Sunday, July 31, 2011


Only God has the power to indefinitely detain,” said an expert on the federal constitution today supporting the call to review laws that allow for indefinite detention, arguing that the home minister should be not be given the power of God over other Malaysians.

"I don't think any human being should have this kind of power over another human being... that is a power only for the God," said UiTM constitutional law professor Shad Saleem Faruqi during a forum at Kuala Lumpur today.


I really feel good as I expressed some shade of this sentiment in my November 8 posting 4 months short of three years ago. HERE


Anonymous said...

Who cares if G Palanivel or any other MIC leader is made full, half, or three-quarter minister? Does PM Najib Razak think this gesture will appease Malaysians who are angry over his handling of Bersih 2.0 and the EO 6?

Hitam Had said...

What to do? We have let these people believe that they have the god given right to impose their misguided thoughts and actions unto fellow human beings with impunity.


Anonymous said...

ONG... we need to change...! TUKAR KAN!

sampalee said...

We need to really understand.Change or No change is a will of god.All we need to do is Not to discriminate and relax to see the will of God unfold.Good and evil are the duality that God inject into his script to prompt the story along.
All is ONE is the Truth.

Anonymous said...

PRDM should do away with the ISA/EO. The idiotic PRDM looks mentally-retarded when trying to furnish grounds for detention under the ISA/EO.

PRDM should instruct parliament to pass a law against farting in public as Malawi did.

PRDM then could set-up a special court to try cases under this law. zaki yassin (of Altantuya fame) could be appointed the presiding judge and razak musa (of Teoh Beng Hock fame)could be the prosecutor.

Opposition politicians that the government wants to get rid of would be charged under this law. The barua court and a false witness from perkida or perkasa will easily put away pesky opposition politicians legitimately by rule of law.

It is more plausible than charging them with waging war against the Agong, which sounds like something from some hikayat of nenek kebayan era.

At least, the rakyat can understand the reason for the detention: farting in public...pheeeew, they deserve it.

bruno said...

Does PM jibby thinks that after decades of being treated like third class citizens,and absolving the brunt of economic,racial and religious abuses he can buy sworned allegience from the Indians by offering a back door ministerial post to MIC.

Are you for real,PM Jibby.We,
Malaysians have always thought that you were much smarter than that.But it's either that you will never ever learn because of your silver spoon upbringing,or that you are purposely aggravating the people.

Maybe by throwing insults at the Indians that their loyalty can be bought by a minister's post,you actually wanted to anger them to an extent that they will defect enmasse to the opposition.If that is the case so that it will also sent your enemies in Umno to pasture than we have to give you high political marks.If not then we have to assumed that you are the biggest political fool on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Off topic

Tony Yew's replies to Susan Loone of Malaysiakini is a heap of trash/lies, here's why:

1. Why make police report?
I am a peace loving Malaysian. I made the report after my request for her to retract her tweet on 'getting christians to march for persecution against the lord' was ignored.

**Lillian tweeted back asking you for more info, you did not respond.
By writing that she "ignored" your request, you told a lie

2.What u got against Lilian ?
I have nothing against her until her tweet. Incitement using the Catholic faith as an excuse is one thing I will not stand by as a Catholic.

**You are being wishy washy, using your Catholic faith as a cover up. You never explain what is incitement. By whose standards? By what section of the Malaysian Law ? You mislead and misrepresent. Maybe you are simply ignorant of the Law. You are thus foolhardy and untrusworthy

3.How u r the secretary of Blog House (an organisation set up to support bloggers) yet go after another blogger?
This has nothing to do with Blog House.

**Why nothing to do with Blog House ? Blog House is set up to look after the interest & independence of Malaysian Blogs & New Media. As Secretary how can you say this has nothing to do with Blog House? Another blatant lie !

4.How can Blog House be a credible representative of the new media as proposed by the media council if it appears (perception is everything) to be intolerant of free speech?
Again nothing to do with Blog House. Funny she mentioned about tolerance and free speech. Does the Chief Minister tolerate staff members who incite in the name of religion? Free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement.

**What has your police report against Lillian Chan anything to do with the Chief Minister ? You are intentionally clouding the issue. Your mind is either muddled up or you are being evasive. Your last sentence here "free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement" appears incoherent to the question posed

5.Do you regret the problem you seem to have caused (especially that Lilian's iMac has been siezed)
Its not my concern whether the police want to confiscate her equipment. As it happened before to people I kbow, I wouldn't want to wish it on others. I am more interested to know that people who threaten the peace of the nation do not cause any more damage they have already done.

**You seem to imply/slander that Lillian has done damage to the peace of the nation, how so you din elaborate. You could be sued soon for slander or making a false report, so beware

6.Isn't 'thinking' allowed in Malaysia? Chan Lilian said her tweets was merely her thoughts.
Do you honestly think that? Thinking not allowed in Malaysia? If its her thoughts, then I am sure the AG will not charge her, so no problem.

**Why be so presumptive and bring in the AG ? Another example of your incorrigible evasiveness and lack of coherence

7.Whats your brief take on Allah issue, do you think this not a form of persecution on Christians in Malaysia?
More important for the bishop to answer that question. My appointment with him did not materialise. It does seem that there are quarters bent on making this an issue though it was never one to me. Tuhan, God, Jesus works fine for me. In Malaysia (and being bilingual in Malay and English, Arabic does nothing for me)

**U push problem to the Bishop. The Allah problem is never a problem to you you say, so are you saying if something is not a problem to you, everybody should just shut up ? Then again why suddenly so responsible so conscientious and so worried that Lillian Chan's tweets will incite the people ?

I have proven in my analysis to Tony's 7 responses above that his Police Report against Lillian has a secret(hidden) agenda and has nothing to do with the peace of the nation, and that by and large Tony Yew is a serial liar !

Lucky Zorro you are no more with him !

NLChan aka NHChan13

Anonymous said...

Bro NHChan13,

Just heard it in the news...Toony Yeeu and Donkey Bru share the same underwear !!!


bruno said...

Anon 11:01 pm

Rocky Bru,maybe we can understand.At least he is being paid to suckered up.Tony Yew,even his mama knows that he gave his smelly ass to Umnoputras for free to suckered up.That is how low this Tony boytoy will go to please his masters,even by betraying his own fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

Lilian Chan is a living specimen as to why we still need the ISA.
Freedom of speech is NOT freedom to ignite hatred and incite violence!

Anonymous said...

Under this 1Malaysia regime, we have only seen repression of our democratic rights and institutions. Unless Najib can reverse this backsliding into the tyranny of the Mahathir years, we may well remember him as Bapa Kezaliman.

zorro said...

Anon1211am....ever heard of Ibrahim Ali. You not stupid; you're possessed by a racist retarded ghost.

bollox2tonee.lie said...

Now we have a, a Catholic version of Riduan (Ais Limau) Tea.

No, righteousness is not his reason. He is just a trouble-maker with too much time on his hands. Idle mind works for the Devil.

If incitement is the reason, he should be first in the queue to make a Police Report against Utusan and Abraham Katak. Why be selective?

His fellow Catholics shall shun him.

aries said...

Najib has proven himself yet again to be an inveterate liar.

Shah Alam Stadium was an afterthought. If he had been truthful in the offer, he would not have ordered KL to be locked down, the police and FRU on standby to dish out the tear gas and water cannon on peaceful rally goers!

It was precisely because the police would never grant them a permit, even if Bersih applied for one and got to use the Shah Alam Stadium, the assembly would still be considered illegal and not allowed.

What difference would it make then if they were to march to Stadium Merdeka or Stadium Shah Alam? Both would be considered illegal. In the face of such wily games played by the Najib faction, and the little time to change plans and venues (had there been a genuine offer ), the only option left would be to march to Merdeka Stadium.

Bersih did not break the promise to assemble in a stadium. They were indeed marching to the stadium to conduct their rally. The snag was that they were prevented from doing so, and were brutally treated and disrupted. And Najib had the audacity to blame them for the ensuing "chaos" and "disturbances" which was none other than people running for cover from the tear gas and water cannon fired without any provocation from the rally participants!

Consider again, if Naiib DID offer the Shah Alam Stadium for the Bersih Rally and ordered the police to issue them a permit, surely Bersih would have readily accepted the offer. If that was the case, why locked down KL and put those men in blue on attack stand-by mode?

It was because Najib DID NOT offer anything, despite promising Bersih the use of a stadium, that he knew Bersih would go to the streets in KL, and there he would deal with them head-on! What a cunning and evil ruse Najib and Co. had hatched out! But we knew, his plans backfired. And he is now trying to cook one thousand and one stories to make himself look innocent by making bogeymen out of opposition political parties and their leaders.

Harun said...

Why Lilian is detined but not Ibrahim Ali is beyond me.

Sembilu said...

Kombinasi fraksi 3-M – Mahyuddin, Mukhriz dan Mahathir, dikatakan tidak akan duduk sahaja untuk menyaksikan partinya mereka punah kerana gelagat Najib-Rosmah. Usaha Najib mengembalikan sokongan kaum Cina-India disaksikan sebagai gagal. Umno mungkin sahaja memikirkan supaya jangan buang masa dengan kelompok kaum ini.

Apakah Mahyudin-Mukhriz-Mahathir akan merancang manjtauhkan Najib bagi mempastikan Umno berpeluang untuk terus menguasai kepimpinan Negara? Mampukah fraksi 3-M ini mengekalkan sokongan kaum Cina dan India yang cuba dimenangi Najib? Tentunya tidak. Mampukah Umno bertahan dengan hanya sokongan Melayu yang juga terbelah dua? Apakah mereka ini disokong fraksi Amanah Ku Li?