Saturday, March 3, 2012



It cannot be dismissed that Japanese parliamentarians who bore witness at the Rare Earth trial played an extremely important role. Let me TRY get some help from my friend Dean Johns:

“Dean… about kicking some aussie Parliamentarian butts. Some support from them will be key unless they are all flat out like a lizard drinking! “


Dean Johns said...

Hey, Zorro, from what I've seen, Australian federal parliamentarians have been too flat out (yes, like lizards drinking) participating in the Rudd-Gillard fiasco to be concerned about much else. Though the Greens might be interested. In any case, the only forums in which I have a voice are Malaysiakini and my own blog, in both of which I have been critical of the Australian as well as the Malaysian government on this and other issues. Cheers, my old cobber, and ABU!

Jong said...

The stoopid Prime Minister just don't seems get it, does he? It’s not about ‘relocation’ away from the Rakyat’s eyes; it’s about radiation, idiot!

Yes, Malaysians want Lynas plant to be relocated - OUT and BACK to Australian ground, full stop!

Anonymous said...

Question : Why are suddenly so concern about our environment when we never give two fucks about our environment before???

Just take a look at our rivers??

Look at how we litter all over the place?? Throwing tissue paper, cigarette butts etc out of our cars.

When it comes to garbage disposal, how many of us really take the trouble to separate paper, plastics etc into separate containers??

Look no further, even in Selangor for example PJ SS2, have any of you people seen the size of the rats running free around the shophouses/eateries etc etc??

Garbage dumping ... look at the indiscriminate dumping and poor management all over the place.

We dont even have the basics in us and now we are jumping all over about Lynas???

zorro said...

Thanks think you can tweak the Greens. Najib just made a boo-boo about sending the waste back to Australia....contravening an international law about sending waste to any country. ABU Dean.

zorro said...

Anon824pm...."We dont even have the basics in us and now we are jumping all over about Lynas???" EXACTLY! If our maintenance history is so pathetic how can the government assure that Lynas will be safe when they still haven't been able to control basics like littering. When you cannot enforce basics and sustain the enforcement how sure are we that Lynas will be safe. It is because of this that this blog gives more than two fucks about the environment. I don't give any shit. I don't take any shit and although I am not in the shit business, I will, as I said in an earlier posting, force-feed shit to anyone who shits on my frontyard or my backyard. I just hope that you will join me in the latter, instead of sermonising.

mauriyaII said...

Anon 8:24pm I agree with you that we Malaysians are indifferent to what happens to our environment. We have been so pathetic and blase about environmental issues for so long that our government feels that it is the perfect time to enrich some of its cronies by bending over backwards in putting up the Lynas plant.

Our litter and garbage, though unsightly and reeking in nauseating stench DOES NOT cause radiation whereas rare earth processing definitely DOES POLLUTE the environment to such an inextricable extent that it not only devastates the flora and fauna but causes unmentionable health problems to human beings and their future generations.

If UMNO/BN has conscience and the welfare of the people at heart, it should stop Lynas and say NO THANK YOU to the Aussies for their very generous offer to kill Malaysians with a slow and painful death.

When MONEY and POWER are what the UMNO/BN craves for, it does not care what happens to the rakyat.

UMNO/BN needs to be booted out if we are to live in a safe and secure environment.

Anonymous said...


Another naive idea to think the Aussie lawmakers will be interested. They are fighting among themselves, like what Dean says. They WILL be very interested if you show them how championing this cause in the Aussie law-making body will enhance their POWER or make them RICH. Can you show them either or both?

Julia Gillard wanted to dump refugees in Malaysia but failed. Now,let's try radioactive waste. And do you think they gave a certain Malaysian leader's wife a doctorate for nothing???

Like I say, who wants radioactive stuff in their backyard ... certainly not the Aussies. Even one of your earlier posters who claimed to be Aussie and anti-radioactivity was evasive about having radioactive waste in Australia.

Malaysian lives are cheap, so it's okay for them to get deformed and die horrible and painful death. The world can then come and make documentary about it. And Malaysian politicians from Barisan Nasional ... they and theit families will be shopping in Paris, dining in London ... who cares about the cheap Malaysian rakyat's lives.

Anonymous said...

Just read this in the international news feed.

Kuala Lumpur (4 March) - In an effort to prove to critics that the Lynas plant in Gebeng, Kuantan is safe, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has ordered that the parliament sittings be relocated to Gebeng. All lawmakers from his coalition, Barisan Nasional, have been instructed to relocated all their home, offices and work to Gebeng.

A 100-acre site next to the Lynas plant and waste disposal site has been identified and the Public Works Department have been instructed to immediately start building appropriate facilities to house the parliamentarians and their families.

And to lead by example, Najib says that his family will live next to the pool where the waste from Lynas will be stored. He insisted that this is the only way to prove critics wrong and shut them up once and for all.

Further reports to come ....

zorro said... really pays to be naive in this instance. I do that and I get good feedback like yours. Provoke to get reactions. When you say something stupid, from the response to your stupidity you can judge who is sharp, blunt or purely blur. Thanks for your response.

maj(rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

can u evr find a more stupid n idiotic PM than Najib Razak....he's suggesting relocating the waste disposal plant becos of emotional reasons raised by residents...FUCK THAT WHAT u r made of....?

jebengotai said...

it seems that you never discussed about thorium extraction in you really sad :(

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