Friday, December 2, 2011


I was taken by surprise reading Dato Sak’s “Herr Maslan, What went Wrong?" Then it dawned on me that Dato was drawing a parallel with the man who created Hitler – Dr Joe Goebbel, the Nazi propaganda chief. More on Joe later on. Dato Sakmongkol posted:

Before we go on. If I were KJ, Shahrizat, Rosmah and whoever was mentioned by Pak Din the DPM- not Pak Din the murtabak seller in Kg Mengkasar Pekan, I would be circumspect and careful. In another era, a previous DPM also from Johor, mentioned a number of people as warriors when UMNO went on the warpath with the Royal Houses. Note ya- not PAS or DAP which brayed for royal blood but UMNO……

……..Was it the Chinese or UMNO’s favorite whipping boy DAP, who went out to lynch the royalty and the royal institution? Wake up wak Maslan- the particular Chinese would want to fete the royalty because they know through the royalty; they can squeeze the balls out of the subservient and pliant Malays. Weren’t it UMNO members screaming for the blood of the royal houses a few years ago, in a frenzied orgy of political bloodletting, the initial incision of which was done skillfully I might add by the Doctor who can walk on water? All UMNO leaders do business and have fun together with Chinese hongs.



Goebbels used modern propaganda techniques to psychologically prepare the German people for aggressive warfare.

Goebbels earned a Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in 1921, writing his doctoral thesis on 19th century romantic drama; he then went on to work as a journalist and later a bank clerk and caller on the stock exchange. He also wrote novels and plays, but they were rejected by publishers.

Goebbels remained with Hitler in Berlin to the end; just hours after Hitler's suicide, Goebbels and his wife Magda killed their six young children and then committed suicide. SOURCE WIKIPEDIA.


Anonymous said...

Get a loan from the bank for business. If got excess money, buy yourself a car and a house to stay in. No CBT at all. Use this precedent?

If a bank gives a loan to a company for working capital/business use, and the company uses that money to buy condo and car, you think the bank will not question and consider withdrawing the facilities?

Maybe Police should seek advice from the right people before making a fool of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Last AGM they raised the kris and drink blood. But this year they can’t use the same tactic as this will scare off the non Malay voters forever.

But what can they use now. They pick up DAP as to most people they still believe that DAP= chinese. They also spice the story with many many lies. It was no easy to differentiate lies from the truth. People are busy and they will no take much time to analyse and thus these lies do work most of the people.

UMNO has lost in its original struggles as the British has long gone, so the only enemy that they can choose to replace British was DAP. They think DAP is their enemy now. How much DAP can do in the next GE with the corporation of PAS & PKR? Not much DAP cannot form the government itself. They say PAS is lead by DAP? Anyone believe that. That perception was an insult to PAS. PAS is well organised and they have good leaders, do they say that PAS is just a puppet of DAP? It can’t be. So this is lies but lies is just easy to tell and if the same lies are told thousands time, the lies become truth. So this is their tactic.

Who is the real enemy? The real enemy is Corruption. YES, this is their real enemy but they have not courage to fight. Simply most of the top guns are corrupted. So how to fight the corrupt if you are also one of them. That why UMNO never have the courage to fight corruption.

Do you find it is strange that no one has say something about NFC, other then just brush aside by saying NFC is just N o F urther C omment. Off course they will not take NFC by its horn, simply its involve one of their leaders.

Never expect fundamental changes will take place. The next Auditor General report will show the same thing.

La-di-la said...

Obviously Sakmongkol is not an UMNO man, as defined by Najib.
Wonder why he's still an UMNO member.
Uncle Zorro, not laying out the red carpet for him to join your DAP party?

upin said...

6 Jahanam Umno:

1) Korapsi
2) Nepotisma
3) Tipu Helah
4) Penyelewengan
5) Perkauman
6) Pakai Tongkat

flyer168 said...


Hello Zorro,

Yeah, Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.!

Soon these "Bonsified" Brained & Mentality UMNOputra/Wanita Leaders will suffer this fate !

The Ketuanan UMNOputra/BN Leaders, their Cronies & Macais have become Nazi monsters in the eyes of the Opressed Bolehland's Rayaat, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully.

They are not just Whores for power and $$$, but killer whores with hate and fear in their hearts.

They are human scums, and that is how history will judge them.

No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you.

“All political power comes from the barrel of either guns, pussy, or opium pipes, and people seem to like it that way.” - Hunter Thompson, journalist
They are like pygmies lost in a maze of haze...
"We are not at war, we are having a nervous breakdown,again..."

Finally to share this...

Main - Malaysia - What’s wrong with Christian PM, asks BN minister @ Mon May 09 2011 - http://www.themalaysianinsider...-minister/

The minister said the constitution made the prime minister’s chair open to Malaysians of any race and creed. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 — Barisan Nasional (BN) Cabinet member Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said today there was nothing wrong with a Christian prime minister, pointing out the country’s highest law has never made race or religion a criteria.

The plantation, industries and commodities minister is the first member of the Najib administration to point out that the idea of having a non-Muslim and non-Malay as prime minister was not against the Constitution.

The president of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation (Upko), a component party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), said the Federal Constitution “does not stipulate the religious affiliation of the prime minister”.

He added that the law clearly stated the only qualification to be PM was the latter’s ability to command the confidence of the majority of the Members of Parliament.

“If an Iban, a Bidayuh, a Kadazandusun, Murut, Kelabit, a Chinese or Indian Malaysian can satisfy the provision of Article 43 of the Constitution, he can be the prime minister of the country,” Dompok stressed in a statement.

“As for the question of a Christian prime minister, what is wrong with that, although I do not see this happening in Malaysia,” he said.

Main - Malaysia - Guan Eng says ‘political reality’ to have Malay PM @ Sun Nov 27 2011 - http://www.themalaysianinsider...e-malay-pm

So who is "Tokking" What ?

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Najib's People First, Performance Now concept is pure cow dung. The NFC episode is the latest scandal of this continuous plundering of public funds by this Umno regime. Najib's talk about transformation is only rhetoric. Umno elite have bastardised the NEP, hijacking and perverting the NEP policy for self-enrichment and are continuing this pillaging under the same policy with a different name. The leaders of Umno are obsessed by lust for power, sex and greed to lead for change. No real reform is possible until the Umno-BN regime is ousted from power.

zorro said...

Ladidadah.....can you get me a membership form from DAP.

Anonymous said...

3 million members, yet can't even have a decent leader...

but what they can produce are self-proclaimed racists ... as proudly announced by the dpm himself.

LOL !!!

Bangsat Nasional said...

Celaka scUMNO corrupts deserves the very same fate of Saddam, Osama and Gadaffi!

Insya ALLAH!!!

Grandma said...

Ladidadah, and another one for me, please.

Anonymous said...

"Umno has never protected leaders who have done wrong," KJ said.

What about the 'unsolved' murder trial against alleged killers of Altantuya? Isn't UMNO protecting some one high up in the UMNO leadership. Don't pretend Altantuya didn't die, and don't pretend that only the two police personnel are involved directly in the killing. Who gave the orders? Isn't this a coverup?

Anonymous said...

The Umno Assembly is turned into an Arena of fear, desperateness clinging and hopping to be rescued in the Tsunami of Umno's Spring. As if only Umno's members are the only ones that can protect the Monarch and Malay Rights as in Najib's 1 Malaysia concept. Whereas, the Opposition is in the 2nd Malaysia 's concept. Not eligible to rule as 2nd class citizens? What i have experienced is that Umno is very capable of 30% of most projects.

Umno is capable of running down the economies of the country and its people by inviting Lynas to operate in Pahang, PKFZ, NFC Scandals which no Opposition leaders is capable of!!!

Anonymous said...

No need to be affiliated to any party to vote out BN!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Sakmongkol is still an UMNO member says a lot about his belief and conviction. On one hand he lambast people from UMNO, on the other hand, he hasn't got the guts to quit UMNO or turun padang and tell the 3 million UMNO members about their corrupted leaders.

Why should i buy what he writes? He's just puffing hot air, a disgruntled out of favour UMNO napoleon. I betcha, if UMNO give him a seat to contest, he will be crowing melody about UMNO!!!

Jong said...

And what happened to those missing Immigration records of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, erased or otherwise?

Who in 'high' office gave the orders to Immigration? Don't pretend she didn't enter the country? Again, is this not a cover-up?

Anonymous said...

Bring on 13GE!

zorro said...

Datuk Sak was an Adun after winning the 2004 GE. Judging from his writings it was no surprise he was not given a chance to contest in 2008. UMNO only allows YESmen to contest. I have communicated with Datuk Ariff. He still believes he can reform UMNO from within. Until now no top dog in UMNO has refuted him. He is a thorn in their sides but they refuse to sack him just like they will not give the sack to Ku Li.

Jong said...

Anon 1049pm,

We are not against Umno per se but those bad evil greedy corrupts now in control of Umno have bastardised it!

Zorro is right, Sakmongkol like Tengku Raszaleigh believes he still can reform Umno from within, but judging from the state we are in - economically falling far behind Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and now Indonesia, after more than a half century of Umno-control, will it ever happen?

Anonymous said...

Zorro & Jong

Much as I hope you are right the Sakmongkol can make a change from within but face it! UMNO is rotten to the core that there is no way it can be reformed from within. What can he do about the current crop of corrupted UMNO leaders? Sack them from party posts? So what,these people will still be UMNO members and will continue to command an UMNO troop with their stolen riches.

And how many can Sakmongkol sack from party leadership until he finds dedicated members who want to serve Malaysia .... 10,000 ... 20,000 ...50,000 ... 100,000? UMNO corruption goes right to the core of the lowest rung of leaders!!! Even members in the good books of these corrupted leaders are waiting in the wings to put their hands in the cookie jar! Do the math and he'll probably have to weed out 500,000 UMNO members to reform the party!!!

If Sakmongkol is serious about UMNO's original ideals ... resign and form a new party with those new ideals as the party's constitution. Current UMNO members who shares his vision will leave UMNO to join him. That way, he knows who in UMNO are serious and who are freaking corrupted. He gets to leave the weed and poison ivy behind in UMNO.

Reality, my dear Zorro & Jong, is Sakmongkol is all talk. He doesn't have the guts to bite the bullet, take the plunge and lead the way for the small band of UMNO members who still love Malaysia. He is just waiting for the phone call from Najib to ask him to contest.

Reform from within an absolutely corrupted party ... hey, that kind of thinking are in classical romantic novels written 200 years or more ago. This is 2011! Wake up!!!

Anon 1049pm