Monday, March 5, 2012


The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (Anawa) wants the Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review Lynas' procedures for its mining operations in Mt Weld.

In a statement today, Anawa said this was because changes to Lynas' procedures at the site have not gone through appropriate approvals as its current operations are based on approvals issued more than a decade ago.


Our role is mainly in research, political lobbying and publication of information that we believe the community needs in order to make informed decisions about uranium mining, nuclear power, weapons and waste.

We are not a 'special interest group.' We are the tip of the iceberg, representing the 70-80% of Western Australians who oppose uranium mining and waste dumping in Australia, particularly in our home state.

Green Ban on Rare Earth Exports to Malaysia

Target: Western Australian and Australian Federal politicians

Sponsored by: - 3000 people have already signed the petition, the campaign is growing so we are moving to Care2 so we can reach our goal of 50,000 signatures

(Bernard, You signed on March 2, 2012.Your signature has been delivered to: Western Australian and Australian Federal politicians.)

Call on Australian politicians to place a BAN ON ALL RARE EARTH EXPORTS from Lynas Corporations Mount Weld operation to Gebeng, Kuantan, Malaysia.

Rare Earths are used in our iphones, laptops, flat screen TVs and wind turbines, but have you considered what the process involves to extract rare earths? Did you know there is potentially a radioactive fallout from rare earth processing?

Australian corporation Lynas wants to export rare earth from Fremantle, Western Australia to Gebeng, Kuantan in Malaysia to process the ore. But the proposed Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) has been imposed on local communities in Kuantan without their consent.

Touted as the largest rare earth refinery, the LAMP will use 720 tons of concentrated Hydrochloride Acid (sulphuric acid) per day and leave behind 28,000 tonnes of solid waste per year, enough to fill 126 olympic size swimming pools. A by-product of this waste is radioactive Thorium (Th) which is dangerous to human health.

There are approximately 700,000 people living within 30 km from the LAMP and it is located near coastal tourist resorts and an environmentally sensitive fishery area. Construction of the plant has begun in secrecy and ahead of proper environmental and waste management plan.

We are calling for Malaysian and Australian citizens, environmentalists, unionists, health professionals, business people and politicians to get behind the Stop Lynas! Campaign and stop Lynas Corporation from proceeding with their rare earth plant (Lynas Advanced Materials Plant-LAMP) in Gebeng, Kuantan.

"Malaysians are not against new, green technology that rare earth material supports. We just ask for these technology to be clean from cradle to grave, particularly when you are processing it in someone else's backyard."



The Australian government had in April last year declared that it would not be taking back any wastes produced at the Gebeng plant, raising further suspicions over the company’s motive.

Najib said that they will send back the waste to Australia! Will Najib say SORRY for lying to the people of Kuantan, his home state?


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Anonymous said...

I am wondering why are the Chinese so much against the Lynas plant? I see mainly slit-eyes at the demo.Is it because you are mostly anti-government? Or is it because you fear death from so-called radiation. Just remember we will all die, with or without Lynas.

Anonymous said...


Najib did not finished his sentence. The waste will be sent back to Australia so that they can then be sent to Malaysia again, to a dump site in Sabah.

So, why should he apologise for this?

Malaysianatheart said...

Yo folks – have a read: – you might find this interesting. Ananda Krishnan – looting the treasury??!! Cut and paste the link below to your address bar.

bruno said...

Politicians lie and get caught all the time.But they always kept on lying because there are always some fools out there who will get fooled.Then they kept on lying and lying and get caught time and time again.Than they got stuck and become a compulsive liar.Since lying is a form of sickness they kept on lying and lying,like drug addicts thristy for that shot of white powder after another shot of white powder.

Anonymous said...

Get done with the Elections.
The "Silent Majority" of 28 million
voters in Malaysia want to get on with their life. They are tired of
this Lynas issue being politicized.
Enough of this infantile political Campaigning and Demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

As you can see from the first comment, far-right politics is bad for one's mental health !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro..

Perhaps you can get someone to come up with a video with Michael Jackson's song, "They Don't Care About Us" playing in the background..

I thought the chorus.. "All I wanna say is.. They don't really care about us!" was very appropriate and pretty much describes the true situation of the rakyat..


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.55pm 5 March

Yes, we will all die one day.

Maybe you like to die a horrible and painful death by choice just to show how jantan you are.

Let's picture how you will die after hanging around the Lynas plant for awhile ... you must be looking forward to working/staying by the plant.

1. You will start losing your appetite and lose weight. A jantan, like you, can surely afford to go on a prolong diet.
2. You will start losing your hair. A jantan like you will look cool being a 'botak'
3. Your skin will start having blemishes and they will spread all over your body. Hey, cool tattoos for a jantan like you!
4. You will have nose bleed and also bleed non-stop with minor cuts. What's a little blood for a jantan like you, right!
5. You accidentally knocked your arm gently at the table corner and broke it. Hey, that's really cool, an arm on sling ... that's "battle scar" for a jantan. But the broken bone never heal.
6. You have a minor cut on your toe and the wound didn't heal. What' a minor cut for a jantan like
you, right! The wound got worse. Gangrene sets in and they have to cut off your leg. Cool!!! For a jantan like you, that's the ultimate 'battle wound'. Members will respect you man!!!
7. Your wife give birth to your child and you discovered that your child has a big head, 3 arms, crooked spine and webs for legs. You thought your new-born came out of a sci-fi movie. Your wife died heartbroken.
8. You couldn't get your dick to stand ... uh oh! sounds like trouble ... need more tongkat ali. But they couldn't help you. Your girls left you because your "prized tool" doesn't work.
9. You started coughing blood ... but jantan like you is never afraid of blood coming out of anywhere. But doctor found 2 blacken bags (too bad, not Birkin) instead of 2 healthy lungs.
10. You have spasms of pain which become more and more frequent. The pain felt like a blade sliding through your balls. But a jantan like you can withstand any pain!!!
11. You have trouble urinating ... your dick stopped working ... now, that's trouble!
12. As you crouch in a corner, looking like a dry and decaying bag of bones, too weak to heave yourself up, racking in pain, struggling to breathe ... camera crews swamped around you to make a documentary of your life living by the Lynas plant ... hey you are a celebrity!!!
13. Moments before you die ... the TV was showing corrupted politicians and Lynas celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Gebeng plant.

THAT may be how you chose to die. This is a free country, your choice, anyway.

For the rest of us, we'd like to die the way the Almighty destined for us, and certainly not as dictated by corrupted politicians and Lynas.

By the way, such kind of painful and horrible death does not discriminate whether one is Melayu, Cina, India, Mat Salleh, etc.

Best regards

zorro said...

Myra, they do care judging from my visits to some sites like these:

visit them and give encouragement. There is a petition going around. I signed it but cannot retrieve the site. Maybe somebody can help. Myra, sign the petition.

Jong said...

Anon 10:55PM,

Tough talk, brave words-eh!
Why won't you and the bunch of Perkasa/Umno rogues get moving to Pahang state and stay around Lynas plant? Invite Najib and Rosmah along, better still the whole UMNO/BN Cabinet to join in, and be happy glowing in the dark singing "If tomorrow never come"!

No need to fear death from radiation, just be happy and start producing two-headed kids with protruding eye-balls and webbed feet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro..

I was referring to our lovely Malaysian government..

They don't really care about us, the rakyat..


flyer168 said...


Please take note of Uncle Zorro’s advise, cos he is doing a great service to support this noble cause for the the citizens of this nation…syabas Zorro.

Here is the link…
STOP LYNAS! - The Petition Site -
Petition to Stop Lynas from processing rare earth ore in Kuantan, Malaysia | Facebook -

Now hear this…

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes – YouTube -

Your suggestion, here it is…

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us lyrics – YouTube -

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (THE BANNED PRISON VERSION!!!) – YouTube -

Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati Slave? - -

Tupac tried. He “mysteriously died.” MJ tried. He “mysteriously died.” Marilyn Monroe tried. She “mysteriously died.”
All of these mysterious deaths in reality aren’t mysterious at all…

Finally, to share this to understand why Bolehland is in a mess today and our nation’s “Enabler’s (Butlers/Pawns) who are “Trapped” in the Web of the Global Elite’s NWO agenda…

Interview - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I – YouTube -

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Ajib kor,

Tak guna minta maaf kalau tidak betul betul insaf dan memperbetulkan apa-apa saja kesalahan yang telah dilakukan.Untuk permulaan,tolong pergi minta maaf pada roh roh TBH,Ahmad Sarbaini dan Altantuya.Cry if you have to…masih ada kan that Sibu punya hankerchief?..i like that one.Kedua,revamp institute negara seperti PDRM,MACC dan judiciary.Akhir sekali tapi not the least,bersih kan electoral roll sebelum pilihan raya.Ok or not kah?Haai..i ingat you tak boleh one lah.