Sunday, July 10, 2011


No tear gas in Tung Shin, say police

Tung Shin Hospital Child Birth Unit under teargas attack.

Under Geneva Convention, no hospitals can be attacked by all warring parties.

When asked if the police are aware of the mounting photographic and video evidence backing the claims, Amar appeared taken aback and only responded by saying that he will "check and see".


some naughty Bersih supporter put up the hospital Tung Shin sign.
for a Ng Yen Yen promotion shoot and the cops were just hired props
and that is not water canon but special effects.

He repeated that tear gas was not used in the alleged assault on protesters in Tung Sin, but said he could not remember whether or not water cannon was used.

no tear gas....just smoke from open burning
"... there was no tear gas thrown. I saw the whole incident, I was there," he said at a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters.

last I passed this was Tong Shin hospital unless Amar says it is not.

My friends, Duke the Whisperer and Lillian Tan were there. You were there but you did not see?

We were all chased into the Selangor Club in Dataran Merdeka during the Anti-ISA rally. The launched tear gas into the club and before that sprayed their laced water near the entrance.

Three days a week I pass the Kajang Police College on my way back to PJ. I pass a colossal pictorial hoarding fronting the college that reads:


If Amar graduated from there, why would he lie? Pictures don’t yah? People in uniform should not drink before any operation, I am made to understand. Not the night before anyway.


Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro.

Let us all say this to Sardar Amarji "teri mathi puthi Amar...tete lanooo, ganjara mundia"!

After Cashwinder from Perak another digraceful mundia is emerging.


Anonymous said...

f...k !!
Is that the police statement all are true and don't need proof ? See how they twisted the issue. i tell u amar now you wont feel it, but god is there. u will suffer in the end of the days.. u people are really heartless..

TOKZ said...

I will enjoy my SINGLE MALT while reading about 1 YELLOW idiot who had died yesterday in BERSIH March. Don't know whether to LAUGH or just SMILE.

Tried being a HERO but at last DIE like a FOOL.

Next time just stay at home lah (Ooppss sorry, sudah MAMPUS...mana ada lagi next time, right???).

Kian Ye said...

Only COWARDS shed shelter from COPS in a HOSPITAL. Bukan JANTAN!!!

Maybe those YELLOW MONKEYS dropped their BALLS upon seeing the COPS just before entering Tung Shin hospital.

Macam mana nak lawan bila aje tahu sembunyi????

Kian Ye said...

It's NOT tear gas or water cannon!!!


This is to get RID of all the PEST hiding in Tung Shin hospital.

These PEST are called BERSIH BUGS!!!

Puddi ya mother lah. Pest & humans also cannot differentiate ar???

Anonymous said...

Bro, I'd say the first thing we do when we take over the government is to make them wear YELLOW (change the blue uniform to yellow).

Bladdy Bastad!!!!

Anonymous said...

That Amar must be makan gaji-buta if he claimed that he didnot see all those smoke and water even with mounting photographic and video evidence. I am pretty familiar with Tung Shin Hospital. The top photo is shot from its newer block that housed its chinese-medicine department and offices. The building on the left is its 2-level carpark. Its entrance is facing the (abandoned?) Plaza Rakyat project site. The water cannon is shot from right in-front its entrance gate along Jalan Pudu. Maybe that Amar is thinking that it's children playing with water pistol.

bruno said...

Under the Geneva Convention no hospitals can be attacked.Even ambulances cannot be attacked.And soldiers try not to caused casulties among attending medics to.Attacking hospitals is the most cowardice of cowardice of the cowardice families.Especially a maternity hospital.Attacking women who just gave birth or about to give birth is an unforgivable crime.

First of all some of the police officers might have been borned there too.Or they might have friends or relatives who have been born or given birth there.But the most important thing is that all the patients in that hospital are all women.Unless these men in blue makes history by being the first patient there.The most important thing is that the HM and Umno GOM is in charge of the PDRM and must bear full resposibility of these most heinous crimes.

These pariahs must not forget from where they came from.They came from the hole that their mothers have between their legs.These are the same holes that these women have.To disrespect these women is like disrespecting your own mothers,wives,sisters and daughters.Only people of the most pariah genes could condone these most despicable acts.These are the Umno GOM and its running dogs.

kittykat46 said...

IGP lied. KL Police chief lied.

My friends who were there have photographs and videos of the Tung Shin hospital incident as well.
They will be on Youtube tomorrow.

In this day were almost everyone has a compact digital camera and mobile-phone with video capture, and You Tube, you can't lie like that on a public incident and think you can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

TV3 8 o'clock news interviewed supposedly business owners who had to close shop yesterday and the funny thing is most of the interviewee were foreign speaking.

"Ya, perniagaannya terpaksa ditutup semalam, pak"

"Semalam kita kedei.... tutup. Tara... miniaga"


For comic relief, watch TV3 news.

Anonymous said...

even singhs know how to carry the boss balls now. must be following his boss closely, this singh.

telur dua said...

You got to hand it to them. They can lie with with a straight face.

Jong said...

That's the calibre of our mata-mata today, the tools of this regime! No wonder this country is so fcuked up!!

anakmalaysia said...

orang buta pun boleh jadi ketua polis ?

Anonymous said...

not only the hospital, even St Anthony Church across the road was violated where a group of police barged into the church compound trying to arrest the peoples.

there were eyewitnesses to this. it seems that one of the police was very arrogant in the church compound.


Anonymous said...

I'm blessed with Malaysian Sikh friends whose loyalties are beyond question. But this Amar Futhiyah has unfortunately sold his soul to DUMBNO.

The turban he dons with the PDRM logo, representing crooks is definitely a burden he will have to bear. How heavy; it is not for us to question. Time has a way of unfolding itself when seeds are not sown with sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Tiu Na Singh !

wandererAus said...

Hey Baiya Inspector, stop your crap!! I was there..your blue uniform baboons fired teargas into the hospital ground...
You have a fine making of a perpetual liar..your second nature. Amar, a true patriot died for a better Malaysia, yet, you lied about his death, bastard!..u r son of a bit*h.

telur dua said...

Maybe his turban is too tight. It is cutting off oxygen to his brain and causing blurred vision.

Anonymous said...

I am appaled to hear that PDRM/FRU were given explicit instructions not to help injured demonstrators. And government A&E doctors were told not to treat them!! Is Najib psychopathic?

Anonymous said...

"..........Ibrahim "Katak" Ali, founder of ultra-rightwing Malay Supremacist NGO Perkasa, pronounced himself Panglima Perang (War General) and threatened to unleash mayhem and bloodshed against the BERSIH rally. He warned the Chinese to stockpile food and remain indoors......"

This crooked "WHORE" Genaral, has finally landed at wrong place in Titiwangsa with a huge number of 20 katak only.....Oopsss....'s a secrect...
Kah... kah..kah...

Bersih Fan said...

Well done Bersih! It was indeed a good outing for all those involved in rallying. Frighten the shit out of the AMINO! Hope they will NOT take the rakyat for granted. Can't wait 4 GE 13 to come.

Mundiagee said... have cursed yourself already. I feel sorry for you and the price your loved ones will have to pay for the curse invoked on you. Pity, just for some money.

And the Banggali tonchet he received a big fat packet of money himself. Sold his Guru's teaching just for some lousy bucks. Curses piled on him. Gurudwara also cannot help you already. Get ready for Antim Ardaas for your loved ones. Sat Sri Akaal Pai.....rot in hell.

orang lain-lain said...

Yokz ,
I wish you to die in terrible pain . This day , you will remember me ...

bruno said...

Where has Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa been.Last I heard that Abrahim Ali has set up house in one of the lorongs of Geylang.I guessed that he has shown his true side.The aukkua side.Some of Perkasa and silat guys were seen in Bersih crowd.Go figure.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The Tipu Singh can't remember?
Tear gases and acid laced water was directed into the compound of the Tung Shin Hospital and the Chinese Maternity Hospital.
( Tear gases was fired into the rear of the Tung Shin Hospital as well )
The police attacked 2 Hospitals .
Not to mention a church opposite the hospitals.
Tiu Nah Singh thinks that it was umno which pays his salary.

HIdup Rakyat , BERSIH

Anonymous said...

I was a strong BN supporter until now. Once the BN government starts to tells lies, can we believe anything else that come from their mouths. And, the couple of previous comments which are vicious and callous must have been obviously posted by the UMNO cyber-troopers. How cruel to malign somebody who died for his principles? How cruel to laugh at ordinary people fighting for justice for trying to escape the brutality of booted thugs? Enough of BN. My friends who were BN supporters reacted the same way. We also realise that the road ahead for Malaysia will be more rocky as the present government will find more ways to invent things and situations to further oppress the people.

Charlie Oscar said...

Police fired tear gases into Tung Shin Hospital is a Very Serious matter!!!
Under Geneva Convention, no hospitals can be attacked by all warring parties.

So far, ALL the pictures shown by Opposition bloggers like you are not convincing!!!
These pictures Do Not Show the gas canisters are Inside the Hospital!!!
Those who have Proof of this, Please Report to the Authorities!!!

Do Not Just Talk, Accuse, Gossip, Speculate or Lye!!!

There Are Laws In Malaysia!!!

sampalee said...

The rakyats are the dumbest in the world.We can accept an Igp who is not so brave,but to tolerate one who have not learn to count is wierd.
If the rakyat do not demand the IGP to resign,then shut up and get use to stupid officer we entrusted to protect us.Stupid person can believe wacking the paymaster[rakyat]is a decent thing to do.
Why march,when we knowingly allow mad dogs to harm us.Bersih is STUPID.

Old Fart said...

I wonder if anyone managed to pick up one of the tear gas canisters. It would have name of manufacturer and country of origin. We should then write to the manufacturer as well as the relevant authorities in that country and file complaints that their products were inappropriately used by the Malaysian police, and sanctioned by the Malaysian government.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Oscar said...

Hey dumb dickhead, when someone was accused a rotten human being, do we need to draw his intestine to prove he is a human being?...equally, when we alleged that the Royal Police bastards shot tear gas cannisters into the hospital compound do we have to pin-point the exact spots? You blady nick, do not try to split hair to lick your political master's arsehoe!

Anonymous said...

Lot's of gomen dogs barking here!

bumi-non-malay said...

United now we Rally for the malay person whom UMNO-BN and Polis caused his DEATH. If there was no police, SB, FRU this persons death would not occured.

Like Ahmad Sarbini, Melayu Kroni dan Kaya dah mula bertindak LIAR!!

Perbuatan ini dari UMNO hina Islam....Wear Black on Merdeka 31 and TEPUK TANGAN Kuat Kuat didepan Najis, Polis, agong, Sultan, Kroni UMNO...Clap your Hands now as sign of PROTEST!!...and Again on September 16....and again where UMNO tools are present......Kuburkan UMNO SEKARANG!!

Anonymous said...


here arev some words of advice before you visit the Pope at Vatican City:

1.) please get the Pope to endorse the use of the ""ALLAH"" word in Christianity to put an end to your religious bigotry !!!

2.) Do not bring Ibrahim along on your Pope visit.....he may create another JIHAD senseless provocation with Pope Benedict in Rome ?

3.) Please segregate your personal expenses for your family holidays FROM THE OFFICIAL VISITS....the essential subsidies for the poor rakyat had been slashed indiscriminately TO FOOT YOUR ALL EXPENSES OVERSEA'S TRIPS ????

dagen said...

Bersih is just one movement. But umno garnered three movements (umno youth, perkasa and silat exponents) and three forces (police, fru and army) to counter the single bersih movement.

Despite the severe city-wide lockdown and weels of intimidations and threats of arrest and unrest (which was proven yet again to be completely baseless) 50,000 or so rakyat (many came as family) showed up. And in the rain too.

On the contrary, umno youth could only gathered 500 or so supporters and even then they did not have the drive nor the determination to move far at all. Perkasa people were loud mouth, as expected, and they decided to call off the promised march earlier. And as far as I can see there were no silat exponents on the ground. Very smart, silat folks (or were they plain lucky) for having stayed away. Otherwise they would look stupid in the middle of the 50,000 strong bersih crowd without any support or backup by the umno and perkasa politicians. The hairy monkey certainly felt stupid for charging like a lone bull in the field.

So in conclusion what we have on umno’s side really are just the trained and uniformed men with arms.

What do all these facts tell us? Quite clearly, we are not like thailand and taiwan where there are sufficiently large number of genuine supporters on both sides of the lines. If that is indeed the case then unrest could well be a real possibility.

Here, umno’s support base is very narrow and is limited to (1) aged kampung folks who are still sentimental about the party; (2) ignorant / lowly educated natives; (3) bumiputras who were freshly baked using the famous dr mamak’s projek ic secret recipe; (4) civil servants who were indoctrinated by BTN beyond redemption; (5) the police and army (well not all of them, actually); and finally (6) umnoputras.

People in category (1) would not march. Ignorant people will remain ignorant and they too would not march. Freshly baked bumiputras are too new in the country to bother. They too would not march. However, some of the more severely indoctrinated civil servants would march. Very very few umnoputras would march unless they were provided with secure parking lots for their ferraris, suitable mobile stables for their children’s horses and pothole free pavements for their wives in jimmy choos. So umno has to depend on the police, the fru and the army.

This scenario is actually a repeat of the numberous past public rallies / demonstrations in the country. It is a very consistent trend.

So people, umno’s story on unrest and racial violence is pure bullshit. The rakyat may well march to topple umno like what the egyptians did to their corrupt leaders. I am not advocating such move. Actually malaysians are civilised and law abiding people. Malaysians want a fair and clean election process through which umno could be booted out completely and constitutionally.

Anonymous said...

Nxt time find somewhere else to flee the policelaa dumbass! Why take cover at hospital maa? So you can say all this crap?! C'mon just forget it! DAP is not gonna rule Malaysialaa, we the peaceful Malaysian majority will make sure of that! So FUCK THE HELL OFF with your bloody street show!!

Anonymous said...

Find me an honest malaysian police personnel and I'll find you an honest UMNO politician.

korda said...

All of a sudden there appeared a mundia khalsa who was promoted in express to show the 1Malaysia theory that's not working anyway. The problem with the mundias that are promoted in express lane forget that they are there for a while to fulfill someones hidden agenda. So, sardarji, wake up please. Don't let them play your back coz by looking at you, you don't have many more moons to work for and as soon as you step out of your jurisdictyion you community will reject you, your gurdwara will reject you and so will all the 'pai's' in Malaysia. You can't go back to Ludhiana,Punjab coz there they speak different language. Teri mana nu teri dini nu. kahkahkah. Back to this TOKZ guy. I really pity him for he doesn't know what he is saying. Maybe he tninks he can live in this world forever. To belittle a dead person who can't defend himself is an act of a COWARD. TOKZ is a coward. God bless him. Hope he realizes and retracts what he has uttered against the dead. Fight with the living if u have any guts. Otherwise teri bond waj gi.

zorro said... on....they bark in falsetto voce as though castrated.It is amusing though, yes?

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorror, not only police force lies, even our "half past six" minister also lie. Really a "Failed state" indeed !!!!!!

"..........Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai has claimed that the police did not shoot tear gas and water cannon into the Tung Shin Hospital compound, in the crackdown on last Saturday's Bersih 2.0 rally............"

Liow TL has practically lost all dignity and moral standing. Video recordings show otherwise but yet this BUMPKIN dare to deny it!

“A liar will steal and a thief will kill”
African-American Proverb quotes

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Tung shin 's management denied such things took place !
Eye witnesses are not important !

I get it somehow , it is the " I help you and you help me type of deal.
As getting fundings is more important than principles.

Jong said...

What is this carma Health Minister Liar Tiong Lie going to say now after watching videos and pics to prove Tung Shin Hospital was tear-gased?

Also why weren’t ambulances made on standby to take the injured to hospital knowing very well that as many as 7000 police personnel were deployed in KL to whack the hell out of civil society participating in Bersih's Electoral Reforms rally for Clean and Fair election?

Anonymous said...

What UMNO fears most is Bersih spreading to the Malay Heartland as well as East Malaysia. So instead of focusing on KL where PDRM can mobilise all their man here, Bersih should penetrate the Malay Heartland and Sabah/Sarawak. Hit them where it hurts the most just like what they gave Bersih.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, can you tell everyone that visits your blog to send the pope a message of protest against Najib visiting the Vatican City.

I don't think the evil and his partner should be allowed into the most sacred city of the Catholics.

After all, until now he has now stood down neither has he asked his government goons or his cousin to stand down or make a decision on the ALLAH issue.

Here is the email of the pope, ( please send his eminence a message and tell him to not allow this satan incarnate into the Vatican city.

Thank you uncle, but please don't tell that blady bastat Tony Yew, otherwise he may report me for religious sedition! Where got such law! Stupid Tony!!! Hope he was not one of your students before, if not malu only uncle Zorro!

Anonymous said...

LTLIE of mca !? aiyoooo, kemaluan manyak BESAR O !!

Anonymous said...

Tony YEW !? siapakah dia ????

Anonymous said...

Pope : " welcome ALL sinners from malaysia ! "

B4 the world began u were on HIS mind , every tear u cry is precious in HIS eyes , because of HIS great love HE sent his only son & everything is done so u could come.

Nothing dat u do could make HIM love u more & nothing dat u've done could make close the door ; because of HIS great love HE sent HIS only son & everything is done so u could come !

Come to the FATHER though your gift is small , broken hearts & broken lives HE can take them all;

Everything is done so u could come!