Friday, December 23, 2011


Is the propensity to be corrupt a prerequisite for appointment as UMNO Menteri Besars?

The Malacca one got off scot free and is now Chairman of Felcra.

The Seremban one was rapped on the knuckles and is now Chairman of Felda.

One Johor MB was not given the post again because he is alleged to own so much land in JB except some private plots in the cemetery.

One Selangor MB was imprisoned for graft, another one for smuggling money out of the country but got off because of poor comprehension of English…..and he was HM of a sekolah.

The former Selangor MB is now found guilty and faces imprisonment.

One across the South China Sea was alleged to have transferred money to Hong Kong and owns a string of hotels.

Another, also across the South China Sea aka Taib’s acquisition of wealth is now legendary, at home and abroad.

To my knowledge, the choice of an MB is the PM’s and the appointment is from the King/Sultan upon advisement of the PM.

Should this process be questioned?

We have been questioning UMNO appointing their chief as Prime Minister of our country.

How about the winning party in a state election put up as many candidates for MB and let the rakyat, opposition supporters included, in the state vote for their MB. The candidates can “kill” each other in the process and can thus be eliminated. Probably that way we can get a CLEAN Menteri Besar for a change.

Let’s have some DECENT men or is there a shortage of such in UMNO. I would not want to believe this as I have some friends in UMNO who are beyond reproach in words, deeds and action!

We are currently a joke in the region. The common dig is:

In Bolehland, got money boleh lah!


Anonymous said...

results on latest survey on jobs.

Best paying job-UMNO division head. Income loads but no tax.

Comrade said...

May more and more Malaysians be wise
Not to be trapped by BN dirty tactics and lies
It is mainly for their political survival
Or to smear the good name of their rival

Let us all get out of this mess
For our country we all have to bless
By voting out the evil BN coalition
Let PR give us better administration

Anyway, wishing all of you far and near
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Drive carefully when on the road
May the Lord lighten your load

najib manaukau said...

As the former ambassador of America once said the only way to become rich is to become a member of Umno. Just look around you which Umno politician has not become filthy rich and 'retire' in comfort and there is nothing anybody can do about it.
Even a former railway keeper in Klang, when he was alive, was owing and living in a palace just because he became an Umno member. All that was happening during the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir's tenure as the P.M. The shenanigan is not only a consummate liar and an omnipotent racist but was also too busy filling his foreign bank accounts with the mega 'commissions' from the numerous projects he was implementing. As a result every Umno moron began to do what the shenanigan was doing, knowing full well they too can get away without any punitive actions taken against them.
Besides as the president of the deceitful Umno he needed the support of these 'warlords' to remain as the president of Umno and thus as the P.M. of Malaysia. How else was he able to remain as P.M. for 23 years ? it surely wasn't because he was well liked and had many supporters. Didn't Mubarak and Gadaaffi too had many 'supporters' ? Where are these 'supporters' now that Mubarak is indicted and Gadaaffi is shot dead? I hope the shenanigan gets to read this or someone will convey it to the shenanigan and remind him how Gadaaffi's corpse was paralleled in a mall for everyone to see. I will not only go and see the shenanigan's body but will also spilt and shit on it too. And that is a promise I swear to Allah.

Anonymous said...

Bila kepala busuk lain semua busuk maa.....
Pm pun sama, abis camno just kick BN/UMNO come GE 13.

Anonymous said...

Our legendary 4th PM is daddy to billionaire children while the goat loving holy holy 5th PM has unspeakable weath only we can dream of.

Not to be outdone, the ultimate Defense Maestro/super suave Queens English cassonova cum rum sipping current (henpecked by golly) PM is associated with the world famous gruesome explosion/murder of a pregnant Mongolian sex bomb.

MB? thos small fries ya mean? lol!

bruno said...

Zorro,first of all let me take the oppurtunity to wish you a very 'Happy Birthday' and many more to come.Best regards and a 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and family'.

KoSong Cafe said...

I would rather have someone without experience, like Nurul Izzah who is clean and untainted, than those with experience in corrupt practices, even as PM. All she needs is good judgment and assisted by excellent advisers and administrators. If Anwar were to be jailed on January 9, she would be an icon with the necessary support (without the usual jealousies among contenders) come next GE. I hope this probable scenario would prevent the jailing of Anwar.

zorro said...

BRUNO...thanks for you active participation in this blog. A meaningful Christmas to you and yours too.

Anonymous said...

wow - malaysia voted 4th most corrupt nation - another feather in the cap by the coalition of plunderers, thieves, actors n hypocrites, soon malaysia will be no 1??? is thsi the legacy left behind by the GREAT ONE- leadership by example. billion dollar scandals are now common as in BMF N PKFZ. bersih, cekap n amanah/ can malaysians change in GE 13 in 2012?? or malaysians are n will accept a broken n rotten system???

nstman said...

Many of my Malay friends have admitted to me that they joined Umno for one simple reason - to make money, drive big cars and enjoy life.

Tiger said...

My Taiping MP is being accused of corruption for a TAILORING contract.
That means that PR only eats ikan bilis, but the great white sharks in BN get off scot free!

Jong said...

Corrupt Khir Toyo convicted for corruption and abusing his influence while in office as MB Selangor, to buy his luxury vila and land at a RM3 million discount and he gets only 12 months jail sentence? ..well worth it!
He should have been slapped 12 years instead but because he's an Umno's State Assemblyman?

Anonymous said...

No, the current system works best. After all, these menteri besars paid a lot to get appointed. They have a right to get back their investment and also rake in the 'profits'.

If we stupid malaysians continue to vote barisan, we deserve to have these scumbags as menteri besar.

And no, Zorro, the problem does not like in the other malaysians. It lies with all of us malaysians, including YOU and ME!.

Now, what can WE all do in 2012 to change that?

Anonymous said...

@najib manaukau. I would propose to build a statue of this Kerala crap kneeling at every toll gate and after we have pay the toll we could spit on him or slap him in the face to ease our pain and to tell our children of the despicable lies and racist actions he had taken during his tenture as PM in Malaysia casuing so many of us to suffer losses.
We could also paste all his children' photos at every corner and tell everybody to identify his shit products that he had left behind in Malaysian soil. History has to be viewed in the correct light.