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KoSong Cafe said...

What if Bersih have street parties all over Malaysia a la 1Student 1Sport 1Malaysia Run?

Anonymous said...

What started out as a humble, peaceful attempt at change has gained a life of its own. We dont know where the tide will take us, but one thing is certain, if the time has come for something to happen, it will happen.

The real Malaysian said...

Just out of curiosity, why is bersih marching through malay-muslim merchant areas such as chow kit and masjid jamek?

Why not disrupt areas that are chinese dominated businesses such as chinatown and bukit bintang?

Is there any agenda behind this? or the chauvinists just looking out for their kind?

Back to your question- how to stop a tide?
- well, hopefully with alot of tear gas, batons, water cannons, and real patriots hitting back via silat. See you on the streets, if that is where you want to take it.. someone has to look after the muslim merchants who are the victims come 9-jul, and the people looking after them sure isnt your kind

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo scared ... they calling the silat gang ... but I'll be there.

The real Malaysian said...

Anon, I have answered this blogger as he posed a question, you on the other hand have not adderessed my question

- why is bersih marching through malay-muslim merchant areas such as chow kit and masjid jamek?

Why not disrupt areas that are chinese dominated businesses such as chinatown and bukit bintang?

With people like you, I hope they use brute force to overcome the trouble makers. Maybe real live ones instead of rubber or tin cannisters?

bruno said...

By outlawing Bersih.Next what can they think of.Hishamuddin,you have already been branded a coward.What next.Hide your face under your mak's sarong.You can sit and just ask your goons to do the dirty work.Why not go on the ground and do it yourself.That is if you have not lost your two telors yet.

You are a disgrace to your family.
A lowdown scum.The IGP and his deputy are your running dogs.After GE 13 all you Umnoputras will be hung by your batangs up the lamposts naked for all to see.That is if you still have one.You think that you are a saint.You were skirt chasing somebody's wife in Johore.Or have you forgetten already.You cheapskate bum.

Anonymous said...

Silat ? From China ?

Lol !

Jong said...

This corrupt government is evil. It started with a simple coming together Rakyat's call for justice, free and fair election. They obviously are guilty, cheating the Rakyat left, right and centre and have so much to hide!

It has come to a point when we have had ENOUGH! Today they 'outlawed' Bersih, who's next? - Pakatan Rakyat?

Will Najib use his cousin Hishamuddin to C4 those who oppose him to stay in power?

I'm told UMNO is spilt, not all members are with him, so what about leaders in MCA, MIC, Gerakan and BN component parties, have they lost their tongues? Make your stand - Are you with the People/Rakyat?

Anonymous said...

No different fm Khairy Jamaluddin trying to break Greece's law to get to Gaza?

Maha Peguam said...

Dear legal expert Abdul Aziz,
What are u talking about? Never in Malaysian history has the agong intervened in anything unless it is at the behest of the gomen. The agong can't act on his own, and neither will the military follow his orders without the blessing of the gomen. So don't raise the people's expectations.

wandererAus said...

Silat gang? blooming foot!
Supporters of Bersih 2.0 are decent and honorable gentlemen, we see no need to resort to violence.
In modern times, globalization has made the world closer, we can always confront these UMNO bastards with our cyber wars. They should be thankful, Communist China have not lowered the value of their Yuan, if they do, Bolehland will be shitting bricks!!
Don't blame these UMNO binatang from Najib's animal farm, it is just their natural behavior...might is right!
Let show them, the pen is mightier than the sword

Anonymous said...

Hey real Malaysian,
You might as well call a real, misguided, racist and religious bigot. You see anything and everything through your taliban aka UMNOputra mentality. You don't seem to understand that BERSIH 2.0 calls for a CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTIONS. You don't seem to have read their 8 demands. You don't realize that the EC, PDRM, MACC and the JUDICIARY which should be for the people and impartial in their actions have become nothing but neutered dogs of the UMNO/BN.

So long as the Malays of your ilk support an evil and corrupted regime, there is no real salvation for the country. It is fast becoming a failed state just like all other Muslim countries all over the Middle East. You only see this globalized world through your myopic and blinkered world where everyone is against you, your religion and are schemeing to take away your rice bowl and ketuanan status.

Grow up man. Get rid of your seige mentality. People have better things to do. They don't care two hoots for your taliban craps. People want better governance. They want a transparent, responsible, corruption-free government that takes care of its people. They don't want pirates robbing and sodomising the rakyat.

You, the socalled real Malaysian has been so spoon fed and have become such a parasite that you feel at a loss when people are just asking for a CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTION. Perhaps you are so corrupted and mired down in filthy politics that you don't want ANYTHING clean and fair. What about your children and grand children? Do you want them to be FILTHY, DIRTY, UNCLEAN and CORRUPTED? Think about it. Is this the legacy that you want your children and descendants to inherit?

CHANGE man, for heaven sake CHANGE.Don't forever live under a coconut shell.

bruno said...

When Hisham has nightmares it is usually about a word spell "BERSIH"
That is why Bersih brings back bad memories for him.That is why he banned Bersih.What he doesn't know is that their worst nightmares are yet to come.Come GE 13th, Bersih is going to sweep Hisham and his gang straight to Kamunting.

Anonymous said...


Pls help. I am kinda worried with this particular silat group who said they will use their high martial arts skills if Bersih2 persist. How??

zorro said...

Bersih and all the other rallies have never destroyed any public property. We march unarmed except with our convictions. We walk in peace assured that everyone will behave themselves. Be not afraid then!

charleskiwi said...

The present government has gone mad running scare that their fates will be similar to those of the dictators of the Middle East.
They are either getting indicted or about to what a bunch of deceitful and corrupted dictators and why are they muslims ? The best part of these scenario is that they are all thrown out by muslims. Therefore deceit will only get you so far and Allah will catch up with you one day, do you hear that shenanigan Mahathir , cronies and family ? He is about to come to this part of the world or he is already here. Repent and ask the entire present regime too to do the same !

Anonymous said...

Help ! help ! I am so scared !

We have 4 mils Silat masters descending upon KL to chop and throw their weight around ! So what ? I am armed with TRUTH and HUMAN CONSCIENCE !

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

All Hindus in Malaysia are affected by this gomen's new ruling lah friend !

The authorities have banned all Hindu devotees from dressing in YELLow during the next Thaipusam celebrations.

They insisted that Batu Caves can turn into any color except YELLow.

Their warnings are strongly directed towards the thousands of female Hindu devotees who use YELLow saries,YELLow blouses,YELLow wrapped stainless steel pots in fulfiling their vows on Thaipusam Day.

In a deal worked out with MIC....the authorities have agreed to replace YELLow with Blue for all the devotees.

MIC has requested all Hindu devotees to wear BLUE and turn Batu Caves into a Sea Of Blue. For this, the gomen has promised to replace all YELLow neon ligts and bulbs found in Hindu temples in Malaysia free of charge.

It is reported that the gomen is completely comfortable with anything BLUE (termasuk d polis) and the Batu Caves temple authorities have been instructed to play only BLUES MUSIC on Thaipusam Day (instead of the usual loud hollerings heard on the PA system)

I have also abstained from the following : All kinds of Yellow Mee,Butter,Planta Margarine, Bananas,Durians,Yellow of the Egg,
Jagung,Fresh Orange till this afternoon.

The gomen has also ordered DHL vans and trucks to stay away from the roads until further notice.


new fart said...

real Malaysian....ha....ha...yes u r indeed the real Malaysian representing those bigoted racists, living on handouts from a corrupted regime and taliban-like religious extremists. Keep it up man and u will go far!

Anonymous said...

I will keep this sweet and short.

I am attending the march on July 9.

I see many here are making a lot of noise. How many are actually attending Bersih2 this Sat?? Can we have a show of hands , pls?

Anonymous said...

Real Malaysian

Why, oh why, after 40 years of preferential policies to help Malays, most of the Malays are still considered poor?

Why are the UMNO goons living in big bungalows, driving expensive cars, flying 1st class, sending their children abroad to study,


malay-muslim merchant areas such as chow kit and masjid jamek, are still peddling their wares under the blazing hot sun for the past 40years?

IF you use the brain of yours to think and be honest to yourself for once, you may find that you are actually smart.

But then, you need to show you are JANTAN to your UMNO keepers, so that means, no using brains, ya?

Asril Sani said...

So what with the Bersih rally, Uncle Zorro.
How can an illegitimate group overthrow a legitimate government?

The real Malaysian said...

Anon 4.55 pm

So what if they are still selling in those places? They are making an honest living.

Still no one has answered the question. Why march through Malay - Muslim merchant areas? why not through the triad infested petaling street and bukit bintang?

Anonymous said...

I never was a fan politics. I never give a damn about BN or Pakatan Rakyat, I believe both are hypocrite and never vote before even I eligible to do it for the last 2 terms. But last Friday, I went to POS office purposely to register myself and I will use my right as a citizen to vote and kick the corrupted/ignorant/facist A.S.S out of putrajaya. See you on the 9 July 2011. I'm staying just the next road of Sogo!

zorro said...

Asril, it depends who made that group illigitimate? according to the constitution, Bersih, Perkasa and UMNO youth have the right to peaceful assembly. Key word is peaceful! Only Perkasa and the silat group has warned that they cannot be responsible for an untoward action of their people.
How is the new addition in the family coming along.

bruno said...

Hishamuddin and his merrymen in blues are busy rounding up law abiding citizens and letting the real criminals running loose speaks a lot about his credibility.As HM,he has to uphold the laws of the land.He has shown and proven that he has failed in discharging his duties responsibly.
In the process he has embarassed and shamed the citezens and Government of this country.

He has disgraced King and country in failing to maintained law and order in this country.His failure and ineffectiveness has steered the country into a lawless state.
We even have 600 terrorists running loose in the streets terrorising the people. Thus the GOM has become the laughing stock of the whole world.

If our HM and his merry men are unable to maintained law and order in our once peaceful nation then we have to find other alternatives.For starters we have to ask PM Najib to requisition from the UN's SC to stationed 100 thousand peacekeeping troops here to maintained neutrality among our security forces.It is called action first,talk later.

Asril Sani said...

Little baby Zorro is growing well. Hope he will not be naughty like you.
Our Agong has put his foot down and asked us not to carry out the demo.
He also has word of advice to our PM.
So I hope we all abide by his advice.
Weekend is my lepak time. Please don't create trouble.
Other days is curfew for me.

bruno said...

What has happened in Indonesia in the sixties and seventies is happening in Malaysia in 2011.It has become a "COWBOY TOWN" for the Umno thugs and terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Real Malaysian is really a dumb fart.

Here's a tip ala economics 101. Muslim-malay or chinese area, it doesn't matter. If I were them Muslim-malay merchants, this will be a damn good opportunity to make heaps of extra bucks. Here's what the merchants can do:
1. Sell food and drinks ... marchers will be craving for them.
2. Sell Bersih 2.0 souvenirs. Them Chinese in Shenzhen can come up with anything under the sun within hours at dirt cheap prices as souvenirs ... but then you hate Chinese anyway.
3. Set up game stalls ... children loves them.
4. Offer promotional prices for the usual stuff that are sold ... that does not mean cheap sale. It means creative sales to attract the additional traffic.

Bersih 2.0 can be a carnival walk ... and there are lots of extra money to make by those that open shop / stalls along the way.

Damn, if I have the franchise to organise this for UMNO, I will make this the biggest annual carnival in Malaysia where everyone has a great time and UMNO make indecent amount of money.

But then, Real Malaysian and his kind are too absorbed in the Melayu against pendatang syndrom. Hey, be kind to yourselves. It's not healthy to continuously live in fear. Communism is not (and never was) a threat to world peace. Your UMNO leaders, Najib and Muhiyidin etc. kow-tow to communist China to get investments, if only you read the news and not fairy tales in Utusan Malaysia.

zorro said...

Asril, for once sacrifice your weekend quality time and come walk with me.....for a better Malaysia for your little brother. Think about it.

zorro said...

Anon1024pm....the traders could make a killing selling salt and water to cleanse skin and eyes.

Anonymous said...

King intervenes, tells Putrajaya, Bersih 2.0 to hold talks -- Malaysia Insider

The real Malaysian said...

So how now? Sultan of Pahang asking the mob not to march .

Agong also said that there should be consultations

Now you want to send this memorandum to His Royal Highness, and he is not interested in it. How now? He wants the mob to sit down and talk like civilised people.

Still want to derhaka to the Agong like your lot did in penang's mosque elections? Want to put your foot in your mouth again?

HRH Agong has spoken. Now I want to see you all derhaka to him. I bet you that the organisers are crapping in their pants now

Anonymous said...

Mass protest against Hong Kong government

"... More than 200,000 demonstrators have staged a peaceful rally against government policies and soaring property prices, the protest's organisers have said....."

The Color Yellow

Anonymous said...

There were times when such phrase works, but not in Malaysia anymore - You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. Matthews

Anonymous said...

Malaysians has began such egoitic kiasu such that they are willing to practise ways of the egoistics West!

Asril Sani said...

No thanks Uncle. I am a student.
Anyway, our Agong has spoken. I saw on TV last night the statement advising us to stop the demo.
We must listen to him as loyal citizens. Please advise your people to stop it.
Ambiga, Anwar and all titled people should stop the demo.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, I think better if Bersih is called off, as soon there will be no opposition MP in Parliament, as all will be arrested under OPS PISANG and will be arrested under ISA for waging war against the agong. Then how? Najib will call for an election and BN will win hands down! Tell Bersih to call it off and on July 9, just stay at home and put up yellow flag at each house or to be safer still, put up yellow clothes to dry outside your house. This way the Police cannot arrest anyone for illegal assembly, as everyone would actually be at home. Let's then see how the traders react to a day of no business, since no one will be on the street. The taxi drivers will also suffer that day. Is this not a better option? All our MP's will still be safe and not under arrest under "OPS PISANG". Please pass suggestion on to Ambiga.

SetiaSelalu said...

Its only the CORRUPT who are afraid of Free & Fair Elections as they have much to lose if voted out.
The whole rot that we see today -racism,injustice & corruption has its roots with the Grand Mamak Fake Malay MahaTHIEF.
Our Judiciary,Polis & Macc have all been used and are being used for political tools to silent opposition and cover ups.
BERSIH is about Good Governance being realised by the wishes of the Rakyat.
Ambiga,NGOs, Pakatan Rakyat and so many concerned Citizens are the REAL PATRIOTS NOT the Crooks in armani suits and flashy cars stealing and raping the Nation's wealth.
Government is there to serve the people and not the other way round ! Evil triumph when the Good people stay silent !
Hidup Reformasi !

tonyL said...


why not use every color there is and then we will all be nakid.


zorro said...

Asril, the protest by the STUDENTS of Kent State University heralded the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War. America lost the Viet War at HOME! But of course that was not your time. Your Dad can remember that. If the youth do not show any semblance of ownership of the future of this country who will?
Did you care to read my posting of July 2 and June 27?
Come out of your comfortable cocoon and free yourself from this dark comfort zone in the "I am a student "tempurung". Smell the coffee Asril. The future is in the hands of the young and caring.....unless you take the easy way out and let others do the work for you. In our recent discourses I thought you were maturing somewhat until: "Weekend is my lepak time. Please don't create trouble." WHO, yes, WHO threatened trouble?

Anonymous said...

Zorro, when you disrupt the daily life of others, that is no way peaceful. Try convince that to them , hope they can believe you.

Btw, I also don't believe all of you here who wrote they will be on the street dare to be on the frontlines and risk to be locked up for weeks.

Behind the keyboard, you can type what you want.
Be a hero, risk your life when you got nothing to lose.
But reality, pakatan leaders really don't care about you guys. Especially anwar. Just ask those who had been in kamunting for years.

Anonymous said...

In everyday speech, the phrase "turn the other cheek" is often used to mean something like "turn away from aggression and ignore it rather than retaliate." Morality lessons that teach turning the other cheek as a good or Christian value would typically emphasize nonviolence and NON-confrontation

Nurul said...

I have lost my faith on our Police!

bumi-non-malay said...

Amazing Agong and Sultan ...suddenly have a mouth to they want to give IMPRESSION they are on the side of rakyat in case the Middle scenerio occurs. Ruling Elite must be getting scared. There will be Human Genocide on their Head over any Gadaffi....then bribe Africa Union to dismiss the genocide like China did to Sudan ...all for the sake of Oil, money!! We Malaysian are not bodoh...Internet is Game Changer!!

You see they take advice from UMNO-BN racist and like humans wants to preserve their legacy in case they get the Jordan or Bahrain or Nepal Royalty deal.

Funny this Agong and Sultan also approve the $1 Billion Istana and meanwhile orang asli, poor malays, indians, chinese still in atap house, long affirmative action to improve that lot.

So for a last term serving Agong...take his fake statement with a grain of salt and wait on 9 July at Istana Negara for the memo on Clean Election.

Also funny Malaysia can have $100 Million security immigration systems with biometrics contract given to bumiputera UMNO company but indelible ink cost less than $100 so hard to implement. The Agong and Sultan Needs to ask Election Commission to at least implement 2-3 of the BERSIH demand in 1 month....Like Postal vote for ALL including overseas, Gerry mandering FIX....but alas....I have to say Agong better hurry up and implement BERSIH Request or face the prospect of a Jordan or Nepal style Royalty. In position of power and yet constantly use the LAME excuse can't do much is a Loser Munafiq response....Much like that Kelantan Sultan DERHAKA BAPAK and stole the Throne is Downright Insult and HINA where is the Budaya and Protocol Melayu on the Kelantan Scam??... Sultan pun suatu ketika orang biasa!!

We will NOT Be Obedient to Lies, Murder, Killings and Insult to Islam - AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR

PAS Jadi Perisai, bumi non malay dan rakyat Malaysia jadi LEMBING......Jom turun padang!! Together for a better Malaysia 9 July....

Anonymous said...

For far too long, we have had cowards who tell us that there is no upside with respect to marching for your rights. Those who tell us that it’s better to stand down than to face the full force of repression. Of course we know that it’s an uphill climb. It’s an uphill climb when the odds are stacked against us, when the organs of the state are used in full force against us – the Police, the AG’s Chambers, the Judiciary. Does it mean we stand down? Does it mean that we give up and let the brain drain continue? Does it mean that we should not try to change public opinion or perception?

Anonymous said...

Hisham is just His Sham.

A march for free and fair elections is declared illegal by him. Waving the keris and threatening to spill the blood of unarmed Malaysians is not illegal. Threatening to shed the blood of Hindus as the cow-head demonstrators did, is not illegal. Threatening to launch a crusade against Christian Malaysians as Ibrahim Ali did is not illegal. Calling on UMNO members to spill the blood of other Malaysians in order for UMNO to retain power in Putrajaya as Najib did is not illegal. Hisham's really nothing but His Sham.

Hisham, launch everything you have against us when we march for free and fair elections on July 9th. We will respond with love and peace. The world will witness your sham and come the next GE, we will march you and UMNO out of office.

Anonymous said...

Anwar & Family already packing up to flee to Germany.

Leaving supporters bleeding on the street.

Zorro, you could be next hauled up for supporting and promoting Bersih.

No need to be heroic.

better take cover. Those leaders don't really care bout your sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Anon July 4, 2011 9:59 AM?

You will see! No point arguing with you here!





Little Batman said...

uncle zorro, please join Berish 2.0 [Official] FB.. the tide is growing beautifully in there!

little batman

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro:

You and your readers might be interested in reading this piece:

'Debunking the Bersih 2.0 critics'.

aman said...

I was ready for the 9 July until the last night news;
1. The King says NO.
2. The outcome of the Thailand elections.

The 2nd reason is something that tell me “OK, no need street demo”
So guys, out there, let’s do it ‘silently’ at the GE.

Zorro, I think we can fight another day another way!
Moreover, almost every street demos will end up with violent!

Parameswara said...

Zorro, say if you are born in China, will you dare the same?

Ambiga, if u'r born in India, do you fight for the same?

Both of you should thanks your ancestor that brought your life into this peaceful land.

dagen said...

A responsive and responsible government would always listen to the people and would always keep the line for communication with the people open.

Umno decided to cut communication with the people on this important issue. The great umno police arrogantly (and disastrously) announced that the great umno police will not talk anymore.

That announcement, although was by the great umno police, is as good as an announcement by jibby jib himself. So really the agung ought to call on umno and jibby jib to maintain communication with the people.

This thing about umno rally vs people’s rally which jibby jib has been threatening, really jib and umno ought to realise that past and present events of the world tell us one piece of reality consistently. Nothing could be more powerful than people’s power! That is why suppression/oppression was created by dictator governments (like umno). Suppression and oppression by their very nature are measures that could be maintained for brief periods and on temporary basis only.

Vote umno out!

Anonymous said...

Killing with stolen C4 is illegal but that didn't stop them blowing up Altantuya.
Cheating with Phantom and postal votes is illegal but the practice still goes on.
Bonking outside marriage is illegal but does that stop even the AG?
Framing others is illegal but why is Ramli still being pursued?
Throwing witnesses from high buildings is not only illegal but murderous but why isn't MACC charged?
And you want to stop BERSIH from marching just because you can abuse your powers or is it because you are shit scared, Najib??


new fart said...

Anon 9:59AM.....see, it's comments like yours that won't win you many friends, will it? To counter your comments:
What disruption to the DAILY life of others??? Does everyone drives down to downtown KL every weekend? How on earth will it inconvenience you for a couple of hours if this march is orderly and with the Police (if they would agree to it but of course they wouldn't) directing the traffic. Go see how the HK Police does it! And why do you assume that it won't be peaceful unless of course you know that those UMNO goons/thugs would be out to make troubles, right?

And why are you again assuming that those who commented here HIDING behind their keyboards, as you have said it, will not be marching on the day? But why should it surprise us that pea-brained people like you would assume anything that doesn't gel with your wafer-thin intellectual!

And lastly, why are you assuming that we care about Anwar and any of those opposition politicians??? Nobody give two hoots about Anwar or BN as this march is for FAIR & CLEAN elections and it's for all MALAYSIANS, get it!

Now, go wag your tail and get a life!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that BERSIH 2.0 has achieved most of its aims. More of the public now understand more, are more rile up, and more will register to vote, and more will vote.

However, I feel for the human toll that we have paid to get so far. Those who have been incarcerated for doing the right thing. Non of us believe, even for a second, the thought that Dr Jeyakumar and group are communist with intend to spread communism. HaHaHaHa. What a joke. But they have suffered for us.

Maybe, we should hold a day of vigil as our support for them. Collect funds for their family. We don’t know how long they will be kept in.

We must change the tenant at Putrajaya.

new fart said...

Parameswara...don't be so condescending in your comments about others. You think by using your "Malay" so-called heroic name, you can exert you Ketuanan bullshit on the non-Malays!!! What if you were born in Indonesia or wherever your ancestors come from, you think you can still enjoy the rewards that the non-Malays helped in reaping for this country??? Now go home and pray to your God for repentance! Asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

Zorro talk big only lah. You saw how scared he was when he was arrested in perak? watch the youtube. Trembling, no resistance. What happen to your fighting spirit? why lose your balls as soon as police put his hands on you? Talk cock , talk big behind keyboard only. Old keyboard warrior but in real life just a scared shit old man

new fart said...

Anon AMENO cyber-troopers, way to go...way to go...! You are but a fool!

Anonymous said...

new fart? what so new? it's just another fart. you guys are not even on the street yet and see how your attitude? and dare to say, peaceful gathering?
Come on, you are all bunch of rascal and don’t even know what you are up for? Go ahead with your demo, Ambiga and all the baruah and I hope the water canon will silent your fart forever, fool, idot!

Anonymous said...

Anon July 4, 2011 1:27 PM
Go take a walk man! not stopping you. Go get fucked. Good luck running on the street! Hope you have good legs.
New Fart, I've got enough friends. And you don't understand KL traffic, weekend or even weekdays.
But hey, thanks to bersih, Pakatan will be losing more friends.
btw, Anwar will be spending summer in london on that weekend.
Spare all the details when he comes back, that is, if he comes back. Bamboo River is waiting..

Anonymous said...

better read this for some of you idiot to understand

najib manaukau said...

To all the so called Malays !

One more time, just incase you have forgotten, that you are NOT the sons of the soil. The Sakai and the Head Hunters are the sons of the soil. Just remember who gave the Sakai the name of Orang Asli ( Original People ) for sure it is not the Chinese or the Indians it is the Malays. The Malays then were honest enough to call them the original people. Because they are !
So for the last time please don't ever call yourself the sons of the soil. Because you are not and in case you forget the truth, you are actually the descendants of Indonesian pirates who came to Malaya to seek refuge. Don't be ashamed of what they did just to try and improve on what you are. Don't forget to learn how to walk first and then also run the full 100 meter race and not 10 or 20 meters in it.
Get up from the wheel chair and throw away the walking stick if you want to learn how to walk and then run. That is if you ever want to learn how to independent and complete with your peers.
You always claim that you were here before us and if that is so what were your ancestors doing before we came ? Our ancestors did not come with even hundred of thousands, not to mention millions. How come to day so many of them are worth millions and some even billions ? Sheer hard works and plenty of educations for their descendants and never any deceits and corruptions. Try doing that for a change, deceits and corruptions are no different from those of your Indonesian pirates of tester years.
Please remember your more literate elders and leaders are openly admitting that you all are either third or fourth generation of immigrants
and not sons of the soil. So for the final time, I know that is only an illusion, stop calling yourself the sons of the soil.

Anonymous said...

anon July 5, 2011 8:27 AM

go tell that to the Agong and Sultan!

behind keyboard berani la cakap. Hope you be at the frontlines of bersih and get fucked real good!

new fart said...

hear..hear...najib manukau, well said! These Malays are what we called in Oz, "Farking Bludgers!". And there are plenty of them around unfortunately!