Sunday, December 4, 2011



Anonymous said...

Haha, Najib wouldn't even know where to get the pulse.

He only knows how to put his ears on the chests of those women he 'knew', other than you-know-who, to hear their heartbeat ...

Anonymous said...

He knows how. He's just afraid to do it. He couldn't handle the truth. None of them can

charleskiwi said...

The devil must have blinded his eyes temporary ?

Tiger said...

Met him recently.
Don't know if he was playing, but he genuinely doesn't sound like a teriible leader.
Would've loved to ask him if he really meant to wave that keris 23 years ago or was it just for show and support of his delegates, but the people and situation there wouldn't have allowed it.
His main problem is the wife first, and then his party which doesn't allow him to act for the Rakyat.
After all, you can't forget that BN is self-serving, always looking for themselves only.

flyer168 said...


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