Saturday, December 10, 2011



Antares said...

Good funky public service videos. Well done, Third Eye Media! We have to kill more than the bill. We have to kill BN, period.

Anonymous said...

Now caroling also need police permit?

Here is a Christmas tribute for NFC lemboos:

Anonymous said...

Hishamuudin is unaware that police permits are needed for carolling!!!!!

Even in Zimbabwe or Mymmar or Timbuktu…..
1)No police permit is required for carolling!
2) NO need to submit list of names of carollers and their i/c numbers!!!
3) NO need to provide police with bus routes for carolling party!!!
4) NO need to provide names of inviting hosts to homes and places of worships or shopping malls!!!!

UMNO misght as well ask PDRM to set an F&B section and ask for police permit in thse following areas:
1) Make sure that all food served is halal and Jkaim-certified!
2)Make sure that all serving utensils are bought from Jakim-certiifed suppliers!!
3) Make sure that no muslims attend any carolling parties. Jais will man all entry and exit routes to check all carollers and merrymakers are non-muslims!

What ABU means said...


= Anything but Umno

= Asalkan bukan Umno

= 只要不是巫統