Friday, December 9, 2011


MOHD ARSHAD RAJI is a retired army officer who believes in justice for all and hates liars and apple-polishers. He believes that all members of AF must be free of corrupt practices. His blog Mind No Evil is on my sidebar.




I recently did a posting on bigdog and asked him “What’s with you….” that garnered 47 comments HERE


small dog said...

What have these religious bigots got against LKY?

By Jakim's standard, very soon muslims women here cannot even take a look at banana n cucumber let alone buy n eat it as prescribed by one muslim scholar/iman in middle east.

What a joke

bruno said...

Big Dog,Small Dog and Little Dog are still dogs.Dogs will always be dogs.That is why they are trained to be called dogs.Big lembu of a dog.That is Big Dog.

Anonymous said...

Big Dog is a pure breed from Umno, no trace of kerala DNA?

There will only be a change if the malays wake up and help to dump UMNO. otherwise it will be an impossible task. The malays have been warned that their position is being threatened and this ruse has convinced many rural malays that they have to support UMNO.

Bumi Boy said...

Why you bother about him?
He's a big dog and friends with big people.
You are only a small fry.
But I like the way he 'lies'. You must learn from him. So convincing.

Anonymous said...

just like most of the pro-amno bloggers... got a latukship starts licking their masters balls & filthy bunghole... day in, day out.

them are nothing but a bunch of sickos humping together.

Anonymous said...

I can never understand why a self-profess Muslim would liken himself to a dog!! If he is the DOG, then he is no Muslim. If he is not the Muslim he professes to be, then he is a hypocrite MUNAFIQ of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

That's okay, Zorro. Big Dog will one day have to answer to his daughter, Girl Girl.

Nothing hurts more than to lose the respect of your children, if what you do go against the values that you teach your children.

The rest of us know what kind of person Big Dog is and will always treat him as a one-cell organism.

flyer168 said...

Also calls his Blog "The-thirteen-million-plus-Ringgit-guy-rambles"

So where did the "The-thirteen-million-plus-Ringgit" name come from ???


bruno said...

Big Dog is one paid blogger who is good at making his fantasies and wet dreams look like a reality.People who are unaware and have never heard of Big Dog will believe what he say on his blog.But people who know him are aware of the dog tricks he learned from his masters.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

No wonder he's spewing Shit...
He looks like the "Thing" from the Swamp.

Anonymous said...

Papagomo is more dog than Big Dog.

Papagomo said "...he felt honoured that he was the first blogger allowed a ride in the submarine." Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi denied allowing any blogger onboard, "If we allowed any blogger to go, others would ask too."

So, the question to ask is who 'allowed' Papagomo to board? Surely to board a submarine, security must have been very tight and everyone thoroughly checked.

Did Papagomo just wave himself past the navy security manning the boarding process or was he provided clearance by the Defence Ministry beforehand. And if so, then Zahid is pretty dumb or an incorrigible liar.

BN-Umno is built on a rock solid foundation of lies. Now they need to win the cyber war. So, what can the rakyat expect but a barrage of lies to make sure Umno-BN gains unfair advantage.

What Pakatan Rakyat has to do is to show up Umno-BN's lies for what they are. For so long as these lies are not challenged, they will circulate in cyber space as 'truths'.