Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mended Wings

I chanced upon Susan Loone's "Birds with Broken Wings" and I have to share these with you and the Band of Bloggers (BoB):

we are birds with broken wings
living in golden cages
with no power of speech
no voices to explain
the sorrows and pains of our daily existence
our movements are clipped
feet bound in chains
and all expressions on our faces
are tense within the limits of our own minds
if you ask why
there will be no answers worthy of you
except to tell you
you must accept the fallacy of wealth
bear this modern day slavery
never mind, join the game of power struggles
tell lies wrapped in sugar coated policies
who cares if all your passion, inclinations
and intelligence are restrained?
these birds with broken wings
trapped in golden cages
will never fly again.

Susan, sorry I didnt get your permission, but I remember a boss of mine telling me: It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Forgive me luv.

Allow me to contribute this at these appropriate times:

Our wings, broken, fractured
perched haplessly helpless.
Yet those empowered
vegetate, live dormant, subservient
and castrated into indolence.

Band of Bloggers!
Pluck out a quill from our broken wings
Dip Deeply into our true-blue plasma red
To freely, fluidly let flow
To mend those broken wings.

strong, powered wings turkeys endowed
but you ain't no turkey!
lest you consort, earth-bound
gobbling likewise.

So Band of Bloggers, spread those mended wings,
Catch the wind beneath your mended wings
To soar like eagles,
eagle-eyed, focussed on what creeps and crawls
(under the carpets)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am into this not because it seems to be the flavor of the day. I am into this not because I enjoy writing and sharing. I am into this because (with your postings, of course) together, we want to unearth and unmask those saw-dust Caesars (read, politicians and the pseudo powers-that-be). The final straw that broke the camel's back to finally kick-start this blog is of course the legal action of the bullies, hiding under a corporate perforated umbrellas, against two uncompromising and not-so-easily cowed master-bloggers. These plaintiffs know as much about journalism as a toad would know about baking a cheese cake. These have turned the mainstream dailies into house organs, and in-house sheets promoting the interests of their political masters, thus making them impotent as an independent news voice. Investigative journalism to unravel unbridled corruption, thriving unimpeded on Malaysian fertile environment is definitely anathema! This maiden posting ask these questions: Where is the power to think for oneself? Where is the forum for diverse ideas? What happens to the court of public opinion?