Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Carpool please.

Park at your convenience but

not in the stadium car park.

The car park will be for the thousands

who cannot be accommodated in the stadium proper.

Do not litter!

We are BERSIH people, yah?



At 12.30pm today, representatives of Bersih 2.0 contacted the booking officer for Stadium Merdeka in order to make the appropriate arrangements to use the stadium for our peaceful gathering on the 9th of July.

This was done in accordance with the generous offer by the Prime Minister and following Tuesday’s audience with Tuanku DYMM SPB YDP Agong.

We were disappointed to find that the booking officer in question began providing a number of excuses as to why the booking could not be made. Among the unclear reasons provided by said officer were an “internal management sports event” and “renovations” – these despite the fact that until very recently, there were plans to hold “Konsert Raksasa 2 on the 9th of July at Stadium Merdeka.



J. D. Lovrenciear said...

The high and mighty pedestal power politics of UMNO must cease. Who, why and what are the forces behind all these hurdles barricaded against the rakyat and determined to show total disregard to DYMM SPB YDP Agung?

Anonymous said...

Everything will be done to ensure failure of the rally despite getting the Agong's blessing and the PM's agreement because any rally anywhere will not be to their advantage.
Let us just concentrate on the GE and ensure that 80 percent of the people vote BN out to cancell all the riggings by BN.

Old Fart said...

If Stadiums not available then just go to to Merdeka Square la.

backStreetGluttons said...

Right on !
If Merdeka Stadium cannot,
then we go Merdeka Square lah

telur dua said...

This is further proof that this Gomen has no credibility and can't be trusted to keep their word of allowing Bersih to rally in a stadium.

And the Cops say they need a permit but at the same time deny them one.

Very disgusting.

Anonymous said...

stadium shah alam is good and big enough for us all. what more its Pakatan state and its best we piss and shit on our own yard. MB Selangor already gave his green light.

Anonymous said...

Shah Alam or Bukit jalil stadium offers better facilities, larger capacity and logistics.

Area around stadium merdeka too congested like petaling street, imbi, Bukit Bintang & pudu!

bruno said...

Even when PM Najib has handed out the olive branch and defused the very tensed situation,there are still many unhappy warlords in Umno.They are from factions oppossed to Najib who still insist that Najib should not have compromised with Ambiga's Bersih.These are the ones who will try to make life as difficult as possible for Bersih till the rally day.

These are the trouble makers that my eagle friends overheard our well learned Agung telling Najib that he has to get rid of.My advice to Najib is to listen to the Agung's advice.Get rid of your internal enemies first,before you wage war against others.An internak strife, disunited and low morale army will definitely lose the war before it even got started.Our Agung gave very good advice to Najib.Now the ball is in Najib's court.

Anonymous said...

Stadium??? Be lucky to have a turnout of 5k then.

wandererAus said...

Just like I said in my previous posting, you cannot trust the UMNO bastards...perhaps, the dead ones!
Now they are playing with Bersih, passing the ball around and try to make a fool of the Bersih organizers.
There is always another day to confront these UMNO motherf*ckers!!
Like kerala mamak commented, the last resort is to go back to the street. This provisin is enshrined in the Federal Constitutions, guaranteed the right of citizens to hold peaceful demonstrations in closed or opened areas!!

Anonymous said...

Since PM and HM do not respect YDP Agong, indirectly they are telling Bersih to do the same. If they do not provide the stadium as agreed and are deliberately delaying and not responding, Bersih should not fall into their game plan but proceed with the original plan of the street rally. Good suggestion, Merdeka Square is the best alternative. No need to ask for premission.

baDboys said...

There are some readers here in your Blog who think that this Bersih2 Walk is a walk in the private park for the romantics or the disabled, looking for a quiet and spacious place !


We need loud noise, high emotions(controlled)in the open streets, in public , for all to see & hear ! We need the stinking message to boom around ! We need to make a sonic boom to the stubborn cheating authorities ! We need to show our faces & our voices to the world ! We are real people real Malaysians !

See you there !

Anonymous said...

Samsam: Merdeka Stadium and Bukit Jalil Stadium are controlled by umno gomen. The management of these venues are likely to give all sorts of excuses to refuse booking. Even if they accept bookings,the stadium may develop some sorts of "malfunctions" during the time of the rally. Krismudin and the mata2 still claimed that Bersih is illegal after the statement from the Agong. Even Najis is twisting his own words and changing the tune about allowing the rally to be held in stadium. Look how crooked are those goons. Perhaps Shah Alam Stadium is a better choice.

Anonymous said...

isn't Stadium Merdeka is one of the rendezvous point for Perkasa before intercepting Bersih???

And what is this info I hear that Bersih will put OKU in the front row, followed by children, women and men?

Bedul said...

Padan muka korang. Kan dah cakap Ambiga kalah punya. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Beware that Kotor UMNO BN will use all means to stop Bersih to Rally Protest in Stadiums using all the dirtiest of their dirty tactics that they used with impunity for more than 50 years of their rule.

Kotor is the right word to describe UMNO BN from the more than 50 years of track records of oppressions of the Rakyats by using the Police Force as their tools of violence and blatant mismanagement of Malaysia with rampant corruptions and cheating and plundering the coffers of the Federal Government. Kotor is the word aptly describe UMNO BN and the underhand dirty tactics they use to suppress the press and misinform the general public of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races must get rid of this Kotor evil regime with the thorough cleansing by Bersih which is the spirits of the all the Rakyats for the wellbeing of all the future generations of all Malaysians in the next GE..

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Datuk Ambiga and the Bersih organizers chose to trust the 1PM. He has proven time and time again to be dishonest, untrustworthy and deceitful. He has already said he did not promise Bersih they can hold the rally in the stadium as he can twist and turn that he was merely giving a suggestion.

Ambiga and the Bersih organizers fell for Najib's trick once again. Even if the rally is held in Shah Alam, the police will not grant a permit. Furthermore be wary that the Sultan may not be happy with the rally being held in his state. So it's back to nought for Bersih.

Anonymous said...

Then we can choose "Dataran Merdeka" no booking needed.
Good place good location.

Anonymous said...

Kah..kah..kah...above all (i.e. PM & Agong) Minister Rumah cakap, Bersih masih tidak boleh berkumpul di Stadium. Tetapi, yang berkumpul bukan ahli Bersih.. so hanya committee Bersih yang tidak boleh hadir, tapi yang lain lain boleh.
So Menteri Rumah, adalah lebih Besar dari PM dan Agong jika di satukan.
Hidup Kris...kah..kah..kah...

wandererAus said...

Malaysians hold a demonstration of disobedience if these UMNO bastards try to block Bersih 2.0 rally. It is in the record, Eunuch UMNO PM have already agreed to the rally be held in a stadium but, if held, there will be a likely chance, the baboons in blue will "invade" the the stadium...take care and try to out smart them.

bruno said...

Datuk Ambiga Sreenevesan a former Malaysian bar council president and human rights activist became an overnight international household name.Ambiga,chairman of Bersih an election watchdog group was campaigning for a more transparent EC.Her group supported by the major NGO's,the public and political party members was suppossed to have a rally on July 9

The planned rally send Unmo warlords in a panicked mood.They started sending out their rowdy thugs and paid gangsters to create racial and religious tensions to deter this gutsy lady from going on with the rally.When this didn't work they threatened her life and even send out 600 Umno youth gangsters aka mat rempits to terrorised her.

When all these failed to scare her they send the PDRM to arrest the civil activists.Then they even threatened to revoke her citizenship and used the draconian ISA on her.But this lady just simply ignored them.In the end the Umno warlords threw in the towel and fall flat on their faces.It has been reported locally and internationally that this sassy and gutsy lady almost single handedly bought these once thought invincible Umno warlords down to their knees.

Anonymous said...

Guys, don't you see that Najib used the King as a ploy to stop Bersih from marching on the streets on July 9th. Since Bersih complied with the King's decree, they thought they can trust Najib to keep his word for Bersih to hold their rally in a stadium. But Najib has just pulled the rug right beneath the feet of Bersih.

Now Bersih has no stadium, no permit and definitely no means or time to re-strategize. In the meantime, Hisham and his dog hounds in blue continue arresting "yellow" people. Such a brilliant masterstroke by Najib, must be courtesy of APCO or Dr. Mahathir.

Jong said...

Yeah, Najib, man with the forked tongue has lost all credibility. He is so insecured, got his calculations all wrong and thinks he reign supreme but he is definitely not. How long more can he act arrogant? Soon he'll have to go just as easy as that SleepyHead. He must be shitting in his diaper right now!

Anonymous said...

Listen up everyone, play them at their own game. Instead of yellow all change to blue for that day!!

What can they do - declare yellow AND Blue as illegal ??? What a joke.

Think outside the box.

bruno said...

Najib better get down to serious business as time is ticking down to Sat. July 9, 2011.If the rally did not go off as schedule Najib and Hisham are the real losers.They will get blamed for using the authorities to sabotaged Bersih from getting a stadium and police permit.The winner,quite as a tikus Muhyuddin.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing about the way the government handle the whole of the BERSIH 2.0 affair is that it is only the King's words that are now listened to.

The government had become irrational and inconsistent. The police act like robots. The election commission had become too defensive. The Home Affairs minister does not seem to have any clue how to respond to the latest developments. Ibrahim Ali is still looking for a fight.

If the rally does end up being held at the stadium, and the way the government still see conspiracy even in tee-shirts, do not be surprised if they next announce that Anwar's semen and fingerprints were found in one of the rooms at the stadium!

Anonymous said...

Uncle, please don't let them come to merdeka stadium.
This will attract troublemakers at our stalls in petaling street. And I live nearby in Loke Yew.

Please uncle, send this message to Ambiga or Anwar.

Hamidi said...

The power-that-be was hooked in by its inward looking backward strategy and policy. They are so stupid to have arrested the proponents. They are also so stupid to passed remarks that yellow is outlawed.

Malaysians are intelligent enough to learn about this backward and inward looking government. Even my 13 years daughter said that this government was for yester years.

Azli said...

UMNO has no bloody clue as to what to do with this growing grassroot movement to have a fair election. They tried draconian measures and then realize that it was working, then they got the king involved (the king's messages are drafted by Najib). The latter initiative seemed to work as it is hard to go against a reasonable request from the king. The question remains is how long will the royalties support Najib.

Bersih has achieved its goal of enlightening the people on the need to clean up the election process so that the people's wishes are respected.

Anonymous said...

Azli, which grassroot movement? do have supporting facts and figures?

I suggest you produce sale statistics of yellow bershit shirt. one million already????

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11PM

Obviously you have suffered from the effect of BTN overdose to fail to realise a simple fact.