Monday, December 26, 2011


Datuk Dr Looi Hoong Wah, 65, who worked for 14 years with the government and another 14 years with a specialist hospital has successfully grown two types of grapes in his Jalan Kuantan-Sungai Lembing orchard. HERE.


And don’t try to be too clever with your Google research HERE. Being a Fellow (School of Physicians) of the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, we appreciate you past services to the nation. However we realize that you have picked on a controversial subject that you plucked and pasted from Google. We congratulate you on your break-through in grape cultivation. That’s great, stick to your grapes lah, and leave it to the experts to enlighten us. No sour grapes on our part I assure you, yah?

Just be aware there is a term called “unprofessional conduct” and “missed diagnosis”!

Surely you cannot be like the GP doctor who diagnosed my nephew’s son of cold when finally on further consultation, the child was diagnosed with the contagious Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, after three days of consulting three specialists who concurred. You see, they were EXPERTS in that FIELD!

Admittedly, you are also not the physician who makes his patient feel like you are the only person on the planet that was going to make your patient better and perhaps save him or her!

Additionally, you are not the type to dispense medication/diagnosis/advice we didn’t need for diseases we didn’t have.



JinHou said...

Haha... love your sarcasm!!

motherchell said...

Dear Zorro,
Its truly great to know a GP Doc with help of the basics from his first and second year knowledge of the sciences( and Google i'm sure) come out with such innovative processess with botany as a hobby.

The powerful traits of the forgotten education of yesterday. --something the current education cannot provide in innovation. With this said ---

I'm reminded of 1)
the " rocket scientists" ,who were sent to Taiwan to study cultivation of kangkong and towgey .Maybe getting ready to become a blade runner should Canland officially declare bankruptcy.

2) The patriotic Lynas Rocket scientists are fighting to provide enough" fertilizers" for the next 500 years not knowing if their kinds will be around by then !!

Great piece to reflect the current seasonal mist and humidity my dear Zorro.
Thank you and much regards. You take care.

Bedul said...

First off, merry Xmas and Happy New Year, Uncle Zorro.
Just got back from climbing Mount Kinabalu. Thus, the belated wishes.
Please cut that grapes of wrath in this season of glad tidings.
The good doctor meant well, based on his research.
Wish him well that his grapes will thrive well in Kuantan, making the state the first producer of wine in our country.
You may even think of shifting there.
I agree with CSL who said that the Kuantan BN and PKR voters breathe the same air, and no one has died yet or even having breathing difficulties there.
Fauziah (the Kuantan MP) is thriving well there, the last time I heard.

Roti Sunshine said...

Hi Zorro,

If that stuff is really that harmless, get Lynas to take it back and bury that thing in their desert. There is a lot of useless barren land there. Oz is 5 times bigger in land mass than Malaysia and thus finding a plot to bury that stuff shouldn't be too difficult!

Talk is cheap, Dr. Looi!

Anonymous said...

before you know it, the STAR will glorify him to be an expert in rare earth industry.

may be, Lynas should shift the plant right to next to his orchard. afterall, thorium is ok if you dont inhale or eat it.

the same freaking STAR paper glorified the Ling Liong Sik family takeover of Berjaya INdustrial. It went to the extent of getting opinions from supposedly savvy businessmen from Hong Kong extolling the virtues of the company to be helmed by the Ling family. Guess what. After one year, Berjaya Industrial assets disappeared into thin air and no audited accounts were furnished since then. Why dont the Star paper asked the Ling family now. Sorry for the gullible investors who were all led to the slaughter house. Correct me if I am wrong, STAR paper.

Anonymous said...

Looi = money

Dr = Dr mahathir category

flyer168 said...


Yes indeed and do they care...?

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

Maybe he is hoping for a position with Lynas...?

Just to share this...

What are their prices?

The first point to note about Rare Earths prices is that there is significant variance in the relative market value for selected Rare Earths oxides. Secondly, the price of Rare Earths depends on the purity level, which is largely set by the specifications for each application.

The table below shows the average annual price for a 'standard' 99% purity of individual elements and for the generic composite of Rare Earths equivalent to the Rare Earths distribution at Mt Weld.

Prices are quoted in US$/kg on an FOB China basis. Note that higher purity oxides and other value added properties will attract higher prices than those shown..."

Lynas Corporation -

To help fuel Malaysia's drive to achieve high income status by 2020, Malaysia needs to discover and venture into new economic growth areas.

And rare earth could be the country's new growth area, said Dr Ahmad Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of the Academic of Sciences Malaysia (ASM).

"Our oil, land and other reserves are depleting, so we need to look for new opportunities and this is one of it," he told reporters after the launch of a report titled "Rare Earth Industries: Moving Malaysia's Green Economy Forward" here today.

"If Malaysia is serious about moving into this industry, we need to partner with a lot of businesses and companies which are already in the market because they have access and technology to the market.

"We cannot do this alone," he said.
Ahmad said that by venturing into a partnership, it could help Malaysia build its own human capital, technology and resources to be one of the leading players in the industry..."

Rare earth could be Malaysia's new growth area -

"In terms of investment, the best bet are the companies that will be producing the heavy rare earths that will be in deficit in the future. As it shakes out, there are around 250 companies, only 25 of them have a chance and less than 10 will survive," Lifton added.

According to Technology Metals Research, the non-Chinese mines with the highest deposits of the heavy rare earths, which they consider critical in terms of future shortage, including dysprosium, belong to Lynas Corp, Great Western Minerals Group, Quest Rare Minerals,Ucore and Tasman metals.

Most non-Chinese rare earth projects doomed: consultant | Reuters -

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

these are the same assholes, mahather included, who feel that certain rare earth is so safe and what not.i will only believe if they prove it by shifting to kuantan. fuck them and may they die fast by cancer or accident whichever comes first.

flyer168 said...


Just to share this magnificient piece...

George Carlin - pretty much explains it all...

George Carlin - advertising and bull shit – YouTube -!

You be he judge.


Anonymous said...

Doctors like these are the biggest scums.

I'm no doctor, not degree, do not know what Thorium is.

All I know and I want the answer is ... why did the Australian govt. reject building the Lynas plant in Australia ... if it is that safe?