Thursday, December 8, 2011


We pick up a lot of acquaintances along our journey thru life. I acknowledge acquaintances, but I prefer to cultivate FRIENDS. However I admit I gravitate from close friendship to distant distance friendship. I still continue to be amiable to the latter but I do keep my distance. You will gather by now that the flag is still upside down because my cause and the only cause is good governance in a new vehicle – a new Malaysia. As such I support any initiatives that espouse this single cause. Many of my friends agree on this agenda but some have got distracted along the way when a different flavor of the month wafts around. This is when I quietly withdraw without kicking up any fuss. I have a gregarious trait due to my previous occupations in work and in sports. But I feel very comfortable being alone, working on my own with a few treasured friends - all Buffalo Soldiers. My best moments are when I am alone with a book or spending an evening over drinks with this close group. Of course we do raise our voices over diverse issues – but at the end of the early mornings when we take leave of each other our cause is still the same, steadfastly so!


I had been waiting anxiously for the Lotus meeting with Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri HJ Abdul Aziz, former Adun of Pulau Manis, Pekan, who blogs as SakmongkolAK47. Blogger D’Nightcaller had arranged for this meet after the GMI-Pewaris Debate at the Civic Centre on May 9, 2009.

Dato Sak had challenged the obviously obese bigot Papukari to meet him face to face after the above debate where the “YES to ISA” group failed to show up. Papu also failed to show up, just like King Frog failed to show up at Bersih2.0.

I believe Datuk Sak too is discerning about the company he keeps, having decided to put himself into the position he chose to be in: He wrote recently:

......I was also invited to come (to a meeting). But because of the presence of some right wing and morbid bigots, I declined the invitation.

………I am not going to defend the bosses of MAHB. If they are weak and can’t put their foot down, they are not worth defending. If they are inefficient as bosses of GLCs normally are, remove them. Bashir or no Bashir. Give them the boot. They should be let off to greener pastures. Show us la- you have the balls to compete and defend your turf.

You have a piece of asset that you can capitalize on- the airport and all the services therein. If you have to invest in the best automated system in baggage handling and all other things such as buying tickets by placing your hand phone over reading-machines, you invest in all these things because you can make people pay for all these conveniences. The problem is you are not using the material between your ears to the fullest. And I am not taking about your bulbous noses!

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shanghai fish said...

two grown and matured men from opposite sides of the divide....arm-in-arm !
That's truly grand.
Cheers !

Roti Sunshine said...

When the mercurial MGG Pillai was taken home by the Creator, I wondered who else would come forward take his place?

Indeed no one is indispensable, not even those blood-curdling types from the evil empire of rascists, bloodsuckers, Christian-bashers, self-righteous cheapskates,trouble-makers and what not!

And thank God for Sakmongol AK47, a true patriot who doesn't write by plucking words from thin air and an even thinner brain!

When he writes, his pen is like a knife that cuts deep into the truth and makes even the most-devious puke and then swallow his own mess!

Thank you Dato' Mohd. Ariff Sabri bin Haji Abdul Aziz for you were born for such a time like this.

May you live long to bless Malaysians with your wisdom and witty words of truths and honesty!

Rip it into those self-righteous suckers who think they were born to rule forever.

Ave Maria said...

They stopped making them like you & Dato Sak a while ago. Live long & fight the good fight just as you are gentlemen!I remain a fan of you both.

Lembu Kaya said...

Pengerusi Eksekutif NFC, Datuk Mohamad Salleh Ismail, yang juga suami Shahrizat memperoleh gaji bulanan sekitar RM100,000 sebulan.

Manakala ketiga tiga anaknya iaitu Wan Shainur Izmir, 31, (Pengarah Eksekutif) Wan Shahinur Izran, 27 (Ketua pegawai eksekutif) dan Wan Izzana Fatimah, 25, (pengarah) memperoleh pendapatan RM35,000 hingga RM45,000 sebulan.

flyer168 said...

Hello Zorro,

Guess who Tony's backers are…?

Just to share this…

EMULATE INNOVATIVE LEADERS, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS – PM – Office of The Prime Minister of Malaysia –…ort_month=

“As such, Najib suggested that they be made as role models with the hope that one day Malaysian names would be added to the annals of history as people who had changed the world with their innovative thinking.

The Prime Minister said: “Currently, Malaysians like Professor Dr Halimaton Hamdan, Phua Khein-Seng and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes have brought innovative ideas and approaches to how we view our modern world in terms of -nanotechnology, data storage and air travel.

“It is with this hope that I announced 2012 as the year of National Innovation Movement, with several strategic initiatives such as MyCreative Venture Capital and C1PTA, as well as an allocation of RM100 million in the 2012 Budget,” he said.

Main – Print – http://www.themalaysianinsider…h-airasia/

“Fernandes said that the tie-up between the two airlines was a “fantastic step forward.”

“I assure the Malaysian public that this is something very special,” he said.

CIMB Bank was appointed as advisor to the deal.

CIMB Group CEO Datuk Seri Nazir Razak said at the press conference that the collaboration would align shareholders and create synergies between the two airlines.”

Who stands to Gain & Who loses out ?

Tony Fernandes Wins & MAB Tan Sri Bashir will have to give in...or else be displaced?

He must realise being Politically appointed, the Masters change...

So he should gracefully resign before getting the unceremonious boot by the new masters.

You be the judge.


Bedul said...

Dont be so syok sendiri, Uncle Zorro to trust Sakmongkol.
If he is chosen as the BN candidate in the coming GE, he will gladly accept it.
He will start writing praising Najib and the Cabinent sky high.
He will leave you in the lurch.
But if he leaves UNNO, then I salute him for being brave. Not talam dua muka.
Until then, I am suspicious of him.

Anonymous said...

two of you are the same ,racist !both despise indians ! good men NO YOU ARE NOT! SHIOK SENDIRI SAHAJA

zorro said... a racist and despise Indians. My only daughter married a black man in the Bahamas and my only son married an Indian girl. I could give you photographic evidence but would your blinded prejudice allow you to see the truth. I do not hate you but pity you. You see, prejudice is learnt and passed down. I just pray that your kids do not learn this from you. Keep well, yah?

zorro said... each his own. I have sufficient faith in Datuk Arif just as you have sufficient faith in UMNO. Why dont you read his blog and comment. You might learn many things friend. I hope you CAN.

Jong said...

Both dare to be bold and different. Cheers to friendship!

Bedul said...

I do read his blog. But I think he's a disgruntled UMNO man with a lot of axe to grind.
I still wonder why is he still in the party.
I am sure DAP will gladly take him on as a candidate and if he wins and DAP form the government, Uncle Sak either become MB Pahang or a cabinet minister.
Sure you will like that too.

Anonymous said...

Bedul's right.

You will see a different Sakmongkol if Najib invites him to stand for the GE under UMNO banner.

Sak's probably on the same side with you on the AA case because he wasn't given a 'cookie' by Tony.

Fully respect your right to make friends. Did you not have a friend who wrote that book called "saya pun Melayu" or something? He's a politically confused chap ... your friend ... and led you to believe he loves Malaysia. First he supports PR, then he sucks up to Najib when he lost the party election, now he's trying to suck up to PR again by declaring KITA will support PR.

And Zorro, we will forgive you because people sometimes make the wrong friends.