Friday, March 23, 2012


He will not because he does not have to. His term if it should end would be April of 2013. If he calls it this year, he will lose the election and the UMNO assembly will not be as kind to him as they were to Badawi. Empatise with him and you will see the wisdom of his choice. Of course over many nightly pillow talk he has been urged, “Program I pun tak habis!”
The 2M faction of course would be fuming. 2M? Yes Mukriz, for being told to just shut up and not to make a squeak except for an occasional tweet, has exhibited a total loss of appetite as the anointed of the patriarch. He is seen more in the company of his brother Mok than the Moo mob. That leaves Moo and Muk’s Pa carrying on the battle against Najib. Muk made this move because his Pa has labeled Moo as insipid and uninspiring. However, for face value Muk will never announce his distaste for his engineered role.
When the UMNO assembly is called at year end nobody will challenge Jib. That already is in the amended UMNO constitution, if you remember. There will be no battle royale except some skirmishes amongst the warlords who still want a piece of the kueh kodok. Of course there will be no battle between Muk and Khairy. The latter may even offer the youth chieftain sash on a platter if the former is still interested which he already sniffed at. Why is Khairy so accommodating? By then Khairy will be appointed Commander In Chief of RELA, more overpowering in numbers against the combined numerical strength of the combined armed forces. A retired Brig. Gen told me over breakfast to look at Tunisia and Libya and how the motley citizens untrained in modern weaponry made their point. Eventually Khairy will be Minister of Defence and bring Rela and the Armed Forces and if he feels like it, the Police, under his aegis. By then Khai’s time is ON…..and there is no one to challenge him. He may even tell Moo, step aside… did not help me how can I help you. This help me help you refrain brings us back to Najib.
So why won’t he call for GE? He knows BN will be history. His ragtag coalition is just what it is – an expired product organically corrupting, decaying and decomposing in that order. Come April 2013 he will engineer the dissolution of Parliament and he will make that sacrificial announcement:
“Upon the advisement of my wife, I will step down as Prime Minister of Malaysia, I will relinquish the Presidency of UMNO and Chair of Barisan Nasional. Go now and win the GE13 which I cannot with the likes of you all!
[In UMNO, if you step down when your time is up it is considered a sacrifice, no? Everybody praised Kak Izat, yes?]
He walks out of Parliament with Doctor Rosmah on his arms, both heads held high and there is immediate mayhem amongst the Backbenchers. Some will be signaling at Mat Sabu or stepping over each other to get his attention!
Somebody even volunteered that MATA would be reconvened for emergency travels in the lobby.
I forgot this important bit. Before he made his sacrificial announcement he referred to a sealed envelope he had distributed to all BN reps in Parliament. He asked them to open the envelope only when he is OUSTED by you-know-who. In the sealed envelope was a DVD with a note in his own personal hand: “You did not listen to me. I hope Charlie Chaplin can succeed. Good luck KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!
DANG! I need a quencher now!


2ndClassCirizen said...

Sorry la Zorro .... he will dissolve parliament by the end of March or 1st week of April. Already he is saying he has to resolve 5 issues. When in fact there are scores of issues that he is pretending doesn't exist. But in his tiny mind - its just those 5 - which is really a red herring. Imagine the number of issues he will have to resolve if he waits till next year! He ain't going to step down just like that. Rosmah will not allow it. She is addicted to the power that comes with the premiership. Get ready Zorro. The nation needs our cyber warriors. Don't allow them to lull you into a false sense of security. Get ready!!!

oostad kezeem said...

i think uncle zorro is right, they need another 12mths to empty the kitty! by then bye,bye malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Najib after 2012 will be holidaying in Brisbane with new Aussie girlfriends.
You see, he has some billions stashed away in Tasmania, Perth , Wullabong & of course the Gold Coast.

Dr Rosmah who ? will be abandoned by him, she got the carpetman wat

shameful to be a Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Dear Super Admin of Malaysia Today and reference to ur rck article on The hidden racist agenda
dd 22/3/2012.
I m a Malaysian. I refuse to pay the subscription for your news portal to reply for ur rubbish article for a simple reason:
I was on my own for the 2 years. I pay for my own housing loan, car and food. And the govt of malaysia only know to sent the Tx forms. I m surviving because of my past income tax deductions. If i declare that i m independent over the last 2 years, u think the malaysia govt will feed me - my car loan and housing loan and my parents allowance? I say f u, yes i live for my own agenda, n i m chinese.

Anonymous said...


najib manaukau said...

Najib WILL NOT call the GE this year for sure, he will hang on as P.M. for as long as he can before he and all his deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites are kicked out of Putrajaya in the GE.
Don't be surprised if they go and settle down in Australia after the GE to avoid being indicted in Malaysia. That is the reason this bunch of morons are agreeing to accept everything Australia does not want in their own back yards. The refugees and Lynas are good examples, after all Malaysia is only known as the dumping ground. For that Rosmah is honored by their varsity ! If I may ask what has she done to deserve the honor ?

Anonymous said...

saja fyi : the WORLD famous inventor of PEN-DRIVE is our local boy from Chinese Independent School Seremban/malacca (not certain) who was NOT accepted by local but Taiwan U.

He told LGE (in mandarin) : " Guan Eng, I'll invest initially 300M ringgits in Penang .... dun worry , I keep my words ! " ( i read in sinchew & my tears oozed out )....HALLELUJAH 3 !!


Malchindian said...

Jibby may be operating on a high after a conventionful of COWS but Kuthy still holds his other bola. Roastmah has new advisors who are giving her a "second wind". Watch her unfurl her sails as she attempts to outsmart Kuthy.

June 9th is a nice Saturday to vote.

Anonymous said...

If it becomes fact, "I told you so", over 6 months ago.

Khazakstan comes to mind.

carol said...

Najib is sure to win. Why? Cos the education dept has demanded that all schools emailed the info on teachers & staffs to them by 12 noon on 21/3/12 including their voting centres. Will they use the info to intimidate the teachers & staffs to vote for them as you know those fr the education section are a 'tikus' lot. So this underhanded way will ensure victory for Najib!!

carol said...

The education dept has demanded that schools emailed all the info on the teachers & staffs including their voting centres to them by 12 noon on 21/3/12. Why? Are they going to use the info to intimidate the teachers & staffs to vote for the candidates that they have chosen?! You know what a 'tikus' lot they are. So isn't it going to be a sure win for najib with the help of the education depts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really tragic that all we have from UMNO/BN are ppl like Tun Razak's son from Pekan, or that guy from go home Minister.

Is that all there is to so-called Ketuanan Melayu tapi bukan Melayu ?

The kampung folks shud be pretty embarrassed, having been conned for ages

Still maybe in GE 13 (March 2013), hopefully they can finally bagun sikit

Anonymous said...

sorry, correction on anon2.02pm :
it's 3millionUS dollars !

Anonymous said...

325! 325!
Down with MCA!

Anonymous said...

mca deputy moe almost got punched BUT memang jeered/humiliated with shouts of 'step down' x 10000 at the 325 protest/demonstration with crowd >5000 from all the 14 states !!

mca & gerakan = pocik come GE13 !

Anonymous said...

Hey bruder, this is good shit man. I think you got the scenario right. A bit frightening ya? Keep hitting and keep 'em coming.

Jong said...

After 54 long yrs of Umno-led BN rule, this piece of MCA turd - Wee Ka Siong can still unashamedly claim his BN government is still ...'looking into it' and “We will study each of their resolutions and demands and consider it. We have come up with strategies” to identify the root problem concerning shortage of Mandarin teachers in the country?

What a let-down and deliberate conspiracy in unison with their political master UMNO!
Down with MCA/BN, let's bury them, can't wait for GE-13!

Anonymous said...

40 tahun langsung tak peduli,
cuba mau sikalang kerana akan undi;
cilaka memang cilaka,
mca dan gerakan tausalah harap dapat undi !!

cin2tan said...

mca BOSS tak berani pegi,
kulinya terpaksa makan cilli padi;
bodohkah atau otak tak bersendiri ?
kesiannya keluarga mamyak susah hati !!!