Friday, July 1, 2011


What Dato Ariff is inferring is: Has Pakatan got a credible replacement for DSAI? HERE

“That person if one is around has to step up to assume the mantle of leadership to save this country from gross mismanagement, fraudulent management, corruption, widening income disparities, reorganize institutions of governance, dispensing justice, stemming corruption and all that.

Who can that be?”

How about KU LI minus demands from his machais! Will he make his move soon?


TheWhisperer said...

without much impact, uncle.

anwar has been making himself redundant and dispensable in the past years.

problem is only those at helm in pkr

Anonymous said...

If Kuli step up to assume the leadership the faster UMNO and BN will fall and doom.

Bedul said...

Aiya Sakmongkol is an angry ex-Adun.
To him everyone is stupid.
You think Anwar has a replacement.
No one capable including himself.
Ku Li has passed his shelf-life.
Search high and low. No onelah Uncle.
Conclusion: UMNO still rules.

pinsysu said...

ya ... kuli shd steps up to save the nation. forget abt saving UMNO! UMNO is beyond redemption!!

ekayjay said...

ku li it is

bruno said...

If Anwar becomes a special guest of the government it will speed up the demise of the Umno GOM.It is inevitable because the AG's office has fixed the medical report good and proper this time.If Anwar has to go in it had better be now than later.That way the 'rakyat' will have a chance to vent their anger at the GOM at the ballet boxes.

If the Umno GOM is sent out to pasture then the new PR government can petition the Agung to pardon Anwar.If the Umno GOM remains in power Anwar will be a permanent guest for a long time.The anger vented in the people is building momemtum as the GOM keeps abusing its power.

Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa with their threats of clashes and bloodshed have chased many voters away from Umno.Lately Umno youth sending out 600 of its biker gangsters aka mat rempits to surround the PKR hg. threatening to burn it down.Then they openly threatened Bersih organisers and PKR leaders.If these acts of gansterism and terrorism cannot scare their own supporters away what can.

Umno cannot come out to deny that they don't have control over Umno youth.Umno youth is their little sibling.They even share the same name.Umno GOM has openly shown the world that there are two sets of laws in Malaysia.The first set grants immunity for the rowdy thugs and Umno bred gangsters from the law.The second set of law is the draconian one that surpress the freedom of the law abiding citizens.

It is these abuses of power and using gangsters to intimidate the people and causing havoc on the streets that are driving the people away from Umno.They have personally cut off their balls by doing so.

Anonymous said...

KuLi,it is!! But he is unwilling to join other parties other than UMNO, and Umno goons would not support him as he is getting on in age and has not, to his credit, in all his years in UMNO, acted racist enough or raised the kris to fire UMNOputras up, like those so-called leaders at the top. To go up in the UMNO hierarchy, one must be able to spew racist overtones and raise the kris high enough, no?

Anonymous said...

Ku Li wants to be PM. But now, we have Mat Sabu ready to take over as head of PR.

Anwar should be out, anyway. If BN can't manage to do it, PR, collectively, will have to do it.

In due time.

Anonymous said...

Forget the bunch from PKR, they are useless. Look at Azmin Ali and imagine if his the next PM? LOL!!!!
Then we have Hadi? Or maybe his too old and Mat Sabu the next? Damnn...damn..

Mann, frankly we need to know who if we are serious about Putra Jaya.

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate Tun Musa Hitam or Tunku Aziz or Aisehman .......... in fact RPK also fit

Anonymous said...

The most suitable Leader is PAS YB Nizar ex MB or should we say the Rightful MB of Perak.
Under him Malaysia will be a dynamic,racism free and corruption free Country.

bumi-non-malay said...

Joint PM - Nik Aziz and Karpal Singh. The list is so long on the BERSIH side....but on the KOTOR UMNO-BN Side....all are useless

Then again need to consult Sultan or Agong?? One needs to ask after 50 Years.....Have the Sultan /Agong helped improved Malaysia or Partake of the rape in Democracy...with all the powers in their hands?? BERSIH 2 will evolve into many more CALL for People dignity and don't play dumb and quiet Sultan / Agong......When Jordan and Bahrin Falls...that means people have enough with Ruling elite!!

John Hardick said...

Malaysians must save Malaysia from UMNO. UMNO today is not what UMNO members believe it to be.

The original was about Malay struggle but since the time of Mahatir, it is about domination by the elites. Step by step, communism and apartheid sipped into UMNO and the hybrid of these two very worst kind of ideology gave rise to UMNOism.

Since then UMNO is about lies,cheating, cronyism, nepotism, greed, tyranny, etc. Look at the state of our country. Do we have any semblance of democracy? It is UMNOism all over the country. Our civil service has been indoctrinated with UMNOism, our National Institutions too, so much so even our judiciary has been indoctrinated with UMNOism.

We have university professors and lecturers who cannot even put forward credible arguments when commenting on the BERSIH march. When the socalled intellectuals resort to telling lies or cannot come up with facts, it says that our education system cannot turn out thinking people but morons.

On the BERSIH march, the full tyranny of what UMNOism is, is on show. The intellectuals allowed themselves to be used to lie to the people. The police and even the judiciary has been roped in to show how wicked UMNOism is.

We find the apartheid regime of Mugabe despicable and we abhor communism, but the hybrid of these two, UMNOism is a lot worse.

No one can save Malaysia from becoming a pariah state except Malaysian. We need to urgently get rid of UMNO, lest we liove to regret.

GE 13 is around the corner, we need to save ourselves from UMNO.

Jong said...

Spot on, TheWhisperer! Can't agree more.

Yep it makes no difference with or without Anwar and no impact at all if he goes off for his long haul holiday with the Malaysian Government. PKR will run helter-skelter and Azmin Ali's power struggle will begin. For those not in favour of him or not in his favour, have better watch out for his landmines!

Jong said...

Btw have we forgotten Perakian - Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin?

How proud we were to have him to head the silver state. There was no doubt about it, he was our hero and well-loved by the 90% Perakians. Yes, Nizar the PM material from PAS!

Sabah Kid said...

The People have already won. The fear ridden pronouncements from PM Najib and now the loud 'hastily called (wot is that ?)by the top cop but one is a rare indication they are shaking in their pants.

Najib whist in thier 'Fixed Deposit' State of Sabah practically yelp for Sabah not to march for BERSIH 2.0 -a call that Sabah people should not support a clean and fair election system.

UMNO Najib's camp is fearful a march or any size for BERSIH 2.0 will lead him to loose the confidence & support of rank and file those that wants his blood within his party.

kuning selalu said...

While the police are so keen on stopping the Bersih Rally, why do they allow todays demonstration of 300 UMNO and Perkasa in Penang yesterday?

The crowd of 300 was reported to be rowdy yet the police failed to take action until much much later. What kind of law or logic are we practising here? This is ok?

Eyewitnesses said the rowdy protesters hit windshields of cars, and violently shoved aside two meida men – a photographer from the Chinese newspaper Guan Ming Daily and a videographer from a TV station.

Why wearing yellow shirt is deemed breaking the law?

Anonymous said...

Anwar made himself irrelevant when he sided with Azmin Ali to make the PKR elections a farce. He played the despot like his erswhile mentor, the evil mamak when he did danced to the tune of Azmin Ali to play dirty and sleazy election politics. He and Azmin Ali even outplayed the EC when they rigged the elections in Azmin's favour. Their UMNO roots like the spots on a leopard could not be shed.

Tunku Aziz from DAP may be a good replacement but the racists in PKR would not agree because he is from DAP. Musa Hitam is a has been, enjoying the fruits of his labour when he was with UMNO. He is now the chairman of a very big GLC. Anywy he is tainted with UMNO DNA. Ku Li is all talk and no action. If he is really disgusted with UMNO, he should have left UMNO long ago and stayed an independent.

My pick would be Nizar, the rightful MB of Perak. He is a moderate Malay and a less Muslim fanatic. He would make a good PM unlike the other wannabes who can easily tilt to play to the gallery if the price is right.

I would not propose any non-Malay yet for the PM's post because the Malays have YET to be weaned from the NEP crutch and crude ketuanan racist mentality. They, even the moderate and educated ones, would never agree to a non-Malay being the PM.

Then if the apa nama evil mamak and his sidekick, katak Ibrahim Ali and the rabid mat rempits in UMNO Youths have their way with the connivance of the PDRM, they would create another 513 to hold onto power.

Let us not put any faith in our rulers and the Agong fighting for the good of the rakyat. They will only assiduosly guard their golder rice bowls. They are not bothered with the poor rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Uncle.

Adapted from quotations of Martin Niemoller..

In Moronsia , the Nazis came first for the Commies, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Commie.

Then they came for the NGOs, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a NGO

Then they came for the Bumis, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Bumi

Then they came for the Chinis, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Chini

Then they came for the Indis, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an Indi.

Then they came for the Bloggies, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Bloggie

Then they came for the Readers, and by that time there was no one left to speak up.


Here's something Yellow for all ...

Enjoy and celebrate !

najib manaukau said...

That would indeed be a blessing in disguise ?
And no doubt it will also be time for new and credible opposition leaders be found. The people deserve a new leader instead of this lustful and forever trying to everything he can come up with to postpone his trials. I might even add that some of which are bloody disgraceful and an insult to the intelligent of the people. Above all the action of a drowning man clinging onto a straw !

new fart said...

Anon 11:39AM....hear....hear, agreed with you wholeheartedly! I also happen to think and feel Nizar is the ideal person to take over the premiership if the Opposition can manage to topple BN. Nurul is still too young and wet around the ears at this stage to take up the top job of the country. But she has potential so let's give her more time to horn her skills!

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding!

KU LI is a sissy British educated Malay who is too absorbed in the English gentleman way of life. He lives in the last century. How else could you explain why he is maintaining his elegant silence over the evil deeds his party, UMNO, is doing to rakyat Malaysia and negara Malaysia?

The fact that he is sitting pretty CONFIRMS that he is NOT FIT to lead Malaysia.

I would go for Nik Aziz or Mat Sabu or Lim Guan Eng.

Azmin? No way, he will go back to UMNO when the crunch comes. He is the ultimate UMNO mole in PKR. Probably has Anwar by his balls.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Does Ku Li want this job?

Anonymous said...

We have Dr Zul from PAS, Nizar and even Khalid Samad. Seems like more from PAS than Keadilan for now.

Let the pure Malays rule this land without the interference of those mamaks, bugis, pakis etc since we are for a united Malaysia.

Jong said...

??? What is 'pure Malay' and who is?

Jong said...

...err Ridzuan Too? :D

Anonymous said...

mahathir the best