Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry yah for being unable to make brunch with you guys at the JW Marriot. I know you guys from La Salle and SAS (Samadian) have gone to great lengths to organize this for Saturday 9 July. Haris too, whom you guys wanted to meet, have to forgo this invitation. You know by now that both of us together with another 89 are not allowed into the city! There is always another time, better times, yah? You guys keep well, you hear!

I am not a member of Bersih Steering Committee, and I thank mundia Amar Singh for including me in this august group.







bruno said...

Bernard,cheer up bro.There is always another time another place.Important thing is you guys got the message through to the rakyat.Thats the best anybody can do.Of course the people want a rally to show these Umnoputras that they can be brought to their knees.Ambiga already shown it to them.Rally or no rally come GE 13th,Umno is cooked.Cheers.

wandererAus said...

Inspector Amar Singh, "Roti kali ar?"...don't try to enter the fast lane when curi get choked!!

Zorr, there is always another day, another time...
Perhaps, Bersih should have multi rallies simultaneously on the same day, led by different groups having one clear message, "We demand Free and Clean Elections"

zorro pas fans club said...

so uncle r u coming tmrow or not.abg mat sabu is already in.

zorro said...

WanderAus, I did suggest that, if you can recall:

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,
Democracy is alive and well. It may be trampled by morons in UMNO/BN in their greed to stay on in power but it is just ephemeral.

Never despair! There is always a silver lining. Be positive and fight on for CLEAN and FAIR elections on a level field so as to bring about a responsible, transparent, people-centred and corruption free government responding to the needs of the people.

This Amar Singh is another brainless dickhead like his overzealous kaur sister who asked the cross and other religious articles to be removed when Najib was to visit St. Johns Cathedral.

Such morons do not use the grey matter that was bestowed on them to be sensible human beings. They are just playing politics to climb up the ladder. The present UMNO/BN government has spawned such imbeciles in the hundreds if not in the thousands who are willing to pray and sell their souls to the Devil.

bumi-non-malay said...

Start the hand clapping camping.....where ever you are in a small group.... defy defy defy!!

Foreign media already turun padang to see 9 July spectacle......

When doing Good is Illegal, Resistance is Duty!!!....UMNO-BN your days are numbered like Gadaffi of Libya!!!

Anonymous said...

The King has spoken as the King for all Malaysians. It is now up to the UMNO government leaders to accept, or reject, his advise.

Bersih 2.0 followed His Majesty's advise but the Federal Govt has gone back on its word. It proves that UMNO had never had integrity and its words, utterances and promises are never meant to be fulfilled. This has been the case since independence in 1957, not fulfilling the promises made prior to independence to the Chinese, Indians, others and even to the Malays. A very deceitful, cunning (like a fox) and power crazy party and it will continue to be so for its political survival.Malaysians, rid the country of BN by voting for PR!

Anonymous said...

In 1977, Tunku Abdul Rahman became the chairman of The Star, a newspaper which was banned in 1987 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad because of its provoking columns that were harshly critical of the Malaysia’s government. Following a rift with in UMNO, he unsuccessfully tried to establish a new party UMNO Malaysia. In the general election of 1990,Tunku Abdul Rahman actively participated and widely campaigned against Mahathir Mohamad despite his worsening health. He died on 6 December 1990, aged eighty seven and his body was buried at the Langgar Royal Mausoleum in Alor Star.

Despite of Tunku Abdul Rahman worsening health in 1990 he standup to fight against the corrupted politician regime till his last day trying to save Malaysia.

Now, it is the time for Malaysians answer the call

Wake up and standup as one

If Philippine boleh

If Thailand boleh

If Middle-east boleh

Why cant Malaysia Boleh?

Standup in the name of AGONG

Standup in the name of our independent father Tunku Abdul Rahman

Standup in the name of Malaysians

Standup to betterment Malaysia future and next generation


pinsysu said...

u can still wear yellow & post your pic here ...

BERSIH has already won as najib has flee to europe with his tails between his legs ...

juz wondering who are his tails ...

Anonymous said...

The Prophecy is true:
Rahman Putra
Abdul Razak
Hussien Onn
Abdullah Badawi
will be the last before GE13

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest Bersih supporters take out all their yellow clothes , and hang them at their porch. I am sure they definately have some yellow's to hang.

Will that be legal????

Anonymous said...

Pakai baju perempuan Arab...polis tak tahu siapa dalam dan takut tanya buka bhurka. Ha ha

bruno said...

Umno in its history has never sank this low.It has now become the pariahs of all pariahs.That is the lowest class of the lowest class.Najib whether you are a lame duck or not you belong to this class too.Your HM has already been branded a coward.Now you are following your cousin in his footsteps.You made a gentleman's agreement with Ambiga and you chickened out.You useless scum.

The both of you deserved to be called cowards because you cousins are chioken livered.You guys have been sabotaged and being pushed into a corner by your enemies and you still refuse to fight back.Even cornered animals fight back feriociously.When you and Hisham hit the ground flat on your faces the 3 M's will walk over you.And you know what.You guys deserved to be walked over.

Anonymous said...

zorro - you mean that you will not be walking to the stadium after all your bravado?

Anonymous said...

The PM leaving the country is pre-planned. It is the prelude of some big event. Remember 1987?

Anonymous said...

To the esteemed La salle and Samadian who will be having brunch at JW Marriott (without Zorro and Haris Ibrahim)

At the dining table before you partake your brunch, would you collective say some words of support for the people of Malaysia who love free and fair election?

Would you wear yellow or display a symbolic article of yellow prominently on the dining table?

Would you like to take a stroll after brunch with the people of Malaysia to the stadium?

Would you do at least some of these for your loved ones, your children, their children and their children?

Just some simple questions, it's okay if none of the above interest you. Do get on with your brunch and catching up.

wandererAus said...


Sorry mate, "My dull brain was rot and things forgotten"
Anyway, let pat ourselves on the back, "Great men think alike!"

samgoh88 said...


Good people need not despair
Your life will be in excellent repair
With very few others to compare
Since you belong to the breed rare

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri.8th Jul.2011.

wandererAus said...

Royal Pigs in blue terrorize KL city!
Pigs might not fly, but they occasionally fly off the handle like those feral porkers trying very hard to sniff blowholes to please their political masters and be bloody nuisance Bersih 2.0...OMG, now even a turbaned pig got into the act!

Anonymous said...

GOM is vely strange indeed. It allows its people to demo and protest outside embassies of other nation but do not allow its people to rally for a Clean EC.
Whether or not 9 July happenning, the whole wide world oledi knows about it.
Now, when the thick skin Minister visits other country to represent Malaysia, outside people already knows that they are lobbying for their cronies company, yet, deals are steal being struck.
It shows that all heads of government in the world r juz politicians with forked tongue for cunilingas.

mixtehsusu said...

nice sarong uncle....!
macam apek.... agagaga

Anonymous said...

By now, most people already knew Bersih is a cover up.

All 8 demands ( which has been around for over a month) already responded and debunked by SPR.

And to hand over a memorandum? That's Bull-shit 2.0.

Whole world knows Ambiga was at the palace checking out the chandeliers and left the "memo" at her kitchen top.

And she still insist a street rally. By now people has figure it out already.
Bersih did receive funds from NDI which supported by NED and linked to the CIA operations.
( go check their website please on their involvement).
Millions have been pumped in, so the (not so invisible ) foreign boss says "the show must go on".

What show? a walk? who wants to believe that!
Its the same show they had in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya etc.

Pakatan knew they will screw up bigtime due to Anwar. This Bull-shit2.0 will swing the fence sitters back to BN. Just like 2004 GE.

And you don't know anything about this, Bernard?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I thought you will defy the authorities and attend the rally. I thought you were willing to be arrested because you believe in the Bersih cause. What came over you now? I'm so disappointed.

kittykat46 said...

Uncle Bernard, the PDRM Ban is a badge of honour.

Anonymous said...


You are not coming KL because you are in the list of 91.
Since when you are so obedience???
So if Hadi, Anwar, LKS still going despite the ban, why you can’t?

zorro said...

think what you like. Tomorrow you will know. Meantime I am having fun in don't deserve to know....kakakaka.....

Anonymous said...


No balls ker??

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle Zorro, I salute you

See below latest youtube, many more wil be like you and just like him too

'Yellow' arrest

Anonymous said...

The police are primarily responsible for the safety of the countrymen but that doesn't automatically entitle them to unyielding powers of arrest and detention for flimsy excuse of public safety. Bersih are not talking about street demonstrations but rally to walk to the Palace to convey to the Agong their 8-Point demand. To take preventive actions on account of possible degeneration into chaos and violent are being 'afraid of your own shadows.'

The fed govt and the EC are wholly responsible for allowing the matter to develop to its present state because of their intransigence, ignorance and empathy to consider and comply with the wishes of the Rakyak. Bersih is about the wishes of the Rakyak which the govt can ill-afford to ignore, to do so at their own perils.

Anonymous said...

In time to come Malaysians will find it difficult to comprehend the series of tumultuous events leading up to 9 July 2011. They will wonder incredulously at the capricious flip-flopping of the government, and question how their forefathers could have put up with it for so long. They will appreciate the struggle against systemic injustice, but they will also ask why it took so long for the nation to wake. it all sums up to a poor incompetent PM who is seeking refuge with the Pope instead of facing the truth and relinguishing his authority to the police to avoid any accountability.

Anonymous said...

True to his dodgy character, Najib went back on his words and denied having made the offer to have the Bersih rally held in a stadium. Enraging the public further, the sentiments are now too strong to be halted.

With the country exposed to "communist threat, foreign infiltration and opposition conspiracy", Najib is adamant that his trips to London and Rome must proceed and he will be leaving the country later today.

Is he frightened of the massive turnout against the government expected tomorrow? Is he leaving his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein - whose degrees in law are 'hard earned' as toilet papers - in charge to test his capability as home minister? Or is it Rosmah Mansor who simply cannot wait to go on another spending spree in Europe? Maybe all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Today, I know One thing for sure...there is no corruption on the street by the Blues. So its a Bersih Day.

Anonymous said...

By Malaysia Today

Here is a summary of news reports on Bersih 2.0 from various international media. The world is watching Malaysia. Who is to be blamed for all the bad press? Certainly, NOT Bersih!

1. The Guardian - Malaysia braces for pro-democracy street protests in Kuala Lumpur

1. Bloomberg - Malaysia to Block Roads in Bid to Stop Protesters Demanding Fair Elections

2. BBC - Malaysia rally: Kuala Lumpur 'to be locked down'

3. Asiaone News - Malaysian capital locked down for rally

4. The Australian - Malaysian Capital In Lockdown

5. United Nations - Malaysia: UN rights office concerned at reported crackdown ahead of planned protests

6. Wall Street Journal - Running Scared In Malaysia by John Mallot

7. The New York Times - Malaysian Opposition Digs In

8. The Korean Herald - Koreans to show solidarity for Malaysian campaign

9. Huffington Post - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block rally

10. abc News - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block rally

11. - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block rally

12. ChannelNewsAsia - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block rally

13. 680News - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block rally

12. The Jakarta Post - Malaysian activists, govt clash over rally venue

13. The Guardian - Malaysia arrests 14 for 'Bersih' protest T-shirts

14. Winnipeg Free Press - Malaysia to lock down largest city to block opposition-backed rally for electoral reforms

15. Canada Views - Malaysia: End mass repression of pro-reform activists

Anonymous said...

Dr or better be called 'Dog' Cheah Soon Hai, it was Najib who gave the ultimatun to BERSIH to have the gathering in a stadium (or else!). Well after BERSIH's meeting with the King, the agreed to the stadium option and on that basis, they just chose Merdeka Stadium because of its symbolic nature. You are not better than those UMNO blokes who view everything from the prism of either race, religion, and in your case, bad motives. So the stadium has been chosen, and the Najib now passed the buck to the police who will not issue the permit. To get himself out of a fix, Najib decided to hightail overseas for a state visit instead of staying at home to sort things out. Dr Cheah, your days are numbered and so is GERAKAN. You people are nothing but leeches and a nuisance.
Let me repeat now, Gerakan is already irrelevant to the malaysian rakyat esp Penanites since 0308 after the defeat of their so called praying mantis look alike mentor "Dog" Koh. Get real, dumb dumb.

Anonymous said...

STUPID, GILA UmnoB/BN n polis – Polis firing tear gas n water cannons at unarmed RAKYAT, their BOSSES, who just want a peaceful rally 2 express their wishes 4 a clean electoral system

They cannot suppress d wishes of rakyat. Rakyat n voters must make sure UmnoB/BN b terminated in d next GE, enuf of bullying

Anonymous said...

PDRM! make sure the money spent in the tear gas, chemicals and water do not come out from RAKYAT'S tax money!

Charlie Oscar said...

Al-Juburi claimed "Perhimpunan Global BERSIH 30 Negara"

Anon July 9, 2011 1:34 PM claimed only 15 news reports in various countries.

So, Who Is Lying AGAIN???

Charlie Oscar said...

Anon July 9, 2011 9:24PM is quite right on the tear gasses and chemicals purchased by PDRM.
The last usage was in 2007 Volunteered by the Same Oppositions!!!

Since, these items have Expiry Dates, PDRM made full use of the items today!!!
At least, these items Do Not Go To Waste!!!

PDRM Should Thank the Opposition Volunteers for being so Cooperative!!!

Exercise or Mission Accomplished!!!

Anonymous said...

thought badawi is good in flip flops. now tops by birkin bags family. Urgh.

Hishamyidin said...

Very strange to see that Zorro Bernard was silent on July 9. Are you muzzled by Perkasa or the Patriot thugs?

Veradah said...

Congratulations to all those Malaysians that walked on July 9 and to Bersih and Ambiga.

There are enough Malaysians who took part to ensure that the message gets out.

Register to vote and make sure you vote. Until then joint the struggle to ensure all Malaysians enjoy a free and fair election. Not the kind where we have money for votes, phantom voters, one voter repeatedly voting at various polls, postal votes being wrongly used and so on. This is the beginning.

The Electoral Commission needs to be watched over by international inspectors to ensure we have a fairer election the next time around.

zorro said...

Charlie, you really try very hard.

Anonymous said...

Hishamyidin is what you get when you clone and combine the genes of Hishamudin and Muhyiddin?