Thursday, February 26, 2009


Of late the jaded MIC leader has either been barking or mumbling again. Is it because he wants to redeem himself and stand in Bukit Selambau? That is what I have been reliably informed, these past few days, since bringing his suspect son into the MIC top-dog inner circle. One thing about this aneh.....he is thick and therefore un-pliable, like sun-dried salted elephant foreskin. YES, why don't the big-tambis in MIC nominate the a last hurrah thingy. It will be a comedic episode - Samy aginst any banana plant. If this is the case, the Blue Blitz may not want to campaign in Bukit Selambau. The Special Bunch never like walk-overs.

30 odd years he did nothing except to force the conception of Hindraf and he asked what Penang Deputy CM Prof. Ramasamy what he did in 11 months. Catch his death-thores HERE


Anonymous said...

" aiyah ! kemaluan saya manyak BESAR lo !!"

bodhi said...

Dear Zorro,

I am amazed as to how this slime ball is allowed to continue crawlling after all the scandals and fiascos ! This man has no shame. He is no champion of the Indians in this country. He is a champion of his own race....slime ball/scumbag race!

M V Nathan

Unknown said...

Erm, what the hell has Samy done in the last 30 years for him to question Ramasamy's contribution in the last 12 months?

Maybe its time Samy understand that in Penang an Indian does not have to go and see Ramasamy for his problems, he can always go and see others. PR doesn't work along the racial lines unlike BN. Those Chindians and the Nyonyas have been damned for 52 years eh Samy?

Well, put it this way, the Indian community in Penang *hasn't lost* anything in the 12 months rule. Unlike Samy's 30 year rule, the people in Penang didn't loose their money to MAIKA, didn't loose plot of land planned for a school to some certain politician, etc and the best thing is those people stand a good chance in obtaining contracts through open tender system, unlike BN-ruled states where NEP is practised.

Anyway I don't know why I am writing this, it is pretty pointless to make a thick-skinned asshole to understand.

Anonymous said...

Some stray dogs take a lot of time to learn but, a running dog will never learn.
A sun-dried salted elephant thick hide samy Malu, will drive even the most tolerating MIC supporters to PR. I will like to see BN nominate him as the candidate for Bukit Selambau. Bury this dickhead for good, so we need not hear anymore shit from him!

Anonymous said...

macha, yes i know my skin is like sun dried salted elephant foreskin, but dei, i hope you please don't compare my hair with elephant's hair.

I will step down immediately if the majority says elephant's hair looks better than mine.

# 30 years and this may be the only reason left for him to step down #


Anonymous said...

A bunch of MIC "heroes" in Penang were protesting against Gerakan for "meddling in MIC's business".

What a joke! They're so far removed from reality, they don't even know what causes to fight for.

Aiya. MIC fellas better disband la. Nobody will even miss them when they're gone. A mere footnote in history to remind us of the countless times their leaders have put their foot in their mouths!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for them to put his face on the backside of postage stamps...

Donplaypuks® said...

Note that MACC has still not acted on fraud charges over the Telekom Shares and Education Loan fiasco of over $150 million levelled against him by a Klang MIC member.

The report is now nearly a year old but the MACC have acted with indecent haste over the 'cows and cars' incident.


Anonymous said...

I thought Samy had met his waterloo last march????

Anonymous said...

Says a lot about a party which keeps nominating an idiot as its head, isn't it? I rest my case.....Amen!

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh, uuhhh, hey Zorro, can you please tell me who is tis Samy fella?? I can't quite recall who he is. Is he from some oil palm or rubber plantations? Is he from India? Or is he the "fake hair" salesman that has been promoting this piece of shit-looking wig?

Old Fart said...


I am afraid the time you spent and the bytes you have committed to this anna is totally wasted on him. He is such an embarrassment to Malaysian Indians he does not even know why or how. He goes to India in the first weeks of the year in the last few years to meet up with the Indian diaspora and he is the only square in a round hole and he still does not get it. Such an idiot and a shame to Malaysian Indians. Just hope he will soon just roll over and die like good dogs do!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please put this bloke in your chamber?

PKR man upset ‘Allah’ can be used in Christian publications
By Adib Zalkapli

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — PKR’s Zulkifli Nordin today questioned the decision made by the Home Ministry in allowing the Catholic weekly The Herald to use the word “Allah” in its publications.

Anonymous said...

"sun-dried salted elephant foreskin" LOL Is that his wig?

Anonymous said...

the fact the man has no redeeming qualities is without a doubt.

but i cringe at the derogatory usage of words like aneh and our aspirations towards a Bangsa Malaysia, shouldn't advocates be the first to lead the way by dismissing old irrelevant biases?

Anonymous said...

Khairy was in his room one day. His dad called him. His dad told him he must be someone big and help all the rempits. He must employ them so that they don't need to loiter around without any jobs.

Khairy said ok.

2 days after that, his mom called him to talk. She told him that he needs to help the Mamaks/Indians because times are tough, and most of them are extremely poor. His mom cried. She said Samy Vellu is no good.

Khairy said ok. He will kick Samy out.

So, Khairy took out a paper, and he wrote down both of the wishes of his parents.

For the rempits, it is easy, he can start any business and employ them.

For the Indians, oh thats a tough one. Samy is too strong, he will need a revolution to kick him out. Samy is cemented on the MIC president post.

So he thought hard, no way he can work his way up the MIC. And even if he did, he can't employ any rempits, it won't look nice to his fellow brothers in MIC. It would seem like he is more towards his Malay side, than a red-blooded crooked Tamil businessman.

So he he did a bit more research,and he figured out the best way to get Samy is by joining UMNO. That way, he can employ so many rempits, and no one will say anything.

Then he got started lah, with some help from his cousins. The rest is all history.

Here's a photo from the good times

zorro said...

Anon4:23pm. I apologise if I have offended your sensibilities. But our 88 year old friend Uncle Chelliah still calls me tambi, from the time I used to go over for my monthly oil bath. If these are derogatory terms I shall cease using them. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

Anonymous said...

aiyo, sir... give Samy a break lah...
He has inproved in the last 11 months - he did NO HARM!!

zorro said... harm?...he just parachuted his suspect son into his central committee.