Sunday, July 24, 2011



Anonymous said...

the next earthquake is likely to register 13 on the richter scale- GE 13

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
I hope we can have a better magnitude than that. What say you and all those in the BERSIH organizing to do a 9.07 to send a gigantic Tsunami to those arrogant UMNO and gangs.

sampalee said...

The opening quote from Sakyumini is the Truth, that in unity [Wholeness],there canNOT be seperation.
The Trinity is NOT three,but a seamless ONE.Scripture awaken us to the timeless ONEness as politicains and idealogy continue to DIvide.
DEMOcracy is itself seeds of divisive concepts.The only doorway to freedom is RELIgion.All else including Bersih pollute the Truth.
Why reinvent the wheel,when we can all return to our respective religion enmasse.Politicians promote duality [Right and Wrong] and the outcome is REvealed in the various kithabs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Check out your good friend, Rocky Bru blog. He posted some interesting video about Mat Sabu etc

Anonymous said...

who cares about that punk ahiruddin attan. he changed sides long time ago
screw him and his cronies

kittykat46 said...

The police video actually proves the Mat Sabu fell as a result of deliberate police interference.
A deserted road (zero traffic in the lead up scene, and in the aftermath) , a motorbike, and two police vehicles - a Land Rover + a car behind - that suddenly appear to cut-off the motorbike's path, right and left.

Anonymous said...

u r all talking about "voting out umno in ge13".

but do u all know that gerry mandering has started since march 2008 by umno in the form of additional postal votes (suddenly there are additional millions of legalised aliens, new rela members and para-army personnel postings in all the 222 parliament seats)??

your one vote will not be able to do the trick. selangor is falling. and fast. margins of win less than 10% are aplenty in selangor and other pakatan states.

pakatan needs your help. pakatan has no access to jpn (all our nric data). and jpn and spr has been in cahoots since last year.

yes, i repeat. your vote alone is not enough. there are still 4,000,000 unregisterd voters. go find them. your friends. your relatives. ask them. help them. push them. we need more votes.
think. kapar seat has 112,000 voters. putrajaya parliament seat has less than 7,000 voters. both of these are parliament seats. now, do u see what i mean?

pls do something. please.


Charlie Oscar said...

Thank you for showing the Disorderly Behaviour of these Opposition Hooligans as though there are no laws and orders!!!
Even though the Street Demonstration is Illigal, these Opposition Supporters are bent on causing Disruptions to the daily lives of The Rakyat in KL!!!
What a Shame!!!

Old Fart said...

You got to feel sorry for a man who has got his balls stuck in the clutches of a vice!!

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim is going to unleash his 'Bukti Video' on RTM and TV3.

Please tell the kampung folks that the footage are likely been edited to suit BN.