Thursday, July 14, 2011


Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said:

"What I related to you (that no tear gas and water canon were directed/fired at Tung Shin) was what was reported to me by the hospital board.

Were any of the board members present in the hospital that day? These doctors, Musa Nordin, Sheikh Johari Bux, Ng Kwee Boon, Ng Swee Choon, Ronald Macoy, David Quek, Mary Cardozo, Farouk Musa, Mazeni Alwi, Pixie Low and Steve Wong, were on duty and they are willing and ready to provide sworn affidavits "if required, as to the veracity of the incidents."

He advised everyone to wait for the results of police investigations into all reports on incidents that took place on Saturday.

Lancheow Liow! Police investigation? The evidence are all documented! We will fry your ass come GE13.

You are such a liar we can't even believe you when you say that you’re only lying. You remind me of what Elder Pitt famously said: 'If I cannot speak standing I will speak sitting, and if I cannot speak sitting I will speak lying,'

You UMNO asswipes lie out of pure malice, completely on purpose, just to add one more piece of "evidence" to your master’s repertoire.

Adolph Hitler said that great liars are also great magicians… having the board members believe that Tung Shin was not targeted.

Wasn't it Charles Peguy who said, "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers."

Popular beliefs tell us that schools and parents don't know what's going on, the police are dogs, politicians are all liars and scum, and any crime that's not committed by the UMNO is done by the MCA….and vice versa.

I read somewhere sometime ago that clever liars give details, but the cleverest don’t.

BN is a cartel of liars….and I mean that in the kindest sense!


Jong said...

Adoii, now he dies standing!

We saw through him smug and trim with his sandiwara the past two days, so now how Liar Tiong Lie?

bruno said...

This Liow tiong lai is a lapdog of Umno.All Unmoputras has to do are just to snapped their fingers and this smelly mongrel who hasn't had a bath for years will come running.We can smell this running smelly mongrel miles away.

This LTL will lower his already very low pride,dignity and even sell his soul just to pleased his masters.He will lie and swear just to protect his masters and their cronies.Everybody knows that the police attacked the Tung Shin Hospital.Yet he will lie his soul out to protect them.This man is the most lowdown scum on this earth.A real traitor to all Malaysians.

He first started learning the trades of a traitor when he sold out his president OTK.He is the Brutus of Mca.Now he is selling out the people.This scum has no conscience.He still dare to lie when all the facts and evidence are against them.

First he said that the police never attacked the hospital.Then when he realised that he shouldn't have jump the gun, he said that the protesters dhouldn't have ambushed the hospital.Ambushed his balls.This stupid moron mistood took refuge for ambushed.How can a HM not understand simple English.What if Liow was supposed to perform an operation and he misunderstood it as an abortion.When the patient woke up after the anaesthesia has worn off and find the fetus missing,this sick bastard of a doctor has screwed up again.

This guy is a ticking timebomb.A real pariah worse that the clown froggy.Froggy is a trouble maker,Liow is a traitor.This guy will sell his spouse to achieve his ambitions,because he is a pariah.Pariahs have no loyalty and conscience.

bruno said...

Liow,Hokkien lang kong lu si boh yeong a "chap cheng kia".In English it means you are a useless bastard.Yeah.

Even your family shuns you because as a damn liar, pariah and traitor you embarassed and disgraced them.They cannot even faced other relatives and friends.What a shame.Next time stick CSL's batang in your mouth,then you cannot open your damn jaws,you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

tabik tuan!they are not only lying tuan,they also are penyanggak dan penyamun tuan!.

bruno said...

Bangsat pariah Liow,you were Brutus in Mca and backstab your president OTK causing a comeback by Mr Porno CSL.You were a traitor to OTK in Mca.Now you are lying your asses out for your masters Umnoputras.You are twice a traitor.How low can a pariah like you go.The people will curse you all the way to hell,Liow.

tom said...

Cant blame this liar,Zorro. LIE is the name..and lying is should always be

najib manaukau said...

He has to and he must, if he wants to remain as the Health Minister and as lackey of Umno.
What a bloody disgrace to all the Chinese, you will even offer to sell your mother or your wife or even your daughter just to remain as Health Minister. You just can't go or immigrate to anywhere not even back to China. You might as well call yourself Ridhuan Liow, after all you speak like one and pronounce yourself as another Malay. Just leave your family out of this shamble.
Now you know why the Chinese Malaysians are not voting for you especially MCA ? You are another deceitful Minister !

Malay male said...

The police acted in good faith

If my grandmother or mother was a patient in the hospital, I too would fear for them if a large group of violent rioters entered into the hospital perimeters.

The police had to disperse the crowd. Going into a hospital does not make one above the law. Simply put - if someone rapes a person and was chased by police and he runs into a hospital, does this mean that the police cannot go in there to catch him? Dont be stupid la old man.

The police did the right thing, even if they fired tear gas into the compound. If the violent rioters did not run into the hospital, the police did not have to do that.

I bet you those doctors did not know what the rioters were up to when they entered the hospital. Some people overheard some rioters say that they want to loot the hospital. Some even said they wanted to run into the rooms for safety! Imagine how terrified the sick people will be in those room.

One rioter even was planning to rape the patients along with his friends - He was stressing how they would get away with it amid the chaos and confusion and alot of others were about to follow his plan! This was recorded by police camera! Police overheard this too and were forced to react.

Good job to the police who prevented looting, and rape of tung shin!

charleskiwi said...

Those who work in the ink factory will surely and inevitably get tainted with ink.
You know what it means to be in the company of the deceitful and corrupted men from Umno even for just a whole.

wandererAus said...

Please pardon my language to the readers of this blog.
Liow Tiong Lai, "You are a fu*king blooming liar... a son of a bitch!!"
As a Minister of Health, you are more interested in wiping your master's asshole than those patients in Tung Shin hospital. What sort of human being are you?
MCA bastards as expected belong to the lowest tier of human decency.

kittykat46 said...

Let me just consider the photographic and video evidence, and apply a common scientific principle, which the doctors in the Health Ministry should understand what I'm talking about.

Where there are competing/conflicting explanations for an event, the most likely correct explanation is the one which does not require many side assumptions and side explanations.

The simplest conclusion looking at multiple photos and videos taken from different angles is -

FRU fired tear gas and water-cannon into the Tung Shin hospital compound.

Whether it was an accident or deliberate orders from the PDRM chain of command should be the subject of an Independent Inquiry.

The Government MUST STOP denying that the incident occured.

samgoh88 said...


Do not with truth twist and turn
Or else in hell you'll forever burn
There's no way with any gas to blow and churn
For the Law of Boomerang will cause it to return

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thur.14th Jul.2011.

joshua said...

Uncle Zorro,

Even the demons believe that there is one God--and shudder (and demons are damned liars!)


BN is cartel of liars because they themselves are gods.

bruno said...

Did any of you guys watch the World Cup Women Soccer semi-final between France and USA.Before the start of the game players of both teams held a huge banner which says "SAY NO TO RACISM".

They were refering to our Umno GOM having a seat on the UNHRG to have more respect and not make a mockery of Human Rights.They were telling our GOM that only babarians attack their peaceful protestors.Then they commended our GOM how brave our men in blue were for attacking a women's maternity hospital.

Anonymous said...

Liow should be man enough to admit that he was wrong and not blame Tung Shin's board. This is typical BN hypocracy.

sri hartamas

Sam said...

He has to help his masters, the umnoputras to spin in order to survive and keep his government posts. Otherwise, they tell him "you are Bo Liow" !. So, what else do we expect him to do other than tell a lie to cover a previous lie ?
With "leaders" like Liow and Chua Soi Lik there, I would have been suffocated by shamefulness if I were an MCA member.

Anonymous said...

60% of population in the world are suckers.
Every country have these suckers.
Malaysia have 60% population of suckers.
Suckers like to hears stories only. They cannot comprehend facts and figures.
Thats why, ponzi and politicians lives!
Thats why, people like CSL and Lanchiow lang became President and Vice Presidents, while exposesee OTK got kicked.

elizabeth said...

At the press conference, a Mr Ng who is a representative on the hospital board was there to help LTL lie to the Malaysian public. Just as LTL double cross OTK, he now double cross Mr Ng, pushing the blame squarely on him. Well, this will teach other running dogs of UMNO (such as PDRM, EC, Judges, etc) a lesson. We should now push for Mr Ng to be sacked from the hospital board for lying. As board member, his role is to protect the hospital, not to take sides with politicians to spin lies. The hospital has been violated, and as board member, he should demand for apology at the very least and not lie!!!!

shi said...

Mr Liar,

When you have nothing good to say, it is better to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise it will only show your stupidity.

Sam said...

Malay male,

You with your violent and twisted mind really let your imagination run wild.

I bet its not "Some people overheard some rioters say that they want to loot the hospital." Its more like your left violent mind overheard your right twisted mind.

Hmmm...I think species like you must be taken to the lab for research.

Anonymous said...

LTL: Halo ni hao. The board meeting for reelection of committee is next month. I hear some cosmetic is not doing well ah?
TSHB: Wuo hao. Ta chia pu hao. U help me win Board election, mat tu kao tim la.

Anonymous said...

Let us no forget the 11 brave and noble doctors who came out and did what was right!...telling this Liow bastard straight in the face he is a perpetual liar.
To you 11 doctors, I salute thee,
"You are my heroes"

shanghaistephen said...

this Minister has to "gel" his hair to keep it straight. otherwise that oso crooked lah ! haaiiiya ! thiew kaw hai !

Sam said...

Malay male,

I bet its not "Some people overheard some rioters say that they want to loot the hospital." It must had been your left violent brain overheard you right twisted brain.

Hummm...Species like you must be sent to the lab for research.

Anonymous said...

apa mahu buat....cari makan daaaaa

Jong said...

Hats off to the 11 doctors who bravely stood up and be counted! They must have enough of those lies from this Health Minister Liar Tiong Lie and telling him enough messing around, truth must be out!

And that Tung Shin Board Chairman Ng Beh Tong - he is a total disgrace, a BN ass-wipe! He must now take responsibility for taking sides with that Liar to protect the police against the interest of patients and doctors - tender your resignation NOW!

Anonymous said...

If u can betray somebody who trusted u n u can lie thru your teeth, U CAN SAY WHAT U WANT, you think people will believe u. Liau liaulah. Liau in the coming GE. Oops would u be chosen?

Anonymous said...

If u can betray somebody who trusted u n u can lie thru your teeth, U CAN SAY WHAT U WANT, you think people will believe u. Liau liaulah. Liau in the coming GE. Oops would u be chosen?

Veggie Lie said...

Liow would say "It is only a vegetarian lie" not harmful one, don't worry" .

Anonymous said...

He is a barw arse liar. He never wipes his arse after lying.

Assamjawa said...

Liow Tiong Lai - this cari-makan Minister of Health is a disgrace to the Chinese community and MCA!

We witnessed how he backstabbed his party president during the last mca general election but Ong Tee Keat was too naive and trusting, didn't see it coming until too late!

crusader said...

The men in blue are 99% Malay and you should therefore expect them to do everything to Tong Shin.
The Chinese should consider themselves very lucky that the bullies did not bomb or burn down the hospital. That would be too obvious and moreover they then can deny that !

Anonymous said...

The only way I can describe you
Half past six minister !!!!

“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.”
Aristotle quotes (Ancient Greek Philosopher, Scientist and Physician, 384 BC-322 BC)

Johor voter said...

Liow unashamely supported Hisham's 'Bukti Video' i.e. the one polis giving free buffet?

We have seen enough of mca flers sucking up to umno.

MCA is totally irrelevant!
We will not vote for MCA!
CSL can stop dreaming!

Anonymous said...

We have little faith with our police who are supposed to be the guardian of the law but they are now thinking of all ways to break the laws to justify their wants.

They are so shallow and so low on their ability that whatever they do, immediately the public is aware that they are plans hatched by the pdrm, e.g.concocting new conspiracy theories to justify the detention of these six PSM members under the Emergency Ordinance (EO). Those detained were forced to undergo “intense interrogations” by police from the District (IO), Criminal Investigation department (CID) and Special Branch-Bukit Aman units who used techniques like abusive language and physical measures (detainees were made to stand for up to seven hours). Some detainees were made to sign documents with unknown contents.

The conspiracy theories the police created are that the detained PSM members had gone through “special training” akin to that of “suicide bombers. The perception of the police by the public is at an all time low, no wonder the public says the pdrm are filled with people with very low education, just like our umno/bn ministers. So lacked of depth intellectually. All the educated and good ones are with Pakatan Rakyat!

Anonymous said...

Liow has to support Umno because of that Alphard incident?

All MCA flers have baggages and has to kow tow to Umno?

Anonymous said...

LTLie : " aiya ...pls lah , tolong lah...dun force me to eat the dead-cat lah ...pls lah ...!! "

csl : ' hey, foto & video from certain angles ....! ' @#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "Malay male" is a true Malay and please do not be fooled by the name that he had chosen. A true Malay that I know will NOT write this sort of shit.

This "Malay male" is more likely to be a member of the "MCA aka Most Corrupted-Chinese Association". Oh..What an idiot who can lie (LAI) without blinking his eyes.

Could another idiot please inform this LAI-ing idiot that the rally was truthfully recorded by ten and thousands of eyes as well as thousands of on sites phone cameras. May b this LAI-ing idiot still does not know what is Internet, "Youtube", "facebook" or social media. The whole wide world is watching the way he LAI !

Batu Pahat Kid said...

Chua Soi Lek needs to be educated that it's "authoritarian" governments, and not "democracy" movements that cause loss of investor confidence

Anonymous said...

A group of doctors said they were prepared to provide sworn affidavits to say that police had fired tear gas and chemical-laced water into the compounds of the Tung Shin and Chinese Maternity Hospitals during the Bersih rally last Saturday.

I trust these doctors than the Health Minister.

Anonymous said...

i was there too!

if the doctor affidavit no enough, i m willin gto come out and also do affidavit.

yang benar,
shamsul asnan

passion1 said...

In 'Hokkien',with substance is 'uu Liow' without substance is 'Boh Liow'
This guy is 'boh liow'.
As a Minister of health, he should be concern about Dr. Jeya.
There is one doctor short, each day Dr.Jeya is in jail.

Anonymous said...

Samsam: Latuk Silly Liar Dont Lie, you and your president are putting the blame on the hospital board now? During the press conference with the hospital board, you were so quick to dismiss and snub one of the reporters who mentioned to you about the photos and videos of the incident, and giving your "shooting at 45deg onto the road and wind blowing the smoke and water cannon" theories to coverup for the senseless brutalities without finding out the facts first.

Anonymous said...

Malay Male -are you overdozed with Nasi Lemak ?
Loot the hospital ? Yeah maybe loot the syringes to jab your arse and brains !!!
Rape in the hospital ????
Better you say the marchers were planning an orgy in the hospital !!!!
I think your brains cannot be larger than a cicak's !!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you got his surname wrong. It's not Liow. It is actually LIAR TIONG LAI.

dirt road rider

Anonymous said...

To read all the comment I felt laughing. Another way of advising somebody, still Malaysians have a good bunch of people around -caring

Utusan Mak Siat said...

MC Anjings gone NUTS!

oretupat said...


Anonymous said...

The whole MCA bunch led by the porn actor Chua and the spineless Liow are liars of the highest degree (and that's being kind to them). Only idiots and liars will continue to vote for MCA. I sure hope a day will come when Chua and Liow are lying in their hospital beds, the FRU or police will spray chemical laced water and fire tear gas right into their first class hospital rooms for them to taste their own deserved "medicine".

New fart said...

U can almost imagine wat transpired in their minds b4 they tear-gassed n water-cannoned the peaceful marchers inside, hell, this a Cina hospital so wat the fuck. N then to have these Cina top dogs to come out n blatantly supporting the evil regime's version, is, to say the least, an atrocious crime of the worst nature! Nobody in a civilized country would condone this despicable act, but then we r dealing wit a bunch of uncivilized assholes, aren't we now?

Anonymous said...

Kanineh, what can you expect from sick dogs when their own boss keep humping two-tricked cheap whore in some sleazy joint.

Anonymous said...

zorro, you not gonna comment on the 20 million diamond ring?

Anonymous said...

NOW u said according to hospital-report BUT yesterday confirmed u dat 'after thorough investigation there was NO tear-gas & cannon-water fired into TS hospital ! "

@#$%^&*-lah you LIAR ,LTlie !

elizabeth said...

Crusader,dont be a racist!!!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, can you not publish his pic 'cos I want to throw up each time I see his face. Thank you.

Jong said...

MCA has long been irrelevant and rejected by Malaysian Chinese community which they claim to have represented. This latest 'sellout' of its leaders against SATU BERSIH MALAYSIA is most intolerable!

Thanks to its deputy President LIAR Tiong LIE, it has just been given its last rites at Tung Shin Hospital!

Anonymous said...

This is one Yellow man notBersih!

Anonymous said...

I have never trusted this guy since day one. He has played his former boss Ong Tee Kiat left right and centre. Ong has at least the guts and integrity for what he tried to do. Unfortunately good guys like him get booted out by those scums in his own party. This is reality in Bolehland.
With regard to the so called "independant and fair" PDRM brutality on BERSIH protesters he is now twisting and turning at this juncture but change the fact that he was lying with a straight face when he defended the lie that the police did not violate the sanctity of Tung Shin Hospital.

He now to shift the onus to the management of Tung Shin Hospital for not mentioning that the police fired tear gas and sprayed chemical laced water into the hospital ground?

Was he suggesting that he didn't read the news coming out from cyberspace but yet he twitted to defend himself? Have he no decency to apologise to the hospital, their staff and patients and the Malaysian public? Or was he waiting for investigation (whatever that means) to be completed?

Why don't he challenge the doctors to show proof to make it easier for himself so that he can apologise?
How disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

Check up the Q&A's on things you must know about Bersih 2.0: here:

telur dua said...

The hospital's ironing board spoke to him. Very creepy.

Jong said...

Malaysiakini reports:

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai claimed today that someone was using the police attack on Tung Shin Hospital to pressure him into stepping down.

- Oh, so he knew that all along? But that's different issue altogether. If it's true as he alleged, it gives him no reason whatsoever to speak untruths in a PC in full view of the nation to protect those police dogs at the expense of Tung Shin hospital patients and staff and civil society participating in Bersih 2.0 walk!

This Liar was only thinking of himself and to hell with the Rakyat?

Liar Tiong Lie, you have dug your grave, MCA has received its final rites at Thong Shin Hospital, so just walk in voluntarily before you are pushed in!

Anonymous said...

O ! TS hospital has received 2 juta b4 wonder their directors have come to the rescue lah , @#$%^&* !!

charleskiwi said...

The few votes left for MCA are now gone !
The end is here for MCA as lackeys for the deceitful and corrupted Umno.

Anonymous said...

MCA folks are like toilet paper to their UMNO masters.

Anonymous said...

LTlie is diverting people's attention to the rm2juta donation !!

Anonymous said...

He has to lie or else he could lose more than an Alphard this time.

Assamjawa said...

He claims "someone" trying to pressure him to step down?

No, Health Minister, you shot yourself in the leg, it's that "LIE" you tried, and told the Malaysian public to save Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Onn's butt!

Alphard Liow said...

MCA is toothless because it seeks to defend govt authorities on the indefensible action of tear gas bombing and water cannon spraying of hallowed hospital grounds internationally recognised even in times of war as sancturies from attacks. It is not toothless for not defending (in this instance) “two truly Chinese medical institutions, Tung Shin Hospital and also the Chinese Maternity Hospital” which is argued as showing how “the MCA, once speaking out for the Chinese community, has become a toothless tiger.” Don’t bring in ‘race’ to advance argument that MCA is toothless in this instance when Tung Shin Hospital and the Chinese Maternity Hospital are (other than in name and their historical benefactor – Cheong Yoke Choy saw Loke Yew – no more associated with Chinese interest and causes, which MCA is supposed to represent. I believe these medical institutions are open to all Malaysians regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

LTL, is the deputy president of the MCA arse lickers chapter of Malaysia! It is an honour to have been bestowed with such a position. Soon when his porn star president steps down, he will take over as the chief arse licker to UMNO. Hail! MCA the Malaysian Chapter of Arselickers!