Sunday, March 4, 2012


In yesterday’s posting I wrote:

It cannot be dismissed that Japanese parliamentarians who bore witness at the Rare Earth trial played an extremely important role. Let me TRY get some help from my friend Dean Johns:

“Dean… about kicking some aussie Parliamentarian butts. Some support from them will be key unless they are all flat out like a lizard drinking! “

His was the first comment that followed this posting:

Dean Johns said...

Hey, Zorro, from what I've seen, Australian federal parliamentarians have been too flat out (yes, like lizards drinking) participating in the Rudd-Gillard fiasco to be concerned about much else. Though the Greens might be interested. In any case, the only forums in which I have a voice are Malaysiakini and my own blog, in both of which I have been critical of the Australian as well as the Malaysian government on this and other issues. Cheers, my old cobber, and ABU!

March 3, 2012 5:39 PM

Knowing Dean I knew that he was not going to allow this opportunity go by with just a succinct comment. This is what he wrote in his latest Malaysiakini column this Sunday morning:

It's time to rise up as 1Malaysian electorate; to put the people's interests first by finally electing a truly honest, intelligent, enlightened, transparent and progressive government; and to perform this feat if not now, this minute, at the very next opportunity.

In other words, witness the current NFC and MAS scandals, the still-unsolved murders of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and so many others,
plus the high-handed approval of the Lynas plant.

It's time for the Malaysian people to get real with Najib and the entire Umno/BN gang of thieves and goons and liars, and throw them out on their lying asses.

Read what preceded HERE.


Dean Johns said...

Hi again Zorro,
That column of mine that you've kindly provided a link to has been up since Wednesday, so I guess I anticipated your urging :-) Don't know if any Australian MPs read it, but a great many academics down here do, and I'd be surprised if the Australian High Commission didn't regularly monitor Malaysiakini, so the message may eventually get through to the powers that be as you - and I - hope it will. Goodonya, old mate.

bumi-non-malay said...

.....It's time for the Malaysian people to get real with Najib and the entire Umno/BN gang of thieves and goons and liars....

You forgot Murderers, Genocide and Crime against Humanity of Malaysian....too. More so in 20 years when there is no more rare earth and more visits to Deform, sick and death centre of UMNO Hospital Kampung Bahagia Lynas at a cost to tax payers of $200 Million Ringgit to set up and run but $170 Million dikebas/stolen for other Luxury hotel development....Boycott Malaysian Goods until UMNO is Obliterated!!

flyer168 said...


Just to share this…

Girl Who Silenced the UN For 5 Minutes – YouTube -

Bhopal Disaster -

1. THE ISSUE - “Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to industrial
crises. However, industrial accidents such as Bhopal are not
just an Indian or even a Third World problem but are industrial
disasters waiting to happen , whether they are in the form of
"mini-Bhopals", smaller industrial accidents that occur with
disturbing frequency in chemical plants in both developed and
developing countries, and "slow-motion Bhopals", unseen chronic
poisoning from industrial pollution that causes irreversible
pain, suffering, and death (Weir, pp. xi-xii). These are the key
issues we face in a world where toxins are used and developed
without fully knowing the harm that can come from their use or

Lynas shareholders demand that chairman steps down -

A VOCAL group of retail shareholders in rare-earths miner Lynas is seeking to remove mining entrepreneur Nick Curtis as chairman, citing concerns over ''risks to corporate governance''.
Mr Curtis, who is also the chief executive of Lynas, had attempted to sell a lucrative rare-earth deposit to a related company, Forge Resources, earlier this year. Despite excluding himself from the sale process for conflict-of-interest reasons, the plan was abandoned on feedback from the company's major institutional shareholders.

The transaction - which would have delivered Mr Curtis a lucrative parcel of shares, boosting his stake in Forge to close to 40 per cent - also drew the ire of the small group of retail shareholders. Having formed the Lynas Shareholders Association, they are now calling for support from more shareholders to put forward a resolution to replace Mr Curtis with an independent chairman at the company's annual meeting next month.

Corporate governance guidelines outlined by the Australian Securities Exchange recommend that ''the role of chair and chief should not be exercised by the same individual''.

Lynas declined to comment yesterday, but did announce the appointment of Kathleen Conlon to the board as an independent non-executive director. Former Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski was also appointed to the board this year.

Lynas is expected to report a full-year loss before tax of $57 million today as it ramps up towards production. Shares in Lynas closed 17.5¢, or 14 per cent, lower at $1.105 - more than 60 per cent off its April high of $2.70.

Revolutionary Politics : Judge Napolitano: "A nation of sheep breeds a govt. of wolves" -

Let us all translate and reverberate ABU into the the citizen's / nation's battlecry for Justice...

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...


do you know that the guarantees of International safety regulations are only as good as in theory?

According to Lynas Report 2011, the factory has to be in operation first for experts to be able to gauge the actual "radiation" levels affecting the environment HENCE maybe the temporary operation license is for.

Hope someone can refute this and proves me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Is Najib's apology a desperate or a calculated attempt to win the hearts of the rakyat? The answer is both. Desperate because Pakatan is gaining momentum in the run up to the GE and is even gaining ground in the UMNO/BN strongholds of Felda areas, Johore and East Malaysia. The apology is also calculated because Najib knows that forgiveness is very much a part of the Malaysian culture and would resonate well especially with the many religious citizens of the country. But, the critical tests are these: Firstly, even if Najib is sorry, is the sentiment shared by the whole corrupted UMNO/BN leadership? If not, what's the point? It will still be the same old story all over again. Secondly, if the PM is truly sorry for the mistakes made, why wait till after the elections to rectify them? To prove his sincerity, do it now.

maj(rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

Najib sorry.....??? My fucking arsehole laffs out loud...!!!! I'd believe that Only if the sun rises fm the Najib go get stop your bluffs...