Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib when addressing close to 700 former senior civil servants is reported to have said that the government (meaning the BN political party - without doubt), “we are at war, the mother of all battles.”

He boasted that PutraJaya will be defended with crushed bodies.

Then he hosted and formed an international club of moderates!

Then he boasted that Malaysia will be a model democratic country.

Now he says “we are at war, the mother of all battles”.

Who is the enemy?

We the people?

1 Malaysia?

What is People First, Performance Now?

How to win your war when Diam already described you and your team as "generals without soldiers"?


najib manaukau said...

He forgot to tell the people to beware of the Kris he used to wave at the non Chinese ? That is his kind of moderation and to swear in the mosque of his sincerely will be his last resort other than dishing out billions of ringgits just before the GE. I feel insulted to have gone to the same school as he had !

wonder why said...

A desprate PM, who is never elected by the people through Democrasy. A PM, forcely to be appointed by 1.3 million villian corrupt UMporNO members.This is the type of PM we have in malaysia.To promote himself around the world through corruption.Very shy.

Anonymous said...

oh please ,you chinese are the worst kind .if you people runs this country ,the indians and other minority will be in worst situation then now,.here's an example from facebook
"Yvonne Lay Leng Chew · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

all the khee ling kwai from malyasia are the descedents of the pariah caste system bought by the british to work here as labourers, shit carriers, road sweepers and all the lowest grade job you can think of and they are there...you can't blame them, really. it is in teir roots, never use their brains."

"Terence Goh · Works at Western Digital Malaysia
dei two headed snake...now you left with 6 percent population...if BN wins, you will be left with 6 person dei.. it is true, you snakes cant be trusted... always opportunist of any situation..everyday seek pity."

so what's your excuse now zorro ,against racism my ass!

Antares said...

Pinky Pig has roasted his own goose. He is a dead duck. The maggots await a fabulous feast.

Anonymous said...

You have to be vary with racial comments like anon11 05 first it does not reflect the majority of Chinese who are peace loving and good citizens who pay taxes
They could also be comment deliberately put out by cyber troopers to scare people away from DAP or PAS
In any society there will be racist bigots but they are few ignore them they are stupid Jangan layan

Anonymous said...

Anon @ March 20, 2012 11:05 PM

My child! Seems like you are easily spooked by a couple of racism remarks. Maybe you need the years to grow up, learn to stomach this and how to deal with this.

Go see the world and come visit Zorro's blog in 10 years. Hope by then, naughty people like Yvonne Lay Leng Chew and Terence Goh won't be able to scare you.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will work to get rid of institutionalised corruption and racism in Malaysia.

See you in a decade, my child!

Jong said...

Ahh, the General had his 2 soldiers taking blame for gruesome murder of French interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu but who that 'powerful' had her immigration records erased and made available issuance of C4 to blast her body to bits?

Anonymous said...

PM supposed to hold an undergraduate degree in economics from
U of Nottingham.

I'm not sure what "school of economic thought" Najibonomics belongs to, with his fiscally irresponsible dishing out of money left and right, in spite of what's outlined in the annnual federal budget. (Maybe the
Robert Mugabe-hyperinflation school?)

Phua Kai Lit

Zain said...


Any update on the protest by the Pengerang (Johor) folks agaisnt the
Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) that is polluting the environment and affecting the livelihood of the local fishermen there?


Is this a BN project?

Anonymous said...

And you Phua Kai Lit, are you a Chicago school graduate? Talk like you are so smart. Saw your comments in some blogs.

Anonymous said...

bravo! observe how the chinese tend divert the issue about racism from their own kind. so lying hypocrites !

Anonymous said...


Sklau said...

The only way he can win the election is to recruit an army of faggots. Those who charge with their bare asses facing their opponent instead of gun muzzles and bayonets. Who dare face the 'Buttcurries'?

Sound likes a May election to me. Crushed bodies didn't he say?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about his clarion call for war? Not even his rabid supporters if they have any grey matter in their numbskulls.

WTF is Najib is talking about? Is he trying to scare ordinary people into believing their bodies would be crushed if they do not vote for him?

He is very sure his body won't be crushed. He won't be in the forefront leading his baying pack of mongrels. He will be safe in his Putrajaya palace while his mongrels will be sacrificed. Their bodies would be crushed.

So what? That is his 'people first' theme. He is willing to kill as many as it takes so long as it ensures his position as Pee Em.

Anonymous said...

A group of civil society citizens visited Bukit Merah, Perak. The former site of Asian Rare Earth facility and the current dump site of their rare earth waste.

Look at the protection gear you're required to wear in order to get inside ARE dump site at Bukit Merah.

If the waste is so safe, why do you need to wear those protective clothings?


Anonymous said...

If BN is sincere about supporting Chinese Schools, they must ensure sufficient funding for Vernacular Schools at least similar if not equal to what Kebangsaam Schools are getting. After all, both systems contribute positively to our education.

Malaysian Chinese Schools have to organise fund raising campaigns just to survive or "stay alive", and these schools have to put up with a perennial shortage of trained Chinese School Teachers for over 3 decades despite repeated reassurances from the MOE and MCA that this matter would be, or has been, taken care of.

After 30 years of promises after promises, Malaysian Chinese School are sick and fed up with all these hollow assurances and empty promises, and serving as a "dumping ground" for excess teachers who are not trained to teach in vernacular schools.

Shortage of Mandarin-speaking teachers is a situation deliberately created by the education ministry to lure away students to the national schools. Many Mandarin-speaking teacher- aspirants are rejected even with good qualifications (esp. those from Chinese Independent schools).

This problem is affected not only Chinese population but quite a number of non-Chinese as well since this group contributed to about 10% of students in Chinese Primary Schools.

UMNO has upset all Chinese (24%?), all Christians (9%), Felda land owners by listing Felda (hundreds of thousands?), Kuantan folks and many environmentally conscious groups (millions?), indigenious group by land grabs (millions in east Malaysia?), together with almost daily exposures of corruptions....how many more true BN supporters left ultimately I just wonder??

mauriyaII said...

Najib is only Chinese and Indian friendly when it is near an election. This is the time he pulls out all the stops and tries to lull the Chinese and Indians into thinking that he is concerned about them and their mother tongue education.

Only nearing an election Najib promises anything and everything with his 'You help me, I help you' drivel. Even the promised help comes with of not being fulfilled if he does not get the expected support.

Najib is Not sincere. He is a compulsive liar. He says one thing today and contradicts himself the next day. He is indecisive. His flip-flop ways are worse than AABs.

He is yet to come hard on corruption. His MACC hounds are only let loose on small fish and the Opposition. Big scandals like the PKFZ, NFC are just brushed aside with either supporting the wrong-doers or letting the judiciary and PDRM drag their feet.

He does not even dare to act on evidence provided by top police officers who have accused the ex IGP and AJ of criminal conspiracy of fabricating evidence.

If the Chinese and Indians and ordinary non UMNO Malays still vote for UMNO/BN, then they deserve to be under the yoke of the BN oppression. In fact it is tantamount to supporting CORRUPTION. RACISM, RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY, ABUSE OF LAW and wanton lavish spending of the taxpyers' money on excessively expensive mega projects.

MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, and other BN friendly parties support Najib and UMNO for their own selfish interest and for the crumbs thrown their way for being lapdogs.

The leaders of the above parties sold their souls from the 1980s onwards at the expense of their members. Even today they have not realized their folly. They are still prostituting themselves without a care for the present and future generations.

UMNO/BN should be made to lose heavily in the coming election to drive home the point the people are FED UP with the way the all institutions of governance are compromised and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Koh - Public Invest KL
"FUCK OFF NAJIB...you are just a puppet put in place by your so called Generals. Your father did real work. You are disgrace to your family and all Malaysians. All the shows put up by you now is useless. Go back to Sulawesi where you belong!"