keramat, it is not of royal blood as his mother was a commoner, read here
there are claims to the throne of PERAK from his cousins and of higher lineage. I have a suspicion that najib held this gun to his head, THERE IS A PRECEDENT, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN Negeri sembilan last month, I suspect that since RAJA NAZRIN HAS BEEN MAKING ALL THOSE STATEMENTS as per regarding 'RULE OF LAW' HRH RAJA NAZRIN IS SEEN AS A TORN TO THE SIDES OF UMNO. SO THINK ABOUT IT. There is skull duggery going on here, when the royal family's own lineage is not safe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35pm
11 months into office & Pakatan has already done well in Perak.It only faces a temporary set back now by the disgusting betrayals of a few. Call this a house cleaning.

Yes, yesterday we slipped & we fell, but please take courage & be bold because when we pick ourselves up today, we know we are much much stronger.

Uncle Zorro,
Keep up the good work, you do not know how much Malaysians (we and our future generations) are in debted to you.
Thanks a million.

PutraMerang said...

My e-mail to sultan .....In the name of Allah, berlaku adil lah kepada permintaan rakyat, bukan kemahuan individu-individu yang berselindung disebalik ketuanan melayu. Maruah melayu boleh dijaga oleh orang melayu, tidak UMNO. UMNO hanya juah-juah yang menggunakan melayu untuk mendapatkan kesenangan hidup. Jangan malukan orang melayu dengan propaganda ini. Rakyat Cina, India, Iban semuanya rakyat tanah air tercinta kita. Kembalikan maruah melayu dan maruah raja-raja melayu. UMNO hanya memalukan orang melayu sahaja. Percayalah pada Islam. Kembalilah pada ajaran allah.

Kebencian rakyat pada istana jangan di pandang remeh. Kuasa rakyat jangan di lupa. Anak cucu mu kelak menjadi mangsa. Hidup tidak lama. Allah pasti membalas kejahatan-kejahatan ini. Laknat allah jangan dicari. Tangan-tangan istana dalam UMNO jangan dipandang tersembunyi. Rakyat jangan dipandang bodoh. Hanya mereka tidak dilahirkan keturunan raja, tapi ramai mereka orang-orang yang lebih hebat daripada keturunan raja.You must earn your respect, and you don;t deserve one today. Jangan bongkak dengan darjah yang ada. Pemberian siapa itu? Allah tidak membezakan umatnya. Kasihan kamu, kerana allah akan bertanya........

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys realize by now that:

(1) we live in Bolehland - something like Wonderland as talked about by a little girl called Alice? In Bolehland, anything, especially things which are bad, is possible.

(2) we love to talk a lot of grandiose things and high-sounding morals? But when it comes to walking the talk, sorry lah.

(3) we choose to believe we are wonderful and great even when we are rotten to the core? After all, this is Bolehland, remember?

(4) we like to emulate the ostrich in thinking, "we are ok" by just burying our heads in the sand. And so many people talk, "wait till next GE, and we'll show you..." little realizing no more so easy next GE because no more pak Lah to reckon.

(5) we love power plays? Go against the government and you face the powerful ISA; go against the Sultans, and it's powerful TREASON. And if any foreigner tries to be funny, then you shall get powerful C4.

This is Bolehland lah.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember reading a certain princess listed as one of the riches female in M'sia. So why not. And yes, I will boycott umno link products, and will highlight this for other people to decide.

Anonymous said...

This is the game that Mr Anuar Ibrahim spin-roll first, the game that all PR's shouting like crazy of the September '08 idea, the game that been blessed by all the PRians. Did you all never thought before of the 'people wishes' word, about the 'RAKYAT-elected government' spelling, or the 'party voters, not personalities voters' term. I think this word might not been engrave in all of PRians brain before because they are too amaze by Mr Anuar Ibrahim credibility. Now what???...u never heard of single word from this guys about Defection, he never dare to critic or 'hentam' BN on their shitty way to form the government...not a single word huh!!

Dear Bernard, I'm not a BN die hard fan, nor a PR red-blood army..I'm just a Malaysian, a normal Malaysian who love this country, who love my kampung, my multi-races friend, my BLURRR football team...I live in a state who rules by BN before, and now PR...I don't mind if they do it in right-manner. Change of government is not a BIG problem for me, it's the Rakyat wish...everybody have to respect it. But, when Mr Anuar Ibrahim come out with the frog-jumping idea...ughh!! that make me sick...what the hell of this guy think of this shitty idea. I'm realize by that time this guy can't wait to be top again..what is in his mind, is total different after the March '08 election. He just need to wait for another 4 or 5 years, I'm sure by then CHANGE will happen in Malaysia. What the other these wait and see 'atas-pagar' voters need to see is the changes that PR could bring to the winning state they won, the issue that they will voice-out during parliment for the sleepy BNiaans ruler. But the point is, Bang Nuar ni can't wait for the graft gently point up, he want some magic-spell for him to be 'blink' to the top. Huh! the game that he start now become the jokes to our country.

Now, all of the PRians back to shouting again. Condemn the Sultan on lack of legislation by Tuanku decision. Curse the UMNO/BN sleepwalker-army of the corrupt way on handling the country. But they forgot something, it's the drama that their Master Jedi start first, and now he have Young Jedi to follow. Maybe on beginning, he never know of the dark side of this Young Jedi, the dark-strong power he has. By now its too late already, he may used the dark power to gain more seat how far?? nobody knows. Anyway, someone need to be remind that this Young Jedi dark master, the Darth Sleepdious is going to quit soon, very very soon.

Julian said...

And I believe its called satyagraha?

The people learn and my dogs learn too but some don't and never will. It's a precious lesson that the people of Perak and Malaysians at large will remember.

Till then, have a great weekend!

nightcaller said...


welcome home. Have a deep and well deserved rest....

"We have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep" - extracted from movie telefon starring Charles Bronson.

C U sunday...

Wern nee said...

Why do people expect Pakatan to change things so easily within a year when they don't even have enough power to do it now.

How about those things Pakatan have help to fight for through out this one year like Petrol price and all?

I am neither pro pakatan or BN but it's plain naive to make judgement so quickly when there's so many crooks messing around. Not to mention the Saifool case to buat kacau.

Arghhh... Pissing me off

elizabeth said...

I think the perak incident has stirred our righteous anger!! We all know that, before 308, people were generally not interested in politics, and the opposition parties were low on funds and resources.. I hope the PR leaders will take this window of time before GE13 to build a stronger coalition and groom more talents.

As for us, lets not give up, lets give our support!

Anonymous said...


If as MB Nizar said that the sultan dared not maintain eye contact with him but remained silent when he produced the sultan's 2004 book on good governance, speaks volumes of the sultan's guilt, isn't it. It is a shame that the sultan whom many greatly respected had stooped so low as to take UMNO's side when he, befitting his eminent status as former Lord President, should simply have allowed the MB to dissolve the state assembly to call for fresh elections. If the sultan had acted in a dignified manner, he should have told Najib straight away that if the BN has the support of the people, it should not fear fresh elections. The sultan will go down in history as a ruler who betrayed the aspirations of his subjects to take the side of UMNO, the mother of all evils in this beautiful country!

Anonymous said...


Tomorrow Najis will be in Ipoh to attend CNY open house organise by MCA(I'm not sure on the exact location. Pls find out).
Everyone are invited! Pls bring along the telur busuk or kasut or whatsoever. Sure you know what's the purpose for!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you are a moron with your before we take it back thingy.

It took the Opposition 50 years to capture Perak, But it took BN only 11 months to re-capture back Perak.

You guys started the party hopping thing with that Bota rep and now when the tables are turned, you lot are crying like a bunch of sore bitches. Hey old fart, live by the sword, die by the sword la.

PR won Permatang Pauh
PR won KT

The above are all Menang Sorak Kampung Tergadai la.

BN took the entire Perak state right under your noses.

Anonymous said...

I think those who like to scold people with 4 letter words should be bold enough NOT to remain anonymous la....not very gentleman..cowardly acts..

GobloKing said...

OH dear! aunty here very mcc as am very out of it with our madland politics

but bernie, you help explain slowly to me plse - can?

I voted for X because i am under the impression he is to represent me as a member of AA party

After that, fella defects, anyhow taking my vote with him?

WAH!! Like dat our rmadland democracry lagi teruk from the madland I am in now!

at least here, opposition can march anyday anyhow - no permits needed, no arrests - which is why we are in so much trouble when the bad elements decide to capitalize on things!

Anonymous said...


Comment by perak palace insider

shankar~selina said...

50 million can even buy the sultan..

Anonymous said...

"Action speaks louder than words"
It takes a wise man to 'talk the talk' but a man of courage to 'walk the talk'.
God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

am wondering...if this whole sorry state of Perak is also a trap for a certain buffoon and its equally buffoonette partner? Now the hate towards Buffoon Nincompoop has been ratcheted up a few notch tighter awaiting the slaughter day...everythings goes...woooeey

wizsurf malaysia said...

So far nobody has come up with an Xpose' on the Sultan vis a vis his clearly vested interest in securing the services of UMNO under Najib. Is it $$$ ? Does he owe Las Vegas millions ? Is he embroiled in a murder cum sex scandal with some virgins ? Did Pakatan uncover some creepy worms in the royal household in their short 1 year stint ?

You could do us Perakians specifically a huge favor by talking about this secrets if you dare so that the truth is once again only RPK, Zorro & Antares can TQ

Anonymous said...

Rocky has become the PR for Umno and its sycophants. Now he is the No 1 apologist for Raja Azlan. Well done, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

From the ruler view, PKR gave away land belong to the state after only 11 months, if rule for next 4 years, maybe give away the whole state forest.

For the EC, you have to explain under what circumcision can Aduns resign and by what method if a letter is not legit.

As for the corrupt few, you can always take refuge in U M N O.

About the Constipation, well you can interpret till the frogs jump back home.

Anonymous said...

Make so hard for wat? Dont pay taxes la.. can already...

Btw the anon who commented first, pls tell me what you expect of the PR states that you say you hv been disappointed?

Having said that, FU back (on Zorro's behalf)

Anonymous said...

anon 5.11 pm

paid by mongolian expert?

ha2, go on and enjoy your takings. Happy new year.

may be you should take a leaf from the disabled lady and learn how to enjoy the trappings of life after being well paid by mongolian expert. sorry, PR doesnt have the resources to make sure you are well fed.
as for me, i am still waiting for the pay-off. But whatever amount given to me, I will just donate to my charity of choice. Know why god make her a disabled from day one? coz God knows she is going to sell out one day.

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

I had the honour of meeting & sharing a discussion with the late Tun Tan Siew Sin & Tun Hussein Onn prior to their passing & their words & statements still ring clear in my ears...."There is no more Honour left amongst our new leaders unlike during our time with Tunku!"

To be a Public figure, one must be established, sincere, honest, credible, transparent & above board - should be opened to scrutinization like in the US.

Many of our Leaders today have "skeletons" of their past in their closets (some have their family's baggages as well!), so how can they be "Honourable" to carry out their duties diligently without "Fear or favour", even after taking an "oath" to the King/Sultan/the nation & rayaat. Ultimately they "Buckle" under pressure.

The Desperate PM wannabe & his Goons must have used pressure on DYMM with the issue of "rightful" Royal "Succession", business deals, etc to get his wish this time!

How "Desperate" & "Pathetic" can our PM wannabe get to be, to pursue this "FUTILE" Perak "Hung Exco" when the logical would be to "dissolve" the assembly.

We are witnessing the Desperate PM wannabe "Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle" vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin's courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

This Desperate PM wannabe has "lost the Plot" completely & "blown" his last "Trump card" to be the incoming UMNO President.

The son of our 2nd PM has now "Destroyed" his own party UMNO beyond "Redemption"

So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia...maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!

We will overcome....Yes we can !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation , Hee Yit Foong , you just became the Most Hated Malaysian Chinese woman in Malaysia, I hope you will sleep well for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

For the latest on 'The Prostitute of Jelapang' click below:

Anyway this Slumbitch Millionaire is laughing all the way to the bank now.

Anonymous said...

With the new MB sworn in, yet another mamak has triumphed in the dirty political world of Bolehland. Yes folks, mamak is the current flavour so get out to your nearest mamak store and start ordering those teh tariks and roti!!!

Anonymous said...

Unc Zorro,
so much has been said about the Perak royalty and those frogs. I need not mention the same things.
I very much want to give up on the present 'fight' as i am comforted by the fact the that the political careers of the 3 frogs will be ended in less tha 4 years time.
in less than 4 years, the next elections will be held. definitely the 3 disgusting frogs will never be able to retain their seats. no way. (and i am assuming that the 2 shithead ex-pkr are able get away with their court cases - yes i am sure they will in this bolehland).
so let us all sleep easy in the comfort of knowing that they only have this less than 4 years to sleep and badly at that and after that it will be eternal hell for them and all who conspired with them incl. the supposedly royalty.
let's sleep well and takes thigns as they come during this short period of temporary setback.

Anonymous said...

what to do, katak sudah jadi berudu.
let them enjoy their slimy little pond while they can because this is the beginning of the end.
the sultan's legacy is now set in stone.
he has managed to spectacularly knock himself off the pedestal, taking madam justice along into the dirt.
so much for being all smug about our sultan being better than your sultan because ours is sane, learned, fair, etc, etc...

as for anon 5.11pm - double FU right back! and i am childish enough to kick the stuffing out of you.
i am from perak and things were looking better, working faster and heck, even ipoh city was getting cleaned up after years of neglect by the previous famously broke, inept and corrupt DBI.
people were more content and less angsty knowing that the pr governement was interested and responsive in what they had to say.
perak is a state with much to offer and potential to thrive but you can say goodbye to any possibility of such, now that the greedy, arrogant and ideal-less/idea-less guys are back in charge.
as for the supposed mb from pangkor - go take a look at the horror of a so called tourist attraction that was once a beautiful island.
plus, most areas in perak with historical signficance and natural heritage are an abomination to the eyes of the very tourists that they are desperate for.
for years after the tin mining industry shut down, bn had no idea what to do or how to revive the state.
you think they would suddenly switch on and grow some brains now?
couldn't do it then but can do better now?
get real bn! and take your treacherous little win and stuff it up yours!

Anonymous said...

I guess money buys everything including your dignity. It's a sad day. You know for me a muslim, it's sad to know these so-called muslims would sell their dignity for money but it's even sadder to see rampant racism and bigotry among my brethren. I guess we malaysians are doomed with corrupt and dirty politicians. We voted these politicians as our representatives to serve us not to serve themselves. It's absolutely disgusting just to watch them now. Najib has got to be the dirtiest politician to ever walk the face of this earth.

Anonymous said...

Actually the mistake by the MB not to seek state re-election before the frogs started jumping was the biggest mistake.

Anyways...My take is if you are lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! :)

Anonymous said...



The One said...

"Anon6:09pm....SPOT ON brother...and you have unwittingly generated a new idea a la Ghandi....can stay HOME also."

What do you mean by stay HOME also...

psc said...

i used to respect the perak roylaty.
but now no more.
where money is concerned,men are of the same religion.

Anonymous said...

Has part of my BLOOD taxes gone to the palace TOO !!

Unknown said...

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