Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yesterday I felt good after reading MI’s piece on DAP’s contact with Dato Mohd Ariff Sabri a former UMNO Adun. Datuk Sak’s (aka Sakmongkol AK47) Blog is a daily Must Read at breakfast and has been a frequent Friday Guest Blogger on this blog. We are on opposite sides but I can volunteer that we have a common cause: CHANGE FOR A BETTER MALAYSIA.

After the Kuala Terengganu By Elections I posed a question on 23 January 2009 to Datuk Sak and Wenger J Khairy (Padedoh) on the possibility of Pak Lah then still the PM, to call for a snap election. HERE.

At the end of my request I made a gut feel observation:

Mark my words, one day, and I hope by the next General Election, he could be of great value to Pakatan if he chooses to. And I hope he goes to DAP to add more color, literally and figuratively, to an otherwise perceived one race party. DAP needs a man of such caliber and mettle.


Anonymous said...

you are so clever zorro !

Monyet King said...

He will definitely add color to DAP, and I think DAP really really could do with a bit of color. Cheers Zorro.

Anonymous said...


welcome to DAP.

bruno said...

Zorro,it is good if Dato Mohd Ariff Sabri accept the invitation and joined DAP.Being an Umno member is like fighting a lost cause,a cause people wanting change cannot accomplish within the corrupted Umno.DAP is the right party for Dato Sabri.

Lynn Cheang said...

Yes I certainly hope the 2 UMNO gentlemen will consider joining DAP, especially Datuk Sak. We all know that for Malaysia to move forward and the first of which is ABU, we need the Malays to take the lead cos they are the majority race. Datuk Sak has been advocating what we nons, wish from our Malay brothers. I have to admit that eventhough I'm a Chinese, I consider myself Malaysian first and find DAP to be too Chinese centred at times. To show their Malaysianess, they should stop communicating in Mandarin most of the time. This is Malaysia, you know.... Personalities like Datuk Sak will help to slowly neutralise the chinese flavour of DAP.

Anonymous said...

Umno is repeatedly instilling fears among malays toward DAP.

Very dispicable!