Saturday, July 2, 2011


"The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, as the supreme commander of the federation and armed forces, and the Malay rulers as the colonels-in-chief of all the formations and units, must step in," urged renowned constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari.

In light of constitutional abuses in the government crackdown against Bersih 2.0, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is legally bound to step in and safeguard the rakyat's interests, says renowned constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari.

"It is not about getting political or partisan but to save the country and the constitution," contended the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) lecturer, who has researched and written extensively on the subject.

He explained that as "guardian of the constitution", the King is duty-bound to protect it, as per his oath of office.

Abdul Aziz also believes the situation presents an opportunity for the King to return the spotlight to the institution of the monarchy, especially after the 2009 Perak political crisis and his own absence in 2007.

More HERE.

The police must get their priorities right; they are there to maintain public order in order for democracy to work. As of now it is just the reverse: the police are interfering with the political rights of the citizens.

Khalid the Deputy Police Inspector General, again reiterated that those who intend to take part in the event should expect action against them under the Police Act.. HERE.

According to UMNO’S Banana Bernama, he also warned the police might detain participants under the Internal Security Act along with the possibility the organisers of the scheduled rally would be arrested, prior to July 9.

Read “Islam and Public Demonstrations” at Din Merican’s HERE


wandererAus said...

Will these mad UMNO clods start to kill mosquitoes carrying "Yellow Fever"?...Birsih, UMNO madness have gone beyond imagination!
The king and monarchs have lost their color, yellow...perhaps, it is time we should make Malaysia a Republic.
We do not need Fancy dressed men in this country engaged only in eating, screwing and sleeping...while the rakyats suffer and the nation going down the drain.

Anonymous said...

With Hisham banning Bersih, it is now officially confirmed that:

1. Barisan Nasional is scared shit about Bersih
2. Barisan Nasional is not interested in a clean and fair election or any election at all in the first place
3. Barisan Nasional lives in the past century where Communism is bogeyman and Americans/English are considered divine beings
4. Malaysia is a failed state.

May the almighty (in whatever name HE is called) save Malaysia and its people!

trublumalaysian said...

Brother Zorro, something which I hope more Malaysians can relate to as the day draws near is that to realize that the featured songs in BM & English for Bersih is absolutely brilliant. In melody, in spirit, in commitment, in vocal delivery, in musical arrangement and saliently, in inspiration. Kudos to the producers/creators and talents of these wonderful tunes.

My one nagging worry is that "Bersih detainees" will be subjected to endless hours of interrogations with audio/visual re-runs of Akademia Fantasia. Barry Mannilow set the benchmark for quite some years and these folks may just evolve into new techniques. My due apologies if you're a fan of Barry :)

laughing out load amidst severest woe, is a good thing for the soul, yes? God Bless ....

Anonymous said...

will you be still walking in yellow, zorro?

bruno said...

After getting whacked by Mahathir its a wonder if the rulers want to get involved in local and national issues.If the rally does proceed as planned lets hope that cooler heads will prevailed and the rally does start and finished with participants safely and peacefully acrossed the finish line.

If the authorities were to cooperate to provide traffic and security to the participants I doubt any major problems will arise.Or else the Umno sponsored rowdy thugs will be out there trying to provoke physical confrontation with the crowd,in order for the authorities to move in.

But if the situation warrants that the rally be called off so be it.The damage done to Umno GOM by their sponsored thugs and Umno bred terrorists have shamed and embarrased them in the face of the rakyat and the world.For a so called democratic government to condoned holiganism,gangsterism and terrorism they have brought their administration down below third world government standards.

Umno youth by sending out the 600 biker gang mat rempits to surround the PKR headquarters and threatening to burn it down,is the last straw that is going to break the camels back.Umno cannot denied that it has nothing to do with Umno youth.This open act of terrorism by such a large gang of 600 terrorists going on unhindered by the authorities, in the city of a civilised country, will be the joke of the year of the whole world.Even our Umno GOM will be the laughing stock of Zimbabwe's authritarian government.

It sure will be a shock to the world if this Umno GOM is left standing after GE 13th.

zorro said...


Haven't you noticed the color of my blog? I have 5 yellow tees to choose from.

Anonymous said...

How about asking people to put yellow flowers on their gates, in their cars, at their places of worship, in the streets, in their hair, on their clothes, and everywhere they can think of? Send a hugh garland of yellow flowers to the King, to Parliament, place one in Merdeka Square, send one to the IGP, one to the EC and so on. Let them cops declare it is illegal to grow yellow flowers, to drink from yellow cups and eat from yellow plates! I shall be wearing a shirt with lots of yellow on July 9.

KuantanCitizen said...

Uncle Zorro, this is an interesting video dedicated to every Malaysians :)

Anonymous said...

Tie a Yellow Ribbon on my hand, come along with me, if you still love me. We are the Lords of our nation, we have yellow ribbon to guide us to our destiny...Freedom and Justice.

donplaypuks said...

Breaking News.

ROS bans yellow underwear. Ladies may have to squat for identification.

Yellow submarines anned too. Beatles and Scorpenes in state of panic!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Bersih tak bolih. Anti-kotor bolih tak?

Yellow tak bolih. Putih bolih kah?

najib manaukau said...

All the actions taken by the present regime are signs of someone in desperation. All these desperadoes are doing everything they can to prevent Malaysia becoming like in the Northern Africa and the Middle Eastern countries.

They and all their lackeys are, to say the least are running scare, very scare, they are now doing everything possible to prevent their ivory towers being taken away.
Most of all these deceitful and corrupted morons will be indicted and sent to prison in Taiping. Three cheers for the disobedience for a start and just carrying on with what is necessary for a better Malaysia.
Don't do anything less !

Anonymous said...


"UMNO's Banana Bernama"???
Hehehe... lost your cool eh!
That's bad for health at your age, Senor.

Anonymous said...

By the way Senor, your yellow looks like shit that sticks on Anwar's #@*@ after withdrawing from Saiful's anus and stinks like shit.

zorro said...

Anon123 & 129
I have to go. I'd love to rip apart your shallow logic you call a point, but the International Disabilities Act forbids picking on the retarded.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.29pm

Gee, you must have known from experience. Was it your #@*@ that stinks like shit after you shag Saiful from behind or was it Saiful's #@*@ that stinks like shit after he prod your rectum?

It's okay if you and Saiful like this type of sport It is entirely a private matter between the 2 of you. But one friendly advice, do take care of cleanliness, ya!

And, you don't have to flaunt it la. Nobody cares whether you like it in your back or other orifice, it's your private matter.

Anonymous said...

as of today all durians that are yellow are instantly banned, malaysians cannot buy durians nor eat durians as it stinks

Anonymous said...

Interesting but you have not reveal this yet!
Idris was trying to sell government spending as a form of subdidy. Idris knows that in order to make space for one form of government spending, one is forced not to spend on another spending.

In short, in order to continue spending RM40 billion on healthcare and spending, the government will have to cut spending on other items. Naturally, this will upset the UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRAs because it will definitely result in the rapid deflation of their respective wallets.

So, the ingenious way of cutting this item is masking it as subsidy and tell the people that subsidy is bad.

Another good point made by Subramaniam is the subsidy on fossil fuel. THe total subsidy spent on Fossil Fuel is RMRM23.5bil.

What Idris Jala conveniently left out is the one little detail about the majority of this subsidy going to the IPP. Out ofg RM23.5 billion, only RM7billion goes to the people. The rest goes to UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRA in the form of Independent Power Producers(IPP).

Idris also fail to mention the fact that ALL of the RM4.6billion subsidy for infrastructure goes to HIGHWAY CONCESSIONAIRES. It's not a secret that ALL HIGHWAY concessionaires are UMNO's CRONIES. So, essentially, UMNO is subsidizing their cronies.

In short, the bulk of the actual subsidies goes to UMNO's cronies in the form of Highway concessionaires and IPP Producers. We, the people, only get sa small portion of the subsidies which has to be shared among the 27 million people.

Idris Jala is nothing more than a con-men, doing the bidding of his master, Najib TUn Razak, of course for a hefty rewards.

Thank god we have the internet, for the internet helped us to see lies like this very quickly.

Tulang Besi.Read more!(Selanjutnya)
Read more in here:

Amirul said...

Umno yang mengancam keamanan negara kita.

Bruno said...

Like the Agung said Najib should meet with the Bersih organisers.Then whatever the outcome is lets hope that cooler heads will prevail.If after the meeting it is not feasible for the rally to go on so be it.At least both sides can save face.There is no need for confrontation because it doesn’t serve any purpose anymore.

If Hisham agrees to lifting the ban on Bersih so much the better.If not than let the people wait for GE 13th. Then if Umno gets the broom,lets put Hisham up as guest of Kamunting,because he needs to be taught a lesson.These last few months Umno has shot themselves so many times in the foot.They have dug themselves a hole so deep that only a miracle can help them now.

Those events that happened these last few months have help many fence sitters decide whom they want to support.If there are some who have not decided the Umno youth mat rempit fiasco would have help them decide.If the 600 mat rempit terrorist cannot scared voters away from Umno then nothing can.So rally or no rally only GE 13 th will decide the next GOM.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, some how I agree the street demo will provoke people and caused unwanted incident. Can we just hang yellow cloth on our gate on that day instead?

Anonymous said...

Somehow ‘yellow’ has become magic colour. When I see our King’s yellow robe, I immediately think of BERSIH. When I see buah nangka, yellow kiwi fruits or yellow watermelon, Bersih comes to my mind. The roof of my taxi is also yellow. I am now living in fear of the police.

Kamil said...

It is sad that a rally for clean election is painted by the government and those who benefit from the elite class of UMNO politicians and cronies as a demonstration that seek to topple the government and destabilize the country.
Malaysia must be a 4th world country if an peaceful expression for something good can be destabilizing.
Foreign investors must think twice before putting money into this country. The only way the UMNO entitlement class will wake up is when foreigners move their money elsewhere. It is a shame but that seems to be the only way that change for the better can happen in Malaysia. Yes, there must be suffering before any change can take place.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia football team was so nervous in their yellow jersey agaisnt Taiwan last nite. That's why they conceded 3 penalties and lost the game.

PDRM should be held accountable for the loss.

Anonymous said...

We Malaysians are very grateful to the 69+ NGOs whom decided to use "yellow" as their rally color. Imagine the committee adopted a "rainbow theme" as the official rally colors, like the 60's hippies, we Malaysian will be left with no choice but to go naked for the rest of the week (grateful or ungrateful is a matter of personal preferences).