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The credibility of the mainstream media can only be regained by discrediting the social media and attacking political cybertroopers, a senior journalist claimed.

"The rise of cybertroopers have made the social media unreliable. Cybertroopers are liars, thus making liars out of social media," said English-language daily The Star’s executive editor Wong Sai Wan at a forum in Kuala Lumpur today on the new role of media in the coming national polls.

"This is our only way of regaining back our credibility. Our job is to get this word out.

“Social media does not provide information, it’s (a form of) entertainment. We must be on the attack," stressed Wong, who is also very active on social media microblog, Twitter. HERE  

Wong Sai Wan’s brother, the former adun of Kelana Jaya was ousted in 308. Humbly yours, a Kelana Jaya resident since 1980 played a part in this thru my early postings of the 2008 GE12. The defeated Adun did not consider the cyber attacks as entertainment, for sure. Too late, the Adun found out that we bloggers were furnishing reliable data to those who went for the truth.

The trouble with these senior editors is that unless and until they go down to ground zero the crap from their media spills over from their ivory tower.

Too late too these hacks will realize that not only social media is lethal……that what they write about gets filtered and cascaded down to the kopitiams NETWORK like this from Boy Cottsinchew :

The incidents in the case of Al-Maunah and the latest case of armed incursion in Lahad Datu show convincing evidence of the state of our security forces being at the lowest ebb.

It further shows that our borders security can't be entrusted to the present political leaders despite their claim of 56 years of experience in government. Duration of service has little relevance in today's warfare if the security personnel, including the generals and ministers, are often caught napping.

The rise in crime and the security lapses are no coincidence given the state of governance in the country. They are symptomatic of something more serious in our system of governance.

If our leaders are so corrupt, failure in governance will only follow suit as a matter of course. The way PM Najib Razak and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi have kept mum over the latest incident reflects on Umno's culture of irresponsibility.

For them, ignorance is the best defense, but people aren't gullible these day given the web of information at their fingertips.

Hermit: This is a tit-for-tat following the incident where Phillipine police came to escort back a conman holding a Filipino passport, he was whisked away by Malaysian police minutes before his flight to Manila was to take off, allegedly on the instruction of the powerful Sabah CM Musa Aman.

The conman was alleged by the Malaysian police to hold a faked Filipino passport and a high drama unfolded, whereby the conman was suddenly taken ill and warded at the hospital.

The next day, the magistrate was instructed to conduct a trial at the conman's hospital bed, after which he was ‘awarded' a two-year sentence on possession of a faked Filipino passport.

As such, the conman escapes from being charged in the Philippines for swindling over 15,000 people in a quick-rich scheme involving almost a billion ringgit.

Bharat Menon: I am really shocked beyond belief that PM Najib has till now not commented on the Lahad Datu standoff issue.

Anon: May be we could ask Thailand to help. After the Thai army has defeated the Sulu intruders, Sabah should be ceded to Thailand.

Indeed, Sabah was once control by Brunei, and when the Sabahans rebelled, Brunei invited the Sulu sultanate to stop the rebels, after which Sabah was ceded to the sultan.

Retnam: Just wondering - if 100 Singaporeans landed in Johor armed with weapons, what will be the scenario? For one thing, Umno Youth will be mounting a jihad there.

Wisma Putra to decide on deportation of intruders

Apa Nama: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, when was the Immigration Department placed under the Foreign Ministry? During Australian senator Nick Xenophon's deportation, wasn't the Immigration Department under your ministry?

As for these intruder, you don't need the foreign minister's green light to deport them. Are they not enemies of the state? Or are they friends of the state instead?

What puzzled Malaysians is why such good treatment for these 100 intruders when we can deport an Australian senator within 15 hours.

Saintonthego: As the incumbent government, BN must be collectively be responsible and accountable for actions to protect the sovereignty of our country against any outside intruders.

It is a treachery for any minister to openly disown responsibility by "kicking the can" to some other government agency. Is our government so dysfunctional?

Vijay47: Quite obviously, Hishammuddin's lines are written in Bollywood. "What is important is that national security is defended and the dignity of Sabah and its people is not compromised." Wow! Way to go, minister.

Now that you have shown that you mean business, I am sure the armed intruders must be shivering in their pants. Just like the baby-selling syndicates must be. What is that, the foreigners have been here 10 days? Hey! What is 10 days between friends?

You have to see things from a perspective affecting international diplomacy and Malaysian hospitality, the allegations that the Malaysian police and armed forces were sleeping on the job is merely a perception created by anti-government elements.

I am sure Hishammuddin will be firm and steadfast - that he will remain in Lahad Datu until the crisis is resolved, even if it takes another year. All Malaysians are behind you.

Acitizen: When it came to sitting on a patch of turf in Dataran Merdeka by Malaysians, unarmed participants got gassed, chased and beaten by police. This happened not once, but during Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

But Hishammuddin would not take action on armed invaders who took over a village!

Born Free: What will the government do if Thailand sends its troops to claim Penang up to Parit Buntar? Will that be given the same treatment since Penang was once under Thailand? On a similar basis, Singapore can try that too.

If these invaders are not stopped and if the so-called Sulu sultan claims is accepted, Malaysians will not be surprised that our next Agong will be coming from there soon.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Subject : Abuse of Religion & Race -
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

I am utterly dismayed that Islam, such a Great Religion, is being constantly ridiculed, not only by Non Muslims, but even by our younger generation of Malays. We keep on saying that we will protect the Good name of Islam with our lives, but we fail to see that our radical approach has smeared the good name of our Religion.. Nowadays, Muslim does not even try to hold a topic over religion with our Non Muslim counterparts. We really have no rational answers as to why our Religion is so hypocritically abused by some half baked Malays.
 Perkasa wants to have the Syariah laws amended to disallow Non Muslims to enter Mosques and Suraus. They also want the MCA president and the DAP assemblywoman to be placed under ISA for desecrating Islam. In fact they want every Tom, Dick and Harry to go in. The video on Surau AL Falah is an eye opener to the amount of desecration tolerated. Sack the Surau committee and place them all, including the rest of the participants under ISA. Another picture apparently doctored, should be allowed the benefit of the doubt.
 They should place their members at the National Mosque and Shah Alam Mosque to turn away the tourists. Dont just talk, start the action now. Forbid non Muslims to gaze at the mosque, just like we forbade them to utter GOD's name. And why stop there? Mosques and Suraus must be built with the sweat of Muslims and not with the sweat of foreign kafirs. At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter, around the mosques, so no non Muslims can get near the mosque. Anyone entering or leaving the mosque must show their identity cards to identify themselves as Muslims.
 Perkasa should also call for Shops and Restaurants to close during the month of Ramadan, and open at the Break of Fast. Muslims are still not strong enough to withstand hunger and will be tempted, if they see the sight of food, according to Perkasa.
 Perkasa should also call for all Pubs and Alcohol and Cigarettes to be banned as it harmful to our bodies and therefore considered Haram. Ban non-Muslims from the homes of Muslims as well. While at it, All Muslims should be separated from non Muslims at the workplace, as Kafirs cannot work together with the righteous. Even better, segregate all the communities, kampongs and towns so that Muslims cannot stay together with the nons. Ban the community from celebrating our festivals together
 Kick out Astro cable TV as we have too many channels of shit to choose from.  Go back to TV1, TV2 and TV3.  Ban the internet, as it is a western tool to confuse the Muslims.  Ban the cinema and all forms of Western entertainment like in Iran . Ban women altogether from public life.  Ban women from driving.  Ban cell phones, ban cosmetics as we are not going to see their faces anyway.  Ban women from sitting in cars and motorbikes due to close proximity.  In fact just ban cars and reintroduce horses and camels.  Better for the environment anyway.
 We Malays love our Non Muslim brothers and sisters.  Your presence in this country is a blessing.  We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined.  Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix.  They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party.
 We are supposed to be weak morally and religiously, easily influenced by the devil, our spines are still weak, and we need constant assistance, which only our government can give us. They always say, please be patient, and wait for the scraps to fall from the table. Sometimes, when the wind blows, the scraps do fall. They keep reassuring us to be satisfied with our meagre incomes, and to be happy with one meal a day. They say when you go to heaven, there will be a big feast. They tell us to protect Islam, these same leaders who are overweight and bulging. And after all these years, I still do not see the invisible enemy out there trying to destroy Islam and our way of life. As if I really have a life worth living!
 Perkasa must have been fighting very hard alone in the last half century to keep the enemy at bay.
 Lastly, the disparity with the Malays seem so huge from billionaires to abject poverty. This is such a big contrast between the non Malays that seem to have a majority of middle income earners. I scream at the thought of our younger Malay generation, so ill equipped to face the world, so inadequate to accept the simple challenges of employment in the private sector, and so stubborn not to accept that we are now in the 21st century.
 The Non Malays seem so at home, with their conventional attitude and command of language, and most of them are bi and trilingual. Is that why Perkasa seems so adamant at protecting us from sinking further ?  Even their leaders seem to fall into this category.
 So if our leaders feel that, in order for this country to progress, we must keep protecting our Racial and Religious Rights, we should in fact then ban everything and call it a day. Better go to heaven today as saints before it is too late, don't make a U turn and don't pay RM200. If we continue to stay on this earth and commit more sins unconsciously, we may lose our Right to enter heaven. Simply too many Satans around, for us weak sinners are easily tempted.
 With PERKASA's ideology, we don't really need 1Malaysia and we don't really need to exist.  It is really up to us now to make the ultimate decision.  Either we go or our leaders must go.

Perkasa, Mamak Mahathir ( The pseudo Malay ) and UMNO, you are the cause of the failure of the Malay race.  You threatened your own race by belittling them; gave rotten education that retard their thinking ability so that you can control them and manipulate them, for your own self interest.  The other races in Malaysia are no threat to the Malays. The REAL threat are the Mamaks. So please : All Hail the Chosen One !
May we have peace in Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Undoubtedly you won’t read this in the Barisan controlled media. I like them because they pass the criteria for SMART goals/targets – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.
Read them HERE:

However all these 
must be tanstlated into

Sunday, February 24, 2013


"Yesterday, I was in Terengganu, I rode the trishaw and asked the peddlar how the present government was, and he said he would support the BN because PAS was ridiculous, only knows how to talk but does not know how to implement," the Prime Minister boasted whilst sucking up to the folks in Seremban.
What did the PM expect the trishaw man, who was probably enjoying a hard-on, to say……………..that his father was a monomaniacal nimrod with piscatorial propensities? Dang, and the dumbo and his circus clowns want another 5 years in the ring to fool us with their transformation drivel?
Belt up folks, check your airbags……and brace yourselves for Mahathir’s next move to dump Jib boy. Welcome home PI Bala. No the jigsaw ain’t done yet……two more pieces?……WTF!

You may want to revisit this 2012 POSTING….on possible OUSTING.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Has UMNO abandoned the loud-mouth-all-sound-and-fury-signifying–nothing Perkasa top dog Ib Ali and brought in a new champion in the form of a re-engineered Malay of undisputed Chinese ethnicity – the born-again “Malay”. First we had a Keralan-Indian posing as a Malay to give supremacy to the race and now we have a chinaman taking upon himself to reinforcing the status of the malay race. I cannot recall any Royal decree to appoint this chink to defend the superior race! Is he a born-again Malay or a recycled Chinese seeking recognition. It is pathetic and seemingly bewildering (embarrassing?) that the Malays allow him to defend Islam and the Malay race. Where are the fearless Bugis, the enterprising Jawanese, the domineering Minangs?

 This maladjusted rethread that goes by the name of Ridhuan Tee Abdullah had previously flogged to death his believe that the Chinese (his ancestors too I believe) were mere squatters here and should not take advantage of the munificence of the Malays. Now he rages against the Indian Hindu Community.  
Referring to Thaipusam around Batu Caves he made this comment: “A sea of people of a single colour gathers, as though there are no other colours in this country,”  He also claimed that due to federal and state allocations received after the 2008 general election, “temples and idols” that were once grim-looking are now bigger, taller and more colourful. (Similarly, this onetime insignificant looking Chinese is now Bigger, Taller and more Colorful as a reprocessed government product.)
“From what I see, we (Malay Muslims) have given up everything to garner sympathy and votes. This country has no identity anymore, he talked down to the Malays. Notice the “WE”!
Recently he ranted against the lifting of the ban and MIC for allowing safe passage for public viewing of Vishwaroopam. Looks like he has ursurped the roles of mufti/imams and if not checked he would be delivering fatwas. He is so used to talking down to his student/audience that is has become second-nature to do likewise in his weekly column. He was once challenged by prominent lawyer and blogger Art Harun to a debate but as expected of sycophants retreated from the dare.
I am perplexed that he cannot read the writings on the wall re GE13…..where he would land up after Pakatan takes over. Well, probably Ridhuan Tee is either THICK or…..a Chinky caterpillar morphed into a “Malay” moth!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


No matter how often one reads about the sordid corruption and abuse of power in Malaysia, one can never get used to the staggering scale of betrayal by those we trusted to govern in our name.
The latest scandal HERE, that certain political leaders illegally and secretly manipulated citizenship grants in order to shift the balance of votes in their favour, is beyond outrageous. The full scope of their treachery might never be known. 

 What is particularly galling is that despite all the publicity, despite the fact that we are about to head to the polls, it's still business as usual. It speaks of an overbearing sense of impunity and an utter disdain for the people of Malaysia.
A government which allows these things to continue unchecked year after year surely loses all its credibility as well as its moral legitimacy.
The carnage that decades of misrule has wrought is now evident in nearly every area of national life - the justice system, the police force, the civil service, the Election Commission and the anti-corruption commission.
Part of the problem is that we, as a nation, have for too long put our trust in personalities and political parties rather than in the kind of institutions that alone can guarantee our democracy and help ensure good governance. So enamoured were we with personalities that we did little as the caudillos undermined our national institutions and weakened the fabric of our nation.
We unwittingly traded our fundamental freedoms for short-term prosperity and stability.
And now, we, like many other nations before us, have discovered the truth of Benjamin Franklin's axiom - that those who trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Fear has its use but cowardice has none.
Mahatma Gandhi

Heckling and boasting are acts of cowardice. If you want to speak, get up in front of the microphone and speak in public; don't sit in the dark hiding. It's easy to hide and shout and waste people's time.


"The British managed to conquer Malaya without losing a single soldier," Mahathir said today.
Come GE13 we will lose Malaysia to the foreigners
without losing a single soldier.

A nation can survive its fools,
 and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within.
An enemy at the gates is less formidable,
for he is known and carries his banner openly.
But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely,
his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
heard in the very halls of government itself.
For the traitor appears not a traitor;
he speaks in accents familiar to his victims,
and he wears their face and their arguments,
he appeals to the baseness
that lies deep in the hearts of all men.
He rots the soul of a nation,
he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.
A murderer is less to fear.
The traitor is the plague.
Marcus Tullius Cicero


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Wheelers and dealers short changed MAIKA stakeholders and made Indians look STUPID. Today Najib wants to increase the Indian Equity to 1.3% HERE. Where has Najib gone when 66,000 MAIKA shareholder suffer? Busy preparing how to CHEAT INDIANS for the NEXT 55 years? 


In the year 2000, MAIKA, the MIC’s loss making investment arm was sold to tycoon Tan Sri Gnanalingam’s G Team Resources for RM106 million. 66000 MAIKA shareholders had been clamoring for the listing of its priced asset, OCA, by MAIKA itself. But the MIC and their saviors had other plans, shattering the 29 years of hope for recovering their

Last year (2012), Tan Sri Tony Fernandez bought over OCA from G Team Resources and renamed it TUNE insurance Bhd, marking it for listing after 6 months of acquisition. It is expected that TUNE insurance will have a market capitalization of RM1 billion.

Why were MAIKA shareholders left in the lurch without proper
compensation? The 66000 shareholders invested hard earned RM1000 per lot of the MAIKA shares in 1981. All they got back in 2010 was RM800 per lot. And those who took loans had to pay back with interest and many relinquished their loan along the way. Many of MAIKA shareholders were poor who wanted to do their part and responded to the call of the MIC president in 1981. Quite a number died while still in debt. But at the time of selling of MAIKA holding with its priced asset OCA, all their sacrifices were for naught.

MAIKA directors and MIC promoters got away scot free and Tan Sri
Gnanalingam and Tan Sri Tony Fernandez took away the priced asset of MAIKA for themselves. BN and the prime minister conveniently got
themselves out of a politically embarrassing situation. But poor MAIKA shareholders who waited for 29 years were dumped. Another let down of Indian saga under BN rule.

The RM146 million payment for 74.1% OCA stake by Tan Sri Tony
Fernandez would have left clean RM40 million for TanSriGnanalingam to be redistributed to charities. Many ex-MAIKA shareholders expected that they will be included in the charities list. Unfortunately they were left out here too.

TUNE holding also bought another 3.75% of OCA from G team resources and 1.92% from GYRSS holdings Sdn Bhd which another investment arm of Tan Sri Gnanalingam and family. In all these wheeling and dealing of OCA shares, were MAIKA shareholders compensated? They seem to be completely left out in the disposal of MAIKA shares.

However the real issue is not the RM40 million gain but rather the
lost opportunity by not listing OCA by MAIKA itself. It’s really
perplexing why MAIKA didn’t want to list OCA on its own. Had it done so even with a market capitalization of RM300 million, MAIKA shares would be worth RM 3 each which is much better off compared to repayment of RM800 per lot of 1000 shares after 29 years?

Why didn’t MIC get the support of Bank Negara and ministry of finance and list the OCA in BURSA Malaysia themselves? Is MIC hiding something from MAIKA shareholders? At least TUNE insurance could have offered TUNE insurance shares to ex-MAIKA shareholders. Why the gross injustice to Indian Malaysians? Can we trust BN and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak anymore?

If the Indian Malaysians don’t wake up, the MAIKA saga of Indian
community will be buried and forgotten once and for all after this
13th general election. Indian Malaysians are short changed once too
often. Will the ghost of MAIKA holding resurface before the 13th
general election to haunt MIC and BN? Will the blatant betrayal of
MAIKA shareholders by MIC leaders, opportunistic businessmen and UMNO leaders be held accountable?

Would the impending listing of TUNE Insurance cause controversy and
anger among MAIKA shareholders? Are the Indian Malaysians forever left out not only in government policies but ribbed and robbed of their own hard earned assets? Is there any hope for Indians under MIC/BN rule?

S.Ramakrishnan (former senator)

Saturday, February 2, 2013


This was retrieved in a blog-posting by Tulang Besi of Malaysian Waves. I had embargoed this article to follow up on the controversial film on May 13, which I believe has been shelved. As such, it is a good time to remember that this letter did surface after 513 1969, lest we forgot to remember.
The May 13 riots: Mahathir's open letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman
Y.T.M. Tunku,
I am deeply saddened because my intention in making a press statement was misunderstood by you. In fact, my intention is the same as yours, to save this country from harm that threatens it.
Your opinions are based on stories that were told to you by the people around you,who will only tell you things that they felt you like or should know. Let me tell you matters that concern the situation, opinion and ideas of the public so as to give you a better understanding on why I made that statement.
It was you yourself who told me that in order to avoid riots, you stopped the execution of 11 Chinese subversives. In fact your action in stopping the execution caused the riots and multiple deaths that have occurred since May 13.
You always “give and take”, that is to give the Chinese what they want. This was the reason for stopping the execution. This also caused the rise of anger among the Malays.
The Chinese labelled you and the Perikatan government as cowards and weak, which can be pushed around. That is the reason why the Chinese are not afraid to deny Perikatan, and the Malays do not want Perikatan anymore. That is why the Chinese and Indians were rude to the Malays on May 12. If you have been spat at in the face or been humiliated, then maybe you understand how the Malays feel.
The Malays whom you think will never revolt now have become mad and run amok , to the extent of losing their own lives and killing those that they hate because you accidentally gave face. The responsibility of the deaths, Muslim and non-Muslims, must be placed on the shoulder of the leader who made the wrong stand.
I apologize but I wanted to tell you the feelings of the Malays. In fact, the Malays now, be it PAS or UMNO, really hate you especially those who were humiliated by the Chinese, and those who lost their homes, families, children and relatives because of your give-and-take policy.
They said that you just wanted to be known as the Happy Prime minister despite the fact that the people are suffering.They know that even during the Emergency, you were still engrossed in poker games with your Chinese friends. The policemen told of how you used their cars and escorts to look for poker partners.
On the contrary, the Chinese have no respect for you.They said you are naïve and of no calibre. There is more of what they said but I cannot say it here. These words came from Chinese from all walks of life, from intellectuals and also the rickshaw man.
Lately, some development has arisen. The Malays in civil service, from Permanent Secretary and below, army officers and policemen have lost trust and respect in you. I knew that most of them supported PAS through postal votes. Officers from the police and army still follow orders at the moment since the orders are in line with their wishes.If you ever do anything that they do not want you to, I believe they will not obey your words anymore.
I know that you are afraid that the Communists will take advantage of the unstable situation in the country. I am more afraid if Government starts to lose control over the armed forces. Once this happens, thing will never be the same again. The civil government then must follow orders from the military. Your title may be Happy Prime Minister, but those who replace you will not feel any happiness at all.
I hope that you will not lie to yourself that one day people will be grateful with what you are doing now. It can never be that only one person is correct and the rest of us are wrong. I want to tell you the opinion of the people that it is about time for you to step down as PM and UMNO chief.
I understand the power that you have and I remember what happened to Aziz Ishak. But I cannot call myself a responsible person if I did not clarify what I meant. If I were to be imprisoned, I will still uphold what I needed to say.
I was told that you called me a Pakistani. I didn’t believe what people said because I know you would never say such thing. I always defended you when PAS said you were Siamese, had no rights to lead the Malays. So, will you also defend me even if there is Pakistani blood in my body.
I wish to reiterate that the statement I made was to prevent the incidents that will increase animosity and hatred among the Malays towards the Government and encouraging the Chinese to further humiliate the pride of the Malays. Bigger riots can take place if this is not controlled. Even the army might not be able to control it. And further more, if TH Tan and the Chinese Chambers can issue a statement, why can't UMNO leaders?
I wrote this in sincerity and that hope that you will read this letter yourself. I pray to Allah to open your heart to accept the actual facts even though the facts are bitter.
Yours sincerely
(Dr Mahather bin Muhammad)
Surprisingly, he forgets many things, but is specific on whom to put the blame on. Now Anwar is fingered in the Project IC! Who is next? Najib?