Sunday, December 25, 2011


Since flash mobs first started appearing in 2003, a result of people’s interconnectivity via the net, cell phones and other handheld electronic devices, they became a spontaneous phenomenon. They have never been seen before in human history. They now orchestrate public happenings. They prove that there is still space in our jaded globalized sensibilities for surprise, often with a message.

Previously, I put THIS up as my Flash mob YouTube of the Year. I chose this because the Flash mobs’ rendition of Handel’s Messiah (also commonly known as the Hallelujah Choras) brought back memories of 1955.

Father Patrick Peyton staged massive Rosary rallies in key cities of the world and extensively utilized mass communication to promote his ministry of binding families through prayer under the Family Rosary. Father Peyton made famous the slogans, "The family that prays together stays together," and "A world at prayer is a world at peace."

Father Patrick Peyton in his worldwide Crusade of the Rosary Rally came into Penang. I was amongst 25 Penang sopranos selected to perform this oratorio at the rally, if memory does not fail, at the Dato Keramat padang.

My other reason for selecting this flash mob was because the Christian community was anxiously awaiting the outcome of a court case that would decide if Christians could use ALLAH in their publications.

This is my choice this year per kindness of my dear friend Vanitha:

I must admit that I reach for the tissues every time I hear Christmas Carols around this time.




motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
Wish you and everyone here a Merry Christmas.
This month also is in the throes of the death Anniversary of the humble Tunisian fruit seller Sidi Bauzid who set the fire of freedom to glow--as much as innocent sapien as you and the rest of us --Egyptian Khalid Said gave his life at a very early age to give a meaning to the thoughts of freedom and justice.
Thanks to the "spontaneous phenomenon" as mentioned vividly in your post.
The local controllers of GOD seem disillusioned as they try to fix a price for HIM while lost in translation.
To wish you joy , good health and great wishes for all that you are dear Zorro.
Have a great day!!

motherchell said...

not forgetting a generation of great humility and the one who stood to be counted --ADAM ADLI.
Bless this humble soul

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Wishing you, your loved ones and everyone out there A Blessed Christmas.

Malchindian said...

Compliments of the Season to you Zorro!
Keep pushing through mental barriers and expand the horizons of the rakyat in 2012. Salute'!

Anonymous said...

Handel's Messiah has the same effect on me all the time - brings tears to my eyes. This is what heaven sounds like ...

God bless

new fart said...

How I wished I was back in my beloved Sydney for the Xmas celebration! After watching these videos, tears flowed in my eyes. Sure brought back a lot of memories studying in La Salle in KL in the sixties when Xmas carols were sung every Xmas.