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Free those you are charging under the Emergency Ordinance immediately. In no way are they waging war against ME. Do not use MY name in vain.

To the Home Minister:

By what and whose authority are you banning the Bersih movement. The movement which began in 2007 was not banned. Their reasonable aspirations are the same, so why outlaw them arbitrarily now?

To the IGP and DIGP:

I appointed you as Chief and Deputy of POLIS DI-RAJA MALAYSIA. Do not bring my name into disrepute. You are to protect the rakyat and don’t be vindictive with your “No more talk anymore!” You will get the stick if you cannot use the carrot in crisis management! Protect MY people! Don’t threaten. When you hurt MY people you hurt ME! Release all and drop all charges!

To the Prime Minister:

Assiduously and with honesty put your 1MALAYSIA to practice. Your PEOPLE FIRST is fast appearing as UMNO first. Your PERFORMANCE NOW begs elucidating! Putrajaya belongs to the people. If they want it back you have to return it to the people. UMNO put you there, not the people……YET. Until then govern and administer with prudence and wisdom instead of with slogans.

To the Election Commission Chief:

You too have been appointed by ME to ensure that elections are free, fair and clean. As the Yang diPertuan Agong I too want the same for my people. I am fully aware of gerrymandering, phantom votes, misuse of postal votes, no provisions made for Malaysians overseas to exercise their constitutional right to vote, transferring of voters without their knowledge and lastly but most importantly – be independent! You answer to me and not to the Prime Minister. Honor my NAME by undoing all the wrong-doings that have compelled my people to want to come to me because of your biasness.

To Bersih 2.0 Steering Team:

Your message has been clear of uncertainties, free from partisanship, and fair in demands. It has resonated well with the rakyat as evidenced by the prodigious support. Tread carefully, stay focused as you follow your heart, be steadfast but not vindictive, be civil, seek judicious advice and let only good sense prevail. We have faith in what you will collectively and consensually decide. Seek our King’s counsel and Honor our King!


Uppercaise suggests that you read THIS.


Anonymous said...

yes. This is what our King has implied!

Anonymous said...


I think Najib’s address and warning to UMNO members, not to back stab each other yesterday, was of great significance.

It is now obvious that a lot of displeasure and rumblings were behind the scene at UMNO. Many higher ups within UMNO were not happy with Najib’s handling of Bersih 2. There must have been behind-the-scene consultations between UMNO and the Agung, before the Agung’s intervention. Badawi was definitely a part of this, and he would not be the only one. Badawi also defused the situation by talking with Ambiga, before the Royal intervention, therefore he knew of the imminent intervention by the Agung.

UMNO SUPREME COUNCIL, you should now convene an extraordinary meeting to oust the OAF of a President you now have, who was steering Malaysia into destruction mode.
Elect a new President. Parliament must be dissolved and a fresh GE be instituted immediately (WITH REFORMS TO THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM).


bumi-non-malay said...


I think the Sultan Agong are playing it both ways to preserve legacy of ruling elite.....You see they also fear in case Jordan or Bahrin or Nepal style reduce their prominance to rakyat, After all after 53 wonders What have the Sun God really done anything to improve anything?

Funny this Agong and Sultan also never kick a stinker on the Grandiose $1 Billion Istana and meanwhile orang asli, poor malays, indians, chinese still in atap house, long affirmative action to improve that lot. No need for me to mention the Kelantan Derhaka protocol....apa mau lagi songkok protocol Raja Petra??

Also funny Malaysia can have $100 Million security immigration systems with biometrics contract given to bumiputera UMNO company but indelible ink cost less than $100 so hard to implement. The Agong and Sultan Needs to ask Election Commission to at least implement 2-3 of the BERSIH demand in 1 month....Like Postal vote for ALL including overseas, Indelible ink, Gerry mandering FIX. Only when i see this happen i will say Daulat Tuanku(time frame 31 August).....otherwise...we wear BLACK on 31 August all over Malaysia...lets see a BLACK Arrest!!

Perhaps Najis and Muntahdin & HisapCandu need to ARREST the yellow SUN and children drawing yellow sun......lets make it a Painting competition on 9th July.....we gather around those landmark and start Painting Yellow Sun....

We will NOT Be Obedient to Lies, Murder, Killings and Insult to Islam - AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR

Jong said...

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mirzan is truly the people's Royal Guardian!

To Prime Minister Najib whom Rakyat Malaysia never vote you to office: If you continue to use your lower head rather than your upper, UMNO will soon put you out of pasture! This is a 'wake-up call', don't say you have not been warned!

Anonymous said...

Uncle, your post on the Agong is wishful thinking! I hope he had said what you have posted on your blog site.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You are putting words into the DYMM Agong's mouth. Of course we would like to have heard the same message direct from the DYMM Agong but your post is just pure conjecture. Be careful and tread carefully because you could be cited for sedition for acting as if you are the DYMM Agong. There are just too many NGOs out there who have nothing to do but to lodge police reports against others. We already have a fair number of responsible and fair minded people charged under the EO for allegedly waging war against the King and we would be sad if you end up as another honest fellow being charged. The IGP and DIGP want to be in the good books of Najib, Hisham and Muhyiddin so they are even more prepared than just to carry their masters balls.

Take care Uncle.

Uppercaise said...

“Reach an immediate agreement for commencing the reform of electoral processes, failing which a Bersih 2.0 march would proceed to inspire change through other mechanisms such as the ballot box. The Agong’s call for negotiations should be seen in this positive light. There is still time for half a week of intensive dialogue between Bersih, the Election Commission and the government to reach an agreement on reform action before 9 July.”

- ‘Debunking the Bersih 2.0 Critics’, Centre for Policy Initiatives, 4 July.

wandererAUS said...

As a kind gesture and an olive branch to the UMNO PM, Bersih shall offer him the 30 virgins with healthy boobs to unloosen his stressed peabrain...let him enjoy his lust and become a zombie bonkus sex maniac! ...every thing will be possible after that, even street demostrations!

Asril Sani said...

Wah total spin, Uncle. Not scared of lese majeste? If you are a Malay you will be called "derhaka kepada raja." Olden days you can get beheaded.
I like you and don't want you to get into trouble.

Hussein abdul Hamid said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go Yellow shirt on d yellow chair, but becareful,Rumah Minister have said that people who supports an illegal organisation can also be held under EO.

donplaypuks said...

One of your top, if not, your best post.

The Rosemajibs, IGP, EC and Ibrahim Ali have been arse whipped by the King and don't know how to save face.

Scoreline: Ambiga/Bersih - 10; Rosemajibs/UMNO/IGP/Ibrahim Ali - 0.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

donplaypuks said...

Oops! Forgot to include Kerismudin who has been speechless since being whacked by the King.

Maybe he's got a knife stuck up the valley where the sun don't shine!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I think wishful thinking on your part. I thot the message was "keep status quo, in case you throw the water out with the baby"

Anonymous said...


He is your King???
By flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down, you think the King will consider you as one of his subjects?
Biadap sungguh kamu.

Perkasa New Member said...

Hei, zorro you better be very careful – don’t put your words in the king’s mouth!
You may do that to your mother/father, we don’t give a damn!

Anonymous said...

GO on and march. I dare you.
I bet they all shitting in their pants now. Even their demigod RPK singing another tune now, saying that can compromise and demo in stadium. hahahaha
See i told you this people all talk cock only. Want to change but with no blessings from the majority race of the country. So called heroes.. chicken shit heroes.. HAHHAHAHAHA

Go on.. march.. i dare you.. hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:22

his one f**king communist and will never rest until our country ruin and fall. He should be arrested under the EO and let him die there alone before he puts the fire to everyone with his ideology.
How can such people still running around so freely. If his in China and flying the china flag upside down, his long gone!
Hei zorro, you don’t appreciate peace until its gone!

bruno said...

My 'eagle friends' who just happened to be flying over the palace grounds when Najib was summoned to an audience with the Agung has this to say.We accidentally happened to hear the Yang Di Pertuan Agung severely reprimanding the PM DS Najib.

What we overheard was the Agung sounded very very angry.He was scolding Najib for always sitting on his hands and leaving all the men's work to the boys and the babies.
The boys the Agung was referring to were Hishamuddin,Muhyiddin,Rais and the amateur Khairi.The babies were the crybabies Abrahim Ali,Mukriz and the infamous Datuk T trio.

The Agung screamed at Najib for letting Hisham and his merrymen in blue chasing and arresting non law breaking civil activists,and letting Umno's thugs,gangsters and terrorists running loose like crazy horny dogs on heat.The Agung even warned Najib not to let Hisham and his merrymen chased 'ladies of the night' openly out in the streets.Your men are more a disgrace than these ladies,he said.

Najib's pure simple and honest answer to the Agung was,"my hands were tied".What Najib meant was that the many factions in Umno out sabotaging him rendered him helpless, unabled to act and react.I have Bersih and Ambiga,and PR in front.Then I have three different Umno factions on my left,right and back.

Najib explained that he cannot take a step at any direction without seeing a face starring directly at his.My Agung,either way after this election my political career is over.I am already a lame duck.Lame duck or no lame duck you settle the Bersih issue first replied the Agung.

Then after you have settled the Bersih fiasco you sit down and relax.Then you think about what you want to do about your enemies in Umno.My advice to you is to get rid of your enemies in Umno before you go.A very good advice to Najib.

Anonymous said...

Nice twist !

But then again, can the Agung really write (or think ?)
Lol !

Anonymous said...

According to Margeemar, the Agong is being used by Umno to stop Bersih 2.0 from taking place. Umno knows it will be finished if Bersih 2.0 takes place. I personally don’t see the Agong or the rest of the Malay Rulers being neutral here. The Malay Rulers and Umno need each other. Bersih 2.0 MUST go on no matter what the Agong says. I suggest you read this


Anonymous said...

Zorro and donplaypuks chose to spin untruths.
The King's speech is neutral. Backing the government and at the same reminding them to mindful of Bersih's needs.
Dont be so naive lah you guys, Agong's speech always comes from PM's Dept.

zorro said...

Perkasa New Member,
Why don't you make a police report against me. I will pick you up, buy you breakfast and you take me to the police station of your choice to lodge your report. I will make a copy of this post to facilitate (ooppsss sorry for using big word) and make more effective your police report.

Anonymous said...

Encik Zorro

'I will make a copy of this post to facilitate (ooppsss sorry for using big word)'

Merujuk kepada pernyataan Tuan di atas.

Saya telah beberapa kali membaca jawapan-jawapan Tuan di sini. Acapkali saya ketemu dengan pernyataan-pernyataan yang merendah-rendahkan kemampuan dan kepintaran orang dengan maksud tersirat samada:-

a) Bahasa Inggerisnya lemah;
b) Kemampuan berfikirnya lemah.

Pada pendapat saya tidak wajar Tuan berbuat begini kerana bukan semua orang mempunyai kemampuan samada bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia sebaik Tuan dan bukan semua orang mempunyai pendidikan seperti Tuan. Walaupun mereka ada kekurangan di bandingkan dengan Tuan, tetapi ianya tidak bermakna mereka bebas untuk disindir oleh pihak Tuan. Apabila Tuan menulis di media terbuka ini bermakna ianya bebas untuk dinilai, dan dicerap oleh semua golongan termasuklah mereka-mereka yang saya sebutkan di atas.

Diharapkan Pihak Tuan dapat memaafkan saya kerana penggunaan bahasa Malaysia saya ini kurang bermutu dalam tulisan saya kali ini dan saya kurang mampu untuk mengunakan 'big words' seperti Tuan.

Di samping saya ingin berpesan dan berharap agar Tuan boleh memperbaiki dan menghindari sindiran-sindiran sebegini dari pihak Tuan


bumi-non-malay said...

Actually all of you have been SUCKERED into an UMNO racist Disruption Act......

We now spend time pondering on the so called Myth "titah" & "edict" called spun by Raja Petra - Mr Royal Protocol Champion.....yet fail to CONDEMN the Anak Derhaka Bapak in Kelantan Royal Protocol evil act!

Keep it simple....the BERSIH is basically to ask Agong to ENFORCE an INDELIBLE INK protocol in election....Yesterday!! This is the cheapest and EASIEST to Implement before August 31 Wear BLACK on MERDEKA day RALLY!! Should the time frame of this Rakyat Titah to Agong/Sultan/UMNO-BN take another 53 years??... I know I sound biadap but did not the Agong/Sultan get some Memo on Bersih 1 last time??? You mean to tell me a People's King need the people to tell the King several times for a few more generations to say something is wrong in Malaysia and nothing PROACTIVE on the Royalty end.......this is a Rally for KUGAN , TEOH and AHMAD SARBANI....basically Rakyat Malaysia Dignity!!

Ponder on this: Perhaps this Agong wants his last term of office to be remembered as good one and not one filled with Turmoil.....Royalty too know how to play politics, go out with head held high, righteous, Sultan of Berak........don't forget the OIL $$$ kick back matter in Trengganu......just like Lynas kick back in Pahang and Gamuda kick back in Perak...and the Oil kick back in kelantan....etc....the list goes on...+ the datuk, dato, Tan Sri, Tun Kick back.....

If Indelible Ink is not AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR

then ISLAM is Munafiq is being practice by the defender of Islam.

There you go...rakyat set a time line and Dateline (31 August) to 100% implement indelible ink on ANY election & Redeem your Royal Status...respected by Rakyat!!...If it is too hard basket...then ponder on Nepal, Bahrain and Jordan...why people are angry there!!

Anonymous said...

You don't understand Malay language?

Agong's words are very subtle...
We call it Malay Adab.

How you translate these?

"Kita TIDAK boleh terlalu terikut-ikut dengan amalan-amalan negara-negara luar... (Egypt , Tunisia, Bahrain,Libya etc)

... Setiap permasalahan yang timbul, kita sebagai masyarakat bertamadun hendaklah menyelesaikan secara rundingan dan TIDAK mengikut perasaan ( ie. Tunjuk perasaan)

Anonymous said...

How I wish that the King meant it the way you said it. It is a setback for BERSIH if UMNO was able to twist his arm and made him intervene. But there are many roads to a certain destination, not only one.There's a way to Putra Jaya for Pakatan Rakyat and it looks like it'll have to be done by `fair means or foul'

Anonymous said...

You are not spinning a yarn is it?
The royals dont ever work in their life... they ask and they get....
And who are the guys who gives them their monthly projects ....anything indecent...?
Your guess is as good as mine...
The royals cannot do a thing...thats all!No power for anything....not even his salary???
Go read the malaysian constitution again.....Remember! TDMM tamed them and they are now pussycats thats all.Do they enjoy their job ???ask them...what they missed!

Anonymous said...

To wandererAus, I would add ... get the whole range of the latest Birkin bags for the UMNO PM's wife, the self-proclaimed FLOM.

bruno said...

anon, july5, 2011 9:03

Once in a while it is alright to make fun about Jibby and his merrymen.No play and all work makes Jibby a sleepy boy.Najib agrees with me.Cheers

Anonymous said...

Without action, all words are EMPTY.
Without subjects, all kings are NOBODIES.
Without BERSIH, all things are DIRTY.


Anonymous said...

Hisham should take note that His Majesty did not say that the government should arrest Bersih supporters. If Hisham persists in arresting Bersih supporters and refuses to release all those who have been detained and revoked all charges against them, Hisham would be going against the spirit of the King's edict. Hisham, choose whether you will obey the King or disobey him.

Najib, you too must choose whether you will obey or disobey the King. The King's edict is plain. You are to bolster democracy and work with Bersih to meet the aspirations of the rakyat. Giving Bersih a physical place to meet in the form of a stadium does not meet with the King's edict. The King wants you to meet the aspirations of the rakyat for free and fair elections. Will you obey the king or are you so afraid of the rakyat's exercise of their democratic rights that you are willing to disobey the King? The ball is really in your court. Don't send Khairy to do your job!!!

Anonymous said...

Bersih2.0 started well for a move on ‘clean and fair’ election rally for Malaysia.

But they were twisted, condemned, poltically accused to link with opposition political parties, foreign elements etc etc.
Also,instead other groups such like Perkasa and specially UMNO or BN parties with its members have tried to find way to pressure Bersih2.0 and Ambiga S using force.
Worst was the arrest carried out by police and related accusation by Prime Minister suppose to be as leader by eaxample for all malaysian instead treat it politically to bring in UMNO millions as a threat.Also he had falsely tried to link Ambiga S as one anti-Islam!

Now Bersih2.0 has accomplished their task finally with response to respect DYMM YDP Agong statement and will seek audience sooner to submit a memorandum to the King.
But many wonder what then just an end here though Bersih has done well non-politically aligned but is condemned as with political links.

By review in opinion the course of action started now its responsibility should change hand to be taken over by any political party.From here to continue for liberty appeal need be stressed following proceeding action is new and ongoing have nothing to do with Bersih2.0 but to fulfill any unaccomplished mission for a
new motto now could be known as “CLEAN AND FAIR NATION”.

Why “nation” now?

1.Since some has started to link any issue politically it is good to wrestle politically then.
If UMNO can do it anytime not during election and BN so to bring unreasonable accusation with unwanted response from its members then why not those opposition be given a fair and balance political challenge now!

2.We have seen abuse or naive action of present government bodies even before latest action on ‘yellow shirts’ and many unsolved cases or bias with unjust responsibilities to serve people.

3.Also some intent try to call for revoke of citizenship that is unfairly act by certain group for one who is under the civil right born as anak Malaysia here.Who are they to call for the revoke?May be a total review into the judiciary system shortfall because of certain political abuse by ruling party. Here the law expert and group such like ‘BAR’ with its council should have a better role to play!

Opinion is not necessary to have it on 709 now since is a continuity but for a ‘clean and fair’ nation. A suggestion that if any may have it on 831 truly reflect Merdeka into new era that true malaysian all should be patriotic to ‘Merdeka’ Malaysia more than anyone.

May be all can response peacefully with any symbolic ‘yellow’ throughout whole nation – yellow hats,yellow ties,yellow bags or anything other than just yellow shirts to reflect!

Also never forget to continue this unaccomplished mission on coming GRE as is going to be the best time for liberty whether politically or right as a responsible citizen for our future liberty!

Anonymous said...

When the Yang di-Pertuan Agong advised against the demonstration, Bersih took it with utmost respect. It dares not defy His Majesty's request outright.

But it's a different story with this amphibian species called Perkasa. With utmost defiance against His Majesty's decree, they insist in marching on just because Bersih is going to do it. What happened to the respect that all Malays should have towards the King?

Ibrahim Ali is showing that he and the rest of Perkasa do not have any respect for the King. They are all 'penderhaka kepada raja'. It makes it much worse that Perkasa is supposedly a Malay organisation.

Anonymous said...

When the Yang di-Pertuan Agong advised against the demonstration, Bersih took it with utmost respect. It dares not defy His Majesty's request outright.

But it's a different story with this amphibian species called Perkasa. With utmost defiance against His Majesty's decree, they insist in marching on just because Bersih is going to do it. What happened to the respect that all Malays should have towards the King?

Ibrahim Ali is showing that he and the rest of Perkasa do not have any respect for the King. They are all 'penderhaka kepada raja'. It makes it much worse that Perkasa is supposedly a Malay organisation.

Anonymous said...

So how? Is Bersih2 still on?

shankar~selina said...

Hope he really means it. I am afraid for the citizens of our country.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, don't be naive. The PM department writes all the speeches for the royals. Do you all really think that the royals have a free hand? They are just constitutional monarchs and they have to listen to the advice of the PM, meaning, they act on the instructions of the PM. The previous prime minister Dr. Mahathir had already ensured this process when he clipped the wings of the royals.

I have full respect for the country's monarchy in accordance to the Federal Constitution but unfortunately it is the PM and his government that decides what the royals can speak or write about. It's true that the royals do not want any chaos in this country as they too will stand to lose tremendously. So don't kid yourselves that the King's speech is anything like what Zorro has interpreted. And this is by no means being disrespectful to Zorro either as I believe Zorro would have wished the King had really said these things.

sampalee said...

Politic is qhat makes things go bad and the palace is not spared as with all the religeous institution,This is one way Tunhan punish the people for NOT heeding the kithab.YES,get rid of the politicians First and we have a chance of avoiding hell'sfire.

Anonymous said...

Bersih2 is full of talk cock only.

Perkasa New Member said...

No need your favour. I would rather let you dig your own grave! and your bad mouth will take you there, soon!
Hell with your big words, this is not an English class and I don’t give damn to my English and even if you are big in your words, so what? Take a peek into your soul, it’s rotten and wicked!
Call student to fight on the street, what sort of man are you? Play with the King’s speech? One ‘small’ word describes all of you, ZOO-ROW – BASTARD!!

Anon July 5, 2.43 AM.
No need to ‘Tuan’ this man. And there should be no ‘Sir’ or ‘Tuan’ term in your vocab. The colonial era has long gone. This man is no ‘Tuan’ to anyone and he live only to create havoc!
He got nothing in his scull except all that came out from his mouth is as good as what came from his anus!

And now you see how people like New Fart get along very well with him.

new fart said...

perkasa new member......this is for you .I.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Perkasa New Member,

Merujuk perutusan Tuan bertarikh 5 Hb Julai 2011 9:49 pm

Saya mengunakan perkataan 'Tuan' kepada Tuan Zorro kerana saya mengikut adab perutusan dan mengunakan bahasa halus sedikit supaya Tuan Zorro boleh memahami pemikiran orang Melayu sebenarnya. Mungkin dari itu beliau boleh memahami betapa halusnya 'bahasa istana' Yang di Pertuan Agong di dalam perutusan baginda. Kalau Tuan Zorro tidak faham juga amat malang sekali keadaanya.

Saya bukan orang berpendidikan tinggi tapi saya menjaga adab saya walaupun saya hendak menegur dan saya berharap juga Tuan Zorro juga menjaga adab beliau lebih-lebih lagi sebagai orang yang lebih tua dan lebih berpendidikan tinggi dari saya.


Anonymous said...

Now now Perkasa New Member, calm down. No need to raise your blood pressure like your Perkasa leader, Da-Toad Ibrahim Ali. If you don't learn to cool down, you may get a heart attack and we will all miss your comments in Zorro's blog. We hate to see someone like you going so fast before the coming GE.

So Perkasa New Member, let me teach you how to relax and control your temper. First find a quiet place, example the bottom of a 50 feet deep empty well. Sit still and hold your breath while counting up to 1,000 (I assume you can count). When you start seeing stars and the heavens, hold your breath even more because you are almost reaching enlightenment. Once you reach enlightenment, you will find 72 beautiful virgins waiting for you. Now isn't this worth it to control your temper?

A Newer New Perkasa Member

zorro said...

New Fart....perkasa new member could not understand your two dots and an I. He thought it was a spelling error. That is the new perkasa breed.....the left-over basi crumbs that my neighborhood rat wont even sniff at.

new fart said...

Ya lah bro, have no time for this type of "cannot find a more appropriate word to describe this kind of human species"!!! Cheers :)

Perkasa New Member said...

Zoorow's new fart..

as a man I would prefer to show my middle fingure right between your eyes.

Angel TanWC said...

I feel sorry for our dear king. Some people keep publishing stories that he is being attacked, that others are starting a war against him. So far I have not read that the king himself said he is being attacked. Strange.

JomoSamaTuaran said...

if this is what the majesty have said...then i feel sorry for him.