Sunday, December 4, 2011


He wrote a book about racial issues.
His country was poor until he industrialised it.
He promoted the creation and manufacturing of the first national car.
He promoted the development of science in his country .
He made sure that his country hosted a world-class sports event.
Large and impressive stadiums were built for that purpose.
He had to deal with a severe currency devaluation.
He insisted that the problems of his country were due to a conspiracy by Jews, foreign powers and obscure elements.
He criticised the major powers of the world.
Most of the countries in the world criticised him, but some said he was right.
He reduced political opposition to an insignificant level, and the press was controlled by him.
He had a number two who called for reforms and caused the
jealousy of other big shots in the party.
His number two, who had been with him for around 17 years, was finally removed under accusations of homosexuality and treason.

And the rest of the story is very well known......
Does this person sound familiar to you ?
Do you know who he is ?
Are you sure ?




Anonymous said...

Alamak Grandpa, too easy, my boy could answer this one

RicNg said...

Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Let me take the first guess: the non-stop barking expm?

Anonymous said...

7th Prime Minister
The warrior with an agenda for reformasi

Jong said...

...err that evil 'batu-api' who bastardize dumno? What about him?

If you are expecting a confession like what his chief loyalist & spin-master Mohamad Rahmat did, forget it. This old jackal is beyond hope!

To refresh memories of readers here..

Majulah said...

! made a strong national car , the other one made a rolling cuffin ...

LAT said...

He himself and all his children's name are

LAT said...

He himself and all his children's name are

Anonymous said...

Devil incarnate

Anonymous said...

A certain Mamat(Indian Muslim)descendant from Kerala, India who is also a megalomaniac and needed
to build the tallest twin-tower in the world using resources meant for his country's poor?

tun speak the truth said...

RicNg, Hitler already dead la!

I will try my best to guess here. Is it the mad doctor, Hannibal Lecter?

Bobo said...

Malaysia's one and only Indian PM

bruno said...

Must be Mr Din,the sugar daddy of the lady minister of NFC fame and maid in waiting for the last 17 years.

motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
This is a tough one---I would try in any case to answer even if there is A "priz/ce" for it.

Is he the same guy who had an advantage of a Bad Memory in all criminal investigations against him?- as he stereo typed all right thinking Malays and claimed he was one?

Is he the one who cursed the Jews and signed deals with them thro the back door??

Is he the one who read all the Secret papers of the Altantuya murder and pretends to be blind?

Is he the same fella who tries to rewrite Islam to suit his games of fortune? Is he also an enemy of True Islamic teachings??

When he wanted a gardener and a maid for his retirement home he gave away more Blue IC's then they could ever print?

Is he the same guy who has a Fat Hyena with an over sized artery due to scavenging-- as a pet ?

Is he the same guy who loves Mugabe, but will refuse to take up Zimbabwean citizenship when he is forced to leave the country of residence currently ??

Is he the same guy who installed 2 more Moron PMs to help him continue his plunder thro the "garden gates"??

Dear Zorro, its tough!!! --just not able to recollect that Communist sounding Name !
A thousand apologies my dear !!
All good wishes to you dear Zorro!!

Anonymous said...


Easy one - The Great Fuehrer Adolf Hitler but come to think about it, on 2nd guess, someone we are familiar with .... chuckle ...

Mamu Tanjung

Anonymous said...


Bedul said...

Heehee, what kind of Trivial Pursuit is this, Uncle.
There must be a catch somewhere.
Awaiting the next posting.

shanghaistephen said...

No guess required. This was the father of racism and corruption. The old man who screwed us blind for 22 years. The irrelevant and senile Tun Mahathir who is also the biggest shit-stirrer and the cause of all the shit we hear daily. Why do you even have to give this fler any relevance in your blog Bernard ?

Antares said...

Hitler and his terrible twin Mahathir.

SK Au Yong said...

Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mamak Kutti
Looks like Mamak Kutti
Stinks like Mamak Kutti
It is Herr Kutti indeed

Anonymous said...

looks like him,sounds like him,must be that mamak doctor for sure.

Eric Blair said...

He learned the trade well from Meg Thatcher, pretended buy Brit last but was fully converted then. In any case he had to pretend so he could give Malaysians that kutty car that half the price of which could have given free U education to Malaysian kids.

Then Soros screwed him or they both screwed each other but Malaysians got sore asses. Meggy busted the unions, Kutty busted the country.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like one of my gardener called Mahathir. He watered my plants and most of them died. I wonder whether he put poison in the water.

Anonymous said...


flyer168 said...


You forgot some more...

He called the financier George Soros, whom he blamed for the flight of foreign capital from Asian markets, a "moron", and pointed out that he was Jewish.

"We are Muslims and the Jews are not happy to see Muslims progress," he said.

He often raised the spectre of re-colonisation of Malaysia by the British or nefarious western/Jewish forces.

He once said: "The British people accept homosexual ministers, but if they ever come here bringing their boyfriends along, we will throw them out."

Bush rebuke for M…- Telegraph -

Finally, to share this…

"I'm now told that Bush said he rebuked me,"

"That is the biggest lie of all."

"If he had rebuked me, I'm quite sure I'd have reacted in my normal way. I would have rebuked him also," he said.

Radio Islam: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has repeated his claim that Jews rule the world -

World - -

Press Conference with ...-

And "UMNO & their Ketuanan Leaders are definitely not Liars, Racist or Hypocrites" indeed!

You be the judge.


charleskiwi said...

He is non other but Lucifer reincarnate and the most hated man in Malaysia !

najib manaukau said...

An Umno made Malay no Allah made Malay,who is trying so hard to show to the world that he is a Malay and is doing everything possible to prove that he is a Malay ! Just like a chook who has his throat served and will still kick around to show that he is alive.
A mamak will always be a mamak even after he is buried he will still be known as a mamak.

Anonymous said...

Did he migrate here from Kerala?

Jong said...

Two decades of his autocratic rule with his 'divide & rule' policies had created much distrust amongst people of various race. He emptied the nation's coffer to enrich his cronies, corrupt the judiciary with legal frauds and to borrow a term from Dato Sakmongkol - this 'Doctor who can walk on water' effortlessly 'kow-tiem' the royal houses! - this, Najib learnt fast in Perak's powergrab!

All those amidst bitterness and resentment from Rakyat Malaysia.

And who put him there?
They kissed his hands and feet, they worshiped him! Not me, don't think it's you either.
It's those bunch of dirty scums of 'YES-men' within UMNO, who else!

Now they are pointing fingers at YOU, ME, ..DAP for 54 long years of failure?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

My guess is it's Adolf Hitler whose spirit was somehow reincarnated into one certain local indian/malay muslim doctor who turned into a pure bred 100% malay overnight to become Malaysia's 4th prime minister. I "cannot remember" the name of this pure bred malay 4th prime minister but I heard people calling him a CarTun Mamak or something similar sounding. I heard this CarTun is still very much alive and continuing daily to spew his anti-Jewish, anti-chinese/indians and racist propaganda to a bunch of Perkosa fellas and his United Morons National Organization party. Am I correct, correct, correct in my guess?

Anonymous said...

He gives good malaysians of Kerala origin a bad name!

Anonymous said...

The whiter half of your Metallic Black PM who started WWII.

Anonymous said...

little mr. kim jong il.

Anonymous said...

None other than Adolf Hitler, whom TDM modeled his ruling style.

Anonymous said...

sampj: He has to be that mad-hater Mamakkutty.

Anonymous said...

All the ills of the country which we face today originate from this mamak n yet he has the audacity to blame abdullah for it. Shame on him!!

bumi-non-malay said...

BAPA KEMEROSOTAN MALAYSIA will be printed on his Tomb stone and written on hari ini dalam Sejarah Malaysia....when United Rakyat takes over......Pakatan Rakyat have no guts at the moment to re-write history as part of PRU-13....

Sandoz said...

MAHA FIRAUAN. The one and only Indian PM of Malaysia. I like that.

kittykat46 said...

Haha...Uncle Zorro...
When he came into power, Germany was suffering from massive currency devaluation...he got the credit for Germany's economic revival from the Great Depression.
Adolf Hitler initiated the Volkswagen, Germany's national car.
Hosted the 1936 Berlin Olympics to show Aryan racial superiority.
Successfully blamed all of Germany's problems on the Jews.

I bet Mamak-tiu studied Mein Kampf very thoroughly...

Anonymous said...

The PM who talked big, slamming the West daily during his hegemonic rule... but when Al Gore, the American Vice-President then came to KL to urge and praise the "brave Malaysian to go for reformasi, this moment, this place, now" this PM could only smirked shamelessly as he was embarassed in his own backyard.... and the expression,"a paper tiger" was never more truthful.

Lionel Messi said...


One of the GREATEST PM Malaysia ever had. He's GOD's gift to Malaysia. Without this GREAT dude, MALAYSIA would have been in EXTREMELY BAD SHAPE by now without any GREAT things to show for.

Without this GREAT dude, we'll probably have Twin Attap Houses instead of KL Tower & Twin Tower. Without him, we'll probably have BICYCLES under the name of Proton. Without him, most MALAYSIANS would had already died from HUNGER & RIOTS by now. Without him, Malaysia would have already been controlled by the YANKESS via IMF by now & the list goes on & on & on & on. Pheeww, aren't we LUCKY to have him as our former PM?

Although there are many WANKERS who still complains he didn't do enough or perhaps didn't do anything at all to help the nation but I would say these WANKERS are pure IDIOTS who are VERY FRUSTRATED in life always craving for PERFECTION (well, perfection can only be found in heaven by the way). These WANKING FRUSTRATED individuals are feeling depressed in life NOT becos' this GREAT dude destroy the nation but instead these WANKING FRUSTRATED individuals are pure LOSERS in life. These individuals are BORN LOSERS & they wouldn't EXCEL wherever they go. They only know how to SCREW UP their life & ending up blaming the sky & the clouds. Sorry to say this but you can surely LABEL these individuals "Born to Lose".

All HAIL to the GREAT man of whom LOSERS call ADOLF HITLER!!!! All HAIL to the GREAT man of whom SMART & SUCCESSFUL people call TUN MAHATHIR!!!, how would you call this GREAT MAN??? Tricky, huh??? Hehehehehehe...."Gotcha"!!!

Voice of True Malaysians said...

Orang ini pasti seorang yang GAGAH,
Membawa kejayaan yang kian MEGAH,
Entah kenapa masih ada yang MEMARAH?,
Takda dia Malaysia dah jadi NERAKA.

Malaysia ada bangunan yang TINGGI,
Bahkan juga ada kereta SENDIRI,,
Janganlah kita asyik MENCACI,
Ini saja akan merendah DIRI.

Malaysia pasti dah MAJU,
Kejayaan destinasi MENUJU,
Jangan kita ejek dia macam KUTU,
Ini buat kita bagai ayam tak BERBULU.

Dia seorang yang semua orang BERHORMAT,
Membawa kejayaan bertingkat-TINGKAT,
Tanpa dia Malaysia lama dah mati LALAT,
Nama dia saya respect panggil MAHATHIR MOHAMMAD.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it is Adolf Hitler..

But I am sure the majority chinese readers of this blog will all point to a darker skin person as the bad guy.. after all, the chinese chauvinists who support PR all believe that darker people are hitam metallic haram jadah right? all mamaks and indians are pariahs right?

Only the chinese can give good governance right?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
Greetings to you.
I used to hate history classes because I had to memorize names and dates for the examination, which I later regretted because I learnt it the wrong way.
So I am not going to guess who that person is/was, and I am also not qualified to judge him. That's not the point.
Hate him or love him (or anywhere in between) as you please.
From his doings and the consequences, there is really much to be learned. That's what matters.
My warmest regards to you.

onnyap said...

Hitler and MM do have something in common - Dictator

Anonymous said...

These 2 persons, one dead and the other alive, follow such similar path in their lives that what is left now for the one who is alive is go hide in a dungeon and kill himself!

Many of us are eagerly waiting for that day ...

Anonymous said...

Umno’s god = Rasuah-lah
Umno’s religion = Is-Rasuah-lah
Umno’s race = Me-Rasuah-You
Umno’s adat = Dirasuk Rasuah

Anonymous said...

No other than the mamak pandikutty who is from Kerala but became a Melayu by marrying a Melayu. He doesn't even associate himself with other mamaks of his ilk, fearing the clever Malays would have him thrown in the gulag for misimpersonation and outright fraud.

Idzhan said...

Anon 1:56pm said..
"fearing the clever Malays would have him thrown in the gulag for misimpersonation and outright fraud."

Actually its the chinese who are making a big fuss about his background. Malays are accommodating and accepting kind of race. As long as you practice our religion, speak our language and adhere to our adat, we consider you one of us. This can be seen with the Malaynised Indians of penang, nyonya in melaka, arabs all over malaysia and pakistanis ..all of whom we consider as part of our big family.

Funny thing is that all you DAP type chinese preach about racial equality and racial harmony but are quick to condemn his race and background, and all at once taking a swipe at the whole indian muslim community.

Anonymous said...

sei ching pah how meaning whole body died but mouth cannot die

TheWhisperer said...

Has to be that MOTHERFUCKER!