Wednesday, December 7, 2011




Rap the Cow said...

Some smart ass will have to do a FULL Carrian Chart and get confused where and who the holdings are really for.

We don't suppose the Malayans are that clever? ;)

najib manaukau said...

The sure way out of the shambles the west Malaysians are having is to get out of Malaysia. That is why the legislation to forbid anyone talking about it.
Just look at Brunei who was smart enough to stay out of Malaysia and the standard of living of the people in Brunei are way above that of the east Malaysia Every dollar the state earns goes back to the development of the state and not into the pockets and the foreign bank accounts of the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons.
Another prosperous country to day is Singapore
and when they were part of Malaysia the then
Singapore chief minister Lee Kuan Yew raised so many questions in parliament the so called Umno warlords could not answers to them, decided to kick Singapore out of Malaysia so to avoid giving him the answers to his questions.
The morons thought that Singapore had to rely on Malaysia just to survive and will come back begging forgiveness and never will never question the deceitful and corrupted Umno warlords. How wrong those warlords were and I must add very regretful too to day.
Needless to say Malaysia did not realize that Singapore would become what they are to day and can even teach the morons just not a lesson but many on how to run a successful country. Why the two countries that are not part of Malaysia are so successful and why can't east Malaysia be like them ?

Anonymous said...

Harris got thrown out of Sabah again! He had been thrown out of Sarawak a couple of times!

Why can't the fler change his face or something ???

motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
Even the former Israeli President can be sent to the coolers. If the same justice is applied in canland ---we may have to clear the forests for the whole of UMNO and their cohorts to be buried deep.
Its a chain----each one covering the tracks and the buck stops at the top 5 of the UMNO nest. This will happen the day Petronas wells run dry with a generation who can only converse with sign language!

Even Gorbachev has condemned Putin about the fraudulent elections--- there is not one elder on the payroll of UMNO who is willing to save Canland from being lost forever with all the plunder!! Its fast becoming another Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
A time will come after Taib is rushed to meet"" his virgins""!!

All good wishes to you my dear Zorro!!

Anonymous said...

To be polite to Brunei, they held their own.

To be rude, they had nil choice. Why?

Look. The billions of dollars accumulated decades past are all invested where? Britland lah! And if there is a monsoon, Sultan flies out his kites and he and the money are gone. So the Brits gave Brunei some leeway.

For Malaysia, they were broke and there were only a few jungle men in Sarawak. So no reward for guessing, they could have twisted some arms in 60's and Sarawak lost oilfields. So you think all the money is with us Malaysians. Think again!

Brits made a lot of money cleaning the crude oil in Spore and you think the Singas were fantastic. There are lots of things which may not make sense of Singapore but for the hype. Some are rightfully their dues.

Otherwise, you think the quarrel with Singapore was genuine? Think again. Bloody Brits weren't born in 1957!