Friday, December 16, 2011


I came across this “farting against thunder” in Malaysiakini. One of its readers is the author and I’d like to “steal” this thunder from him for this posting.
Farting is a by-product of Man - his lactose intolerance, eating certain “foods”, swallowing too much air and an overabundance of government bacteria in the colon!
……….but not THUNDER yah?
Succinctly I’d like to believe that the Judge’s verdict (FARTING) will have to face the THUNDER of International and National PUBLIC OPINION!

If the thunder does not strike immediately, it will eventually, circa 1998, and I believe it was a horrible ending that we do not wish on anyone, unless divine providence takes over the driver’s seat.....and the full script of this disgusting episode is exposed. The day will come, believe me, and when th3e script-writers are exposed, that will be the end of UMNO/BN, Najib, the Tun and their train of parasites. Just be could be before GE13, God willing.
Already Anwar is prepared for incarceration!
Just incredible! The case was heard over two years churning out thousands of transcripts and this judge only needs three weeks to submit his verdict. Incredibly incredible! So let’s just wait for the FARTING AGAINST THE THUNDER.


Anonymous said...

saiful is credible because he looks like a honest chap and has the capacity to keep the shit for 48 hours. govt doctors are credible becasue they can testify expertly without referring to notes. prosecutor is credibe becuase he represents the govt.

foreign experts are not credible because they have ulterior motives. burmese doctor is not credible because he comes from a country with poor human rights record.

The world has now recognised UMNOland unbelievable new-found technology in keeping DNA under wraps in drawers so that DNA remains pristine even after 56 hours. Its major discovery and it is expected that a wave of scientist from all over the world will descend into UMNOland to learn this amazing technology.

Hence, guilty as charged.

UMNO Boleh.

It must be a wet dream, no?

Antares said...

If I had chosen politics as a career, I most probably would prefer one zillion times over to be like Anwar Ibrahim than that sneering, snarling snake-oil salesman Mahathir Mohamad. I don't exaggerate. One zillion, I said, not one million! If I turned out to be some slobbering nincompoop like that No-Balls Nabob Najib... I would tie my overambitious spouse around my neck like an overweight albatross, then jump off the deck of the S.S. Titanic (now auctioned off to some Oriental businessmen and renamed K.D. Umno)...

bruno said...

The majority have accepted the fact that Anwar will be found guilty and sent to Prison.Najib and Umno is in a lose-lose situation.If Anwar is found not guilty,Najib and Umno will lose cerdibility.Then they will feel the wrath of ordinary Umno members.

If Anwar is found guilty,Najib and Umno will be blamed for using the pariah AG and the PDRM for framing Anwar.Najib and Umno will feel the wrath of all Malaysians alike.Either way Najib and Umno loses.The results will be made known on the night of GE 13th.

Anonymous said...


Too much beer, izzit? that your analytical mind becomes clouded.

2 years of court hearing and 3 weeks to issue a judgement. 3 weeks is a damn long time considering all that needs to be done is to put a date on the judgement and sign it. But hey, if I was to be the one to ink the judgement, I'd go for my Christmas and New Year break first. Ask for forgiveness from the Maker.Then deal with this after my holidays.

Oh ... by the way ... my crystal ball says ... GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! Anwar WILL be found GUILTY!

And let me also say what others fear to say ... they will drag Anwar to jail immediately and beat the crap out of him that even if he is later freed, he would be such a vegetable that he could not pick up a spoon to feed himself or remember his name and will pee in his pants. They will say Anwar fell off the steps in jail and likes to bang his own head against the wall. He will no longer be a political liability. Believe me ... that is Anwar's fate!

zorro said...

Anon815am....dang! you are good at borrowed and well-worn plots. Thanks anyway, but it has the stink of a soiled blanket that an afternoon wind would make a detour to avoid. You seem familiar with Alzheimer conditions yah? Hic, hic...yes, too much Blue Sapphire.

Rauf Hakim said...

UPKO authorized rep says at the fringe of Putrajaya Mosque that time management is very crucial, first thing first policy must be activated now.First put Anwar behind bar and get on with GE 13 and win it handsomely.To the judge convict first and then fill up the blanks as pseudo-legalese as possible to confuse all the lawyers even himself.After that all of us can go to Mecca First Class and seek pardon from the Wahabi Cleric and all of us will be as clean as a newly born baby.

Anonymous said...


i am no muslim. just wondering sins of FITNAH is erasable by going to Mecca? Would love to hear from experts.

sampalee said...

When one looks to Anwar or Najib for solution to our nation's problem,then we are mislead by our intellect which is only the ramnent of the forbidden fruit which Nabi Adam took in the garden of eden.We do not know where the power lies.We thought it is in the individual and a collective of them form the so called Makkal Sakti[people's power]The ONLY Source of power is GOD,Buddha,Allah<Brahman,or whatever we want to name it even ordinary name like Awareness.The world is known by the power of awareness.Without this knowing,there cannot exist knwledge or the known world,down to our emotions and thoughts which we assume we know,but never bothered to investigate what it is that is knowing all these arising and falling away of data base.Can it be GOD which is closer than any of our body part.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia ni aman kalau tak ada Anwar.
Cepatlah sumbat dia ke dalam jel.

johan5150 said...

USA is behind UMNO.Anwar may have to go india or turkey(USA?)

Anonymous said...

anon 10:36
Pandai, cerdik dan pintrarlah kau. Kalau ada lebih ramai ekor lembu seperti kau, kita akan ada banyak lagi skandal seperti PKFZ, RM250 juta sharijat cowgirl dan berbillion ringgit yang diseludup luar negeri oleh pemimpin UMNO/BN.
Kau dah jadi hamba UMNO/BN selama 54 tahun dan hamba abdi kepada satan mamak yang merosakkan semua dari segi ekonomi, kehakiman, polis yang telah diberi kuasa bermaharajalela dan MACC yang seakan pondan. Lebih baik sembah kepada pemimpin seperti Najib dan mamak supaya keturunan kau akan jadi yang terhina di tanah air ini.

Jasin said...

Umno is so scared of ABU such that they have to drop Interlok to please the Indians to get more votes!

Anonymous said...

The stench of corruption in the bull shit of NFC is so strong but MACC is taking it like drugs to get high.

Now BN flers even want the chicken shit in Segamat.

Shit sells!

Anonymous said...


Whats Bio 9? Bigger scandal than Cows? RPK expose. Can someone dig more?

Apparently under the MCA Porn King territory.

flyer168 said...

Anon 9:17,


Just to share this...

sembang kedai kopi: Malaysian Health Minister reflective of Malaysia's ills -

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Malaysian Health Minister reflective of Malaysia's ills

I refer to Zafar Shah’s letter “The Arrogant Malaysian Health Minister” and cannot agree with him more.

This guy’s conceit and condescending remarks are not only disgusting but increasingly reflective of this government’s “couldn’t be bothered attitude” towards Malaysians in general.

He thinks he has rammed down the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 down GPs’ throats and now can sneakily ram down the National Healthcare Financing Scheme down the public’s throats by appointing a foreign consultant and a local CEO while hiding behind the OSA.

Leadership in Healthcare died with Sardon Jubir (Read MGG Pillai),

when the MOH became nothing more then a vehicle for money making.

Just look who are the Deans, Presidents of Private Medical Colleges or don't be surprised who directors are of medical equipment suppliers - ex-MOH officials including ex-DGs.

So much for transparency, corruption, etc, etc.

Even Judges in this country are not allowed to join a legal firm until after 5 years after retirement.

But in the MOH anything goes.
Tan Sri Datuk Dr Hj Mohd Ismail Merican « Tax Payer Rambling - http://malaysiataxpayer.wordpr...l-merican/

Also to share this...

Prince Court Medical Centre hit by high operational cost -

PETALING JAYA: Prince Court Medical Centre Sdn Bhd suffered a huge net loss of RM451mil on the back of a RM82mil revenue for the financial year ended April 2010, according to filings with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

"The luxury healthcare facility, wholly owned by Petroliam Nasional Bhd, had non-current liabilities and current liabilities of RM714.3mil and RM35.1mil respectively. Reserves were in negative territory at RM178.3mil.

In mid-2008, during a question-and-answer session in Parliament, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Tan Sri Amirsham A Aziz, said Petronas had spent RM544mil on the construction of the hospital.

He added that the facility was established after the oil company had weighed its commercial returns and the access it provided Malaysians to world-class health services."

In Bolehland under the Ketuanan UMNO/BN they all sing the same "Songlap" tune...

So the rayaat (Sheeple) kena "Songlap" kau-kau...again !

"No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life and breeds ill will and suspicion – it is an evil government" - Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind 1954

Unless the rayaat (Sheeple) wake up and "Do something" about it, otherwise just "Suffer in Silence..."

You be the judge.


bumi-non-malay said...

So what can citizen public do if the verdict is Guilty?? Do you think the Sultan and Agong going to do anything?? Do you think a Judicial systems that Tun bapa Kemerosotan set up to benefit UMNO and the Cronies of UMNO which includes Royalty can change in its current form?? Fat hopes... We need to UNLEASHED a Massive Civil disobedience......the time have come perhaps to demand every Good Police and Cop to resign and choose your path in a history.....

When the Jury systems was removed by Bapa Kemerosotan malaysia Dr. Racist M.........that was the cue to show all powers are in UMNO hands.......Now fast forward.....we are going to economic Catastrophe......Perhaps in Hunger and Anger UMNO leaders will pay a high price like.....together with their one will be spared...not even the Ampun tuanku Crap.....More Power to the people of Malaysia!!...Change we MUST!!

Anonymous said...

mALAYSIA need no anwar... we just need to get rid of UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Jail or no jail the ruling party will be in between a rock and a hard place. This man YAB Dato Seri Anwar is the creation of TDM. And that is his gift to our nation which has lasted for 15 years. Malaysia will take another 15 years, after YAB Dato Seri Anwar completes his expected prision term, to shake off this dubious gift of TDM to the nation he says he loves so much. Thank You TDM