Friday, December 9, 2011


10 hours ago on my FB page I wrote:

In a later post I will initiate an invite to the Lawyers whom we walked with and the Sukaham Commissioners whom we always supported, to Occupy KLCC with us this Saturday.

Dear Bar Council and Commissioners of Suhakam,

We the rakyat have always supported you in your initiatives. I wrote the above not aware that Suria KLCC was going to take an injunction against our Occupy KLCC movement. I entreat you to make a stand for us lay folks. We hope you will come join us. If you can’t we will still be there… yellow. We might sing the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” in solidarity with LIMA. How about it members of the Bar and Commissioners of Suhakam. Can or not? Want to come, come. Don't want to come, try can? No need to wear jacket, yellow tees will do.

Many of us were there with you in 2007; many of us were with you two Tuesdays ago. We hope to see more of you this Saturday. Thank you in anticipation.

As always,

the lay folks


KLCC warns flashmob organisers via Facebook


Anonymous said...

Enough la with this gathering or walks. Please stop discrupting businesses! Let us the rakyat decide at the polls.

Bedul said...

KLCC is a tourist attraction, You mar it by having the occupy do.
They have a right to issue an injuncton against the demo.
You want to ape the US Occupy demos but they have a cause and you don't.
Don't lay with people with agendas or their lie bugs will damage your brains.
You lie with them, you get laid with lies, Uncle.

zorro said...

Bedul, stop preaching! I will choose who I walk with. Bersih made an international impact because the authorities were mean and devious weeks before 9July. Anyway why dont you bring your family for a weekend lesson on how to have fun and yet send a message that we all have a right to assemble.

Jeyan said...

Seems 'disrupting businesses' seems to be a major battle cry for people hellbent on keeping expressing their dissatisfaction towards draconian govt laws. Ours and our children's rights to peacefully assemble and express ourselves is far too important compared to a few hours of ' business disruption'. In any case , just like BERSIH proved , many businesses did booming businesses during these protests. The only trouble as always was from overzealous intolerant govt ' leaders' who want to do as they please and expect us to accept the govt knows best. That kind of thinking belongs to the caveman mentality and I salute people like unc zorro who enthusiastically have been fighting these ancient relics. Occupy Klcc has no cause? Their cause is the fight against repression and oppression of the rakyat and further erosion of our liberty . I will be there

Grandma said...

If everyone is waiting for others to bear the brunt of being caught by the mean authorities, there will be no CHANGE in this corrupted country.I would rather die in honour than live with shame.

zorro said...

Thanks Jeyan & Grandma. It is people like you who recharge our batteries and keep us going. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat Perak will organize a 10000 people ceramah on Saturday 10 Dec 2011, 8 pm at Pekan Beruas. All are invited to come.

12月10日民联三大巨头约定你 ! 吡叻州民联将于周六晚上8时于木威主办民联万人演讲会,为来届大选收复吡叻掀开序幕。 吡州行动党秘书兼班台区州议员倪可敏指出,国会反对党领袖拿督斯里安华、行动党秘书长兼梹州首席部长林冠英及伊斯兰党全国主席拿督斯里哈廸阿旺將史上首次齐聚木威小镇同台演讲,欢迎广大州內子民把握难得机会,踴跃出席聆听精采的政冶演说...

Jeyan said...

No uncle zorro. It is people like u who give people like me who is full of despair of the direction this once great country is being driven to, some hope that maybe someday things can be better. I have been following your blog for sometime and your courage and desire to improve things ( as oppossed to just sitting in a coffee shop and whining with friends) is very inspirational . It is a pity that societies choose to honour politicians and businessmen instead of the the true heroes , the common man who fights to create a better world that benefits everyone rather than just making a few individuals filthy rich and powerful

Anonymous said...

I was at KLCC last weekend. Disruption of business my arse! I personally spent hundreds of ringgit at KLCC that day - I went early and bought loads of Christmas presents and a new pair of shoes. Then I had a bit of refreshment, after which I fancied listening to a little poetry in the park.

It was a hot day, so after the poetry session, I again had a cooling drink and a snack to replenish my energy levels. Then I had a facial which I had booked earlier. When I left, I had to pay almost RM12 in parking.

I also personally saw Uncle Zorro contributing to KLCC business at one of the outdoor restaurants.

However, it is true, there was some disruption. But this was by KLCC management themselves - choosing to close off the fountain area for cleaning (on a lovely Saturday afternoon?? Peak time??), and turning on the sprinklers in the park, which inconvenienced many tourists. And then there was the guy with the leafblower who made it difficult for couples and families to talk to each other (poor guy though, he did look uncomfortable and confused having to make so much noise, especially as he'd obviuosly already cleared the area of leaves earlier).

This Saturday I was planning to buy some Christmas crackers and stock up on those delicious nut that are sold by the friendly lady down on the concourse level. And I thought, since I have nothing yellow in my wardrobe, I might pick up a pair of yellow socks.

Anonymous said...

What business have Jakim got to ban LKY's book which is not even a religious book by any measures? Whether ban or not, the book is circulating robustly in the market place. Sometimes, I think our authorities just don't know the scope of their role and boundary.

Aziz Kadir said...

Rakyat dan anak anak Malaysia. Time for change, lets go ABU.
Remember this, BN and Upmno is good, we had give them chance to rule for 54 years to rule, then you see the corruption highlited by the Auditor General, year after year, same old corruption. The submarine deal, 500 miiiion of Euro, doubt ? any investigation ? Dato K toyo, Tun Lin Long Sick, DAto Zakaria, Cowgate, involve minister, all will be found with no problem, macc say no problem, police say no problem. judiciary ??
Now enough is enough, enough of Cowgate, enough of corruption, enough of BullSh_t,
we rakyat going to have the courage to change, we will vote for change,
we must know, PR is the only alternative, and they are not perfect, we are not choosing a perfect party, Anwar is not perfect, and karpal, Kit, LGE, Sabu all are not perfect, but we knew this, they deserve a chance just like you and me anak anak malaysia, rakyat deserve a chance to see change in this our belove country, we needed a change,
just go to Penang, Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah, there are some changes, do our own fact finding, dont read the newspeper, dont watch the Astro, they are gov control media. read malaysia kini, malaysia today, alternative media.
We rakyat must do it now, else, we will be bankrupt in 2019, we are paying toll everyday, and yet stuck in the toll, what kind of stupid idea is that ? we rakyat deserve better
every time we go balik kampung, we pay toll,
every year, we see our government Auditor General hilited that gov are corrupt, and this is only tip
of the iceberg, what about those beneath the surface?
Why is that penang gov can call for tendor, Federal gov can not ? direct negotiation ? = corruption,
this is abuse of rakyat money, our money. they are so corrupt, times up.
vote for change,
lets go Abu, vote with confident. not fear. and we will see a true 1Malaysia under the PR under
new gov. yes we can.

Anonymous said...

takde komen pasal kek taik drpd mamak kat penang tuh?

Beatle said...

Uncle Zorro

Just be peaceful. Those "powerful" will try to antagonize you to do foolish thing to justify their action to lock u all up.
Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

This Zahid fella is a joker. 21 months ago never took challenge. Now he wants CM LGE to go sink with him in a sub that has not been shown to dive or resurface. If the govt felt that the opposition is lying, they should prove them wrong by telecasting on TV, a voyage by the entire BN cabinet members, remain underwater for 24 hrs and resurface. Not invite the Pg CM. Malu ler Zahid. What r u trying 2 prove? U r just like a kid. Go dive with the cabinet members and dont forget Najib, the man who wanted the sub so much but make sure the ends are secured with strong stainless steel chains to haul the vessel back up incase it refuses to come up. Show it on TV and shame the opposition if you dare.... hahahahahaha! that will be the day!

Sarajun said...

I am a muslim and I think LKY's comment is fair because there are so many questionable observances and practices in Islam today was actually introduced hundreds of years after the 'last message' from Allah declaring completing of the religion. Such old practices and traditions has fallen redundant, untenable and become impractical in much changed social circumstances today. Unfortunately, some self proclaim champions of 'a particular doctrine', may not be universally accepted, now in power in Malaysia still fight to live in the 'past' and fight vehemently against change that otherwise improves the appreciation of the religion itself.

Allah actually provides in the Quran, the agility to appreciate and understand Islam's progressiveness, pliability and its richness in diversity that cuts across borders, traditions and social practices. I do not think LKY meant compromising Quranic doctrines but just pliable practices. How do we progress if we cannot accept change with times and live with people from so many different faiths? Unfortunately, some people, you know who, has this habit of giving their own meaning to everything they come across. Scholars who cannot absorb constructive criticism are no scholars in the first place. Malaysia should not ban the book. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

Mamak Penang now selling 'kek tahi'.

A new delicacy to rival nasi kandar!

Thanks to Ghani Komtar!

Anonymous said...

Ghani Komtar got protection from amno mafia !

Anonymous said...

If any of u fuckers get in my way or disrupt my family outing, I will personally thump you chinkies in the face.
Fed up with you causing inconveniences for your own agenda. We dont need your selfish personal agenda to ruin our lives.

Supporter said...

Hi Bernard.

Are you in contact with Wong Chin Huat? What time and which place to gather? What to do?

Anonymous said...

Just boycott KLCC. Stop going to shop. Simple as that.