Monday, December 12, 2011


Is it a treasonous act to allow free access of UMNO favored blogger Papagomo into KD Tun Razak?

The Minister of Defence earlier said that no bloggers were invited and even Guan Eng’s bodyguard was not given access.

Asking around I am informed that the Captain of the Submarine can only give permission to the Blogger, if the Chief of Navy gives the green light and he can only do so if he gets clearance from Military Intelligence who can give the go ahead if the Minister of Defence gives the nod. So, who authorized this security breach. In this instance, the Navy’s reputation, intergrity and profession is besmirched by this dastardly intrusion. In this case a Colonel friend of mine volunteered that this process was undeniably short-circuited to embed this gomo guy into the sub.

I also learned that even if you are allowed access it must be accompanied by a certificate of indemnity signed by the next of kin. The next of kin has the legal right to sue should any mishap befall him during his visit to the facility.

I also was reliably informed that permission to enter a military facility must be submitted ahead of time. This is for Military Intelligence to vet and verify the legitimacy of the visit. Military Intelligence cannot allow Mossad, CIA, or Singapore spies to infiltrate our military facilities.

Can you remember sometime ago a Sikh non-commissioned officer (a sergeant) was arrested by our Special Branch. He admitted spying for Singapore. LKY when questioned brushed this aside by saying: “You spy on us, we spy on you.” I believe he was sequestered in our government hotel in Kamunting until an exchange program was instituted!

In a blog post yesterday, Papagomo admitted being in the submarine for about five hours, and had questioned the crew about everything related to the craft, the details of which are considered "a government secret".

Isn’t it treason to divulge “government secrets” to a total stranger. Shouldn’t this submariner be court-martialed?

Will the Armed Forces Council act?

What is the composition of the Mlaysian ArmedForcesCouncil?

The Malaysian Armed Forces Council is a Malaysian military body established under Article 137 of the Constitution of Malaysia and is the constitutional body responsible (under the general authority of the King as Supreme Commander) for the command, discipline and administration ofMalaysia's armed forces. It is composed of the following members;

§ The Minister of Defence.

§ One member appointed by the Conference of Rulers.

§ The Chief of the Armed Forces Staff, who is appointed by the King of Malaysia.

§ The Secretary General of Defence.

§ Two senior staff officers of the federation armed forces, appointed by the King.

§ A senior officer of the federation navy, appointed by the King.

§ A senior officer of the federation air force, appointed by the King.

§ Up to two other members, appointed by the King.

What is KEY about this Council is that every member is appointed by the Agong, outgoing or incumbent, and this council cannot let this incident pass like a passing dark cloud, unless this august body deems the security and sovereignty of our country is of little concern!

Now read this:

WITHIN mere minutes of spotting a car travelling on a dusty track in the United States’ south-western desert, the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s (RSAF) latest and most lethal “smart” bomb found and hit its target.

All these happening HERE whilst a worm worms itself into our submarine whose main mission is to intercept hostile intrusions into our waters; insert and remove covert agents and military forces, for intelligence gathering; to rescue or carry cargo through hostile waters or act as supply vessels or to prove that ours can submerge and resurface.

DANG! We sure have a reliable Defence Minister, no?

For sure Generation 709 will never condone OCCUPY SUBMARINES by Zahid's bloggers!


KoSong Cafe said...

Everybody thought it was unbecoming of Zahid to dare Lim to go into the submarine... like schoolboys. What Zahid thought was a great idea to refute criticisms that the sub cannot dive, turned out to have serious legal implications. So what if the sub can dive now? That was expected of a sub, wasn't it? Surely, the main issues of high costs and its initial failure cannot be so simply dismissed by a demonstration. The Minister would have been sacked in other countries for such conduct, but this is Bolehland where some are above the law.

Anonymous said...

hello zorro.

this is UMNOland. They set the laws. They interpret the laws. They enforce the laws. The rest of the institutions are just at their beckoning.

if they allow dogs to get into the submarine, its UMNO perogrative.

Antares said...

We all live in a Yellow Submarine... but even so, Umno has gone completely overboard... glub glub glub glub glub...

bruno said...

Papalembu does all the bastardising of gutter politics that Umno itself does not have the guts and balls to do.This guy is a diehard Umno paid blogger.So he is definitely one of them,an Umno loyalist.So getting security cleareance from the very top is no problem for him.So is Big Dog.The leopard has already shown its true colors.

malchindian said...

That's 2 counts of treason and 1 misconduct, one T and M for childish zahid and the other T for pompous gomo.
However, in Bolehland, nothing will happen.

What alarms me (btw very thorough investigative work, Zorro) is how vulnerable we are allowing ourselves to be for not enforcing stringent controls within our security forces.

One has to conclude that we have already been seriously compromised with undetected security breaches.

Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

It's LIMA.
Hey! The public was even allowed on board battleships, military aircraft etc. How illegal that can be?
Do you think pro Umno blogger is a bigger threat than bringing in opposition LGE, or nurul Izzah(she was invited too but did not respond)?

Kosong cafe, u really believe the sub cannot dive initially?
U have proof? Or somebody just said that? Have you heard of testing and commissioning?
Maybe the French had a lot to answer to Malaysian gov. And compensate accordingly. We never heard that!

Anonymous said...

Bro.. you trust the Malaysian Armed Forces Council to act independently and to uphold justice!
Incompetent and moronic and you bet that they will produce one Kambing hitam and that is it and the rest will continue enjoying life and will laugh at the rakyat.
The issue is not Papagoma given the entry but the big issue why do we buy this super expensive subs. Dive no dive but for what? dammnnnnnn it.
Mahu guna untuk apa ba... advise from Razak Baginda who claimed to be the military strategist but more of making quick buck mangkuk and now happily lives in London. WTF! Mr PM and Defence Minister! One find spring someday the rakyat will get the answer.
Papagomo dives or no dives but why do we need this super expensive subs.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is doomed. We adored crooks and liars.
If we want to rid off corruption start on this FAKE man first!

Malaysia Baru1 said...


REAL NAME: Wan Muhammad Azri bin Wan Deris

Identity Card No: 830121-03-5019

Date of Birth: 21 January, 1983

Residence: Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

So we got hes real name...what u want us to do with him actually...?

anyway ive been inside a US carrier....during their many tops...been to their bridge, hanger and all others except their C&C room...which is prohibited....the same when I first visited Swedish Visby Corvette.....and also our KD Kedah.....Certificate Zorro said only must be signed if the ships gonna sail while you on board....if its at the port no need to....

But all of the time i vist a military is on open Lima and Dubai Airshow

Azhan Jihadi

zorro said...

Azhan, I never asked for his name. It was given by a reader. Thanks for sharing your own experience. Appreciate that very much.