Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is not a decent way to helrald in the next 50 years. Not decent, because I am incarcerating the Honorable Chief Justice into this dreaded chamber until such time that he can bring himself to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So God in all your mercy, help him.
Chief Justice Of The Federal Court, MalaysiaThe Right Honourable Tun Dato' Sri (Dr.) Ahmad Fairuz bin Dato' Sheikh Abdul Halim S.S.M, P.S.M, S.P.M.K, S.J.M.K, S.P.M.S, S.S.D.K, S.S.A.P, S.S.M.Z, S.P.M.T, D.S.M.T, D.S.D.K, S.M.J, S.M.S, B.C.K, P.I.S
Over the past few weeks, the -should-have-been-retired CJ with 20 S(es) making up all those honorifics) has been merrily taking the public round his mulberry-bush. The Council of Rulers had already questioned his ONLY nominee for the long-vacant post of Chief Judge. To distract from the matter at hand, he opined that we could do away with the British Common Law. Great minds think alike and FOOLS seldom differed! I wonder if this still holds good in this here fair country?

He was accused of not being judicious in his choice of people he promoted in the judiciary. He was told that Federal Court Judge Hashim Yusoff was delinquent. Like all megalomaniacs he bellowed: "Show me the proof!" When further informed that the errant Judge had not written judgements in 35 cases, 4 of which the convicted are languishing in death row for the last seven years, he lamely replied that he will investigate if there was any evidence!

This is a layman's concern. What manner of Chief Justice do we have who is not aware that such blatant and flagrant misdeeds prevail during his watch. It is no wonder that one bad apple can bring disrepute to the whole barrel. When was accountability thrown out of the window with the baby?

And you know who had to have a say in this episode: loudy-mouth Nazri of course. He unabashedly cliamed: "Writing of judgements was not the only criterion to promote judges...." Maybe writing judgements come after apple-polishing and ass-smooching. If that is not the priority job of judges, what is? Eating kachang-putih whilst doddling?
Loudy continues, ...."Other criteria were patience and hardwork." Patience? Whose patience? 7 years in death-row waiting PATIENTLY for some lordship to put pen to paper? Hard work? BULLSHIT, Naazzzzrrriiiiiiiii. It is work SMART, not hard that is the prefered modus operandi today. Or haven't you heard of this before? It is not who you are, who you know, or who you ass-kissed that matters. IT IS PERFORMANCE that you are judged by.

Back to the CJ's search for evidence. DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh volunteered: "I have evidence right here and I can prove it in Parliament." That, invariably awakened the somnambalist chief exec: From what I heard (this time he did not say I don't know).....the Chief Justice has denied that the judge has failed to write his grounds of judgement in more than 30 cases.......the Chief Justice has to provide an explanation (not prove...ahemmm) for the allegation against this judge."

The PM further said it was disappointing to discover that there may be judges who had not performed their functions and dities adequately in the pursuit of justice. Loudy Naz, you heard that.......not patience, not hardwork....the PM says it is performance.

So we wait again with patience and bated breath for the CJ to unveil the needle in his hay-stack. Good luck. Easier you just tell the truth. Meanwhile the chamber awaits contributors! Volunteers?

Monday, August 27, 2007


Recently, blogger Daphne Ling sent me a series of pictures on the subject of cruelty to animals. I selected the above as being appropriate. Our Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently lifted the ban on the export of monkeys for various nefarious reasons. I was just wondering what happens if they supply cannot meet demand! Since we are so close a species to our primate cousins, will there come a time when they will have to export Malaysians? It goes without much arguments that bloggers would invariably be the main target of our government poachers. But if they do come for me I will make sure I take at least two of them before they deport me.

50th Merdeka Reflection: After 50 years are we so bankrupt that we are resorting to this distasteful gimmick......isnt this a gimmick to distract us from the humoungous COVER-UPs and BAIL-OUT Public Relations exercises that are on-going.

Bangsa Malaysia Reflection: Last Saturday Peoples Parliament initiated the Bangsa Malaysia Forum at Blog House, the home of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs). A commenter posted this on Big Dog's block. I have to post the comment here:

On August 26, 2007 at 11:42 pm awakening Said:
I am moved to see all races coming together, standing up tall proclaiming that we are all ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. If this is the last train to get us there after having missed the station for the last 50 years, I am getting on board!

The only way to escape deportation for export is to get on this train. I am on.......anyone else?

Monday, August 20, 2007


Muhamad whose father is also Muhamad said this of Bloggers:
Why I say they are coward? Because they are afraid of using (web) addresses in the country but use overseas addresses to slam our country leaders. Is this the character of a man? This is not a man, this is a ‘pondan’. [Bernama]

This reject has the audacity to lump all bloggers as pondan! Desperate people really do desperate things. However bloggers will not take him on. We leave that to Raja Petra who has announced that he will not use a website but rather the UMNO Headquarters to reveal all. This should be fun, but dont have your hopes up. This Muhamad whose papa is also Muhamad may abscond or take ill on the day appointed. Raja Petra has given him a month to prepare for this day of revelation.
This reject called us PONDAN, BUT REMEMBER THREE OTHERS WHO CALLED US NAMES TOO. These we will engage with:

The guy in the middle, the favorite son-in-law (has to be because he is the only son-in-law) called us MONKEYS. The loudy on the left, with his left hand reaching sureptitously up the middle guys inner thigh, called us BODOHS, and the guy who bought an award, propping up the SIL with his thigh, borrowed our term and threw GOBLOK our way.

This trio have used their mainstream media to cast aspersions at us Bloggers. Why dont we also debate with these, as a curtain raiser to Raja Petra's Revelation Day extravaganza.

We dont need the mainstream media....we will webcast this internationally. How about it, guys?

Pics courtesy of Mob1900. He says that for a good cause he will not charge royalty.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I told myself that for the next three weeks I will take a respite to savor the company of my three grandsons, Bernie, Ryan and Patrick and not be distracted by what is going on in happening Malaysia.

But being a hard-core, die-hard senior citizen patriot I have to put my country before my extended Bahamian family. (My daughter, former Assuntarian, Patrina, resident in Nassau,Bahamas for the last 13 years was offered Bahamian citizenship. Aware that Malaysia does not entertain dual citizenship, she refused the offer and prefered to keep her Malaysian citizenship.)

QUESTION: What is Patriotism then? Dying for the Government? NO. Laying down your life for the country? YES! Obeying the edicts and seasonal changes in policies? NO! Obeying and living by the Constitution? Unquestionably YES. Flying the National Flag? NO. Respecting the National Flag? YES! Bowing, bowing and bowing to the reigning Agong? NO! Stepping forward to take the bullet for the Agong (assuming his bodyguards were not adept enough) YES, YES, YES! Supporting the Cabinet Committee for Sports, the Sports Minister, the National Sports Council, or the State's Sports Association? A jeering NO. Cheering our national athletes when they falter and encouraging them to do better the next time? YES!

That's my dua-sen definition of patritism. I take comfort that I have done my simple bit living by and believing in these.

I used to start the day well with the comics pages. Lately, all positive vibes just goes pooofffff when I skim the local news. So now I do the opposite. But to no effect. Negatives thoughts about our country still needles me.

At my age what do I want? Like all grouchy old buggers, still not satisfied after 50 years of Independence? No, not totally satisfied, especially after 50 years. Over those 50 years we have progressed structurally, but not culturally as ONE MALAYSIAN RACE. Have we a Malaysian Culture? We have escalating crime, rapes, murders,et al; questionable security; worrying rampant corruption; racism; cronyism; close-one-eye-ism; incompetent and snail-paced civil service; poor accountability and total lip-serviced transparency; questionable human rights practices; a religiously partisan mainstream media; repressive laws like the ISA; cya (cover your ass) laws like the Official Secrets Act (OSA); and an affirmative action administration that favors top cats and fat dogs, thus leaving, after 50 years, an embarrassing segment of our poeple still under the poverty level.

Truth be told I just want PEACE AND SECURITY for this country to evolve as one Malaysian Race, A Bangsa Malaysia.

Yesterday, at Putrajaya, the Minister of Education, at the National-Level Unity Assembly and Integration of student Leaders, complementing the existing Pak Lah initiated Student Integration Program for Unity (Rimup) said: "We want them (the youth) to understand that in a coutry where the official religion is Islam and the majority of its people are muslims, other races are still allowed to practise their religions in peace and harmony." This, I have to take with a barrel of salt! It took 20 years for the approval of a Church in Shah Alam and it cannot look like a Church! Wasnt a hindu temple got bulldozed in Malacca a few weeks ago? The minister should apologise to the 1000 participants for his keris-wielding antics. He should be waving the Contitution when he declared to the assembled youths: The Ministry is serious about efforts to develop the nation and Bangsa Malaysia according to our ingredients as envisioned by the government through Vision 2020." (ingredients?)

He continued: (and Ghani down south will not like this!) "We will be able to create a Bangsa Malaysia with strong identity, patriotism, and high moral values in line with our caring democratic and tolerant society." A gargantuan undertaking and we wish it will not reflect what the BeeGees sang.......Its only words, and words are all I have...... yes, like all politically-motivated pronouncements will it end up in the glossary as motherhood statements, pregnant with well-intentioned meaning, but stillborn. Coincidentally, the assembly's theme was "Patriotism is our Survival."

The Government, I may be wrong, has no succession plan for its civil servants. They push up a fellow just before retirement so that this guy can enjoy in increase in pension. Depending on who you know and not what you have done, you may get an exgtension (to do some damage control?).

Full of fervour and enthusiasm the IGP who won a 2 years extension promised errant and corrupt cops will face the music. Bet you this is another motherhood statement. Sometime recently a Royal Commission was set up and an elite array of people-who-matter were appointed on this commission. Its job was thorough and most professional since the public participated. Amongst many things this commission proposed the IPCMC. But this same IGP and his second-liners literally gave the two fingers to the commision. They categorically refused to implement the IPCMC. Strangely, some citizens even supported by "Say No To IPCMC". I just wonder it is a giver and taker game being played out....even in blogosphere! Resulting from this rejection, the crime-lords have gone on a Mardi Gras rampage. Our security is being compromised by the very people who have pledged to protect us.

So is it time for this Government to opt for early retirement? Now, even the Police dare disobey the Commission the Government initiated. Never overstay your welcome we are always advised. I believe at 50 one can opt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On Monday 13 August Datuk Ruhanie, Zorro's blog buddy, made a police report at the Kajang Police Station. Reports Rocky who accompanied Datuk Ron:

"Bloggers will be put to sleep". Blogger Ruhanie Ahmad, a former Member of Parliament, lodged a report at the Kajang police headquarters late yesterday afternoon over an SMS that he said contained threats on his life.
Ron went to the police station by himself, unlike Mike Tyson who had to be accompanied by supporters and journalists when he lodged a report against RPK late last month.

"I'm not seeking publicity. I am lodging the police report because I don't think I should take the SMS threat lightly. I think the police can help ... the phone number is there, I have given them everything."

I was there to walk with him. If he had let me, I would have brought along a platoon of bloggers to show Mike Tyson that we have bodies, too, not just brains.

So how was Datuk Ruhanie threatned. He received this SMS from 60163929760 that read:

Just 4 bloggres whoever there ard w’ever shall be given stern warning drastic. Bloggers must realise they successfully been identified even will be put to sleep. (Rotten English but I think at least this guy can read and write some English words, unlike you -know-who!)

But like all craven cowards who are inherently stupid, the sender was stupid enough not to realise that sms can be retrieved and author traced and tracked down. We know who he is now. That later.....

We do not know if he is a government agent, probably, since they are recruiting across the board, born-again journalist included, all jostling to better each other. However this sms sender is the most stupid of the lot. Did he not realise that a threat to someone's life is a premeditation to taking someone's life! (unless his omnipotent, above-the-law employers convinced and assured him otherwise). He would be incarcerated and rotan-ed. Swish and the rotan will break the tender skin of the rump and he just has to pray hard that the next swish miss the broken skin! And you know what?

That loud-mouth, ex taxi-minister just announced that "the government will not accept student Wee Meng Chee' apology......the law will take its course." Yang Bozzo, do you know the meaning of satire and parody? Even the stiff upper-lipped Brit royals can take such swipes. I hope the law will take its course over this sms threat sent to Datuk Ruhanie, UMNO member and former Member of Parliament. NO DOUBLE STANDARDS, OK? We will be tracking you!!!! and it is rumoured that a Blogger will stand as an Independent candidate to take you on if you are lucky to be nominated for the next GE. Fair notification given well ahead of time.

And who is this potential killer who threatened to "put bloggers to sleep'? Screenshot's Little Bird and Zorro Unmasked's Hantu have the same guy:

Nor Asmadi bin Hamdan
No 5 Kg Medan
09800 Serdang
Kedah Darul Aman Sg Taka

NRIC No: 810413-02-5471
Date of Birth: April 13, 1981

So mata-mata di Raja Malaysia...what more do you want before you submit this for trial with the AG who currently believes in the big picture. After Tun Hanif Omar's high octane blast of the police, do you think Nor Asmadi's employer(s) will whist him off into hiding. You never can tell when we have some key players involved. Ahemmmm. Just another item to remember:

When police reports were made against Nathaniel Tan and Raja Petra, you mata mata acted with lightning speed. When Lawyer Malik Imtiaz received a death-threat, his police report even provided the culprit's office action yet is forthcoming......and you all pakai the "Saya anti-rasuah" botton over your hearts. Pordah!

So, you tell me how to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Birthday....when the Nor Asmadis want to put bloggers to sleep. I sleep a disturbed sleep even though I go to sleep fully armed!

Monday, August 13, 2007


The Sultan of Selangor, HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah came out strong on issues that matters most to Malaysians on the near completion of 50 years of Independence - corruption, crime, race, religion, education and the brain drain, the environment and of course politics.

Excerpts from an interview:

On Race: His Royal Highness pointedly declared, "No one race could have brought Malaysia to what it is today" Clearly he was pushing forward a Bangsa Malaysia initiative. He insisted that multi-racialism must be nurtured in school and that everyone has a right to feel as Malaysians.

On Religion: The Sultan of Selangor urged his subjects to respect other religions, the way others respect Islam, the State Religion. "I want Muslims to respect the religions practised by other Malaysians." He also expected non-Muslims to reciprocate similar respect towards Islam. He earlier expressed his unhappiness on politicians, of late, harping on race and religion.

On Corruption: Describing corruption as cancerous cells, he urged that if corruption cannot be wiped out, it should be checked effectively. He further lamented the snail-paced delivery system of the state's government agencies, whose modus operandi invariably and inevitably encouraged bribery and corruption and loss of investments to the state.

On Crime: He advised a depleted police force to engage the people in its fight against crime. He lamented the stigma that Selangor has the highest crime rate in the country. He had even to make this simple suggestion to have more CCTVs in crime-prone places.

On Education and the Brain-Drain: His Excellency decried the country's tidak apa attitude to stem the continuous out-flow of the country's top brains and resourceful human capital.

On the Environment: In a veiled message to those responsible for denuding the green belt in the vicinity of the Palace, the Sultan commended tree planting efforts in Bukit Jelutong and has himself ordered the planting of 5,000 trees in all grounds of the palaces.

On Politics: His Royal Highness forbade the politicising of the Merdeka Celebrations. He took the opportunity to make this warning: "No politicians or group should attempt to gain popularity by stirring up such issues, as Malaysian is a multi-racial country. This country belongs to all Malaysians."

To further drive home his initiatives, His Royal Highness created a landmark precedent that requiring all palaces of the Selangor royal house on 27 August 2007 to hoist the National Flag, instead of the State flag. This edict encapsulates his take on unity under the Malaysian Sun.



Never for a moment did I think that she would take this route. Since this is her first offence, I kept her out of my Mexican chambers. Without any scruples, she unilaterally canonised SIL Khairy as the ipso facto annointed youth chief of UMNO. The movement's machinery has finally found an unlikely affiliate seemingly bent on spinning a spidery yarn (pun emphatically intended) extolling the invincibility of her newly discovered messiah. Yes she is none other than Joceline 'Jostling' Tan,
whose Insight column gives a Foresight of her take on Khairy on the Youth throne.

So what's with the title of this post? SCRATCHING as in "You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back", that is.

Scratcher #1: (pic top left) Faisal Abdullah, the Kapar Youth head; the same Faisal who resigned as Klang Municipal Councillor when found guilty of building a house without council approval. Klang one-time notoriously known as the dirtiest town in Malaysia went to great lengths to rid the town of those scavenger birds called crows, with regular sanctioned shoot-outs. Less crows now, but a new vulture breed called land-grabbers, migrated into Klang, Also, a SIL of UMNO permanent chairperson, FA is rumored to be linked to the mother of all fiasco, the RM4.63billion defunct (?) Port Kelang Free Zone.
To seek refuge from the impending storm brewing, he orchestrated a 50-men kompang gloved(!) group to welcome Jostling Tan's "most happening guy", the other SIL. Message intended: Boleh kah, tell your FIL to close one eye on PKFZ?

Scratcer #2: UMNO Treasurer and Star Hill division kepala, according to Jostling, said: "I can't see anyone else more suitable (than KJ) on the horizon....and should anyone hit out at you, the BB division will come to your defence." Hinted message: Say Hi to your father-in-law and so that ahem.......
And the scratch-back: Khairy assured this kepala that there could be a position in the national line-up, if he wanted it!

Scratcher #3: The Perak chief minister, and a senior minister at that, dived so demeaningly low by announcing that he wants Perak to be the first to nominate the 4th Floor supremo for the top Youth post. Posturing and Overture Message: Tell your FIL to let me try another 5 years to make........

And STABBING, like in surreptitiously "pushing" one over a precipice.

Stabber #1: Kapar youth chief, confidant of his non-practicing dentist boss, and knowing that his boss is no admirer of 4th floor SIL, engineered a reception that Kapar had never witnessed before for KJ.

Stabber #2: KJ's late night visit to Anwar upon the latter's release from incarceration was meant to be a scratch then. But no more. He stabbed Anwar as a puppet of Jews and America. Is kurang ajar synonymous with a stab in the back, or a kick in the face? Yes?

Stabber #3: Suzmi Meah, schoolmate of likely contender Mukhriz Mahatir invited Khairy to officiate at the Machang division meeting. If you have friends like this one, you don't need enemies.

Stabber #4: Jocelin 'Jostling' Tan stabbed us common folks when she consoled Khairy: "Khairy is being called all kinds of names from monyet to racists." Rocky's Bru asked, "Joceline, where have you been?" Zorro asks: Jostling Tan, have you too been bitten by the tsetse fly that brings about the sleeping sickness?" Anyway, the whole column smacked of a souled-out.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Since 2004, we have labored through a CLIMATE OF DISCONTENT. Vision 2020 seems to have been aborted (or hijacked?) and the Government is heading towards 2057 (long term goals for short term pains!).

I have never been a pessimist, maverick maybe. As a 17 year old, when Bapa Malaysia emphatically made that three strident albeit emotive pronouncements, I envisaged a glorious beginning for this infant state. We progressed slowly but steadily for the first 20 odd years until Wawasan 2020 jettisoned us on a non-stop flurry to keep necessary pace with a fast-shrinking global village. Malaysians doggedly followed in step with the aspirations of the country. I credit our former leader Tun Dr Mahatir, warts and all, for keeping the country in track. He was not popular all the time. His job was not to be popular. At times he wore the velvet gloves but most of the time he was the martinet, assertive and abrasive when the situation demanded. Yet he left frustrated!

After 2004 under this new administration, when we seemed to have lost our rudder, the climate of discontent seeped into HMS Malaysia's hull. Are we sinking? Good question?

  • Less flag are a-fluttering this year, mine included after flying it faithfully every August since 1996
  • Little warlords muscle their way into our lives, take away our fields to camp their political cabins and the little napoleons close both eyes.
  • a teenager was incarcerated for months for loss of his MyCard, whilst the PM's Mecca-guide steal land meant for the poor to build his stately mansion, still wanders around as if nothing happened. You can excuse the fellow who cannot read English but you cannot let off the other guy who is not blind but cannot see all these shinanigans. The ex-dentist Mentri Besar has seemingly no teeth in this affair as he continues to to groom himself. The American Indians call these "pale face"....a very derogatory appendage. Moves are being made to get this gate-keeper of a mansion-builder absolved of some 30 odd charges currently brought against him. THEY are now in closed-door conference!
  • The Police, need I elaborate more except to say that now their discrepancies, formerly birth-marked with the quick-draw hand, has moved into the protection racket of identified dons. Murderers, rapists, criminals have found an ally in the police. Poor investigation sans critical evidence sets the vermins free. (Two days ago, at Dang Wangi, I counted 14 squad cars in their respective garages and it was not yet lunch-time at the mamaks! In industrial engineering term, any mobile equipment not used is money down the drain. )and the latest gig, defying the Police Act, Sentul Police Chief is suing the public for Rm10m. Aren't they happy with their regular allowance from the public?
  • Abuse is rampant; shady deals are made in the huge conference rooms of our town and city councils, But no one in authority seem bothered, not even Putrajaya.
  • The fully-suited clowns on Parliament hill spout nonentities and hide under the honorific YB (I gathered it as Yang Bozos).Is the PM so blind about the calibre of HIS chosen 0nes. Surely he cant be drowsy 99% of the time. Hello sir, I thought you got a country to run!
  • The Judiciary. The AG and his Department. What can you conclude when the council of Rulers disagree with an appointment. 2 top prosecution attorneys have resigned and we hear that a few more are contemplating likewise, to distance themselves with what is alread amiss.
  • Internal Affairs. Has the Deputy ursurped the Minister's post? This kodok went after Nat Tan, Raja Petra, and Mrs Raja Petra. Police State or Independent State. And DPM Najib's appoointed body-guards are now implicated in the explosive murder of the lover of his high-powered think-tank. What's happening?
This tirade can go on ad infinitum. Like all Malaysians I am at this point in time, frustrated that after 50 years we have regressed. What is there to celebrate? But being a Malaysian, I cannot give up. You cannot give up. We will stop whining and whimpering. We have only one weapon and this nobody can take away from us. It is our birth-right. A NEW CLIMATE CHANGE MUST HAPPEN AND ONLY YOU AND I CAN BRING THIS CHANGE TO FRUITION AND REALITY.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Civilian posted this comment:
I cant thank you enough for your post, cikgu. i've just arrived to KL frm Kuantan to meet Salhi. My brother is healthy, but he looked thinner than before. kuantan GH are holding him for 2, 3 months for further treatment until they will will let him join our family at home.

August 8, 2007 5:10 PM

Brother of Salhi: Salhi is our brother too. Is there anything that we can do? Is Kuantan GH the best place for Salhi to be? Bloggers in KL will stretch out our hands to assist should you and your family need any assistance. Please you must let us know. Please keep us up to date on his condition and progress. You can email me at

I take this opportunity to SALUTE bloggers who posted on Salhi's recent plight and also those who stormed heaven with their prayers for Salhi's return to his family.

Monday, August 6, 2007


The last two weeks have been trying weeks. The people whom we elected to look after us are giving us the two fingers; they are threatening to lock us up in Kamunting; they have hired people to spy on us; they let the big scavenger fishes thru their net but netted one of us; they bullied another one of us but found out that bullying does not pay; they have shamed their families and their God by all manner of cheating, to the extent of pleading stupidity in the understanding of English and yet sink to such puerile threats like revealing our schoolboy misdeeds; they have even branded us monkeys when God created us as men and women, thereby insulting the Creator; they have mowed down a temple in Malacca just to send the message that they can do what they want and to hell with us onery Malaysians; the name we gave him he threw back at us and called us gobloks and I am so scared of this guy that I came close to wetting my more ranting from this goblok I may dirty my pants if I don't start wearing pampers....but this FT Youth chief, Norza took the prize when he said: The BN respected consensus and goodwill does not inculcate the culture of issuing threats. He has to take back this vomit....or the monkey-god and keris-wielder will force him to.
All these have soured me considerably and I need to take a respite. I need to take time off to think good things. I need to be clean inside and outside so that I will start the next 50 years doing the right thing. So let me share with you prayers from the heart, from our young Malaysians:

And please, please dear God bring back Salhi
to his loved ones. He is a Malaysian. I do not know him,
but he is my brother, born here in this
beautiful country. Please God, I promise I won't
pressure you with too many appeals....I know you are busy
taking care of this world of ours that we are messing up.One more thing,
dear God, help our government be a better government.
So please, huh, get Salhi back to his family. I know I can rely on you.
Kind Regards,

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Election time is a-coming and those who are not so sure of being nominated are doing their usual stuff.....getting noticed. They are apple-polishing, ass-slurping, chest-thumping a la gorillas and some will go to the extent of not only selling their mothers but their souls too. How can I be proud of Malaysia (although I will still die for Malaysia but not for this government) when people we elected are looking after their own welfare and that of their parasites, rather than OURS. How can I be proud when after electing them we bestow on them the honorific YB and they dont live up to it. How can I be proud when crooks are absolved by just this stupid judicial declaration: we found his bank statements semua ok. Be proud of Malaysia where we have this information chief working overtime and shouting nonentities like "those 42 NGOs do not represent the people?" How can I be proud of Malaysia when it is a cruel Islamic(?) State: I need not elaborate, but just read what I plucked from Susan Loone:

Dear Malaysian Bloggers,

My name is Aris Oziar. For the past three months I have been working on a website project called FiftyRefugees. As the name implies, it chronicles the story of 50 refugees who currently call Malaysia their home.

This project is part of the 50-44 Merdeka Coalition ( ), a group of local NGOs who will conduct an alternative celebration of Merdeka in September after the official celebrations have died down. NGOs in their respective fields will touch on various issues, highlighting migrants, refugees, Orang Asli, the urban poor, race and religion etc.

Malaysia does not recognise the Geneva Refugee Convention, and partly as a result of this (we have other legal avenues to give them rights, such as IMM13 but the government has refused to act), Refugees in Malaysia who cross the border illegally or whose visa has lapsed are classified as Illegal Immigrants, subject to arrest and detention by the police, RELA and Immigration. They have restricted access to healthcare services and the children cannot go to government schools, effectively denying them education

As a Malaysian, I am outraged to hear their stories of Malaysia - 3 years of detention or living in makeshift jungle campsfear of arrest. Stories of a 6 year old girl whose last visit to town was 4 years ago (the mother is too afraid to bring her out), and her 55 year old father who eventually died because the police took all their money the one time they were desperate enough to go to the hospital to treat his illness. And of course, of the Malaysian immigration authorities dumping them across the border in Thailand, where they are rounded up by agents and either pay these agents to get back to Malaysia , or face slave labour - the men in fishing boats and the women, probably sold to the sex trade.

I want average Malaysians to know. To know that refugees do exist in Malaysia . To know that they braved a dangerous journey to Malaysia to escape atrocities in their own country. To know that most of them live a marginal life, often exploited, almost always in fear.

We have tasted independence for the past 50 years. And yet, today, there are still people in this country who have none.

Please, if you have time, write about this issue or perhaps mention . Malaysians read your blogs. I want them to know.

Warmest regards

Let's do this for Aris.........and to all you loud-mouth Barisan boys out there.....Zorro's grand-aunt, who said that your fart has more substance than what you guys are saying, has this message:
...look into this, have a heart (if you have one).Do something for these refugees. For once think of others. I just want to be proud of my country. Help me.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I ended my post on 30 July thus:

NEXT: Datuk Mahmood Ambak's family was a prestigious family, even when the PM married into the family, UNTIL......

YES SIREE, until this character slipped into the mainstream of the Ambak family. Datuk Mahmood Ambak was the Chairman of the FAS (Football Association of Selangor) Disciplinary Committee and I was his secretary. This Malay Gentleman taught this then young teacher a treasury of things and values worth treasuring. I will not go into detail, suffice to say that when I read Kam Raslan's Confessions of an Old Boy, certain vignettes of Dato Hamid's colorful life kind of merged, intertwined and dovetailed so snuggly with Datuk Mahmood's. He was one of the earliest, if not THE earliest Malay entrepreneur. I even taught one of his sons. As I work on this keyboard, I can get the whiff of his pipe tobacco.....a mixture of Old English and Captain Black (if memory holds good). I recalled many meetings in his house, many evenings over BL/H2O, and Sundays hopping from PJ Sun Wah to a few other designated must-go venues. This was the dad of the late Datin Seri Endon who wedded our current PM. This family stuck by Pak Lah in his troubled times, thru thick and thin. Everything looked great when Pak Lah was accepted back into mainstream politics. His daughter Nori married a young Oxonian buck. Then Pak Lah was trust into the main stage and this is when the young upstart began to buck like an unbroken mustang. He was allowed free rein to roam the corridors of power. Without breaking a sweat, he turned millionaire and he spat off the bit, because he was already the numero uno. He seems to be saying to Pak Lah......"you just relax, snooze on and let me and my boys take care of things....or better still, take a break, go abroad; no worry we are in control." Didn't he chase off some US of A lady who was his dad-in-laws guest. I believe the word is kurang ajar....the worst insult ever amongst my Malay friends. Like literally, going into your in-laws house and telling the guest of honor: &%$@off! He was daring, he had the jobless cup chais gang behind him and now he is attacking us bloggers and branded us as monkeys (pic above says agree?) and this morning he tells former DPM, "you are a traitor to the Malays." Coming soon, everyone who opposes him (perchance even his father-in-law) will be labeled treasonous. Such blatant audacity! Boy, are you listening....this is what grandma Zorro wants to know..................

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I had to be there. I couldn't miss it for anything. The alpha- blogger, the VP of National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) was making a stand. He was making a hallmark declaration: He was offering himself as a DAP candidate (for the next GE?).

Before blogging began I used to be consistently writing to the New Straits Times, probing, cajoling, irritating and sometimes slamming. After a while you realise that the editor holds the card and if the contents do not comply with the "Master's Voice", euphemistically termed editorial policies, the red card is shown and your two-cents worth lands in his trash-can. Nobody reads your inputs.

God is great. Blogging began and even your 2 cents is read, accepted or rejected by those who visit the blog. At least you get feedback and you either realign your convictions, mindsets, get rid of cob-webs inherited or accumulated or just press on or remain recalcitrant (which at Screenshots will not guarantee a long shelf-life).

I began sniping in Screenshots as Zorro....masked. I agreed and disagreed with Jeff on issues. It was an intellectual exercise , mental bantering. cyberspace parley with a host of commentators who agreed to disagree and vice-versa. Screenshots was and continues to be an elite blog. No crap flying around, because Jeff mentored and monitored his domain, firmly but fairly. Quality comments were the order of the day. On occasions, racial slurs and bigoted turds slipped in but they were addressed appropriately and sternly by Jeff. I stopped sniping (sobriquet for us who do not own blogs and who remained anonymous) when Jeff and Rocky were hauled to court. That, to me, was capital bullying. That called for drastic action and change in support of people you admire. I unmasked, walked with Jeff and Rocky. Today, I'll continue to walk with you Jeff, thru hell and high water. You will never walk alone. Sock it to 'em Jeff!